Top Five Trending Lip Colors for Winter Brides

The seasons are starting to change which means that it’s time to change up your color palette as well. If you’re getting hitched this season, or if you just have lots of wedding events on the horizon for the next few months, check out our picks for the top five colors for winter.


Bright Winter Kisses

If you’re not really a winter person, pick up a fun fuchsia color for this season. A lot of colors this season are a little more muted and darker, but if you love your brights go for it! We love this blue based fuschia to bring color to your face- and to pop against your white dress.


Mild Mauves

Tones like this warm raspberry will look beautiful and classic with anything you wear- so it’ll look great with your bridesmaids too. What’s great about this shade is that it’s not overpowering. It is beautiful and noticeable, but will still look balanced and great with full eye makeup. You can use this both for everyday or for the big day- it works no matter what you’re wearing this winter.


Cherry Bombshell

If you’re more into that classic pinup look, we like a really warm bold red look. When you image your wedding day, most people see a beautiful white dress and luscious red lips- this is our pick for winter brides! This shade is a little too deep for spring and summer, but looks so good for winter. You’ll be the belle of your own ball if you pair this with your white dress.


Plummy Nudes

If you’re not big on bright colors, aim for a plummy nude tone. Cold-toned nudes run the risk of washing your face out while it’s cold, so you want something that will bring color into your face. A subtle, nude plum warms your face up without overpowering your look. If you don’t usually wear makeup, this is perfect for your big day since it’s still true to your style.


Deep Wine Lips

If you’re a little more dramatic with your usual look, go for a bold deep red. If you want that Hollywood starlet look, these tones are perfect for you. You want the deepest, sultriest red you can find and be sure to line it with lots of liner to keep it from sliding around. Pair it with simple eyes- keep it to black eyeliner and big lashes and you’ve got an instant classic Hollywood bride.


Top Five Bridal Beauty Tips for Cold Weather

It’s finally December and the weather is seriously cooling down. Time to upgrade the Fall sweaters to winter coats (it’s okay- still totally cute). If you’re getting married soon, or have wedding activities on the horizon, you’re going to need to look your best even if you’re shivering and shaking. Whether you have photos, a shower, a party, or even the main event scheduled soon, we’ve got five awesome tips for this holiday season to keep you looking your best through the new year.

Lip Holidays

Loose lips may sink ships, but chapped lips ruin pictures. Since it’s been getting colder outside, your lips are going to be in much need of extra moisture. Every other day, go ahead and skip the lipstick in favor of a thick lip hydrating lip balm. We love the Jack Black lip balms- they have SPF and leave our lips so smooth. Wearing a lip color can be drying (although it looks SO good), so take breaks for yourself in between. If you have to wear lip color every day, at the very least go to sleep with a layer of lip balm on. Your lips will absorb while you’re sleeping and you’ll wake up with soft beautiful lips that are perfect for your first marital kiss.

Prime Time

If you’re going out and wearing those beautiful sparkly shades on your eyelids you’re going to need some serious primer. Holiday going into New Year’s Eve is the best time of the year to wear some chunky fun glitter. We love the MAC glitter to pile on for special occasions. The one downfall of fun glitter? It can get everywhere. Use a heavy duty primer before you pack it on. We love the Urban Decay Primer Potions and the Too Faced Glitter Glue (it’s specifically made for glitter! LOVE.). Keep that glitter where it needs to be- off of your ironic holiday sweaters and on your beautiful face for all the bachelorette parties you’ll get invited to this year.

Oil Up

You can’t miss out on moisturizing at all this year- seriously, everywhere. Now may be the time to pick up some cuticle oil for your nails in between manicures. Your manicurist will seriously thank you by the time you get your nails done for the big day. You can also mix some cuticle oil in your regular lotion to boost the moisture getting locked into your skin. If you want something on the go (i.e., not messy), Sally Hansen makes a cuticle oil pen for easy application right onto your nails.

Wear a Mask

Face masks are such a must for nights in, but are you also taking care of your hair? Hair masks are perfect for this time of year- especially if your hair reacts to the cold weather. If you get extra frizzy when it’s cold or rainy out (guilty!), a hair mask can do some serious damage to the factors doing damage to your hair. There are a TON of DIY hair masks you can find on pinterest that uses items from your fridge, or you can get to a salon or beauty store for a tub of hair mask. If you want to spend money, we love the It’s a 10! hair masks. They make your hair smooth, silky, and even smell that much better. Frizzy hair can make a beautiful bride look like an electrocution victim. Keep it smooth and you’ll look back on your glorious hair with fond memories.


