Top Five Trending Lip Colors for Winter Brides

The seasons are starting to change which means that it’s time to change up your color palette as well. If you’re getting hitched this season, or if you just have lots of wedding events on the horizon for the next few months, check out our picks for the top five colors for winter.


Bright Winter Kisses

If you’re not really a winter person, pick up a fun fuchsia color for this season. A lot of colors this season are a little more muted and darker, but if you love your brights go for it! We love this blue based fuschia to bring color to your face- and to pop against your white dress.


Mild Mauves

Tones like this warm raspberry will look beautiful and classic with anything you wear- so it’ll look great with your bridesmaids too. What’s great about this shade is that it’s not overpowering. It is beautiful and noticeable, but will still look balanced and great with full eye makeup. You can use this both for everyday or for the big day- it works no matter what you’re wearing this winter.


Cherry Bombshell

If you’re more into that classic pinup look, we like a really warm bold red look. When you image your wedding day, most people see a beautiful white dress and luscious red lips- this is our pick for winter brides! This shade is a little too deep for spring and summer, but looks so good for winter. You’ll be the belle of your own ball if you pair this with your white dress.


Plummy Nudes

If you’re not big on bright colors, aim for a plummy nude tone. Cold-toned nudes run the risk of washing your face out while it’s cold, so you want something that will bring color into your face. A subtle, nude plum warms your face up without overpowering your look. If you don’t usually wear makeup, this is perfect for your big day since it’s still true to your style.


Deep Wine Lips

If you’re a little more dramatic with your usual look, go for a bold deep red. If you want that Hollywood starlet look, these tones are perfect for you. You want the deepest, sultriest red you can find and be sure to line it with lots of liner to keep it from sliding around. Pair it with simple eyes- keep it to black eyeliner and big lashes and you’ve got an instant classic Hollywood bride.


Top Five Bad Beauty Habits Brides Need to Stop

Wedding planning isn’t all about the guests list and the decor- it’s about YOU too. As the bride, you’re the centerpiece for the whole event so you need to be sure to take some time for yourself. You can’t focus on the first dance too much- you want to be sure that you’re at your best. We’ve got the top five beauty sins to avoid to keep you looking your best on the biggest day of your life!
STOP Sleeping in Your Makeup

So you fell asleep with a BB cream on, so what? The ‘what’ is that your skin can’t breathe properly with a coat of goop over it. You need your skin to be able to reset and breath and not get clogged or irritated. If you sleep in your makeup, whether it be a tinted moisturizer or red lips and falsies, it’s not good for your skin. Yes, it’s worse to fall asleep in false lashes than lipstick, but that’s not the point. The point is to be in the good habit of taking off all (yes, ALL) your makeup before you hit the hay. You’ll wake up with a fresh face and look fantastic while you stroll down the aisle.

STOP Skipping Lip Softeners

You may be a little more glamorous than the typical chapstick crowd, but that shouldn’t keep you from this staple. Lip softeners from EOS, Chapstick, and Jack Black are fantastic and can keep your lips from chapping and keep them looking good for your first kiss. Before you put on your lips for the day, do a swipe of a lip softener. If you can find something not tinted and moisturizing based, you can put it on before you go to sleep (it’s not makeup- it’s healthy!) so your lips soften overnight. Your lips are guarenteed to get some action on your wedding day- make sure they’re ready.

STOP Biting Your Nails

You know if you do this it’s bad! There are so many ways to keep your nails clean and ready for the big day. Since a big part of the day revolves around rings, you’re going to want your fingers to look good. There are nail polishes available that can make your nails taste bad if you try to chew them. You can try chewing gum instead of reaching for your nails. Get a gel mani to keep your polish looking good so you arn’t tempted to chew. Whatever you do- keep your fingers away from your teeth!

STOP Skipping Beauty Sleep

This one may feel selfish, but it’s totally serious. You need your sleep! Start slow- go to bed ten minutes earlier than usual. Then fifteen, then twenty, and see if you can get up to an hour. You’ll avoid getting baggy or puffy eyes, you’ll be more energized, and you’ll be ready to conquer a full day of fun planning! Your skin, your face, your brain, your fiance will thank you.

STOP Forgetting Your Teeth

Swing by the dentist- yes, do it. The dentist can be scary, but it’s totally worth it. Brush at least twice a day- three if you’re able to duck out for a minute after lunch. Floss at least once a day and keep some on you if you get anything stuck between your teeth. Gargle at least once a day with a fluoride based wash. And yes, finally, go to the dentist and make sure you’re cavity free. If you’re not, get it taken care of before the big day. You don’t want to bite down into your wedding cake and be met with a sharp pain. Get your teeth cleaned (lots of dental plans include cleanings so it may be free to you!) and keep them clean. You may feel too busy to floss, but when you see pictures of your pearly whites that match your dress you’ll be happy you saw the dentist.

