Luxe Linen Collection

We are beyond excited to announce that our friends at Designer Specialty Linens have a fabulous new name and look. Drum roll please… Welcome Luxe Linen! We are so happy for this gorgeous linen company who never lets us down when it comes to trendy, gorgeous, and incredible table top accessories. We are in love with the new website and all the fantastic features. One of our favorite features is how you can choose the color and collection to sort through. So it makes it easy to design and create the perfect look for a wedding or any event! New logo, New look,  new year! We are loving what 2015 has delivered so far, and we look forward to what is to come. We can not wait to see what Luxe Linen will reveal this year.  We are literally jumping up and down, and can not hold in our excitement. Cheers to 2015!

Here are two of the four collections, but take a moment to check out the rest of their killer collections here.

We are having a total swoon moment. We can not stop staring at each and every one of these beautiful tabletop designs. Congratulations to Luxe Linen!

Luxe Collection:






Standard Collection:
french buckets talega-58
Crinkle Taffeta-3
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Everythings Coming up Roses-1
Crinkle Taffeta-1
From owner, Dahlia of Luxe Linen...
We believe the new name and logo best communicate the quality and scope of our product offering. As we move forward, we will expand our collection of unique and upscale fabrics. In March 2015 the LUXE II collection will be released. It  includes a variety of luxurious fabrics for the bridal, corporate social and personal social markets. We invite you to visit our new website at It provides you with full access to our standard collection and the 2014 LUXE Collection of fabrics. We trust you will enjoy how easy the new website is to navigate and how gorgeous the photos are.

Top Five Do’s and Don’ts of Specialty Wedding Drinks

One of our favorite personal touches we see at weddings are specialty drinks. Creating your own drinks for your wedding is another way for you to show off your personality as a couple and show off how creative and fun you can be. Fall is one of the best seasons for fun drinks (Pumpkin Spice Lattes, anyone?) so own it and create your own cocktails for your reception with our top tips!

DO Start Simple

Think about what you like- if you like wine, start there. Start with what you know you like and work around that. If you love bold flavors, spices, smoky, whatever- go with what you like! It’s about your life changing, don’t feel pressured to please everyone

DON’T Get Over-Complicated

Keep your ideas contained though- don’t add fire, torches, or anything crazy to your concoctions. Yes, it may be a neat idea, but if all your guests are ordering your specialty drinks at the bar you’ll end up with major wait times and frustrated bar staff. Keep the ingredients to the fast lane- five times or less.

DO Offer An All-Ages Option

Be sure to include at least one specialty drink with no alcohol in it at all. Not everyone drinks, but everyone will want to participate in your wedding fun! Have an option available that anyone and everyone can enjoy. We like juice mixes with cute garnishes. Think virgin Mai Tais or something along those lines.

DON’T Make Everyone Drink The Same Thing

Some people are just very particular with what they drink and you should respect that. Not everyone will participate in a champagne toast, it’s unrealistic to make everyone have a specialty drink. Offer your specialty drinks, but don’t force everyone into it.

DO Be Clever

The best part about making specialty drinks? Naming them! Get as pun-ny as you can get- it’s not tacky it’s totally cute! Work your names into them, work any specific themes or memories into them. If you met in a cute way, have any pets, or have any hobbies you share go with that too. Figure out what you love and go with that!


Top Three Tips for Un-Inviting a Wedding Guest

So you’ve got too many rsvp’s- yikes! If you’ve only got the budget or space for a certain number of people and too many say they’ll be there it can come down to a harsh reality- you’ll have to un-invite some guests. This is absolutely no fun, but it does happen. We’re here to help you get through it.

Be Honest

If there’s no way of sugar coating it- don’t. There’s nothing wrong with being honest. In fact, it’s the best way to handle any situation- tough or otherwise. There can be a better way to approach it, but your subject matter should always be rooted in honesty. Think about why you have to cut the headcount- is it money? is it the space? Whatever it is, work out the best way to phrase it. Ask your fiance to help you out and back you up. Try having the conversation with each other to make it easier. Just be honest and don’t change your mind. Once someone’s cut, they’re cut!

