Luxe Linen Collection

We are beyond excited to announce that our friends at Designer Specialty Linens have a fabulous new name and look. Drum roll please… Welcome Luxe Linen! We are so happy for this gorgeous linen company who never lets us down when it comes to trendy, gorgeous, and incredible table top accessories. We are in love with the new website and all the fantastic features. One of our favorite features is how you can choose the color and collection to sort through. So it makes it easy to design and create the perfect look for a wedding or any event! New logo, New look,  new year! We are loving what 2015 has delivered so far, and we look forward to what is to come. We can not wait to see what Luxe Linen will reveal this year.  We are literally jumping up and down, and can not hold in our excitement. Cheers to 2015!

Here are two of the four collections, but take a moment to check out the rest of their killer collections here.

We are having a total swoon moment. We can not stop staring at each and every one of these beautiful tabletop designs. Congratulations to Luxe Linen!

Luxe Collection:






Standard Collection:
french buckets talega-58
Crinkle Taffeta-3
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Everythings Coming up Roses-1
Crinkle Taffeta-1
From owner, Dahlia of Luxe Linen...
We believe the new name and logo best communicate the quality and scope of our product offering. As we move forward, we will expand our collection of unique and upscale fabrics. In March 2015 the LUXE II collection will be released. It  includes a variety of luxurious fabrics for the bridal, corporate social and personal social markets. We invite you to visit our new website at It provides you with full access to our standard collection and the 2014 LUXE Collection of fabrics. We trust you will enjoy how easy the new website is to navigate and how gorgeous the photos are.

Fusion Indian Wedding Seminar Recap

A couple weekends ago, Bridal Hot List got a chance to explore the exciting culture of India at the Indian Fusion Wedding Seminar at the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. The event was hosted by Wedding Store 24 who transformed the patio space into a beautiful and exotic garden with multitudes of flowers interspersed with iconic Indian statues and symbols. We were surrounded in the richness of Indian culture, enjoying delicious food, pulse-pounding dances and gorgeous gowns as we learned how to incorporate ancient traditions with new American modernism.


To kick the night off, we enjoyed a cocktail hour on the patio where there was an abundance of mouth watering appetizers, and my own particular favorite being the spicy fish turnonver. Not far off was a cute bar boasting three tempting specialty cocktails. I chose a pink drink of berry vodka, raspberry liqueur, fresh lemon juice with a sugar rim. It was simply divine! After our cocktail, my guest and I had some fun at the rickshaw photo booth by L. A. Rickshaw and Souzerazzi Photo Booth. We donned oversize glasses and made numerous goofy faces at the camera which made for some memorable photo moments. The cocktail hour was intimately lit with candles, while soft live Indian music was played by Scott Cummings Music.


image 1

image 2

image 7

After the cocktail hour fun, we were ushered into the main ballroom for the seminar. The room was decorated in soft lighting with ornate light projections on the ceiling and walls. In the center, the stage was shrouded in white flower arrangements and pastel color draping. The seminar featured numerous vendor presentations about fusion invitations, beautiful wedding attire by Frontier Heritage, reception lighting and spectacular dancing by Karmagraphy. The host, comedian Rajiv Satyal, kept us laughing the entire time.

image 6

image 1

image 6

image 5


image 4

After the seminar it was time for dinner and the vendor garden. Chef Sathi Jayawardena of the Four Seasons, a Sri Lanka native, created the Indian inspired menu that was absolutely delicious. There was so much food I could not even fit it all on one plate! I’ll admit I even went back for another serving of the Coconut and Ceylon Cinnamon Saffron rice, it was that good. The vendor garden was set up in a half circle on the lawn with tables and a linen canopy in the middle. The walk through allowed us to meet with vendors for bridal jewelry, beautiful centerpiece design by Square Root, garment design, wedding registry ideas and delightful dessert options. My favorite station, however, was the Henna station. I learned it is the traditional first gift from the husband to his new bride and I even got a Henna of my own! Until it wears off, the wife does not have to lift a finger. But once it’s gone she must then begin her wifely duties.

image 3

image 8

image 4


image 8

image 9

The Fusion Indian Wedding Seminar taught us so much about Indian culture and fusion weddings. We enjoyed experiencing the traditions and culture in ways we have never seen. The richness and strength of Indian tradition is something really special and we were lucky enough to explore and learn how to cohesively fuse valued tradition with emerging modern taste.

Luxury Living for Your Wedding Day

Happy Trend Tuesday!  We are always looking for the hottest trends in weddings. We are so excited because a fabulous trend has just arrived in Orange County, California. Yes, right in our hometown! Our wedding-loving hearts just got happier.  Today’s weddings are more than a celebration of the bride and her groom. They are also a great time to bring out all the over-the-top wow-factors.  The Lavish Cabana Collection offers more than just a simple cabana. If you want to upgrade your wedding with something unique and grand, then consider this beautiful cabana collection, which deserves a standing ovation. What is great is that each cabana is custom made with the finest fabrics, lush floorings, intricate details, and accent lighting. So, how can you incorporate these fabulous details into your big day? We can not wait to share!

You can add chic elegance to your wedding day by including some amazing cabanas for your wedding day activities. For pre-ceremony events, the groom and his men can have an exclusive lounge set up under a lavish and classy cabana where they can hang out,  a place where any guy would feel like VIP. Why not feel like a rock star on one of the most important days of your life? Relaxing and chilling at your own personal swanky lounge sounds amazing, right?

Oh and ladies, imagine a luxurious and gorgeous cabana, where you can get all pampered and dolled up. You’re about to have one of the most biggest moments in your life, so why not be relaxed and have fun in luxury?

Imagine saying “I do,” under a grand and elegant cabana in front of all your friends and family. A special and intimate space created just for you while feeling like a queen and king. Go ahead and ” wow” your guests. If there was any day to do that, it would be this day!

Let’s continue the day with more ways that cabanas can add style and frill to your big day. For post ceremony events, cabanas are perfect for cocktail hour, reception, and lounges. For dining, you can have a special cabana set up for you and your wedding party. The options for dining can be sitting around a low-style table, or regular round table. Dine in the finest of ways, surrounded by beautiful fabrics, lovely details, and lighting.  These stunning cabanas creates an ambiance which will make a lasting memory for you and your guests.

I can say from personal experience, that as soon as I saw one of these cabanas for the first time, it was so luxurious  I did not feel like I deserved it.  Oh, you can not get the full effect until you have been inside. Let me tell you, the moment my foot touched the soft, and lush flooring, and I was under all the gorgeous details, I felt like a million bucks. Not only did I feel special, I was very relaxed and could probably sit there for hours. Oh, did I tell you you can take your shoes off? That is the best part! You can see why we are so in love with this cabanas.

If you want an unforgettable wedding day for you and your guests, then consider The Lavish Cabana Collection.







pink cabana
















For more information on how you can see these amazing cabanas in person, call The Lavish Cabana Collection for a special tour today!