Italian American Wedding: Gavi, Italy

If you watched the Super Bowl, you may still be talking about the crazy ending of the game, (I know I am!). The talk of the week will be about that game for all of us football or sports fans. But in the meantime, I am currently distracted by something even more amazing and worth talking about. What can I say? I will always be a lover of Italian weddings. Maybe it is because my family lives in Lucca, Italy and it holds a special place in my heart. Or perhaps it is due to the stunning and breathtaking Italian surroundings that makes my heart go pitter patter. Whatever the reason, I love Italian weddings, and thats that. Today’s wedding has me falling in love with Italy all over again. I can not even begin to describe this gorgeous wedding as there are so many pretty details. I think its best if you view the stunning images from Andrea Weddings, and see why I am so obsessed.  Enjoy and Happy Monday!




































From Andrea Weddings...

I was lucky enough to photograph the beautiful wedding of Julie and Deneb,  the sweet Italian American union as I called it. It took place in Gavi, Italy, located in the Piemonte region not far from the fashion hub of Milan. The wedding wedding was called L’ Ostelliere, which operates a hotel, restaurant, and winery alongside its rolling vineyards in which it makes its own wine.

Besides the gorgeous views in every direction, there were so many lovely details I wanted to share. Specifically lots of DIY (though still glamorous) touches: from the dress handmade by the brides mother; the ceremony the bride’s father officiated; to the music during the ceremony, apertivo hour, and party, with musician friends of both the bride and groom performing. However, quite possibly the best part included a candle-lit walk through an 18th century wine cellar; simply stunning. The evening ended with a rock band in which the groom was the drummer, rockin’ tunes into the wee hours of the night outside the rolling hills.
Photographer: Andrea Weddings

Post-Bridal Show Recap: The Wedding Salon at the Montage, Beverly Hills

We have three words for Wedding Wednesday: Elegant, chic, and luxurious. The Wedding Salon recently had their annual wedding showcase at the stunning Montage Beverly Hills located in Beverly Hills, California with over 600 guests. What did these 600 guests enjoy that evening? Fabulous and amazing wedding trends, with a focus on destination and honeymoon details.  We were so happy to be part of this wonderful event and thats why today we are excited that we get to share some of the fantastic features from the event. See all the trends, wedding vendors, and gorgeous details from this exquisite wedding event.


When we arrived before heading into the bridal event, we had to stop off and snap a photo in front of the The Wedding Salon backdrop. Of course, then we had to post it and hashtag #weddingsalon.  The fun began right there!

IMG_5729 (1)

Once we walked in, a fabulous display welcomed us! What a way to wow your guests! How amazing is this?


Couples were able to enjoy bridal gown previews by bridal salons such as Lauren Elaine Bridal, Winnie Couture, and A One Night Affair with live models and mannequin displays.






Beauty makeovers were provided by local Makeup artists like celebrity makeup artist, Kimberly Bosso who provided visuals to brides before their big day.


Couples had the chance to meet with many of the Destination and Honeymoon venues such as The Four Seasons Resort, Montage Kapalua Bay, and Mauna Lani Bay.   We enjoyed stopping by and chatting about all the amazing features each of these venues offers for couples. It made us want to pack our bags and head to one of these fabulous locations!





We enjoyed seeing all the talented designers who created gorgeous tablescapes and flowers. We could not stop swooning over all the pretty details. So much talent in one room!














We had a wonderful time and thank you to The Wedding Salon for letting us be part of it.




With Nahchey from Dash Entertainment

With Nahchey from Dash Entertainment

Dash Entertainment

Dash Entertainment





Photography by Joan Fuller Photography

About The Wedding Salon

The Wedding Salon, the nation’s #1 premier luxury bridal showcase is the ultimate resource for wedding planning needs. Founded by celebrity wedding planner, Tatiana Byron, the Wedding Salon features luxury wedding vendors and award winning service providers showcasing the year’s must-have products and newest trends in the industry. The bridal showcase is a one-day event, designed to look and feel like a luxurious wedding catering to the affluent bride, engaged couples, celebrities and socialites. Since launching in 2004, The Wedding Salon has expanded its events to five markets across the country including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Miami.

