Top Five 2015 Resolutions for Brides

Happy New Year! Now that you’re caught up and have cleaned all the 2015 confetti out of your NYE outfit, it’s time to get down to business. If 2015 is your year to tie the knot, you’ve got a whole lot of fun ahead of you, and we’re here to help. We’ve got our resolutions that are extra important for you to follow this year to have an amazing year, wedding, and rest of your life!

Go to the Dentist

I know, I know- it’s scary. It’s not fun. It’s kind of the stuff of nightmares and it usually can cause some pain. But you know what’s more painful? Yellow, crooked teeth full of tartar and cavities in your wedding photos. Now that the year has reset, many insurance plans reset so this is the best time to get back into the groove of things. If it makes you feel better, take off work and leave mid-Friday to go to the dentist and treat yourself to a slightly longer weekend. If you’re too nervous to go alone (or anticipate some laughing gas or pain killers), task one of your bridesmaids to tag along. The dentist is always a must- and if you find a good one it can seriously make the chore really easy. While you’re there, be sure to schedule a whitening a few days before your big day too.

Drink More Water

This is such an easy win you’ll wonder why it’s not on your resolution list to begin with. Water flushes all the icky stuff out of your system, clear up your skin, slim your waist, and overall just make your life better. You’ll even save money when you go out! If you hit the town at night and drink, have a glass of water to match your adult drinks and it’ll keep you from feeling icky or dehydrated the next day. It’s a lifesaver and it’ll get your body into an amazing place for your big day.

Ditch the Tan

You should NEVER hit the tanning booths (it will destroy your skin, and seriously put a dent in your health!), and this year you should try to stop doing the fake tan thing too. Enjoy your regular skin and keep it real! Fake tans can be pricey, and if you’ve got a wedding and a honeymoon coming up you’re going to need to save up some cash. Fake tans can also get everywhere and stain your clothes- that’s no fun. Skip the skin tints and enjoy your natural glow!

Say ‘Thank You’ More

This may have been the big buzz in November, but we feel like it should be a year-round state of mind. If you’re not sure how to resolve to do this, start by committing to sending thank you notes once a week. These can be little hand-written cards or a phone call, but just make sure that they are personal. Saying thank you more will instantly remind you of everything that you have and how awesome the people in your life are. Also be sure to say thank you to your vendors and everyone you’re working with for the big day! They’re doing a lot to help your perfect day be perfect- that’s definitely worth being thankful for.

Stack Cash When you Can

Weddings are expensive (duh) so when you can, save money! That can be a big range of things like not picking up that extra pack of gum or soda at the grocery store, or skipping a cab and calling an uber instead. If you have some time during the day, call your bank and credit card companies and ask for lower APR rates (it works- try it!) and higher credit limits. Reassess what you own and sell off or donate what you don’t need anymore. Save as much money as you can this year and you’ll be surprised what you’ll be able to afford by the end of it (hello upgraded honeymoon suite!).


Winter Wonderland Industrial Wedding

It is New Years Day, and it is a time of renewal, new year’s resolutions, and change. We hope that each and every one of you had a safe and happy New Years Eve. In honor of of the first day of 2015, we wanted to feature a very special wedding. One year ago, this couple celebrated their love for each other, and today we want to dedicate the New Year to this fabulous couple. Gorgeous images from Andie Freeman Photography  and beautifully planned by Southern Sophistication Designs this winter wedding is romantic and very sweet.  Happy Anniversary to Eddie and Courtney!






























A few words from  Southern Sophistication Designs…

Courtney and Eddie, “are an absolutely adorable couple.  They started out as clients, but living through her leukemia journey with her and planning her dream wedding, they quickly became family.  The inspiration for their wedding was at first going to be southern summer sweetness but after her diagnosis made a summer wedding an impossibility, we changed her wedding into a southern sophisticated New Year’s celebration to remember.  It was also Courtney’s first big event after her diagnosis and treatment.  The story would even make the Grinches heart grow three too big.”

















From Andie Freeman Photography

Courtney was originally planning a summer wedding to her sweetheart, Eddie.  But in January of 2013, that all changed.  She was tired, so she decided to go and see her doctor.  The results weren’t good.  She was diagnosed with Leukemia and immediately hospitalized for treatment.  Her brother donated his bone marrow for a transplant and she underwent chemotherapy and radiation.  She lost her glorious blonde hair that she has been growing out for her summer wedding.  It was a summer wedding that would never happen.  She was not allowed to be around a large group of people for one year.  So she and Eddie changed their plans.  They began to plan a winder wedding.  With the help of their wedding planning and event designer, Jessie Patton, they planned a glorious event at the Foundry at Puritan Mill in Midtown Atlanta.  And even though she didn’t have her long blonde locks, she had the cutest short, curly bob.  Courtney stated, “My fiance and I have been through alot together, especially in the past year after a cancer diagnosis last Fall. Now with a clean bill of health, our wedding has become an even bigger celebration. Our wedding will be a mix of northern and southern guests. I am envisioning a rustic winter wedding”.It was a stunning event from beginning to end and Eddie and Courtney got their dream wedding with all of their family and friends.  She is now a little older than 1 (her cancer free date) and they are living in their dream house in the suburbs of Atlanta.  



Photographer: Andie Freeman Photography

Wedding Planner: Southern Sophistication Designs

Venue: The Foundry At Puritan Mill

Wedding Cake: The Posh Cakery

Caterer: Bleu House Cafe

Bridal Gown: Bride Beautiful

Videographer: Hammond Studios

Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Warehouse

DJ: Osborne DJ Entertainment

Officiant: Rev. Sam The Marrying Man