Top Five Bridal Beauty Tips for Winter Weather

Brrr, it’s cold out there! It’s still chilly and will stay chilly for a few more weeks, are you prepared? If you’ve got your wedding or any wedding events on the horizon you’re going to need to be prepared to weather the weather (see what we did there?). Our top five tips will keep you looking perfect, no matter how pretty or ugly the weather can get.

Seal your Look


If you’re afraid that the rain or humidity outside will melt your makeup, do your part and seal it in. Start with a primer that stays put (we love the primers by Too Faced and Smashbox) before you do your makeup, and when you’re done use a sealing spray (like Model in a Bottle or Urban Decay). The sealers will hold all the color in place and keep your look from melting away. They’re perfect for day long events (like your rehearsal day or for the big day) or before you go out for an epic night.

Lip Butter Base


If the cold makes your skin that much more sensitive, you need to do what you can to keep your skin soft! Before you do your big bold red lips (that we are LOVING this Winter), swipe on a layer of moisturizing lip balms. We love Chapstick, EOS lip balms, and the Jack Black lip balms. Try swiping on some lip balm, doing all of your makeup and saving your lip color for last so the moisturizer absorbs into your lips. It’s also a great idea to swipe on a hearty amount of lip balm before you to go sleep. Trust us, you’ll wake up to the softest lips ever!

Liquid Liner


Liquid liner tends to have more lasting power than the pencil liners- when they dry they’re seriously stuck there until you clean your face. We love the pencil liquid liners because they’re easy to swipe on quickly and give you a lot of control when you apply. The Marc Jacobs liner is fantastic, but a splurge. If you’re on a budget, the Ulta brand liquid liner pen is a great value and stays put all day.

Liquid Concealer


If you’re hiding bags under your eyes or even some cold time breakouts, switch out our concealer for something liquid to keep your skin from drying out. If you have a blemish or a breakout, you’ll still need to keep your skin moisturized. We love the Kat von D Tattoo Concealer because it keeps your skin from drying out but also hides imperfections and breakouts like a champ.

Moisturizing Removers


Moisturizing should extend past your makeup- you should keep it in mind even while you’re taking your makeup off! We love the Neutrogena hydrating makeup wipes this time of year because it gets off every bit of makeup on your skin without drying your skin out. The cold can be so harsh that you need to sneak in those bits of moisture wherever you can!


Top Five 2015 Resolutions for Brides

Happy New Year! Now that you’re caught up and have cleaned all the 2015 confetti out of your NYE outfit, it’s time to get down to business. If 2015 is your year to tie the knot, you’ve got a whole lot of fun ahead of you, and we’re here to help. We’ve got our resolutions that are extra important for you to follow this year to have an amazing year, wedding, and rest of your life!

Go to the Dentist

I know, I know- it’s scary. It’s not fun. It’s kind of the stuff of nightmares and it usually can cause some pain. But you know what’s more painful? Yellow, crooked teeth full of tartar and cavities in your wedding photos. Now that the year has reset, many insurance plans reset so this is the best time to get back into the groove of things. If it makes you feel better, take off work and leave mid-Friday to go to the dentist and treat yourself to a slightly longer weekend. If you’re too nervous to go alone (or anticipate some laughing gas or pain killers), task one of your bridesmaids to tag along. The dentist is always a must- and if you find a good one it can seriously make the chore really easy. While you’re there, be sure to schedule a whitening a few days before your big day too.

Drink More Water

This is such an easy win you’ll wonder why it’s not on your resolution list to begin with. Water flushes all the icky stuff out of your system, clear up your skin, slim your waist, and overall just make your life better. You’ll even save money when you go out! If you hit the town at night and drink, have a glass of water to match your adult drinks and it’ll keep you from feeling icky or dehydrated the next day. It’s a lifesaver and it’ll get your body into an amazing place for your big day.

Ditch the Tan

You should NEVER hit the tanning booths (it will destroy your skin, and seriously put a dent in your health!), and this year you should try to stop doing the fake tan thing too. Enjoy your regular skin and keep it real! Fake tans can be pricey, and if you’ve got a wedding and a honeymoon coming up you’re going to need to save up some cash. Fake tans can also get everywhere and stain your clothes- that’s no fun. Skip the skin tints and enjoy your natural glow!

Say ‘Thank You’ More

This may have been the big buzz in November, but we feel like it should be a year-round state of mind. If you’re not sure how to resolve to do this, start by committing to sending thank you notes once a week. These can be little hand-written cards or a phone call, but just make sure that they are personal. Saying thank you more will instantly remind you of everything that you have and how awesome the people in your life are. Also be sure to say thank you to your vendors and everyone you’re working with for the big day! They’re doing a lot to help your perfect day be perfect- that’s definitely worth being thankful for.

