Top Five Ways to Repurpose your NYE Dress for Weddings

The asprin’s probably kicked in by now- you should be all recovered from New Year’s Eve and ready to take on 2015! Check out your calendar and look ahead at all the fun that’s coming up- the birthdays, the holidays, the weddings (our favorite, duh!). With all those fun dates in mind, we’ll give you the best ways to turn your NYE dress around and make it work all year long.

Blaze Up Your Outfit

If you have something bright (like a diamond) in a bold color, simply do a long straight cut blazer with a matte texture in a neutral color. Be sure to do contrasting colors though- if your dress is deep maroon or blue, pull a khaki or white blazer. If your dress is eye popping pink, pair it with slate gray or black. A long blazer instantly makes your look chic and slimming- plus you have pockets to stash your phone, keys, and camera to snap shots of the bride.

Hit the Hardware

If your NYE dress doesn’t have a lot of texture, add some to make for an interesting, unique look that will stand out at the reception. We love adding studs to pieces- they’re easy to apply and super cheap (buy a bag on ebay for just a few bucks!). If you want something more romantic, replace belts with soft satin ribbon. Get a little crafty and make your dress even more your own.

Give Em the Booties

If your dress is a little too formal for your friend’s beer garden wedding, pair it with some booties over regular heels to make your NYE dress more low maintenance and informal. It’ll be much easier on you, on your feet, and on the dancefloor. If you want to go super grunge, pair it with combat boots. If you want something flirtier, pick up some velvet booties with bows.

Super Tight

If your NYE dress was a little short (ahem- we’re not judging!), pair it with some deep toned or neutral tights. Tights will keep your legs covered, warm, and looking long and lean under your sparkly and fun NYE dress. For this look, skip the bright and bold colors. You want to save the 80’s throwbacks for the DJ, not your fashion choices.

Make Other Statements

If your NYE dress was a little more on the safe side (LBD anyone?) rather than the sparkly side, this is the time to pack on the sparkles. At weddings, you’re sure to find a ton of women in sort of basic, neutral, or non-sparkly dresses. You don’t want to blend in- you want to stand out so you can tag yourself in group photos! Pack on statement jewelry or a bold statement clutch to liven up a more basic outfit. You should wear clothes that make you comfortable and accessories that make you confident.


Top Five Holiday Items for your Wedding

Happy Holidays! We’re almost done with Hanukkah, Christmas is just a few days away, and the holiday season is in full effect- are you feeling the cheer yet? For many of our readers, friends, and family this is their favorite time of the year. If it’s yours too, we’ve got some fun stuff you can stash away for your wedding that will keep the holiday spirit going. If you wait until December 26th, you can probably score these all at a discount, so plan ahead!

Fairy Lights

Putting up lights is always an easy win- be sure to stock up or hang on to yours for your big day! We love the white lights with white cords for weddings and the holidays- try to steer away from the rainbow or color lights. The white lights are neutral and work for all color schemes for your wedding (and for any color scheme you go for with holiday decor!). You can use this to light scenery, light pathways for night weddings, in selfie spots for wedding pictures, all sorts of decor!


We love candles, and they’re a fantastic staple for the holidays.  They’re really easy to find around the holidays, so this is the time to keep an eye out for some that you can use for your wedding. Bonus points if you can score some candle holders that flow with your wedding decor.We love white pillar candles for weddings and the holidays alike! If you got some for your celebrations, save them for the big day celebration as well. These don’t typically go on sale at a big discount after the holidays are over, so just keep your eyes peeled for any sort of discount or deal you can get on them.

Ribbon & Bows

Are you a hard core wrapper (see what we did there?)? We love bows and pretty ribbon, and you can make that work for your wedding too! Keep an eye out for your favorite ribbons and bows and you can use them throughout your wedding as decor, or to jazz up certain not so fancy things. Use the ribbon to tie your silverware into a bundle so it looks pretty and isn’t just folded. Use the bows on the backs of chairs, on name places, or anywhere you can think of that you’d like a little more festive fun.

