Etch A Sketch: Meet The Amazing Etch Man

Today I am excited to share one of the coolest things you can offer at your wedding event. This will blow your mind. I am totally serious! Who remembers the Etch A Sketch from back in the day? Remember when you would draw something fun, and then to erase it, you would shake it? How about if you could have an art piece sketched and then kept forever as a keepsake? Well you can! Yes, let me introduce you to Christoph Brown, The Amazing Etch Man. I had the pleasure of meeting Christoph, and getting my very own Etch A Sketch. It was amazing to watch how quickly he did it. I was stunned and could not believe my eyes. All I kept saying in my head was, ” How the heck is he doing that, and doing it so well?”.  This is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen, and it is even more awesome that I get to keep this forever! It sits at my desk while I blog, and I still can not believe how cool it is. Imagine if you had an Etch A Sketch made for each of your guests at your wedding, and use it as a Escort Card. So when they arrive, they will have their very own. Super awesome right? Go ahead and learn more about this fabulous company.

Photo by Bridal Hot List

Photo by Bridal Hot List

 Here are some other amazing sketches:



CLB Sketching Comic

100 stars 036

Guest with Fashion Sketch

About  Etch U Productions

Christoph Brown: The Amazing Etch Man® , known as the Worlds Fastest Etch A Sketch Artist and founder of Etch U Productions®, is the only known full-time Etch A Sketch Entertainer in the world to make a living off the Etch A Sketch. After retrieving a left behind Etch-A-Sketch, and displaying daily drawings for customers, their reactions conjured a fascinating career. In 2005 Christoph established Etch U Productions® providing entertainment & party favors for public and private events across the country. The Amazing Etch Man® creates astounding personalized Etch A Sketch drawings or caricatures of you or your loved ones in 5 minutes or less on pre preserved not-to-erase pocket Etch A Sketch Magic Screens. That’s twice what traditional portrait artists can do! We pre-drain out all the graphite powder, leaving only one layer of powder behind the screen, giving Christoph only one shot to sketch picture perfect and provide an amazing keepsake item FOREVER!

Etch U Productions® is your one-stop-shop for the most original services in live and recorded Etch A Sketch branding and entertainment for gift commissions and event services for every occasion.

Luxe Linen Collection

We are beyond excited to announce that our friends at Designer Specialty Linens have a fabulous new name and look. Drum roll please… Welcome Luxe Linen! We are so happy for this gorgeous linen company who never lets us down when it comes to trendy, gorgeous, and incredible table top accessories. We are in love with the new website and all the fantastic features. One of our favorite features is how you can choose the color and collection to sort through. So it makes it easy to design and create the perfect look for a wedding or any event! New logo, New look,  new year! We are loving what 2015 has delivered so far, and we look forward to what is to come. We can not wait to see what Luxe Linen will reveal this year.  We are literally jumping up and down, and can not hold in our excitement. Cheers to 2015!

Here are two of the four collections, but take a moment to check out the rest of their killer collections here.

We are having a total swoon moment. We can not stop staring at each and every one of these beautiful tabletop designs. Congratulations to Luxe Linen!

Luxe Collection:






Standard Collection:
french buckets talega-58
Crinkle Taffeta-3
View More:
Everythings Coming up Roses-1
Crinkle Taffeta-1
From owner, Dahlia of Luxe Linen...
We believe the new name and logo best communicate the quality and scope of our product offering. As we move forward, we will expand our collection of unique and upscale fabrics. In March 2015 the LUXE II collection will be released. It  includes a variety of luxurious fabrics for the bridal, corporate social and personal social markets. We invite you to visit our new website at It provides you with full access to our standard collection and the 2014 LUXE Collection of fabrics. We trust you will enjoy how easy the new website is to navigate and how gorgeous the photos are.

Weddings at the Villa San Juan Capistrano

Another fabulous venue tucked away in a lovely town.  For living in Orange County my whole life, I was pleasantly surprised when I found this pretty hidden gem in the historic part of San Juan Capistrano, California. I was lucky enough to stop by this quaint and pretty venue offering the most amazing details. The Villa San Juan Capistrano is an old home turned into a wedding magical venue with the most charming details.  From the moment I walked under the stunning greenery walkway, my eyes were all over the place, admiring all its lovely details. A place any bride and groom can call home for one day and make their own.  If you love rustic and old world charm, then consider The Villa San Juan Capistrano to celebrate your wedding day!