One rough part of the cold- it makes your skin that much more sensitive. One big thing that happens to your skin in the cold is that it can get red really quickly. If your skin is a little too red, you can look sick or your blush can get really overwhelming. One of the best ways to combat this is to switch to a red-balance primer. Clinique makes a great one that is sensitive enough to never break you out, but powerful enough to keep you looking fantastic til you honeymoon in the Spring.


Top Five Tips for Faking a Bridal Glow

Having a bridal glow is a total must, but there is a lot of risk to tanning. Not only is it damaging to your skin, but you risk burning as well (and you do NOT want to be peeling during your wedding). We don’t want you to be a flaky bride, so we’ve got some great tips to give you a glow the healthy way.

Fake It

One of the easiest ways to get an even, all over glow is to do a spray tan. Spray tanning airbrushes pigment all over you that eventually washes off. It’s very common to find spray tan locations at tanning salons and beauty salons. If you want to try it out on the cheap, keep an eye out for groupon or living social deals. You also may be able to talk a salon into giving you a first-time deal. You’re going to want to fake tan a few days before the wedding so that the pigment has time to settle and doesn’t wipe off on your clothes

Bronzing Lotion

Want to try a fake tan at home? No worries, bronzing lotion is also a viable option. Drugstores as well as specialty beauty stores carry bronzing lotions that essentially let you put on your own fake tan at home. It’s good to do a test run a few weeks in advance so you know how your skin reacts to the lotion, and to see how easy it is for you to apply (for some hard to reach places, you may need a friend to help you out!). Be sure to read the instructions carefully and wear gloves (or you’ll end up with orange palms- yikes!).


Press for a Bronze Glow

Doing a bronze glow yourself is a quicker way to get a nice bronze glow on your wedding day. Since you’ll probably be wearing white, you need to plan ahead for any sort of bronzer fallout. The best way to do a powder bronzer is to do a pressed powder bronzer. Loose powders are much more likely to move around and fallout, and the last thing you’d want is smeared brown powder all over you! If you want to do an even glow, use a big wide brush with looser bristles to sweep an all-over bronze on your face and shoulders.


Try a Creamy Glow

If you don’t want to do a powder bronzer, try a creamy highlighter that has a golden tint. Any sort of rose gold cream highlighter could work to give a very subtle glow. Apply the highlighter on the apples of your cheeks and lightly to frame your face. The dewy texture of the highlighter will make the glow look angelic and romantic.


Seal the Deal

If you do any sort of same-day bronzing technique, be sure to seal in the color with a sealing spray. Putting a finishing powder may not be enough to hold your color in place on your neck or chest, so it’s best to use a spray. Find a spray sealant that you like that works in the heat so you don’t sweat any color off. If you skip this step, you risk your bridal glow getting all over your veil!

Five Spring Beauty Trends for Brides

Hey ladies, getting hitched in the spring? Own it and have some fun with some spring beauty trends!2Coral.jpg.jpg

Cute in Coral

Coral and peachy tones are a springtime staple, and you can make it all yours at your wedding. go light and dab a shimmery peachy tone right on the apples of your cheeks for a kiss of color. Keep it light and fresh and you’ll have the perfect spring glow! Benefit’s ‘Coralista’ and Nars’ ‘Orgasm’ are some of our favorite coral blushes.

Free-flowing Frocks

Earthy, free-flowing cuts are so girly and romantic for spring. Opt for a free-flowing hi-low dress for your bridesmaids or loose long dresses. These flowy cuts give off an immediate flower-child vibe, and is flattering for all body types! Not only will your lovely ladies look fresh and flirty for fall, they’ll all feel great in their getups.

Barely-There Braids

Tiny braids in an updo gives a classic grown-up hairdo and sweet hearted touch. If you have your hair up, or even half-up, have your stylist put thin braids throughout here and there. As long as you keep your braid count fairly low, you’ll look like a free-spirited flower child.

Pieces of Petals

Speaking of flower child, subtle floral touches will give you that added touch of spring. While flowers are typically a staple of most wedding ceremonies, you can incorporate some fresh spring seedlings in with your traditional bouquets. Add floral touches like a tiny flower in your pedicure or in floral-themed jewelry for your bridesmaids. The added girl touch makes everything that much sweeter.


Smell like Spring

The final touch for a spring ceremony? Smelling the part, of course! Wear a light floral scent all day to keep the party going. Clinique’s Happy is a great classic floral and fresh scent that stands up to its’ namesake. Spritz on your wrist and maybe even your neck as well so you really feel the spring spirit all day.


Three Super Bowl Beauty Tips

This year’s Super Bowl is merely days away, which means all the Super Bowl parties are right around the corner. Whether you and your fiance are going to a party, holding one yourself, or just enjoying the game together, we’ve got ways to show some team spirit in the cutest way. It doesn’t matter what team you’re rooting for either, we’re just here to make sure you look adorable.