Fun Foil Paper

It can be hard to gauge how much wrapping paper you’ll need- most of us end up with weird little scraps that aren’t big enough to use on anything else. Don’t immediately toss that into the recycling- look for places where you can use it again! We love getting foiled patterned or plain color wrapping paper that isn’t holiday or season specific because it’s easy to reuse. You can use them as name places or for directional signage (cut letters, table numbers, etc. out of the wrapping paper and stick it on black or white to pop). Start a pile, stick them all in a bag, and get creative when it’s time for some fun wedding DIY projects.

Gift Bags

If you’re doing wedding favors, be sure to pick up as many small gift bags as you can! Gift bags are one of those expenses that can get overlooked, but still come out of your wedding budget. Since there is an opportunity to pick up a bunch at a discount after the holidays, be sure to swoop in on that. If you find some that are great but have some small seasonal images or say something like “Happy Holidays” across it, don’t let that discourage you! You can always cover that with little labels or stickers with the guest’s name on it or your last names and the date. It’s an easy fix and overall, an easy win!


Top Five Holiday Splurges for your Fiance

Tis the season, right? Hopefully you’ve gotten most of your holiday shopping out of the way for your friends and your family, but did you remember the most important person? Sometimes the people you know the most about and that you care about the worst are the hardest to shop for. There’s only a few more days left to shop, so if you’re ready to splurge on your sweetie we’ve got five items that will make them fall in love with you all over again.


A Bit of Fit

One of the hottest splurge gifts this season is the FitBit. The FitBit is, at its’ core, a fancy pedometer but it can do so much for your fitness routine and overall health. It syncs to your phone so you’re able to track all your activity, track your calorie intake and calories burned, and you can even have it show caller ID right on your wrist! They may seem simple, but once you start being able to track your activity it’s really fun. Plus you’re encouraging your fiance to be fit before the big day- that’s always a plus!


Game On

If your loved one is a little more of a nerd, pick them up a new handheld gaming console. We love the Nintendo 3DS which is being more and more common to find under $200. You’re able to download apps like Netflix and Youtube on top of playing a ton of fun games. If you have a PlayStation, you can get the accompanying handheld PS Vita to keep it in the family. Handheld games are much more fun than you remember them being, and they go way past Tetris.


Throw Some Shade

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, but they’re holding out for a sunny Spring appease them and pick up some new sunglasses. If you love accessories, this should be a walk in the park. Sunglasses can be so hard to shop for, especially if you’re investing in a good pair. You know your fiance’s face better than anyone and you’ve got to know what they look good in. It’s a practical for life and will come in handy on the honeymoon. If you want something classic, we love the Ray Ban aviators and the wayfarers- they never aged and always look good in black.


Tablet Time

This is one of the best seasons to buy a tablet- there are so many specials that it’s really affordable and easy to pick up a good tablet! If you’re partial to Apple products, check out Target which is almost always doing a gift card with purchase promotion with iPads. That pays off for your fiance and for you- save that gift card for doing another round of holiday shopping! If you’re not into apple, the Microsoft store is always doing promotions with the Surface Pro tablets. The Amazon Fire tablets are also a great value for the cost, plus you can get a free month of Amazon Prime for buying one. Score for both of you!


Onesie Party

If your fiance is more the stay at home and cuddle type, invest in a fluffy soft onesie. It’s comfier than a snuggie and keeps you much warmer. It’s a fun departure from the classic holiday PJs that makes your gift way more unique. Plus you can get a fun one (we’re partial to dinosaurs) to make your loved one even cuter. They can range in price on a wide scale- we have found a few that were quite affordable, but it’s nice to spring for the super fluffy warm ones that will last forever.

Top Five Trending Nail Colors for Winter Brides

Did you switch up your regular lip palette yet? The seasons have changed, it’s time to switch things up. If you’ve gotten on board with the rest of your beauty routine, it’s time to step up your mani/pedi game for the winter. It’s fair to opt out for a classic french mani for your big day (don’t worry, we won’t judge you!), but if you’re more adventurous or if you just want new fun shades for your bachelorette party we’ve got our top five picks for this season.