Tyler Branch Photography

Tyler Branch Photography

osh Elliott Photography

josh Elliott Photography

Becca Rillo Photography

Becca Rillo Photography

Tyler branch Photography

Tyler branch Photography

Becca Rillo Photography

Becca Rillo Photography

Ryan Phillips Photography

Ryan Phillips Photography

 Troy Grover Photography

Troy Grover Photography

 Josh Elliott Photography

Josh Elliott Photography

 Adrian Jon Photography

Adrian Jon Photography

 Adrian Jon Photography

Adrian Jon Photography


About The Villa San Juan Capistrano

Warm. Inviting. Timeless. Exclusive. Historic.

The Villa San Juan Capistrano is brought to you by the innovative minds that created the Ramos House Café located in The Los Rios Historic District in Orange County.

The turn-of-the-century home was part of the Yorba family estate, built in 1918. The property has worn many hats over the years, such as: a board and batten house in the 1930s, where itinerant farmers from nearby orchards would spend the night; as well as an antique store/wedding facility, owned by Gep Durenberger in the 1960s until the early 2000s.

Today, the unique establishment has been renovated and restored by current owner, John Q. Humphreys, as a timeless event space.

Now in its fifth wedding season under Humphreys’ ownership, The Villa San Juan Capistrano provides unforgettable memories, complete with a romantic, garden atmosphere full of ancient fruit trees, all enhanced by gas lanterns, with historic buildings surrounding the stone courtyard where festivities take place.

The Villa San Juan Capistrano is equipped with a few of the industry’s finest vendors. Iva Lee’s is the property’s exclusive, full-service caterer, and handles food, beverage, and rental services. Divel Entertainment is the facility’s resident DJ, who also offers MC services with basic packaging. How Elite Valet Service is included in the venue rental, and is complimentary to guests on the day of the event. And lastly, The Villa San Juan Capistrano includes an onsite-day-of-coordinator to manage functions on the scheduled event date.

Step inside and feel the essence of time flourish around you and loved ones.


BHL Vendor Hot Pick: Two’s A Party

Something sweet and scrumptous has landed in our inbox this lovely morning. We are totally obsessed with weddings (of course right?!), and then add a bit of tasty treats, and it is all over. Over in a second! One look, and that small tasty bite is gone.  But there are times that it is hard to eat that yummy sweet because the presentation look so darn pretty, you hate to ruin it.  We are drooling over all the uber styling and desserts from a gorgeously talented Kim White of Two’s A Party. This lovely girl is more than just desserts. She creates the most amazing, stylish, and gorgeous things, you cant help but fall in love. It probably comes to no surprise why Two’s A Party is this week’s “Vendor Hot Pick.” With dessert tables that look this good, how could we not add them to our List? Enjoy a bit of delicious design, and you will see why we are in love.



D. Park Photography

D. Park Photography

D. Park Photography

D. Park Photography


Lauren Avila Photography

Lauren Avila Photography

Lauren Avila Photography

Lauren Avila Photography

Lauren Avila Photography

Lauren Avila Photography

Lauren Avila Photography

Lauren Avila Photography

Lauren Avila Photography



About Two’s A Party

Kim White, Confections & Event Stylist, brings over twenty years experience creating temporary environments in the Motion Picture and Television Industry. She worked on everything from the Ally McBeal Show to The Nixon Movie which cultivated her creativity over the years and broadened her skill set. Certified as a Faux Finishing Instructor, Kim has also trained many aspiring designers in the craft of Faux Finishing for the Fresno State Interior Design Program.
It was in the Spring of 2006 when Kim realized she could apply her creative abilities and design sense into weddings and events. In 2010, she established Two’s A Party in order to style celebratory experiences for her clients and their guests. In no time, she was planning and styling bridal shows, surprising and delighting her clients and has been featured on Amy Atlas, Kara’s Party Ideas, Hostess With The Mostess and Catch My Party. Kim is a member of The Association of Bridal Consultants. Kim has an affinity for finding exquisite and unique pieces from all over the world for each of her collections. She has been a connoisseur of vintage furnishings and accessories for over two decades and combines them with new elements to create fresh and modern designs. To Kim, everything should be styled beautifully at an event… down to the last liquor infused berry.
Let Kim’s love of confections and design, be a sweet addition to your special day!