Stack Cash When you Can

Weddings are expensive (duh) so when you can, save money! That can be a big range of things like not picking up that extra pack of gum or soda at the grocery store, or skipping a cab and calling an uber instead. If you have some time during the day, call your bank and credit card companies and ask for lower APR rates (it works- try it!) and higher credit limits. Reassess what you own and sell off or donate what you don’t need anymore. Save as much money as you can this year and you’ll be surprised what you’ll be able to afford by the end of it (hello upgraded honeymoon suite!).


Top Five Trending Lip Colors for Winter Brides

The seasons are starting to change which means that it’s time to change up your color palette as well. If you’re getting hitched this season, or if you just have lots of wedding events on the horizon for the next few months, check out our picks for the top five colors for winter.


Bright Winter Kisses

If you’re not really a winter person, pick up a fun fuchsia color for this season. A lot of colors this season are a little more muted and darker, but if you love your brights go for it! We love this blue based fuschia to bring color to your face- and to pop against your white dress.


Mild Mauves

Tones like this warm raspberry will look beautiful and classic with anything you wear- so it’ll look great with your bridesmaids too. What’s great about this shade is that it’s not overpowering. It is beautiful and noticeable, but will still look balanced and great with full eye makeup. You can use this both for everyday or for the big day- it works no matter what you’re wearing this winter.


Cherry Bombshell

If you’re more into that classic pinup look, we like a really warm bold red look. When you image your wedding day, most people see a beautiful white dress and luscious red lips- this is our pick for winter brides! This shade is a little too deep for spring and summer, but looks so good for winter. You’ll be the belle of your own ball if you pair this with your white dress.


Plummy Nudes

If you’re not big on bright colors, aim for a plummy nude tone. Cold-toned nudes run the risk of washing your face out while it’s cold, so you want something that will bring color into your face. A subtle, nude plum warms your face up without overpowering your look. If you don’t usually wear makeup, this is perfect for your big day since it’s still true to your style.


Deep Wine Lips

If you’re a little more dramatic with your usual look, go for a bold deep red. If you want that Hollywood starlet look, these tones are perfect for you. You want the deepest, sultriest red you can find and be sure to line it with lots of liner to keep it from sliding around. Pair it with simple eyes- keep it to black eyeliner and big lashes and you’ve got an instant classic Hollywood bride.


Top Five Bridal Beauty Tips for Cold Weather

It’s finally December and the weather is seriously cooling down. Time to upgrade the Fall sweaters to winter coats (it’s okay- still totally cute). If you’re getting married soon, or have wedding activities on the horizon, you’re going to need to look your best even if you’re shivering and shaking. Whether you have photos, a shower, a party, or even the main event scheduled soon, we’ve got five awesome tips for this holiday season to keep you looking your best through the new year.

Lip Holidays

Loose lips may sink ships, but chapped lips ruin pictures. Since it’s been getting colder outside, your lips are going to be in much need of extra moisture. Every other day, go ahead and skip the lipstick in favor of a thick lip hydrating lip balm. We love the Jack Black lip balms- they have SPF and leave our lips so smooth. Wearing a lip color can be drying (although it looks SO good), so take breaks for yourself in between. If you have to wear lip color every day, at the very least go to sleep with a layer of lip balm on. Your lips will absorb while you’re sleeping and you’ll wake up with soft beautiful lips that are perfect for your first marital kiss.

Prime Time

If you’re going out and wearing those beautiful sparkly shades on your eyelids you’re going to need some serious primer. Holiday going into New Year’s Eve is the best time of the year to wear some chunky fun glitter. We love the MAC glitter to pile on for special occasions. The one downfall of fun glitter? It can get everywhere. Use a heavy duty primer before you pack it on. We love the Urban Decay Primer Potions and the Too Faced Glitter Glue (it’s specifically made for glitter! LOVE.). Keep that glitter where it needs to be- off of your ironic holiday sweaters and on your beautiful face for all the bachelorette parties you’ll get invited to this year.

Oil Up

You can’t miss out on moisturizing at all this year- seriously, everywhere. Now may be the time to pick up some cuticle oil for your nails in between manicures. Your manicurist will seriously thank you by the time you get your nails done for the big day. You can also mix some cuticle oil in your regular lotion to boost the moisture getting locked into your skin. If you want something on the go (i.e., not messy), Sally Hansen makes a cuticle oil pen for easy application right onto your nails.