We Love Olive

For a more unexpected neutral, swoop up an earthy olive tone. This color is beautiful and complimentary of the woodsy nature of the holidays and winter in general. If you want to pair this with an outfit for your bachelorette party, get something bold in color but in the same color family- it’ll be the perfect pairing (just like you and your fiance!).


Sparkly Deep Tones

We love deep dark colors that balance out with glitter chunks for dimension. Paint this on over short nails for an edgy progressive look or on your toes for a fun sparkly surprise. This color really pops against a white dress and gives you a cool, chic look. The glitter is so necessary for making your mani that much more fun. If you wear this out with your bridesmaids, they’ll be totally jealous of how pretty your nails are.


Deep and Daring

If glitter chunks aren’t your thing, find a deep toned shade that you can layer to be as dark as you want it to be. Find something with a color-balancing sheen- like the color shown above. It skips the chunkier glitter in favor of a more subtle complexity in the shade. There is some glitter but it’s so small that it just creates a cool effect of changing a little bit when you change angles. This is for those girls who do a deep dark lipstick- if you’re daring enough for big bold lips, you’re daring enough for this!


Rudolph’s Red Mani

If you love those classics but want to adjust it for the holiday, a plummy red is perfect for you. Don’t go too dark or you can risk it looking a little vampy. You also want to skip the orange based reds and save those for the spring. A plummer red is complimentary for the season and still looks so perfect for all occasions. Red nails are just as perfect for weddings as a french mani, but that much sexier.


Galaxy-Inspired Nudes

If you want something subtle but fun, look for a warm nude shade that still has some glitter. Nothing says holidays like throwing glitter and sparkles all over everything! This nude is sheer enough to have your natural tones pull through but provides enough color to make your mani fun. This is more unconventional, so if you want to skip it for the wedding you can save it for the next bridesmaids’ night out.


Top Five Repurposed Halloween Items for Your Wedding



Halloween is sadly over, and we’re a little heartbroken. But there is always a silver lining- the best sale is going on right now! Post-Halloween sales are in full swing and only have a few more days before they’re all picked over and done. If you have time, swing by the store and pick up these five awesome items that you can use for your wedding. And hey, if you get a wedding task done you definitely deserve that bag of chocolate. Or that big bag of popcorn. Or the gigantic novelty sized rice crispy treat. Or… actually buy all the candy you want, just be sure to get at least one wedding task done.


This may be easier to find since Halloween is more of a sweet treat holiday. Look for big bags of mints and you can repurpose them to be adorable wedding favors or to be laid out in dishes for guests. If you have the time and maybe some creativity, create custom labels and stick those over the skeleton logos and all that spooky stuff. If you can’t get away with creating all new stickers for the mints (they may be a funny size), find little glass dishes or bowls to pour your mints into. Serve them after dessert so your guests are ready to mingle with fresh breath.

Tiny Toys

Some stores will carry tiny toys as Halloween treats. If you can spy any of these, pick up a bag to have to entertain any younger guests. They may need something to preoccupy themselves while the grown ups are dancing. Our pick has been the little tubs of Play Doh to tie over little ones. Fun all-ages toys like this are perfect and parent friendly. Plus if you get them this time of year, it’s a cheap way to keep kids from crawling away or getting into trouble.

Solid Chocolate

If you have some time or are at least adventurous, you can pick up lots of solid chocolate and do some dipped creations. You may not be able to have the time or means to dip chocolate strawberries for everyone, but you should be able to pick up a bag to do treats for the wedding party. Just be sure you have solid chocolate only- anything with extra ingredients will alter the texture and may not settle right. Microwave a bowl of chocolate for two minutes- 30 seconds at a time while stirring throughout. Add some solid chocolate to the hot bowl and your chocolate will get down to around 85 degrees, which is perfect for dipping fruit, cookies, pretzels, anything you want. It’s a great little gift that’s easy to do and will be the perfect personal touch for your wedding party.

Faux Fabulous Jewelry

Swing by the costume section and look for old flappers, divas, and princess jewels. One fantastic trend we’re seeing is mixed media in flowers- draping jewels or strands of beads throughout large floral arrangements. One easy way to pull this off is to get a ton of cheap necklaces and break them apart as decorations. One of our favorite no-fails is to do pearls through lilies. Long strands of pearls broken up and weaved throughout lilies is feminine, delicate, and totally trendy.