Top Five Fall Trendy Eyeliners for Bridesmaids

The color of the leaves is starting to change, it’s time for your makeup looks to change too! Use your makeup to add some personality to that bridesmaid’s dress you’re stuck with. You only get to control so much of your look on the big day- take advantage of it and have some fun! Put down the black pencil you’ve had rolling around in your makeup bag the last year and pick up any of these five hot shades!


Rich Purple

Pick a warmer purple with some chunky glitter to create some serious drama to your look. Lay this one on thick as a cat eye to light your eyes up and bring attention to your peepers. A rich purple will make brown and green eyes sparkle in particular. this tone also looks more and more natural the darker your skin tone is.


Electric Blue-aloo

Not big on glitter, but big on the statement look? Go for a sleek blue tone, but keep it thin and close to the natural lash line. That little flash of color could be all you need to bring your eyes out- especially if they’re blue too! Bright blues flatter cool tones- whether it be from your skin or your eyes it’s a hit.


Gritty Green

Fall is great for earthy tones so bust out those fun liners that have been gathering dust since St. Patty’s Day. Green tones are subtle but different and are very complimentary to warm tones. Go light along your lash line and follow the natural curve of your eye to create a soft, romantic look.


Copper Lining

A burnt orange or bronze can warm up your look and reflect the new season perfectly! Instead of lining your top lid, start on the inner corners of your eyes and work your way out without lining the entire eye. Bonus points if you line the bottom lash line with a beautiful bronze and pair it with another of our top five trending eyeliners on top!


Bold Burgundy Bridesmaid

This look is more statement but if you can pull it off it’s fantastic! Try out a red-toned eyeliner on top to create a bold and beautiful look. Deep tones like burgundy or raspberry are spontaneous and sultry. It’ll help you stand out from the lineup and make you look mysterious during the reception.


Top Five Social Media Tips for Your Wedding

The wedding’s coming up- you’ve got to be excited! One of the best ways to share that excitement is via social media. Let’s be honest- you are probably in the majority of people who are involved in facebook, twitter, and instagram. Why not use it to your advantage and get all your loved ones amped on your wedding? We’ve got the top five tips to using social media for your wedding, and we’re sure you’ll ‘like’ them all.

BeFunky_BHL Social Media 1.jpg.jpg


Create a hashtag and stick to it! Something as simple as #JohnsonWedding2014 on instagram and twitter can create a following, and gives your friends a way to both follow and participate in the wedding countdown. Use the hashtag in your save the dates and invites to really create a following. Use the hashtag when you do wedding things, like creating favors or cake tasting.

Handle It

Back up your wedding’s hashtag with its’ own social media handle! Put your personal account on hold and upload wedding pictures via an account dedicated solely to your wedding. Use it to retweet your friend’s updates on the wedding (if your bridesmaids post pictures of them doing wedding errands, share it!), keep all your wedding ideas together, and connect with vendors. It’s a great way to keep your social media organized.

Tag- You’re It!

Don’t forget to tag! Connect your account and hashtag with your guests and vendors to keep everyone involved. This creates a great community and gets everyone involved. Follow the bridal party so you have a great way of keeping in contact to discuss wedding elements. You can also tag and follow all of your vendors to stay connected to them. Many vendors are big on social media, and showing them a little extra love is always good karma.

Make Your Event an Event

After your invites are out, create a facebook event for it! If you want to use it as your rsvp page, go for it! If you want more formal rsvps, emphasize that the page is only to share wedding information. Update the page with a countdown, link your wedding tweets and instagrams to the facebook page, let people connect before the wedding. You can even take polls on what songs should play (or be banned!) to get the conversation going! For bonus points, have people connect to carpool to the ceremony. You’ll be helping your wedding party bond and get to the party!

Keep an ‘i’ on It

Be sure that you monitor what is posted, tagged, and out there for the world to see! For example, you shouldn’t post pictures of you in your wedding gown until after the wedding. Save the big reveal for big day! You also should be careful with posting your personal address and information on the internet (as you always should be!). You should follow the general rules of being safe on the internet for yourself and the safety of your guests. If you notice anyone is saying not-so-nice things on your pages, go ahead and block them. Keep the negativity out and let the good times roll.