Wear a Mask

Face masks are such a must for nights in, but are you also taking care of your hair? Hair masks are perfect for this time of year- especially if your hair reacts to the cold weather. If you get extra frizzy when it’s cold or rainy out (guilty!), a hair mask can do some serious damage to the factors doing damage to your hair. There are a TON of DIY hair masks you can find on pinterest that uses items from your fridge, or you can get to a salon or beauty store for a tub of hair mask. If you want to spend money, we love the It’s a 10! hair masks. They make your hair smooth, silky, and even smell that much better. Frizzy hair can make a beautiful bride look like an electrocution victim. Keep it smooth and you’ll look back on your glorious hair with fond memories.


One rough part of the cold- it makes your skin that much more sensitive. One big thing that happens to your skin in the cold is that it can get red really quickly. If your skin is a little too red, you can look sick or your blush can get really overwhelming. One of the best ways to combat this is to switch to a red-balance primer. Clinique makes a great one that is sensitive enough to never break you out, but powerful enough to keep you looking fantastic til you honeymoon in the Spring.


Top Five Spooky-Glam Bridal Beauty Tips

Boo! Did we scare you? It’s all in good fun, since it’s Halloween! Halloween is such a fun holiday and so easy to get in the spirit of. Yes, it can be scary but it can also be so sexy and fun. Spooky glam is perfect for Halloween, but it can also work for your wedding. Double dip on the Elvira look this year with our top five favorite spooky glam looks.

Deep Red Lips

Go for blood red, if you can. Fall and Winter are perfect for these deep plummy red lips and they look so fabulous on all skin tones. Think plump and rouge and nail this look with a whole lot of lip conditioner and a good lip liner. If you’re a little more edgy with your costume or even your bridal look, get a lip liner that’s really deep and make your lips as full as possible.

Claw Nails

Whether you’re going as Catwoman or Grumpy Cat, claw nails are perfect for this Halloween. Even better- they’re hot right now and will be the trendiest nail shape for your wedding. These are easiest to pull off with acrylics but if your nails are super long and strong you should be able to rock it. Skip circle and square and go for triangle nails. They’re long, sexy, and and spooky glam enough for any occasion.

Dark Dreamy Eyes

Don’t be afraid of the shadows- get deep dark purples and blue tones and create a mysterious and sexy look. You should definitely do a trial run if you’re thinking about doing this- it can be hard to pull off. If you’re doing this for your wedding, stick to only one big feature- either eyes or lips. If you’re doing it for a costume, go all out. Why not?

Light Twilight

No, not the teen vampires. Add a little sparkle to your look but just in subtle ways. Use a sparkly highlighter in your cheeks, a glitter liner in the corners of your eyes, or a sparkly lip color layered with darker tones. Little specks of glitter cause some intrigue in your look and create some serious sultry looks.

Long Flowy Locks

There’s something so romantic about long flowy hair that’s perfect for dressing as Princess Buttercup or while you’re getting married. Put the updo on the shelf for now and opt for flowy soft hair. You can start by dressing up as a Hollywood starlet for Halloween and keeping the party going all the way down the aisle.


Top Five Bad Beauty Habits Brides Need to Stop

Wedding planning isn’t all about the guests list and the decor- it’s about YOU too. As the bride, you’re the centerpiece for the whole event so you need to be sure to take some time for yourself. You can’t focus on the first dance too much- you want to be sure that you’re at your best. We’ve got the top five beauty sins to avoid to keep you looking your best on the biggest day of your life!
STOP Sleeping in Your Makeup

So you fell asleep with a BB cream on, so what? The ‘what’ is that your skin can’t breathe properly with a coat of goop over it. You need your skin to be able to reset and breath and not get clogged or irritated. If you sleep in your makeup, whether it be a tinted moisturizer or red lips and falsies, it’s not good for your skin. Yes, it’s worse to fall asleep in false lashes than lipstick, but that’s not the point. The point is to be in the good habit of taking off all (yes, ALL) your makeup before you hit the hay. You’ll wake up with a fresh face and look fantastic while you stroll down the aisle.

STOP Skipping Lip Softeners

You may be a little more glamorous than the typical chapstick crowd, but that shouldn’t keep you from this staple. Lip softeners from EOS, Chapstick, and Jack Black are fantastic and can keep your lips from chapping and keep them looking good for your first kiss. Before you put on your lips for the day, do a swipe of a lip softener. If you can find something not tinted and moisturizing based, you can put it on before you go to sleep (it’s not makeup- it’s healthy!) so your lips soften overnight. Your lips are guarenteed to get some action on your wedding day- make sure they’re ready.

