Top Five Trendy Nail Polishes for Fall Brides


So you’ve got a wedding coming up and you want to do something a little more fun than a French manicure, right? There are so many great colors that are hot right now for Fall that are much more fun than the classic white tips. Pair these with your bridesmaids dress and you’ll be all set to have fabulous fingers!



Glowing Plum

If your go-to is a classic red color, then amp it up for Fall with a deeper, more purple-based plum red with flecks of glitter. We love red tones and golds because they look great on all skin tones and create a beautiful bronzing effect to the skin. Swipe on two coats and pair with a neutral toned dress to stand out, a warm toned dress to flow your look, or a cool toned dress to make your fingers pop.


Minty Fresh

If you’re not over the mint craze, go back for more- it’s coming back around! Amp up the usual more neutral mint color with a tone that leans on the green so you have a fresher look. This pairs best with neutral tones to flow with a little flair, or with bold dark tones to really pop.


Raspberry Beret

Deep plum tones are sultry and fantastic this fall- just be sure to pick one up with some dimension so it doesn’t look too bland on your fingertips. Take your purple-based red one step further and get a much deeper plum with some shimmer. This pairs with dark tones to create a mysterious look, neutrals for an adventurous look, and light tones for a bold outstated look.


Sunkissed Neutral

Want something that would fun for a Saturday wedding but still office appropriate on Monday? Look for a pink neutral with hints of gold or yellow in it. Peachy tones are understated but the flecks of gold will pull all that tan you got over the summer out and give you a bridesmaid glow. The bride can’t have all the glow, afterall! Neutrals look fantastic with anything (they’re neutral for a reason!) and will be appropriate for as long as you wear them.


Go for the Gold

Love the way the leaves change in Fall? Pair that with a beautiful gold tone. Go all out and pack on the gold- you’ll look like a million bucks! Neutrals and soft tones make this pop, while bold tones bring this out to look stronger. You’ll be the flashiest bridesmaid at the ball!


Top Five Nail Polish Shades for Summer

Summer is here, and that means that summer wedding events are just on the horizon. With bachelorette parties, showers, weddings, and everything else in between right around the corner, here are some fresh nail polish colors to wear at your next event. While the classic french manicure is a go-to for a reason, here are my five favorite shades that are more fun and adventurous.


Papaya Punch by China Glaze ($4-$8, beauty supply stores)

Papaya Punch is the perfect compliment to a summer mimosa with fellow bridesmaids. The yellow-toned orange makes the bright punch pop on any skin tone. China Glaze polishes also wears for a few days before major chips or nicks, so you won’t have to worry about a messy looking manicure. Plus, it’s an excellent accent to floral dresses as well as the pop of color you may need to brighten an outfit.


Collide by Illamasqua ($17, Sephora)

Collide is one of the strongest shades Illamasqua has released so far, and it’s proven time and time again why. This powerful pop of pink stands out on all skin tones and its’ formula rarely shows any signs of wear and tear. A few coats of Collide will last you an entire weekend, giving you more time to enjoy yourself and not worry about touching up your nails. A bright fuchsia is daring, fun, and stylish. You can dress it up with a solid dark outfit or dress it down with something light and colorful.


Electric Pineapple by China Glaze ($4-$8, beauty supply stores)

For some extra summer fun, go with a shade that hints at sunshine and mojitos. Electric Pineapple is just that- electric. This China Glaze shade sits in at a cozy spot between yellow and green without looking icky. This compliments earthy tones and brightens up cream tones. Dress it up with dark jewelry to make it pop at night, and dress it down with silver and white gold during the day.

Cotton Candy by Revlon ($4-$6, drugstores)

If you’re feeling something a little more conservative for your event, Cotton Candy by Revlon is a fresh take on a favorite. This light pink has a rose gold tint to it, warming it up more than a basic pastel pink. Two to three coats of Cotton Candy will completely cover your claws, plus it has a little extra something to it- it’s scented! That’s right, it actually smells like cotton candy! It’s nothing offensive, and it doesn’t smell like chemicals which is what I was afraid of before trying it. It’s a neat little novelty that makes both this shade and this formula a must have for summer.


Turquoise & Caicos by Essie ($6-$8, beauty supply stores)

If you want to show your camaraderie to the bride, this could be your ‘something blue’. Essie’s shade Turquoise & Caicos is a turquoise tinted Tiffany blue. I love the instant mermaid glow it brings to all skin tones. Essie shades are trusted for a reason- their formula lasts through hard wear and goes on smooth and evenly. This shade proves to be versatile with different outfits and looks too, making it a must for all your upcoming summer events.

From the bachelorette party to brunch with the bridesmaids and even through to the big day, your nails will thank you for dressing them up in a fun summer color. Swapping your typical shade for one of these summer shades could be your ‘something new’, and you will look fabulous wearing them. Enjoy!