Two-Toned Nails

You could do the accent nail, a french mani with team colors, or one of our favorites- the two-toned mani. Do one color as a base color with a glitter top coat over part of your nail (or all of it- up to you!). We tried out the accent colors of both teams, orange for the Broncos and green for the Seahawks, and did a blue glitter shade right over it. Both are bold, fun, and show your team spirit. We love this blue glitter polish by OPI, but any fun light blue would be beautiful.

Pairing Eyeliners

Football is all about teamwork- and so is this awesome look! If you’re adventurous, put on a thick line of the lighter color (orange or green) then do a tight line of blue close to your lashline. If you want to go a little lighter on liner, just do a dab of color on the inside corner of your eye and pair with a dark blue liner instead of your normal brown or black. We love the Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliners ($20, Sephora) and the Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencils ($19, Sephora) for bright, vibrant colors that last through the whole game.

Go for Glitter

If all else fails, grab some glitter! Get together with your girlfriends before the game and go crazy! Dab a touch of orange glitter over your lipstick to be a Bronco beauty or pack on the glitter over your whole eyelid to be a sassy Seahawk. Wear glitter anyway you want, just be sure to stock up on makeup remover for later. We have the Forever 21 glitter palette ($7.80, Forever 21) on retainer for fun events like the Super Bowl. Use it as an accent color in moderation or go all out to show how dedicated you are. If you have enough fun with it, you may be able to get the guys involved in the war paint too!


Five Sun Safe Must Haves for Summer Weddings

We’re knee deep in the summer season and that means we’re knee deep in the heat. Outdoor weddings are fun, but now with the weather so hot here are a few products you may want to consider picking up.

Load Up on Sunscreen

Being outside should always warrant sunscreen, but be sure you’re packing it on for weddings. It’s something that’s easy to forget in the rush of things, but is incredibly important. A wedding is a day you want to remember, and you don’t want to remember it as the day you got a horrible sunburn! Pick something non-scented and not greasy, so it doesn’t affect your outfit or perfume. If you know you’ll be dancing, pick up a sport sunscreen like this one from Coppertone ($7-$9, drugstores). It covers both UVA and UVB rays and is water and sweat resistant.

SPF Everywhere

Remember that SPF counts everywhere! Having a sunburn on your lips is a nightmare. The Maybelline Baby Lips ($4-$6, drugstores) line are all SPF 20, and offer a light tint on your lips. They stay moisturized and help block out any sun damage. I also love the Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm ($7.50, beauty specialty stores). It’s an incredibly moisturizing line and makes lips feel pillowy soft. The SPF 25 doesn’t hurt, either!

Seriously, Everywhere

I like to use a leave-in conditioner in my hair to keep it from drying out, particularly when the air is more dry. Neutrogena’s Triple Moisture Leave-In Cream ($8-$10, drugstores) has a UV Shield, which helps protect your hair from sun damage. Your hair won’t get a sunburn, but it may get damaged or dry out in the heat. Dab a little in your hair and work it out to the ends before you style.

A Flawless, Sun Safe Face

Laura Mercier is known for their tinted moisturizers ($42, beauty specialty stores) year round, but the SPF 20 really helps out in the summer. The tinted moisturizers offer fantastic hydration as well as light coverage. Plus they offer a wide range of shades to accommodate all complexions.

Full Coverage and Sun Safe

If you’re looking for a foundation with more coverage, the MAC Matchmaster Foundation ($33, MAC counters) is for you. It offers SPF 15 and a wide range of shades. I find that it goes on moe matte to absorb any oiliness you may encounter. It goes on light but covers blemishes and redness very well.

In addition to wearing more products with SPF, just remember…

Ditch The Soda

Yes, soda is bad for you, but carbonation in general can throw off your fashion game plan completely. Skip any bubbly sodas the day before and the day of to avoid any unwanted bloat. If you need something sweet, stick to juice or a flavored water. Being bloated and in the heat is no fun at all. Plus, you’ll absolutely avoid any accidental burping.

Opt for Water

Going hand in hand with ditching soda, stick to water until the reception. It keeps your teeth from getting stained, it’ll keep you hydrated all day long, and if it does happen to spill, it’s not a major crisis. Yes, it’s fine to have a glass of wine (or two) but be sure to pair your glass with some water to avoid becoming sloppy. You don’t ever want to be that girl.


Five Trending Eyeliner Shades for Bachelorette Parties

One of the most fun perks of being in the bridal party (aside from the wedding, of course!) is a good girl’s night. A bachelorette party or night on the town is one of the best places to try out a new look. Here’s my guide to ditching the standard black eyeliner in favor of a fun trendy shade.