STOP Biting Your Nails

You know if you do this it’s bad! There are so many ways to keep your nails clean and ready for the big day. Since a big part of the day revolves around rings, you’re going to want your fingers to look good. There are nail polishes available that can make your nails taste bad if you try to chew them. You can try chewing gum instead of reaching for your nails. Get a gel mani to keep your polish looking good so you arn’t tempted to chew. Whatever you do- keep your fingers away from your teeth!

STOP Skipping Beauty Sleep

This one may feel selfish, but it’s totally serious. You need your sleep! Start slow- go to bed ten minutes earlier than usual. Then fifteen, then twenty, and see if you can get up to an hour. You’ll avoid getting baggy or puffy eyes, you’ll be more energized, and you’ll be ready to conquer a full day of fun planning! Your skin, your face, your brain, your fiance will thank you.

STOP Forgetting Your Teeth

Swing by the dentist- yes, do it. The dentist can be scary, but it’s totally worth it. Brush at least twice a day- three if you’re able to duck out for a minute after lunch. Floss at least once a day and keep some on you if you get anything stuck between your teeth. Gargle at least once a day with a fluoride based wash. And yes, finally, go to the dentist and make sure you’re cavity free. If you’re not, get it taken care of before the big day. You don’t want to bite down into your wedding cake and be met with a sharp pain. Get your teeth cleaned (lots of dental plans include cleanings so it may be free to you!) and keep them clean. You may feel too busy to floss, but when you see pictures of your pearly whites that match your dress you’ll be happy you saw the dentist.

Top Five Trendy Shadow Shades for Fall Weddings

Fall is such a beautiful season, and people can get so caught up in staying in the same color palettes. Fall is a time all about beautiful complimentary colors. Don’t be afraid to show some shine on your eyelids at your next wedding- own it and look good doing it! Break out of the matte shades of the last few seasons and add a little dimension to your wedding look with these five color palettes!

Pretty in Pink


If watermelon was your color palette of choice last summer, go for something similar this Fall. A peachy and neutral warm palette with gold flecks brings all out of your remaining summer glow. Light warm colors create a romantic look that’s cute and gentle without being overwhelming. It is lovely as much as it is natural, and is perfect for the sweetheart bride or bridesmaid.

Woodsy Woman


Want to warm up a neutral look? These basic neutrals are beautiful and gold based enough to blend with most skin tones. If you were doing golds all summer, this is the best Fall transition for you. Yellow-based neutrals are complimentary on so many skin tones and help give eyes a certain sparkle that can be hard to obtain. This color palette is so seamless, you could share it with the whole gang of bridesmaids! Just be sure to clean your brushes in between.

Deep Brunette


Brown tones are so fantastic for all skin tones and is optimized for Fall wear. If you want to do something smokier and sexier for a night wedding, play with deeper neutral tones to make your eyes look stronger. Use the deepest toned brown in the crease of your eye to create a more natural smokey look and be ready to catch the bouquet.

Royal Plum


Cranberry and plum tones with pieces of purple make green and brown eyes pop out like crazy and will make you look stunning in wedding photos. If brighter colors were your thing last summer, make this your wedding go-to look. If you keep the tones warm, you’ll still get that golden glow but with a deeper more sultry overall look. Pair with black on black eyeliner and mascara for a full on glamorous look.

Sliver of Silver


If you want to do more edgy looks for the wedding, go for something slate grey and silver. Something deep with flecks of shimmer makes your look pop, and is especially beautiful on darker skin tones. Keep it a little warmer to keep it from being too frosty (save that for Winter!). Since this is more cool-toned, be sure to pair it carefully with your lip and cheek colors. You’ll be the belle (or bride or bridesmaid!) of the ball!


Top Five Trendy Nail Polishes for Fall Brides


So you’ve got a wedding coming up and you want to do something a little more fun than a French manicure, right? There are so many great colors that are hot right now for Fall that are much more fun than the classic white tips. Pair these with your bridesmaids dress and you’ll be all set to have fabulous fingers!



Glowing Plum

If your go-to is a classic red color, then amp it up for Fall with a deeper, more purple-based plum red with flecks of glitter. We love red tones and golds because they look great on all skin tones and create a beautiful bronzing effect to the skin. Swipe on two coats and pair with a neutral toned dress to stand out, a warm toned dress to flow your look, or a cool toned dress to make your fingers pop.


Minty Fresh

If you’re not over the mint craze, go back for more- it’s coming back around! Amp up the usual more neutral mint color with a tone that leans on the green so you have a fresher look. This pairs best with neutral tones to flow with a little flair, or with bold dark tones to really pop.