Offer an Alternative

While you can’t have them at the official wedding or reception, ask for a dinner or brunch. Say that you want to celebrate privately in place of the large ceremony and plan on a different sort of get together. While you’re explaining why you have to un-invite that guest, you can follow up with scheduling a different time to celebrate. This can also help you while you’re explaining- you can mention that you’d prefer a more private time to celebrate and share this moment in your life with this guest. For the most part, your friends and family want to go to your wedding because they want to support you and they’re happy for you. Remember that and work out another time to celebrate and share.

Follow Up with a Thank You

After the conversation about un-inviting, it can be good to follow up with them to ensure it wasn’t out of bad blood. After you un-invite someone, it is just good manners to extend some sort of love their way. It can be tacky to send them a wedding thank you card (definitely DON’T send them pictures from the wedding they were un-invited to), but send a short handwritten card just thanking them for understanding. No need for frills or anything crazy, but show that you do appreciate their flexibility and that they are still meaningful in their life. Be gracious and kind, it always pays off in the end.


Weddings at Center Club in Costa Mesa, California

Can Wednesday morning be any more fabulous than this? Today is a day of drooling over and obsessing over a fabulous venue found in the Orange County Performing Arts Center located in Costa Mesa, California. This lovely venue is none other than the Center Club.  This stunning venue is unique in that it offers a beautifully shaped ballroom to hold a ceremony or reception. It is not your typical ballroom! There is also a gorgeous outdoor area that is perfect for a ceremony or cocktail hour. What we love about this venue is it’s gorgeously designed style, impeccable service, and oh-so-amazingly delicious cuisine. If you want to feel like a million bucks or more, then this is the place to consisder for your wedding day. We are not joking, it is that amazing!

Christopher Todd Photography

Christopher Todd Studios

Photography: Brett Hickman Photographers

Photography: Brett Hickman Photographers

Photography: Brett Hickman Photographers

Photography: Brett Hickman Photographers

Lily Stein Photography

Lily Stein Photography

Lily Stein Photography

Lily Stein Photography

Photography: Brett Hickman Photographers

Photography: Brett Hickman Photographers

Jaime Davis Photography

Jaime Davis Photography

Christopher Todd Photography

Christopher Todd Studios

Jaime Davis Photography

Jaime Davis Photography


About Center Club

 Center Club’s NEWLY REINVENTED Private Ballroom is set on the garden level of the Center Tower, adjacent to the Orange County Performing Arts Center in Costa Mesa. We recently were awarded the Association of Bridal Consultants Trendsetter Award for Best New Venue.

Center Club offers both indoor and outdoor options for Ceremony and Reception. Center Club is a full service private club and does provide all food and beverages needed for wedding events. Executive Chef Lewis Butler is happy to customize menus to suit specific tastes and preferences for weddings… the options are limitless. Center Club also allows outside catering when needed. 

Center Club’s wedding packages make planning the catering and venue seamless and easy.  All of our INCLUSIVE packages include valet parking, champagne toast, custom wedding cake, a brand new white dance floor, service charge and sales tax. Additionally, each package specifically outlines the food and beverages that are included.

The Center Club Styled Shoot – Costa Mesa, CA from Expressionary Events on Vimeo.

Top Five Tips for Seating Charts

Seating charts can be a much harder task to take on than you realize- you need to weigh out who can sit with who, where to put kids, and who needs to be closest to you. It can be pretty hectic! We’ve got some tips to help you keep your cool while you figure out where everyone can go.

Make a Model

It can help to physically put people where they need to be. Print out the layout of the seating area (if you’re doing your ceremony at a hotel they usually have pre-made layouts of where tables will go) and use post-it tabs or push pins to place people. Being able to physically see where everyone will go will give you some clarity and make it easier to move people around.