Five Trending Bridal Beauty Products

The weather may not always be settled (pick a side- hot or cold!), but it sure is Spring! Even if it’s not perfect Spring break weather wherever you are, you can still take part in these five trending Spring beauty products. If you’re due to get hitched soon, you’ll want to look into these so you can look your best on the big day!BHLSpringBeauty2.jpg

Liquid Lipstick

This trend is really catching on and becoming perfected by some major brands. Stila makes an amazing all-day liquid lipstick that’ll run you $22 at beauty stores like Sephora and Ulta. If you’re unsure, you can pick up Revlon’s liquid lipstick at a drugstore for around $8. Liquid lipsticks can pack some serious color punch while looking fresh all day long. There’s a low touch up factor and the slide on as easily as a lipgloss. Upgrade your lip game, and you’ll make everyone jealous of the lucky guy who gets to kiss you!

Lip Scrub

Between liquid lipstick colors, you will need to take care of those lips. Lip scrubs are becoming increasingly popular ways to take care of those lips just like you take care of your skin and hair. There are a wide range of lip scrubs, from drugstore brands like elf up to specialty store lines from Lush. Try to exfoliate your lips with a scrub once a week (pair it with your next deep condition or mud mask!) to have soft lips all Spring.BHLSpringBeauty1.jpg.jpg

High Gloss Nail Polish

Keep that poolside wet look going from the ceremony to the reception with a super shiny nail color. Bonus points if you can score a dewy Spring break color. If you’re wearing a neutral tone, go as bright as you wanna go to make that mani pop! If you’re wearing a fun color, try to do a tone in the same family. Matching colors can be too put together, keep it loose and fun (that’s what Spring is all about!).

Paraffin Wax Mani

Here in L.A., the paraffin wax mani treatment is popping up faster than our Spring daisies! This involves dipping your hands into a paraffin wax treatment for a few minutes, then washing them off to reveal soft, smooth hands. This add on is perfect if you’re doing gel nails, since the UV lights can be drying and damaging to your skin. Keep those hands looking good, it’ll make your ring sparkle that much more!


Hang Ten

Anytime there’s a change in temperature and climate, you’re going to have to do what you can to keep your hair from frizzing. We love leave in conditioners, but our favorite right now is the It’s A 10 brand. They keep our hair smooth, silky, and effortlessly flawless all the time. We love it to create loose Spring-y waves that scream carefree romantic.


Five Trending Fall Eyeliners

Hi there bridal beauties! Here at Bridal Hot List we’re keeping our eye on trends and we are very pleased to announce the cat eye is back and is more fun than ever before. We’re loving seeing fun twists on the classic cat eye, which you can emulate using any of these five trending eyeliners.

Blue is beautiful, let’s keep that straight. This fall, we’re loving solid cobalt blueliner. We like Covergirl’s Perfect Blend liner in “Cobalt Blue 135” ($5-$6, drugstores) for a royal blue that screams Kate Middleton (even if you’re more of a Pippa). Use the blender on the end of the pencil to create a blended look, or keep the lines bold for bachelorette parties.

If you are more of a Kate than a Pippa, maybe a nude liner would be better for you. Line your lids with a flesh toned kohl for a seriously sleek look. We love Rimmel’s Scandaleyes eyeliner in “Nude 005” ($4, drugstores) because it’s easy to blend but stays only where you want it to be. Doing a trendy cat eye in an unexpected color like nude makes two classics fresh all over again!

One color trend that is absolutely booming this season is deep violets. We love MAC’s Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner in “Almost Noir” ($16, MAC counters) for being bold, deep, and beautiful on all skintones. The color itself is complex and complimentary without being overwhelming to most looks.

If you’re more of a traditionalist, pick up a black liner that lets you easily play with thickness and color saturation. The “Super Skinny Marker” by NYX ($9, beauty supply stores) is easy to handle and can create subtle liner looks or dramatic angel wings with the flick of a wrist. Plus, you can go lighter or harder to create a lighter or darker liner.

A bold powercolor can always be fun. We love “Electric” by Urban Decay ($19, Sephora) as a bold bright blue. For a super trendy Fall liner look, do a thick wing with this blue, then go over it again with a thin black close to your eyelid. Layered eyeliner creates a dramatic, confident look that will be a hit at any bachelorette events you have lined up.


Top Five Trending Fall Nail Colors

Hey bridal beauties! Fall is officially in full swing, and here at Bridal Hot List we could not be more thrilled. Last summer was all about beachy brights, and this fall is all about sophisticated shades that will look good at all your upcoming bridal events. Let’s go ahead and grab the nail files as we dive right into fall’s trending nail polishes.