Wedding Furnishing Rentals from Baker Party Rentals

Spring is such a pretty time of year. Things get really gorgeous during this season, and we love it. Just like our Spring days are filled with new and beautiful things, weddings also need a bit of a facelift. Adding some fantastic textures, breathtaking decor,  stylish elements, and lovely colors, can really make your wedding day so much prettier. That is why we are so excited to introduce a fabulous and amazing rental company that brings it all plus more.   Courtesy of Baker Party Rentals, a rental company that offers a wide variety of lovely rentals for big or small wedding events, and doing it all with style, design, and great execution! This company can make your wedding day something special for everyone to remember. Creating the most elaborate or simple designs, Baker Party Rentals will help you with all your wedding rental needs. So, take a moment to enjoy this Monday morning with some of the most remarkable rental pieces they offer.









Photography by BPR Photographer Juan Busciglio



Photography by John Schnack



Photography by BPR Photographer Juan Busciglio


Photography by  BPR Photographer  Michael Mantyla


Photography by Patrick Moyer


Photography by  BPR Photographer  Michael Mantyla


Photography by John Schnack


Photography by Patrick Moyer



Photography by Natalie BuczarskiIMG_6733


Photography by LAN Photography


About Baker Party Rentals

Baker Party Rentals is a full service rental company located in Costa Mesa, CA. They supply the highest quality equipment, including tables, chairs, linens, dishware, canopies, lighting, lounge furniture, centerpieces, catering equipment, and more! Their fleet of delivery trucks services all of Orange County, as well as the Inland Empire, Los Angeles, and San Diego. They have been family-owned since they opened their doors in 1982 and have grown the business from standard tables and folding chairs to their Bella tables and bars, tolix and ghost chairs, and lounge furniture and centerpieces. Baker prides itself on offering unique and custom-made items that cannot be found elsewhere. Their design team keeps up with trends and continues to add new and fresh items to their inventory. Their delivery crews are capable of transforming any space into a one-of-a-kind event using their extensive line of lighting, drapery wall, and canopies. They even offer a fireplace and water wall! Their 3,200 square foot showroom in Costa Mesa is a playground for planning your event. Set up with seasonal tablescapes, it is full of ideas for your wedding day. On display, you will find at least one of every item they rent, giving you the opportunity to see and touch their inventory. In addition to weddings, they specialize in elaborate dinner parties in the home, corporate events, baby and bridal showers, graduations, birthdays, holiday gatherings, and more. Their friendly staff is happy to walk you through the rental process and offer advice to make your special day a success!




  • DAX Photo Shoot

Sneak Peek of TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” Season 11 April 11th

We are so excited because not only is it Friday and time to start the weekend, but it is also BRIDEDAY! The name itself suggests that we should just start our weekend NOW! We are ready for this! BRIDEDAY is what TLC calls Fridays. We LOVE this!! It means that we have a brand new sneak peek of the fabulous new  episode of  TLC’s  SAY YES TO THE DRESS .  We are pretty excited over here. We are probably going to sneak out early today, so we can start the weekend and get ready to watch this show.

If you are a SYTTD (SAY YES TO THE DRESS.) newbie, then let us tell you a little bit about this amazingly fun wedding TV show. The show all takes place at the gorgeous bridal salon, Kleinfeld Bridal in NYC. The show  goes behind-the-scenes  and uncovers the various obstacles every staff member faces to make each bride utterly happy and pleased on what may be the  most important day of her life. The show features not only bridal experts, but emotional brides, opinionated entourages, and dream bridal dresses. At the end of each appointment, the bridal consultant will ask one very important question, “Are you saying Yes to the Dress?”. The answer to this question? You will have to tune in each week to find out.