Make a “No-No” List

Do you have some people who REALLY can’t be seated near each other? It happens! Look over your guest list and highlight anyone who needs to sit somewhere… specific. You can place those people first so that you know there won’t be any unnecessary drama or fighting. Don’t feel like you can’t invite people because they may have issues with other guests, just keep them separated and enjoy yourself. After all, the wedding’s about love and harmony. Keep the peace the best way you can.

Consider Foot Traffic

Are you having a buffet? A drink bar? Any sort of thing where guests will need to be getting up and walking around? Keep that area a little extra clear. If you can foresee a path that your guests will need to be taking, maybe have tables scooched a little more out of the way. Better yet, keep people who are younger and able to move at those tables. You shouldn’t put your 80 year old grandmother at a table where she would need to be moving her chair out of the way for other guests.

Plan Kids Accordingly

Think about any little ones that will be in attendance. Are they going to want to play together? Are their parents going to want to keep them nearby? Kid’s tables can be great to keep all the little ones entertained, but you wouldn’t want their parents to be stressed out trying to watch their kids from across the room. Figure out what kind of parents and kids are going to be there and think about what would work best for them. Just be sure to stock that table with extra napkins for messier little ones.

Plan for Yourself

Think about who you want closest to you. Do you want to do a sweetheart table? Or a big wedding party table? Maybe a table with the parents and the newlyweds? Think about what YOU want most. After all, it’s your wedding! We do suggest that you have your maid of honor as close as possible for anything you may want or need. She’s your wingwoman for a reason- keep her close!


Five Great Rules for the Groom’s Speech

While there might be a lot of attention on the Best Man’s speech during a wedding reception, the speech that really counts from the groom’s side is from the groom himself. There are weddings where the groom forgets completely to make a speech of his own, which in most industry circles, is a huge no-no. If you are a groom, check out our top rules for your speech. If you happen to be a bride, you might want to forward this article to your husband-to-be because you never know if this is one of those small details he might forget about!

Tip One: Thank Everybody First

While you will want to talk about your new wife, or perhaps how great your groomsmen are, you should always lead off by thanking everyone for showing up. Remember that people often get many wedding invitations throughout the year and also make plans, but they decided to come to your wedding, get you and your wife a gift, and enjoy in your big day, so be sure to thank them. Make sure they know how much you appreciate their attendance, and how their friendship and love mean so much to you both.

Tip Two: Don’t Get Hammered

When people drink, they say really stupid stuff. That’s a fact of nature. While we do not recommend drinking at all during your wedding or the reception, in order to maximize the amount of fun you will have, if you decide to partake in a few rounds, know your limits. The last thing you want to do is get up in front of a bunch people and make a fool of yourself on the biggest day of you and your wife’s life. Slurred speech, cursing, and inappropriate topics are just some of the dangers that alcohol could present during your speech. Making a mistake of that magnitude is something everyone will remind you about for the rest of your life!

Tip Three: Pace Yourself

Many people are nervous speaking to crowds, so grooms should first reflect that feeling nervous or anxious is perfectly normal and that everyone feels those emotions. To combat this, many people get through their speech absolutely as quickly as possible by speaking at a virtual hundred words per second. Slow down! Let the words come to you! A well paced speech comes off as extremely sincere and heartfelt. These are the emotions you want to convey when giving your speech. If you hurry through it, the speech certainly won’t have the impact you hope it will.

Tip Four: Practice

While you do not want to sound rehearsed, grooms should practice their speech. This way they can hear things out loud and immediately know if it’s a good topic and comes across the way they want it to, rather than “winging it” which is what an amateur would do. The best speeches never sound rehearsed but actually are very much so, because good public speakers use pacing and intonation of certain words to convey sincerity. Don’t be afraid to take one of your groomsmen and bounce the speech off of them and ask for input. That way, you have your bases covered in case your missed something.