Raspberry Beret

Deep plum tones are sultry and fantastic this fall- just be sure to pick one up with some dimension so it doesn’t look too bland on your fingertips. Take your purple-based red one step further and get a much deeper plum with some shimmer. This pairs with dark tones to create a mysterious look, neutrals for an adventurous look, and light tones for a bold outstated look.


Sunkissed Neutral

Want something that would fun for a Saturday wedding but still office appropriate on Monday? Look for a pink neutral with hints of gold or yellow in it. Peachy tones are understated but the flecks of gold will pull all that tan you got over the summer out and give you a bridesmaid glow. The bride can’t have all the glow, afterall! Neutrals look fantastic with anything (they’re neutral for a reason!) and will be appropriate for as long as you wear them.


Go for the Gold

Love the way the leaves change in Fall? Pair that with a beautiful gold tone. Go all out and pack on the gold- you’ll look like a million bucks! Neutrals and soft tones make this pop, while bold tones bring this out to look stronger. You’ll be the flashiest bridesmaid at the ball!


Top Five Trendy Bridal Lip Looks for Fall

We’re all about luscious lips here at BHL- they’re the most romantic part of your beautiful face! Check out our top five trendy lip colors for this season and your look will be hot, even if the weather’s cooling down.


Pale Coral Pinks

If coral was your summer shade, just start slowly by turning it down a notch. Look for a light coral or pink shade to transition into fall. You can even wear your summer coral by just putting on a dab and painting it out with a lip brush so the color isn’t as intense and pairing it with a lighter gloss. this look is lightweight, cute, and perfect for the sweet bridesmaid.


Warm Nudes

If you like a natural look but want to go even more lightweight than a pale coral, pick up a nude with warm undertones. It will pull whatever summer glow you had going on and keep you looking great all fall long. Neutrals are great for any dress that you’re wearing, and a warm one will give you a taste of that bridal glow.


Red Stains

No- not on your dress, just on your lips! Grab a light lip stain in red and pack it on to your liking. Lip stains are great if your skin is starting to get drier because they can be quite hydrating. Start subtle to pair with any look for any wedding situation and pack it on to match your mood.


Blushing Berries

Tones that are reminiscent of berries are fantastic this fall and sultry for weddings. You have the ability to go much deeper with berry tones to fit more romantic settings. If you’re packing on the pigment, be sure to use a waxy lip liner to keep your lip color from feathering.


Burning Red

If you’ve been liking pictures non-stop of leaves changing colors, an orange-based red is going to be perfect for you. this color can be a little more intense, so be sure to use a good lipliner with this look too. This look is so complimentary to the new season- you’ll look fantastic in any outdoor weddings.


Top Five Fall Trendy Eyeliners for Bridesmaids

The color of the leaves is starting to change, it’s time for your makeup looks to change too! Use your makeup to add some personality to that bridesmaid’s dress you’re stuck with. You only get to control so much of your look on the big day- take advantage of it and have some fun! Put down the black pencil you’ve had rolling around in your makeup bag the last year and pick up any of these five hot shades!


Rich Purple

Pick a warmer purple with some chunky glitter to create some serious drama to your look. Lay this one on thick as a cat eye to light your eyes up and bring attention to your peepers. A rich purple will make brown and green eyes sparkle in particular. this tone also looks more and more natural the darker your skin tone is.


Electric Blue-aloo

Not big on glitter, but big on the statement look? Go for a sleek blue tone, but keep it thin and close to the natural lash line. That little flash of color could be all you need to bring your eyes out- especially if they’re blue too! Bright blues flatter cool tones- whether it be from your skin or your eyes it’s a hit.


Gritty Green

Fall is great for earthy tones so bust out those fun liners that have been gathering dust since St. Patty’s Day. Green tones are subtle but different and are very complimentary to warm tones. Go light along your lash line and follow the natural curve of your eye to create a soft, romantic look.


Copper Lining

A burnt orange or bronze can warm up your look and reflect the new season perfectly! Instead of lining your top lid, start on the inner corners of your eyes and work your way out without lining the entire eye. Bonus points if you line the bottom lash line with a beautiful bronze and pair it with another of our top five trending eyeliners on top!


Bold Burgundy Bridesmaid

This look is more statement but if you can pull it off it’s fantastic! Try out a red-toned eyeliner on top to create a bold and beautiful look. Deep tones like burgundy or raspberry are spontaneous and sultry. It’ll help you stand out from the lineup and make you look mysterious during the reception.