Power Plays for Brides: A Tool for Brides & Their Weddings

Kicking off the week with a fabulous post about how to make wedding planning and married life a bit easier. Sounds pretty good right? I think this is a great way to start the week, don’t you think? I am excited to share a unique approach to wedding planning and wife life.  We always hear about how to prepare best for your wedding day and the the big day, but how about the new married life following? What ways can a bride get ready for her new life as a wife? Well, don’t you sweat it because we have an incredible woman who has launched a book, Power Plays for Brides, which provides the essential tools to having a stressfree wedding day and life as a newlywed.  Oh Monday, you are not so bad after all.

What is this book all about? 
There are so many great resources on the market to assist brides in their wedding planning process. However, Power Plays for Brides is dedicated to wives in training and is setting the course for a more productive wedding planning process and a less stressful lifestyle with your soon to be husband. This dynamic book, by Shimona Mayo, helps brides plan and design their dream wedding without cracking under the “normal” pressures. Power Plays for Brides, only a seven day read, offers twenty-seven proactive action steps and countless tips that will guide today’s bride seamlessly from one phase to the next with real wedding experiences, thought provoking worksheets and proven marriage tips. It challenges brides to proactively achieve an improved lifestyle of managing, collaborating and delegating wedding tasks, which can be incorporated into marriage.

Shimona offers invaluable and practical advice in this book. For example: “The most important thing is for you to employ a system that works best for you. By doing this, you can communicate your needs more effectively, access what you need right away, and position yourself as a solid lead for your event.” She also offers brides’ financial planning advice and practical strategies to keep grooms involved, establish a healthy internal foundation, hire an event support team, get organized, and manage communication that will last well after the honeymoon is over.

Today’s (bride-to-be) needs a resource that will effectively assist in managing emotions for a stress-less wedding and marriage. Power Plays for Brides, a lifestyle for today’s bride and tomorrow’s wife, is the perfect answer!

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About Shimona Mayo Shimona Mayo

After graduating from James Madison University in 1999, Shimona began planning corporate events for political action committees, small businesses, non-profit associations and religious organizations. Her wildly successful events included, but were not limited to galas, silent auctions, golf tournaments, college symposiums, health and wellness events, trade-shows, staff retreats, team building events, company picnics and corporate fund raisers. In 2001, Shimona began to similarly transform weddings.

Her first venture, launched in 2003, offered planning for high impact, high visibility events. Noting a need for quality, creative services to offer her brides, Shimona launched Event Design Coach in 2011, focusing on floral and event design services. Shimona’s newest venture incorporates the wealth of knowledge gained throughout her 15 year career in the event industry and will be the official starter kit for brides.

The e-book is available for purchase here, and the hard copy and kit will be available at the end of the month. So get your copy today!


Five Tips for Your Dream Come True Wedding

Good morning lovelies! I know that Mondays can be a drag, but when you have some fabulous tips to help with wedding planning, then it can’t be that bad right? Weddings are a special time to exchange vows with the one you love and begin your journey together as a married couple. When the word wedding comes to mind, many people imagine being surrounded by friends and family at a big reception. Here are five tips to help you have a perfect wedding day.

  1. When having an outdoor wedding, be sure to plan for bugs. Bugs are everywhere outside and could ruin a wedding ceremony. If you are in an area that has a high number of bugs, have citronella candles or bug zappers to prevent the bugs from bothering your guests and ruining your wedding.
  2. Here’s a fun tip – practice your wedding kiss! You want to make it sincere and not sexy, not too short but not too long. NO TONGUE! Practice how you’ll hold your partner’s face, if you choose to, or where your hands will be otherwise. You only get one shot, so you’ll need LOTS of practice beforehand!
  3. You should avoid smoking or drinking beer from the bottle while at your own wedding reception. It’s just gauche and tacky to be seen doing something so pedestrian, so try to live up to the classy theme of your wedding.
  4. Creating your own invitations for your wedding can save you a lot of money. These days, it is pretty easy to make your own invitations. They can be beautiful and more personal. This way you will have more money to spend on the details such as professional photography, flowers, and food. So save where you can, and leave the rest to the professionals.
  5. For your wedding rehearsal and dinner, do not wait until the last minute to put together a “look” for your hair, makeup, attire, and accessories. This is an important and memorable part of the wedding experience, and you can create a more involved participation by using the time as a way to offer friends and loved ones, a sneak peak into the design aesthetic of your big day.

Four Secrets Every Bride Should Know

The wedding day is one of the biggest events of your life, and if you have never done it before, it can be challenging. It is not like planning a birthday party, or  holiday party. It is a totally different type of event with a whole lot of emotions attached to it.  But it doesn’t mean you can’t tackle it. There are some secrets every good wedding planner knows, and we are sharing four of them with you!