Tip Five: Be Sure To Complement Your New Wife At Least A Dozen Times

While you might thank everyone for coming first, you must thank your new bride at least a dozen times. Okay, maybe not that many, but be sure to thank her at least three times as much as anyone else. She deserves it! Most brides do the majority of the planning and deserve all the credit in the world for pulling off such a great event. Plus, it’ll make you look great in front of everyone since you are so honest in sharing your love with everyone (you better be!). Finally, be sure to close by thanking your new wife and telling her just how perfect she is because the entire day, remember, is all about you two and your new bond of love.

Five Valentine’s Day Inspired Wedding Ideas

Are you and your fiancé true romantics at heart? Does the thought of a Valentine’s Day Wedding send your heart aflutter? February 14 is certainly a cherished day to celebrate love and romance, and what could be a better way to bring together family and friends in observance of your union! Here are five Valentine’s Day inspired wedding ideas to ensure that everyone will be seeing hearts by the end of the night!


Go classical and romantic with your dress—heart shaped necklines, lace, and flowing veils speak of romance and sweet femininity. Choosing red bridesmaid dresses and accents is an option for a Valentine’s Day wedding, but I prefer pale blush pink shades. It is, in my opinion, easier to incorporate into the overall design of your reception and ceremony because the hue is not as bold or overpowering.


Michael Segal Photography

Michael Segal Photography


Be sure to book your location in advance because Valentine’s Day weddings are proving to be more and more popular. If weather in your location permits, a wedding in a garden provides the perfect romantic backdrop. Before the ceremony begins, ask married couples to stand and reaffirm their love for each other. Incorporating other couples acknowledges the true meaning of Valentine’s Day, as well as thanks them for allowing you to be a part of their journey as a couple. At the reception, have your band or DJ play old classic love songs—think Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, and Bing Crosby. Order vintage Valentine’s Day cards online, and use them as seat markers for your guests. Decorate the tables as if you were preparing for a romantic meal at home—plenty of candles, flowers, and gauzy fabrics set the scene, and the mood, for romance.

Karen Horton



Roses are the hallmark of Valentine’s Day, but do not be afraid to incorporate a variety of pink and red flowers. You do not want your flower arrangements to look perfect and stodgy—instead, have your arrangements look like they were plucked out of a romantic garden, growing wild and untamed.

Michael Segal Photography

Michael Segal Photography



Food is the way to most people’s hearts, so have your food choices reflect the romanticism of the night. Oysters, chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, chocolate fondue, asparagus—these aphrodisiac foods are delicious and in the theme of Valentine’s Day. Most importantly, allow the cake to be the main star!


Michael Segal Photography

Michael Segal Photography


Remember those cute Valentine’s Day cards you had to pass out in elementary school along with the heart-shaped candies? Customize boxes of the candies with you and your partner’s name, and include a Valentine’s Day card that says, “Thank you for being our Valentine.”

Top Five 2014 Wedding Trends

Happy New Year! With a new year comes new wedding fashions, and at Bridal Hot List, we want to make sure you are up to date on the latest trends in décor, wedding gowns, food, colors, and flowers. What a beautiful way to ring in a new year!


The New Year brings about a turn away from the shabby chic craze, and a turn to an old Hollywood glamour vibe. Look for vintage elements that will add glamour and glitz to your wedding and reception—old hotels with elaborate ballrooms do much of the heavy lifting for you in terms of décor, so look for hotels that offer interesting architectural touches such as elaborate staircases, marble floors, and painted ceilings.

Overall trend


Neutral colors will allow the beauty of your venue to shine, so choose classic colors such as white, black, beige, and grey. Navy and various shades of pink will also be big this season, even being seen in several designer wedding gown collections!


Peonies and roses give romantic glamour to your venue and bouquet. Darker flowers mixed in with various shades of pink add interest and depth. Adding family heirlooms, such as necklaces, lace pieces, and rings, to your bouquet will add gorgeous vintage elements and will make it more personal!