Italian Elopement on the Amalfi Coast

How can I even begin with the proper introduction to a wedding which is a destination dream?  This stunning Australian couple makes their way to the gorgeous Amalfi Coast of Italy to say “I Do”.  I am totally  head over heels in love with this couple and their Italian Elopement at one of the most romantic and prettiest places. Oh my goodness, and then you have fabulous photographer Oli Sansom on hand to capture all the romance. It took me so long to choose the images to feature. There are way to many amazing photographs.  The images are breathtaking! I have to admit, this wedding kind of makes me want to pack my bags to head to Italy for a little getaway.

















































From the bride…

Fergus and I have been together for nine very happy years so we know each other back to front and inside out. When we first got engaged in July 2012 we started to plan a wedding in Melbourne for 100 people that quite quickly became everything that frightened us about weddings. All those people and all those details, we were flustered whenever we talked about it, being such very private people. In January 2013 we decided to shift gears completely and elope to our favourite place in the world- Italy. We had attended the most beautiful wedding of our very close aunt and uncle three years before in Positano on the Amalfi Coast, and had fallen in love with the country. So the choice of Italy made perfect sense in our hearts. We worked with a wedding planner Marry Me Abroad and it was as easy as choosing the place, sending through pictures of what we wanted, answering queries and booking our flights. All the dreaded ‘wedding drama’ that so many of our friends had warned us about seemed a million miles away. Added to that was the fact that I seemed to be missing the bride gene and didn’t feel stressed about anything to do with the wedding day, only excited to be marrying my best friend. Fergus chose Ravello, reputed as the most beautiful town on the Amalfi Coast, we booked our flights and on June 26 we jumped on a flight and off we went. A few exciting developments leading up to the wedding- Fergus’ mum, dad and brother asked if they could join us and suddenly the thought of Fergus’ very close family not being there seemed unthinkable. My mum, dad and brother were unable to make the flight but in stepped my best friend since I was 13 Lizzie, who screamed out “Yes!!!!!” before I even finished the question. Then, our favourite Melbourne photographer, the unbelievably talented Oli Sansom, suggested that he make the special trip and everything was suddenly perfect. As it turns out, the five people we shared the day with turned out to be the most perfect combination we could have ever dreamed of- everything was meant to be.

The day itself was a dream. Relaxed, easy, us. Ferg, Lizzie and I got ready together at the stunning Villa Cimbrone and walked the 15 minutes down the cobblestone streets to the piazza to meet Mandy, Roger and Lachie. Walking that 15 minutes was the happiest, most beautiful, joyous 15 minutes of my life. It was like a dream. Local Italians and tourists stopped and cheered, “Auguri” they all called, taking photos, watching us walk by like royalty and clapping. I have never smiled so much, felt so beautiful, or felt so much love from strangers and my husband-to-be as I did on that walk. The piazza broke out in applause as we met Ferg’s family and it is a moment I will never forget. Marrying my best friend was the most special, intimate and powerful thing I have ever done. The sun shone brightly as we approached the Ravello Mayor and he married us on the most beautiful cliff top, under a clear blue sky and mountains that seemed to whisper words of love to us also. I cannot imagine a more perfect day or a more perfect wedding. Thank you Ravello. 


Photographer: Oli Sansom

Event Planner: Marry Me Abroad

Jewelry: Tejori

Venue: Villa Cimbrone

Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Armani

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Dress Designer: Lisa Gowing

Cancun Mexico Wedding from Love In Photographs

We are enjoying the day off today, but first we just HAD to share this super fabulous destination wedding. We could not resist! Set in gorgeous Cancun, Mexico, this wedding has all the pretty details perfect for a destination wedding. Enjoy Labor Day with stunning images from Love in Photographs and this lovely wedding.




































From Love in Photographs

This was a beautiful wedding where two cultures came together, where friends and family travelled from all over the world to celebrate Marian & Andrew’s wedding in Cancun, Mexico.

These two met while working for the same company in different countries; Marian in Mexico and Andrew in the U.S. – for many months they spent a lot of time corresponding to each other via the internet not knowing (nor having any interest in what the other person looked like). Two years ago, they finally met for the first time at a work event and immediately fell for each other. After some time dating far apart and not knowing when they can finally be together in one place – they were determined to make it work and a year later when Andrew proposed, Marian also found a wonderful job here in the U.S. With so much gratitude and love – they are now enjoying their days together with their sweet pup Millie and looking forward to this new chapter in their lives!

Both Andrew & Marian are incredibly intelligent & hardworking yet free spirited, curious and excited about the possibilities and adventures in life. They decided to have their wedding in Mexico where their families could embrace the beauty of Mexico and soak up the sun for a handful of days.

The ceremony took place in an amazing chapel with stunning views of the sea followed by a rooftop terrace reception where their families shared so much laughter & joy, singing and dancing the night away! 


Photography: Love in Photographs

Venue: Grand Caribe Real Resort

Florist: Maya Floral


Top Ten Must Know’s for Planning a Destination Wedding

We are always looking for ways to make things easier for couples and their wedding day.  At BHL, we love to share all the fabulous wedding tips to make your wedding planning a bit more simple.  Are you having a destination wedding? Planning a wedding can be stressful and hard work, but having a destination wedding is another story. We are talking new sights, cultures, foods, etc that are added to the list of things to do. We really wanted to know the insight of what is means to plan a destination wedding, so we asked our dear friend, Eric Acuña  to share some tips. Eric had a destination wedding at a beautiful resort in  Cancun, Mexico,  and knows first hand about planning from far away. Here are his top ten tips for planning a destination wedding. Oh, and some amazing photos from his wedding day! Super lovely and gorgeous day. Enjoy and happy planning!