Long Lashes

Our favorite beauty pick from Halloween is long lashes. Halloween is a big day for wearing falsies and they often put out special lashes just for the occasion. Shop the sales for long lashes that you could use for your special occasion. There are a lot this season that are similar to cobwebs- and they’re totally more sultry than scary. Pick up a few pairs while they’re on sale- lashes are great for your bachelorette party, wedding, honeymoon, and every occasion to come.


Five Golden Rules for Holiday Weddings

With the Fourth of July coming up, we’ve got our eyes on Independance day and all the fun traditions that go along with it. This summer has been beautiful so far, and we’ve been day dreaming about a wedding on the fourth (can you tell?). If you’re day dreaming about a holiday wedding too, we’ve got some basic outlines for you to follow to have it go as well as it can!

Give Fair Warning

As soon as you’re locked in, be ready to send out save the dates! Holidays can be hard for people to get extra days off near (since it’s so popular to take extra paid time off around holidays to get extra long vacations), so give warning as early as possible. If your save the dates aren’t ready, at the very least rush or give verbal warnings about the holiday. You don’t always know what traditions people have on certain holidays, so you want to be able to give enough warning about the big day.

Balance Theme with Tradition

Holidays make things more fun- and most holidays have specific themes or activities associated with them (we’ve had a few on our minds!). It’s a good idea to nod to the holiday, but remember that the focus is on your wedding! Having sparklers and fireworks at a Fourth of July wedding is cute and appropriate (and pretty magical!). Doing a BBQ with hawaiian shirts and cargo shorts? Maybe save that one for a regular BBQ.

Give Some Space

Since certain holidays may mean a lot to some people. While you need to give your guests heads up, you may also want to give them some time to themselves to celebrate however they need to. It can be beneficial to have a later start time for your wedding. This is particularly important if your wedding falls on a religious-based holiday. It’s best to always be respectful to everyone you invite and let them celebrate the day their way (before celebrating your day!).

Play with Traditions

If there are any foods associated with your holiday wedding, do fun versions of them! Traditional foods are great, but elevated twists make them memorable. Doing a pumpkin pie-inspired wedding cake on Thanksgiving would give all your guests a great flavor profile for the special day. Think about what traditionally gets served during that holiday, and do fun twists on them!

Keep it Going Afterwards

Keep the holiday involved when you do your thank you cards! While creating or finding the thank you cards for your guests, keep the holiday in mind. If you have a Fourth of July wedding for example, you can have graphics of fireworks around the pictures or inside the card. Keep the memories going and let your guests remember the unique awesome way they spent that holiday!

Top Five Fourth of July Staples for Your Wedding

We LOVE the Fourth of July. The BBQs, the Fireworks, the day off (whoohoo!). Overall, it’s a fantastic time that everyone enjoys. Sound familiar? It’s got the same ‘good times all around’ vibe of a wedding! Why not merge the two a little to make your wedding that much more fun?

Pack a Punch

Add this to the buffet or to tables- make your famous punch! Punch is such a great BBQ drink that brings everyone back to childhood summers. Opt for something refreshing and red (that screams Fourth of July). If you want to do something a little more elevated, do some fruit punch with some freshly sliced lime wheels in it. It’s up to you whether or not you want to spike it.

Dine Picnic Style

If you love the BBQ aspect of the Fourth of July, trade out the silky linens for more picnic-y linens. A thicker crisp linen with some red or blue stripes screams Fourth of July fun and makes the table look much more inviting. Think gingham-chic and you’re all set! Bonus points if you get a similar (if not the same) fabric as a napkin to wrap your silverware.

Grill It Up

Want to give your guests the festive flavor of the Fourth? Have an on-site grill going! Even if it’s not necessarily hot dogs and hamburgers, you can throw steaks or veggie kabobs on the grill. Grills are fun, interactive, and create a fantastic flavor profile for anything that is thrown on there. Plus that smoky scent will get all your guests excited for food!