Wedding gowns will be lacy, embellished, and full of old Hollywood glamour! Halter-tops, Grecian draping, floral headpieces, and fur stoles ensure that 2014 will be the most glamorous wedding season of all. Should you opt for a trendy pink dress, keep the shape and style simple. No need for fancy detailing–let the color be the star of your gown!



Homegrown and local food is still the trend for 2014, so choose caterers that work with local farms. Elegant sit down dinners is a big change from the laid back and homey buffet style from the shabby-chic 2013, but alternative dessert bars, instead of a traditional wedding cake, is still big this season. If having a wedding cake is more your style, then go for a classic white cake to keep in theme with the old Hollywood glamour trend.

Elegant sit down dinner

Weddings at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa

I do not know about you, but I am still in a food coma after the long weekend.  But man was it worth it! Mondays are always tough, but even harder when it follows a long weekend full of festivities. (eating, shopping, sleeping, eating more, enjoying family time, etc). But don’t you worry, we’ve got something that will kick start your day into full wedding loving gear! We’ve got a gorgeous and luxurious venue with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa offers more than just beautiful accommodations. This beach front resort offers award-winning restaurants, a full-service salon, pool time, a phenomenal spa, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and many more extraordinary services.  This resort offers venue locations for your reception and ceremony with the most amazing and jaw-dropping gorgeous details.  Oh, and even some with incredible ocean views!  Thats why it is the perfect destination for weddings- for out of town or local guests.  As soon as you check in, you enter an ultimate paradise.

For appetizers, main courses, desserts, and drinks, the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa offers a wide variety of menu options offered for you and your guests. You and your guests will be very satisfied! Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that the food is mouthwatering, delicious, and oh-so-good! The chefs know how to get to a food lovers heart! You and your guests will be fully satisfied.

If that is not enough, this exceptional resort offers a world class spa for you and your guests to relax before the big day, and a salon where you can have your hair and make-up done,  all featuring first class service.  If you want to be pampered, relaxed, have access to all the amazing services, gorgeous ceremony and reception locations, and impeccable service, then the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa is the place to be.

Vista - Purple, Frank Salas

Aaron Wilcox Photography

Aaron Wilcox Photography

Bleu Cotton Photography

Bleu Cotton Photography

Lighthouse Courtyard, Mandap, Triple Cord

Huntington House Photography

Bleu Cotton Photography

Bleu Cotton Photography


If you want a unforgettable wedding, whether it is intimate and romantic, or an extravagant affair, then you should consider the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa for your wedding event!

For more information on weddings at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa visit their official website.




Three Tips for Planning A Winter Wedding

Winter is almost here,  and we’re excited to see all the latest trends in the wedding world. For those brides who have envisioned a fairy tale wedding in a perfect winter wonderland we have three important tips when planning your special day.


Winter weather is downright freezing in some parts of the country so remember to accommodate your guests. For larger venues, turn up the heat to a comfortable level.  In smaller venues, as the party gets going it will heat up naturally. Keep it cool but don’t let your friends freeze either.  If it rains, provide umbrellas for your guests so they can go to and from cars. Also  it is a good idea to arrange for heat lamps if the party happens outdoors.  A hot beverage option is a nice touch on a cold day, so offer your guests some hot chocolate or a warm cocktail.


Winter is unpredictable by nature so it is VERY important to plan for the worst case scenario.  What will you do if it rains? Snows? Wind? Think about a back up plan for these types of situations.  Alleviate a ton of stress by prepping back up plans early that way if something changes unexpectedly you are prepared.


Quite a few holidays happen in the winter that make planning a wedding slightly more difficult.  Keep in mind that some of your guests may not be able to attend if the wedding falls to close to a holiday.  Travel also gets more expensive during the holiday season.  You might want to save your friends some money by setting a date before or after the holidays.  Also, your decor may be limited if the venue is already decorated for Christmas, so be sure to check it out!

Keep these three tips in mind as you plan your special day and you are sure to have the perfect winter wedding. Happy Planning!