Stila Eyeliner in Lionfish ($20, beauty supply stores)

Stila’s eyeliners always go on smooth and have a great color payoff. Lionfish is an unbasic brown that is warm and a little glamorous. It’s the perfect shade for those of you looking to break out of a classic routine without being overwhelming. This shade is complimentary to every skin tone and will transition well into the fall. The gold tones give skin a subtle glow, which is perfect for summer.  Keep an eye out for this new staple shade, it’ll be your new favorite liner.

Covergirl Liquiline Blast in Silver Spark ($6-$7, drugstores)


A silvery-grey can help break any girl out of a dark eyeliner habit. The grey is neutral like black, but isn’t nearly as dramatic.  This shade in particular is smooth and smudgable, making it perfect for beginners or advanced glamour girls. Silver Spark is very complimentary to cooler skin tones and eye colors. The formula wears for a long time, but won’t be a pain to remove at the end of the night.  This low maintenance liner also transitions well from day to night.

Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in LSD ($19, beauty supply stores)

It’s almost impossible to talk about trendy eyeliners without mentioning Urban Decay’s line of liners. They recently rebooted their entire brand and rolled out a bunch of new shades in their famous 24/7 eyeliners. One of the breakout shades is LSD, a blue-toned shimmery liner. Don’t be intimidated by the blue though, this shade is fun, trendy, and surprisingly complimentary to many skin tones. LSD was initially introduced as a limited edition shade, but is now a part of the permanent line.  Thin application along the lash line gives a subtle sparkle, but packed on it creates a wide-eyed sultry look.

M.A.C. Pearlglide Eyeliner in Black Line ($16, M.A.C. counters)

Earthy tones are on the rise this summer, and this liner is one of the best ways to wear it! The Pearlglide formula is one of my personal favorites because of how smooth and soft it is. If you are more comfortable with black liner, this dark earthy shade may be your new go-to. The khaki green tone in this liner is very complimentary to warm skin tones and have the ability to bring a sparkle to green and brown eyes. Going lightly and tight on your eyes warms your face for a romantic look.

Covergirl Ink It! in Golden Ink ($5-$7, drugstores)

There’s no harm in going a little glam for girl’s night! Open up your eyes with a touch of gold, like this one from Covergirl. You can pair this with any of the other liners listed, and keep the gold on your inner corners. Small pops of color have been popping up everywhere, with gold leading the pack. This formula is incredibly well pigmented, so a little bit goes a long way. If you’re going super glam, use this liner as a shadow pencil for a golden glowy look.

Which of these shades are your favorite? Leave a comment down below saying which shade you’ll be keeping an eye out for!

Five Trending Lip Shades for Summer

Summer is here and so are summer lip trends! With weddings, bridal showers, and bachelorette parties filling out your summer schedule, take a moment to update your lip look with these five trending shades!

06 by Kate Moss for Rimmel ($4-$5, drugstores)

The shade simply called “06” is easily in my top five summer trending shades. Fashion icon Kate Moss paired up with Rimmel London for a limited run of lipsticks, and this cheeky coral is perfect for the season. This orange toned pink is perfect for transitioning from feminine pastels into free spirited, beachy summer tones.

Perky by Covergirl Blast Flipstick ($7-$10, drugstores)

Covergirl launched the flipstick line fairly recently, and they have been a clear winner season to season. Each product comes with two lip shades, one on each end. Perky’s pink is a clear cut winner this summer. This shade is playful while remaining appropriate for both day and night events. The formula wears all day with little wear and feels light going on. As a plus, the other end of Perky is a shimmery light pink, perfect for layering to create a more dramatic look.

Vegas Volt by MAC ($15, MAC Counters)

The bolder beauty mavens this summer have been diving into creamy orange tones, and that’s where Vegas Volt comes in. Vegas Volt is a creamy orangesicle shade that is just as fun as a weekend in its’ namesake- without breaking the bank! The creamy soft texture balances out the adventurous orange shade, making it the perfect balance of sweet and strong.  Bonus, the amplified formula used keeps the color staying creamy through dinner and drinks.

Apricot by Almay ($4-$5, drugstores)

Almay just released a line of liquid lip colors that are sheer with little fade out. The new line of liquid lip color offers lightweight color that goes on smooth and never feels sticky. The formula keeps lips from getting dried out, and the packaging is small enough to fit in any clutch you’ll be toting around this summer to your bridal events.  Apricot is a hot shade for summer that is always appropriate, quite demure, and universally flattering.


Fairytale by Covergirl ($6, drugstores)

Fairytale is the perfect name for this dreamy pink shade. Fairytale goes on creamy and soft, while working its’ magic in the color. This yellow-based pink has been trending recently, and Fairytale is one of the best examples of this to date. The formula lasts a long time and keeps lips from drying out- even in the summer heat. The light pink blends into most summer wardrobes seamlessly and is going to be a forerunner for your new favorite daily lip color.