On tonight’s episode:

This episode features a bride who is very close to the Kleinfeld bridal salon. Carolina is the editor for Say Yes, and is getting married and looking for her bridal gown at Kleinfeld. She gets to watch each and every gown go by each day, and has seen her share of bridal gowns. But will she find the perfect gown to say yes to? You will have to tune in tonight and find out!

“Say Yes To The Dress” premieres  tonight at 9/8c. So set your DVR’s, or watch it live tonight!

Special Preview

A Wedding Book. Shaadi: A Journey into Desi Weddings

I am really excited about today’s post. I can not help it! It is all about a cover to cover spread of jaw-dropping gorgeous images of weddings! Do I need to say more?  Fabulous wedding coordinator, Therese Cole-Hubbs of The Electric Karma, shares a journey into some of the most lavish, beautiful, and awe-inspiring weddings, and all the amazing details they each have to offer. I am truly “wowed”, and I think you will to once you see these images.

First, a little about the book…

SHAADI : A Journey Into Desi Weddings

by Therese Cole Hubbs

Exquisite style, world-class service, and flawless execution.
These are the hallmarks of Electric Karma, a leading
coordinator of Desi weddings in Texas and around the globe.
The Electric Karma experience is one where cultures blend
and no wish is impossible. From festive sangeets and garbas
to ceremonies steeped in tradition to modern, on-trend
receptions, Electric Karma president and creative director
Therese Cole-Hubbs knows how to make any dream a reality.
Thirty magnificent weddings are showcased within this
book’s pages, taking you on a journey through time-honored
rituals and exciting new design ideas. As the variety of styles
demonstrates, there are countless ways to rejoice during a
South Asian wedding. Inside, you’ll find examples of some of
the most gorgeous and innovative ways to welcome family
and friends for the most important celebration of your life.
Whether you plan to take your vows on the sandy beaches
of Mexico, with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop,
or in your family’s backyard, Therese and her team can

coordinate it all, down to the tiniest detail. Let Electric Karma inspire your dream wedding.

Are you amazed yet? So as promised, here is a sneak peek of some of the breathtaking images from this book. Enjoy!!

Indian bride and groom

Are you hooked now and want to see more?  You can order the book here

About the Author, Therese Cole-Hubbs…

As the President and Creative Director of Houston-based Electric Karma International, Therese Cole-Hubbs is considered one of the nation’s leading event planning and coordinating experts for multi-cultural weddings. Therese has an amazing ability to merge cultural traditions with contemporary wedding elements. Her sense of fashion and design has catapulted her to the top of her field. Ms. Cole-Hubbs realizes the impact of fashion on today’s trends and expands it into the entire design of the wedding.

Top Ten Must Know’s for Planning a Destination Wedding

We are always looking for ways to make things easier for couples and their wedding day.  At BHL, we love to share all the fabulous wedding tips to make your wedding planning a bit more simple.  Are you having a destination wedding? Planning a wedding can be stressful and hard work, but having a destination wedding is another story. We are talking new sights, cultures, foods, etc that are added to the list of things to do. We really wanted to know the insight of what is means to plan a destination wedding, so we asked our dear friend, Eric Acuña  to share some tips. Eric had a destination wedding at a beautiful resort in  Cancun, Mexico,  and knows first hand about planning from far away. Here are his top ten tips for planning a destination wedding. Oh, and some amazing photos from his wedding day! Super lovely and gorgeous day. Enjoy and happy planning!

Thamer Bajjali 2012

Budget, Budget, Budget!

When planning your destination wedding, there may be a few close friends and family who may not be able to attend due to funds. Make sure to budget a reserve fund to help those important to you who may need some help. My fiancé and I ended up budgeting for the few people who couldn’t afford to make our joyous event. Money should never separate your from the people who matter the most to you.


Give yourself time

Planning a destination wedding takes time. With a background in the wedding industry, I made sure not to get myself stuck in a pickle. I took advantage of my 16 month engagement. This made most things run seamless and effortlessly. Nothing was rushed and my artistic side had plenty of time to create the perfect wedding. Plus, you may need to give your guest time to request vacation and plan their budget.

Thamer Bajjali 2012

Don’t rain on my parade!