Add a Spark

If your wedding goes into the night, pass out sparklers when the sun starts to set. Little ones are easy to obtain, have a low risk of any damages or fires, and look amazing in photos. You and your fiance have clearly had some sparks in your relationship, why not spread the love? Its basically a tiny firework you can hold in your hand, how awesome is that?

Spark Something Bigger

This is a splurge, but if you can pull it off it will be legendary. There is a trend of having fireworks incorporated into the actual wedding festivities and it ALWAYS wows. It’s a big magical explosion that makes everyone feel like a child in awe of the sky. It’s a Fourth of July staple and it’s on the top of our wedding wish list. Yes, sparklers are an awesome homage, but actual fireworks completely blow everything else away.


Five Valentine’s Day Inspired Wedding Ideas

Are you and your fiancé true romantics at heart? Does the thought of a Valentine’s Day Wedding send your heart aflutter? February 14 is certainly a cherished day to celebrate love and romance, and what could be a better way to bring together family and friends in observance of your union! Here are five Valentine’s Day inspired wedding ideas to ensure that everyone will be seeing hearts by the end of the night!


Go classical and romantic with your dress—heart shaped necklines, lace, and flowing veils speak of romance and sweet femininity. Choosing red bridesmaid dresses and accents is an option for a Valentine’s Day wedding, but I prefer pale blush pink shades. It is, in my opinion, easier to incorporate into the overall design of your reception and ceremony because the hue is not as bold or overpowering.


Michael Segal Photography

Michael Segal Photography


Be sure to book your location in advance because Valentine’s Day weddings are proving to be more and more popular. If weather in your location permits, a wedding in a garden provides the perfect romantic backdrop. Before the ceremony begins, ask married couples to stand and reaffirm their love for each other. Incorporating other couples acknowledges the true meaning of Valentine’s Day, as well as thanks them for allowing you to be a part of their journey as a couple. At the reception, have your band or DJ play old classic love songs—think Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, and Bing Crosby. Order vintage Valentine’s Day cards online, and use them as seat markers for your guests. Decorate the tables as if you were preparing for a romantic meal at home—plenty of candles, flowers, and gauzy fabrics set the scene, and the mood, for romance.

Karen Horton



Roses are the hallmark of Valentine’s Day, but do not be afraid to incorporate a variety of pink and red flowers. You do not want your flower arrangements to look perfect and stodgy—instead, have your arrangements look like they were plucked out of a romantic garden, growing wild and untamed.

Michael Segal Photography

Michael Segal Photography



Food is the way to most people’s hearts, so have your food choices reflect the romanticism of the night. Oysters, chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, chocolate fondue, asparagus—these aphrodisiac foods are delicious and in the theme of Valentine’s Day. Most importantly, allow the cake to be the main star!


Michael Segal Photography

Michael Segal Photography


Remember those cute Valentine’s Day cards you had to pass out in elementary school along with the heart-shaped candies? Customize boxes of the candies with you and your partner’s name, and include a Valentine’s Day card that says, “Thank you for being our Valentine.”

Five NYE Looks for Wedding Events

Weddings aren’t the only time we get to stay up late and celebrate with champagne. New Year’s Eve is a time of celebrating your accomplishments and looking forward to a brand new year. It’s a time of reflection as well as a time of hope for the upcoming year. Whether you’re heading downtown to watch the ball drop, partying with some friends, or even staying at home for a romantic night, you’ll want to look extra fun for the occasion. We’ve got the goods for you to look your best and start your new year off right, and how to keep these looks rolling through to your next wedding event.


Bling it on

Glitter and sparkle is a NYE staple. The key is to look glamorous, and not like a disco ball. Skip the body glitter as well as any glitter in your blush or bronzer and go straight for the eyes. Put on a creamy primer (like MAC’s cream colour base in Hush, $20, MAC counters), contour your favorite shadows over, and give a few swipes of Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal liner ($19, Sephora) all over it. It’s buildable, so you have the freedom to be as bright as you want to be.  We like the shade ‘Baked’ for a golden eye that will be remembered from the new year and through the reception. This will be perfect for bachelorette parties and more non-traditional weddings.