A Sunset-Worthy Bronze

If you were looking forward to fall foliage all summer, a burnt bronze is the shade for you. “Rising Star” by OPI ($9, beauty supply stores) is a gold based bronze that shimmers like autumn leaves in the wind. The formula is warm but still packs a beautiful punch. How cute would this shade be wrapped around a mimosa at a bridal brunch?


An Elegant Neutral Tone

If you like shades that are more sophisticated and work well with anything, opt for a muted earthy tone. Pair with similar neutral tones creates a polished, put together look at dinner, or with red or navy to give a little edge to a classic. We’ve been loving “Toasted Almond” by Covergirl Outlast ($5, drugstores) for its’ creamy mocha look and beautiful, long lasting formula.


Calming Cool Tones

Were you loving last summer’s turquoise tone Turquoise & Caicos from Essie? A deep teal-turquoise will be your new favorite shade. “Vested Interest” from Essie ($8, beauty supply stores) isn’t anyone’s standard go-to green- it’s so much more than that. This edgy teal is complementary to cool tones and can easily be dressed up or down for bridal events of any dress code.


Cute Creamsicle

If you’re looking for a shade that will look great when you’re dancing with your bridesmaids, but still be appropriate Monday morning at the office, opt for a muted peachy shade with a yellow undertone. We love “Sunset Sails” by China Glaze ($5, beauty supply stores) because it’s classy, it’s feminine, and it’s a perfect fall color. This shade would be appropriate for a ceremony or any slightly more formal or conservative event, but still looks warm and romantic.


Deep Navy

Deep complex colors are perfect this fall, but keep it cute by not doing black. Try a deep navy like “After School Boy Blazer” by Essie ($8, beauty supply stores) It’s an edgy shade for fall without being too grim or depressing. If you want something smoldering for a bachelorette party or edgy for an engagement party, this is your shade.


Five Trending Lip Colors for Fall

Hey there bridal beauties, did you notice the leaves are changing? Well that means it’s time to switch up your look, too. Stash your summer shades away and let’s dive into what lip colors are trending right now.

If you’ve been loving coral and all the gorgeous oranges that have been trending, try out a more Autumn orange like ‘Made to Order’ by MAC ($15, MAC counters). It has a creamy texture and is one of Autumn’s most beautiful, easy to wear oranges. Go lightly with a touch of hydrating lip balm over it for a subtle look for bachelorette brunch, or wear some bold lip liner to create a sexy defined look for bachelorette parties.

If you’re looking for something a little cozier for fall that’s still versatile year round, pick up ‘Vixen’ by Covergirl ($8, drugstores).  It’s a light plummy red that you can dress down with a muted face, or dress up with warm cheeks. Plus, this lipstick also has a light pink color on the other end of the product for mixing and creating custom shades.

If you were a fuschia girl in the summer, check out a more blue based plum-fuchsia, like ‘Mauve Pink’ by Rimmel ($4, drugstores). The shimmer helps create great shape that will be the envy of all your bridesmaids. This creamy texture will keep your lips from drying out from the ceremony to the reception.

For the classic brides and bridesmaid, MAC’s Chili ($15, MAC counters) may be the way to go. This orange based red pairs great with all of fall’s biggest trends, as well as all of your go-to basics. Mattes are a great standby for fall, and this one-two punch of orange and red is perfect this fall.

Have you been loving your pinks? Slip on “Who Wore it Redder?” by Maybelline’s Color Whisper ($6, drugstores). The hydrating formula keeps your lips looking good through the night plus keeps them feeling good long after you take it off.This pink is the perfect shade to balance punchy summer colors and deeper later in the year tones. Keep this on hand for day trips with the bridesmaids and slide it on with smokey eyes at night.