Playa del Carmen is beautiful. However, there’s a time of year when Playa may not be the hot spot for a special event. When planning my wedding, I researched the best time to visit. I wanted to make sure my guests didn’t endure a storm, flood, or hurricane. Bad weather can truly effect your wedding. So, make sure to google the weather history of your wedding date.

Red Carpet Event?

Check the calendar for your destination of choice. Don’t plan your wedding during the Cannes Festival or anything else that attracts tourists and inflates prices. On the flip side, consider tourist accommodations during the off-season. Your guest wouldn’t enjoy a destination when half the restaurants are closed and there’s nothing going on?

Vacation Anyone?

Hire a travel agent!!! Yeah I know, it sounds very 1990’s but, they make everything easier. When I was in Playa del Carmen, my hotel accommodations were not in order due to the hotel’s mistake. So, I called my travel agent (www.sunsettravel) and told them my dilemma. Kelly calmed me down and told me she’d take care of everything. In only 10 minutes, my agent not only fixed everything but, she was able to make a few upgrades for the mistakes made by the hotel. Most destination hotels depend on travel agents to book their rooms, which is an advantage.


Know the laws

Traditional wedding? Same sex marriage? Make sure you understand the laws of your destination. After much investigation, we were informed Mexico City was the only town in Mexico at the time who legalized same sex marriage. This allowed us to come home knowing we still needed to file the appropriate paper work with the State of California. Some countries, regardless of traditional or same-sex marriage, requires the two to be a citizen for a period of time before they can marry legally in their country.


Who’s my vendor?

Having a destination wedding is a once in a life time experience. My family and friends will remember our week long getaway for the rest of their lives. This is why picking the right vendors will be even more important than planning an event close to home. Could you imagine hiring a photographer who you never met? If I’m not fond of their work, do I have to pay them? Hiring vendors from the states maybe more expensive up front but, it will give you an opportunity to pick the best fit for your overall theme and look. Plus, there’s perks to flying your photographer out with your guests. I was able to negotiate with my photographer ( to take photos of the entire trip with all my friends and family. It was money well spent.


Scout your photo opts

When you get to your venue, make sure to scout the best photography spot with your photographer. This will help ensure your photos will be PERFECT on your special day. This will be everything you’ll  look at for the rest of your life.

Thamer Bajjali 2012 Thamer Bajjali 2012

I’m not opening my own retail chain. I promise!

Can I bring my custom gifts? For my wedding, I provided an exclusive swag bag filled with must needed items. When I traveled through customs, they thought I was bringing my wedding items through the Mexican border to sell them in a retail store. They delayed me for an hour and asked me to pay a tax for each item. Looking back, I’d have all the items delivered to the resort during my stay.  This would have saved me tons of money.

Playa, Woohoo! Now what?

Most guests love to use a destination wedding as an excuse to take a well needed vacation. So make sure they have all the local hot spots lined up for them. As the host, I investigated all the local touristy sites. I knew Grandma Rosie would like to see Chichen Itza. While my college daring brother, enjoyed taking a sea-doo around the bay to swim with the Bull sharks. A simple “Local things to do list” can truly make their trip, a once in a life time experience.

Thamer Bajjali 2012

Thamer Bajjali 2012

Photography by Thamer Bajjali  from Petra Calling Photography 

Scott’s Restaurant & Bar’s Bridal Open House Recap

Modern Glam never looked so good.  Hosted in the heart of Costa Mesa, California, by Scott’s Restaurant & Bar, this bridal open house was all glammed up. Glammed with the most fabulous details from Orange County’s top wedding professionals.  If the venue at Scott’s was not enough gorgeous and elegance, then add some brilliant talent, and you have yourself a pretty amazing wedding open house. Perfect for brides and their loved ones to enjoy and get really inspired! If you missed this lovely wedding open house, we’ve got some of the details right here. So, grab your cup of joe, relax, and get ready to get your pretty little eyes ready to view some of the most gorgeous wedding details.


Gorgeous table designs featuring elegant and beautiful details. When you walked into the room, all eyes seem to go to the lovely tables.