Some things won’t quite go according to plan

It’s hard to face the facts, but things COULD go wrong on your wedding day and it is LIKELY that not everything will be perfect. But this is why you have back up plans (for if it rains, the electricity goes out, etc) and your wedding planner to keep you sane! Just keep in mind that things WON’T be perfect. You will stress way less.

Give your dress a trial run BEFORE your big day

This is not only important to make sure everything looks and feels right, but to get timing down as well. It is going to take you a lot longer than 5 minutes to get into your wedding dress, especially if it is full of layers. Make sure that you have the right bra for the style dress, your underwear doesn’t show through, and that you know how to get in and out of it. This will be important when it comes to using the bathroom and at the end of the night when you want to take it off.

Take photos

This may not seem like a secret, but with all the rush of getting ready and wanting to dance the night away, you might not WANT to take photos. But make sure you do because you’ll be thankful you did. Photos are the way that you are going to remember your big day for the rest of your life, so take some time for yourself and your groom. No doubt it is just as important to photograph with your bridal party, your family, and your friends, but the couple photos are a great way to spend some alone time together as newlyweds before the chaos of the reception.


You have spent money on food so don’t forget to ENJOY it! This may seem silly, but a lot of the time, the bride and groom are too busy saying hello to guests and dancing the night away that they forget to eat anything. This will not only make you tired but with the champagne you will be consuming, you don’t want to be a drunk mess. Make sure that you and your fiancé sit down and eat together. You can also ask your caterer to pack some leftovers. This is a perfect midnight snack or next day brunch/lunch.


Three Tips for Planning A Winter Wedding

Winter is almost here,  and we’re excited to see all the latest trends in the wedding world. For those brides who have envisioned a fairy tale wedding in a perfect winter wonderland we have three important tips when planning your special day.


Winter weather is downright freezing in some parts of the country so remember to accommodate your guests. For larger venues, turn up the heat to a comfortable level.  In smaller venues, as the party gets going it will heat up naturally. Keep it cool but don’t let your friends freeze either.  If it rains, provide umbrellas for your guests so they can go to and from cars. Also  it is a good idea to arrange for heat lamps if the party happens outdoors.  A hot beverage option is a nice touch on a cold day, so offer your guests some hot chocolate or a warm cocktail.


Winter is unpredictable by nature so it is VERY important to plan for the worst case scenario.  What will you do if it rains? Snows? Wind? Think about a back up plan for these types of situations.  Alleviate a ton of stress by prepping back up plans early that way if something changes unexpectedly you are prepared.


Quite a few holidays happen in the winter that make planning a wedding slightly more difficult.  Keep in mind that some of your guests may not be able to attend if the wedding falls to close to a holiday.  Travel also gets more expensive during the holiday season.  You might want to save your friends some money by setting a date before or after the holidays.  Also, your decor may be limited if the venue is already decorated for Christmas, so be sure to check it out!

Keep these three tips in mind as you plan your special day and you are sure to have the perfect winter wedding. Happy Planning!

Four Tips on Planning a Memorable Wedding

Wedding Wednesday is here and we have some amazing wedding day tips to share.  When the advice from your friends and parents just isn’t what you’re looking for when planning a wedding, you need another source you can turn to for inspiration. So when you’re ready to have a great wedding, use the tips in today’s Wedding Wednesday  to guide you.

  • When sending out your wedding invitations, remember that it is your day, so avoid any person or combination of people that will ruin it in any way for you. It may be an insult to someone not to be invited, but if having them at your wedding will cause even the slightest of issues for you or your future spouse, it is really in your best interest to keep them off your guest list.


  • Have an unexpected twist at your wedding to make it more memorable. If you are planning to have your wedding during the summer, consider having a winter related theme. If your wedding is planned for the winter, you could try a beach theme. Guests will remember that your wedding theme was different from the actual season.


  • If you’ve been asked to photograph a wedding but are new to the job, your most important task it to create a shot list. Ask the couple what kind of photographs they would like you to take and then make a checklist to guide you through the wedding and ease your stress level.


  • Make sure that the groom has appropriate socks for the wedding! Socks are such a small item that they may seem insignificant, but when he realizes that all his good socks are in the wash he may end up scrambling to buy a new pair at the last minute. Save him the hassle by picking him up a pair of “wedding socks” and keeping them aside for the big day.

As you can see from these fabulous tips, a wedding doesn’t have to be a complicated or stressful thing. You can use some practical advice, streamline the process, hit every note, and ultimately pull off a simplistic wedding that you can truly make you proud.