Gorgeous Wedding Blooms from Paradise Delight Floral & Event Productions

Psst… do you know what we are totally obsessed with? Drop dead gorgeous blooms which beautify tabletops with some awe-inspiring details. Seriously brilliant talent by Chris Crisologo of  Paradise Delight Floral & Event Productions. Tabletops never looked so good. Flowers oh-so- pretty that our wedding loving hearts are full of total bliss.  You will have to see for yourself, and see why we have fallen head over heels in love with the style, design, and amazing flowers of Paradise Delight Floral & Event Productions.
Trends? Oh yes, that is one more genius detail that Paradise Delight Floral & Event Productions does not forget. Talk about your hot trends. We love these five fabulous trends which have “wowed” our minds. Trend Tuesday is looking pretty good right about now. Real good.
  • Organic Summer Bliss: For the eco-friendly minded couple, we utilize locally grown flowers and organic products.  Re-claimed wood containers and natural burlap runner creates innovative perspective and eliminate our carbon foot print.  
Organic Summer Bliss 1 Organic Summer Bliss 2
  • Sunshine Sun Kiss: Inspired by the summer sun, your eyes will naturally be drawn to the vibrant shades of yellow.  Pave of different texture of blooms from mini calla lily, cymbidium orchids and roses helps compliment the chevron table runner and napkin.  Natural elements of succulent, lemons and fruitwood chiavari chair give an earthy tone.
Summer Sun Kiss 2 Summer Sun Kiss 3 Sunshine Sun Kiss
  • Tone on Tone Flower and Linen Look: A rectangular wood container is adorned by rhinestone along with a contemporary style lush arrangements of African violet, aubergine, plum and fuchsia.  Strands of grass frames deep Vanda orchids for an edgy look.  
Tone On Tone Flowers & Linen
  • Green with Glam Look: A trio of shantung celadon square boxes is the start of “Green With Glam”  Cascade of pink mini calla lily, butterfly orchids, and cafe o’le dalias embellish the containers.  Glittery chartreuse New York linen and green wasabi napkins frames the tone-on-tone landscape. 
Tone On Tone Fabric
  • Tropical Elegance Look: Antique silver swirl vases coupled with metallic silver weave linens creates the perfect pairing for the newly renovated performing arts center.   A “not so expected” tropical vibes takes an artistic form. 
Segerstrom Center 3
Segerstrom Center 1
Paradise Delight creates stylish florals and cutting –edge event designs for discerning clients in Southern California.   By understanding our clients perspective, we create “comprehensive” concepts focusing on “the big picture” to the “fine details.” For more details, visit


Five Trending Eyeliner Shades for Bachelorette Parties

One of the most fun perks of being in the bridal party (aside from the wedding, of course!) is a good girl’s night. A bachelorette party or night on the town is one of the best places to try out a new look. Here’s my guide to ditching the standard black eyeliner in favor of a fun trendy shade.

Stila Eyeliner in Lionfish ($20, beauty supply stores)

Stila’s eyeliners always go on smooth and have a great color payoff. Lionfish is an unbasic brown that is warm and a little glamorous. It’s the perfect shade for those of you looking to break out of a classic routine without being overwhelming. This shade is complimentary to every skin tone and will transition well into the fall. The gold tones give skin a subtle glow, which is perfect for summer.  Keep an eye out for this new staple shade, it’ll be your new favorite liner.

Covergirl Liquiline Blast in Silver Spark ($6-$7, drugstores)


A silvery-grey can help break any girl out of a dark eyeliner habit. The grey is neutral like black, but isn’t nearly as dramatic.  This shade in particular is smooth and smudgable, making it perfect for beginners or advanced glamour girls. Silver Spark is very complimentary to cooler skin tones and eye colors. The formula wears for a long time, but won’t be a pain to remove at the end of the night.  This low maintenance liner also transitions well from day to night.

Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in LSD ($19, beauty supply stores)

It’s almost impossible to talk about trendy eyeliners without mentioning Urban Decay’s line of liners. They recently rebooted their entire brand and rolled out a bunch of new shades in their famous 24/7 eyeliners. One of the breakout shades is LSD, a blue-toned shimmery liner. Don’t be intimidated by the blue though, this shade is fun, trendy, and surprisingly complimentary to many skin tones. LSD was initially introduced as a limited edition shade, but is now a part of the permanent line.  Thin application along the lash line gives a subtle sparkle, but packed on it creates a wide-eyed sultry look.

M.A.C. Pearlglide Eyeliner in Black Line ($16, M.A.C. counters)

Earthy tones are on the rise this summer, and this liner is one of the best ways to wear it! The Pearlglide formula is one of my personal favorites because of how smooth and soft it is. If you are more comfortable with black liner, this dark earthy shade may be your new go-to. The khaki green tone in this liner is very complimentary to warm skin tones and have the ability to bring a sparkle to green and brown eyes. Going lightly and tight on your eyes warms your face for a romantic look.

Covergirl Ink It! in Golden Ink ($5-$7, drugstores)

There’s no harm in going a little glam for girl’s night! Open up your eyes with a touch of gold, like this one from Covergirl. You can pair this with any of the other liners listed, and keep the gold on your inner corners. Small pops of color have been popping up everywhere, with gold leading the pack. This formula is incredibly well pigmented, so a little bit goes a long way. If you’re going super glam, use this liner as a shadow pencil for a golden glowy look.

Which of these shades are your favorite? Leave a comment down below saying which shade you’ll be keeping an eye out for!