A closer look, and the details seem to get better. Each and every table with it’s own unique design, had some pretty amazing  details to offer. And all of them with impeccable taste! Oh my goodness, can talent get better than this? Imagine you and your wedding guests dining with these fabulous details. It will surely be a place to want to dine and enjoy the night!






As guests walked in, they were greeted by this lovely lady from Sofia by Francis Ford Coppola Winery, pouring from some pretty bottles.





The most beautiful gowns and models showing off the prettiest of details. These jaw-dropping gorgeous gowns all from  Casablanca Bridal Boutique showcased throughout the bridal event. As they walked past, it was hard not to stop the model and ask more details of the bridal dress. Can you saw WOW?



One word: Sprinkles. Do I need to say more? Sprinkles showcased some pretty yummy cupcakes with cute wedding style designs. As cute as the designs were, it was hard not to dive right in and take a bite!


Scott’s not only showcased their beautiful space, but some of their mouthwatering foods as well.  Talk about fresh and tasty!




Lovely cake and desserts by  Simply Sweet Cakery . Oh my. Not only are these sweets beautiful to look at, but pretty amazingly tasty as well.






Serving some up some coffee art with a side of yummy pastries was a special treat. Create a heart shaped coffee art for you and your guests at your wedding. It will surely impress!




Pretty bridal jewelry made to impress and doll up any bride or girl.  The perfect accessory to compliment any bride and her bridal look.





Venue: Scott’s Restaurant & Bar

Photography: LAN Photography

Wine and Champagne:  Sofia by Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Cake and desserts: Simply Sweet Cakery

Cupcakes: Sprinkles Cupcakes

Rental Furniture: Baker Party Rentals & Archive Rentals

Paper Goods: Where’s the Party?

DJ: Invisible Touch Events

Linens: Wildflower Linens

Bridal Gowns: Casablanca Bridal Boutique

Coffee and pastries: I Do Coffee

Flowers:  Studio La Fleur 

Bridal Jewelry: 31 Bits


The Lime Truck & Weddings

On this lovely Monday morning, all I can think about is mouthwatering food.  I can taste the goodness of this post right about now. If you are hungry, actually even if you are not, you are about to  be, because, it is about to get all yummy in here! Two words: Food Truck. Yep, today’s post is about a catering company that is on wheels and makes stops at weddings. You know the food trucks that we love so much. The uniquely delicious foods which always wants us having more. I do not know about you, but I am kind of a foodie, and when it comes to amazing, and special plates, I am all on board. Combine it with weddings, and it is all over.  Introducing The Lime Truck, offering fresh, uniquely tasting cuisine, right at your doorstop. Literally! Bring some fun to your wedding, and you and your guests will not be disappointed! Enjoy this Monday morning with some succulent and fabulous food, ready for any food fan.  Hungry now?

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

About The Lime Truck

With 300+ weddings and like events under our belt, The Lime Truck offers a fresh and alternative take on catering for the modern-day bride and groom. At The Lime Truck, we love the concept of marrying the old with the new. So, while we do offer some more traditional services such as buffet catering and tray passed hors d’oeuvres, we also provide the full food-truck experience with our window service. Whether it’s appetizers, dinner, or even a late-night wedding snack, enjoy the novelty of having an award winning food truck cater your special event!

Since its inception in June 2010, The Lime Truck has whipped up a whirlwind of palate- pleasing new American cuisine that have earned them a bevy of local and national accolades and a band of loyal followers to boot. Owner and visionary, Daniel Shemtob, aims to keep mouths watering with a foolproof formula for foodies seeking satisfaction: local, organic and sustainably sourced fresh ingredients, paired with hip, inventive recipes, make for the most delectable dishes in town. The Lime Truck is not only convicted by award-winning taste, but convenience, consistency and accessibility. Enriched by experience (and a win!) on The Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race,” this dynamic team has attained a new benchmark in culinary vision and execution.
The Lime Truck Ahi Tuna Poke Nachos
The Lime Truck
The Lime Truck Carnitas Fries III
The Lime Truck Roasted Corn
Chef Daniel Shemtob
Lime Panna Cotta Pomegranate Seeds
The Lime Truck Yum Yum Lamb Sandwich