Lustrous Lips

Line your lips with a wax-based liner to keep them in place, and pick a color you love. Red is classic and timeless (we LOVE ‘F-Bomb’ by Urban Decay, $22, Sephora) and always a great staple to have in your back pocket. Use that liner to keep your lips together through champagne toasts on any night of the year.


Color-Correcting Primer

Do you fall victim to cocktail flush? Does a martini give you a natural blush? Fight back with a color correcting primer under your foundation that leaves the blushing to the bride. Even the medium to heavy coverage foundations can let some redness through after a few cocktails. The Clinique redness solutions primer ($21 , Clinique Counters) is fantastic, lightweight, and keeps us glowing the right way.


Baby-Doll Lashes

Lashes may be too much for the office, but they’re perfect for nights out. Look for lashes that are fuller towards the outside to give a rounding, full effect. This is fun for NYE, or any time out with your bachelorettes. If you’re not super comfortable tossing your lashes on, do a bold black eyeliner on your upper lid first. Get your falsies as close to your natural lash line as possible, and if they don’t line up perfectly use more black liner to cover any mistakes. Many people learn how to apply false lashes using this method. We love Ardell’s false lashes in ‘Wispies’ ($3-$4, drugstores).


Powder for Pictures

There’s going to be flashing lights all night, and it won’t all be from fireworks or the dancefloor. Weddings and holidays are always highly photographed, and you want to be sure you look your best for both. Skip dewy looks that will look greasy for matte looks that will look polished. Have a pressed powder on hand for any oily patches, and dust your face with an HD powder before you head out for the night.


Five Holiday Shopping Tips

Hey there bridal beauties, tis the season of giving! The mall may be intimidating this time of year, so we have some survival tips for holiday shopping.

1.       Bring back up

Do you have that one friend that hates shopping or is short on time? Bring them. Have someone who can keep you focused on the task at hand. Remember- time wasted is time stuck in a crowded mall during the holiday season. It can get easy to get sucked in by all the holiday deals, so have someone who can keep you in check.

2.       Have a Plan

Take a note from the big guy in red and make a list (be sure to check it twice!). Have a clear goal in mind (all work presents, all family presents, etc.) before you hit the stores. If you know what someone likes, make a note next to their name (example: Andrea- chocolate) so if you see something fun, you can match it to the person. If you’re on a time crunch, make it a goal to complete as much shopping as possible. If you have certain stores you know you need to hit, park accordingly and work effectively. If you know you have to pick up some big things (like sheets or pillows- anything large you’d have to carry) park near that store first. You can either do that store and drop off things to your car, or do the rest of the mall and end in your big purchase store. If you have a set budget, keep that in mind by writing it on your list. Allotting yourself a set amount to spend on each person can help narrow down choices as well as keep you (financially) on track.

3.       Get it Done Early

You may have missed the window for Cyber Monday, but stores are still pushing deals. If you’re able to, go to a mall first thing on a weekday. Malls are going to be incredibly packed on Saturday and Sunday from weekend shoppers. Weekdays after about 5:30PM can get a little more crowded with the after-work shoppers. If you go shopping on say, a Tuesday at 11:30AM there shouldn’t be a crowd. Shopping is much less stressful when the lines are short and the aisles are easy to manage.

4.       Have a Plan B

If it’s getting towards the end of the day and you’re not seeing anything you love for that special someone, no worries. Grocery stores and general stores have gift cards for all sorts of vendors like movie theaters, online stores, and restaurants. Gift cards aren’t tacky, they’re practical. If you get frustrated with the mall, it’s okay. There are other options out there. Everyone can use a gas gift card or a target gift card, and will be able to use it. It may be handy to pick up a few as back up gifts for anyone who gets (accidentally) forgotten.

5.       BYOB

Don’t fall victim to the bag rip. Plastic bags that many stores have could rip and you know that will only happen at the most inopportune time. Some cities require retailers to charge for a plastic bag or takeaway bag for merchandise, and that’s money you shouldn’t have to spend. Keep a few reusable bags tucked away for your Christmas shopping and be free of the stress of shopping bags.