Thamer Bajjali 2012

Budget, Budget, Budget!

When planning your destination wedding, there may be a few close friends and family who may not be able to attend due to funds. Make sure to budget a reserve fund to help those important to you who may need some help. My fiancé and I ended up budgeting for the few people who couldn’t afford to make our joyous event. Money should never separate your from the people who matter the most to you.


Give yourself time

Planning a destination wedding takes time. With a background in the wedding industry, I made sure not to get myself stuck in a pickle. I took advantage of my 16 month engagement. This made most things run seamless and effortlessly. Nothing was rushed and my artistic side had plenty of time to create the perfect wedding. Plus, you may need to give your guest time to request vacation and plan their budget.

Thamer Bajjali 2012

Don’t rain on my parade!

Playa del Carmen is beautiful. However, there’s a time of year when Playa may not be the hot spot for a special event. When planning my wedding, I researched the best time to visit. I wanted to make sure my guests didn’t endure a storm, flood, or hurricane. Bad weather can truly effect your wedding. So, make sure to google the weather history of your wedding date.

Red Carpet Event?

Check the calendar for your destination of choice. Don’t plan your wedding during the Cannes Festival or anything else that attracts tourists and inflates prices. On the flip side, consider tourist accommodations during the off-season. Your guest wouldn’t enjoy a destination when half the restaurants are closed and there’s nothing going on?

Vacation Anyone?

Hire a travel agent!!! Yeah I know, it sounds very 1990’s but, they make everything easier. When I was in Playa del Carmen, my hotel accommodations were not in order due to the hotel’s mistake. So, I called my travel agent (www.sunsettravel) and told them my dilemma. Kelly calmed me down and told me she’d take care of everything. In only 10 minutes, my agent not only fixed everything but, she was able to make a few upgrades for the mistakes made by the hotel. Most destination hotels depend on travel agents to book their rooms, which is an advantage.


Know the laws

Traditional wedding? Same sex marriage? Make sure you understand the laws of your destination. After much investigation, we were informed Mexico City was the only town in Mexico at the time who legalized same sex marriage. This allowed us to come home knowing we still needed to file the appropriate paper work with the State of California. Some countries, regardless of traditional or same-sex marriage, requires the two to be a citizen for a period of time before they can marry legally in their country.


Who’s my vendor?

Having a destination wedding is a once in a life time experience. My family and friends will remember our week long getaway for the rest of their lives. This is why picking the right vendors will be even more important than planning an event close to home. Could you imagine hiring a photographer who you never met? If I’m not fond of their work, do I have to pay them? Hiring vendors from the states maybe more expensive up front but, it will give you an opportunity to pick the best fit for your overall theme and look. Plus, there’s perks to flying your photographer out with your guests. I was able to negotiate with my photographer ( to take photos of the entire trip with all my friends and family. It was money well spent.


Scout your photo opts

When you get to your venue, make sure to scout the best photography spot with your photographer. This will help ensure your photos will be PERFECT on your special day. This will be everything you’ll  look at for the rest of your life.

Thamer Bajjali 2012 Thamer Bajjali 2012

I’m not opening my own retail chain. I promise!

Can I bring my custom gifts? For my wedding, I provided an exclusive swag bag filled with must needed items. When I traveled through customs, they thought I was bringing my wedding items through the Mexican border to sell them in a retail store. They delayed me for an hour and asked me to pay a tax for each item. Looking back, I’d have all the items delivered to the resort during my stay.  This would have saved me tons of money.

Playa, Woohoo! Now what?

Most guests love to use a destination wedding as an excuse to take a well needed vacation. So make sure they have all the local hot spots lined up for them. As the host, I investigated all the local touristy sites. I knew Grandma Rosie would like to see Chichen Itza. While my college daring brother, enjoyed taking a sea-doo around the bay to swim with the Bull sharks. A simple “Local things to do list” can truly make their trip, a once in a life time experience.

Thamer Bajjali 2012

Thamer Bajjali 2012

Photography by Thamer Bajjali  from Petra Calling Photography 

Five Fall Wedding Venues

Summer is over and we have entered a whole new wedding season… Fall Weddings!  It’s the time of year for warm colors, cool nights and savory treats.  We at Bridal Hot List are excited for the trends and festivities of fall and decided to explore some exciting fall venue options!


A vineyard is a beautiful option for a fall wedding.  The leaves are turning vibrant shades of orange, brown, rust, red and every other shade of autumn.  Whether you want an indoor ceremony, outdoor or combination of both most vineyards provide multiple venue options. Have your ceremony just before sunset overlooking gorgeous scenery and providing romantic photo opportunities. Move indoors for the reception, lit by white string lights and sip on the vineyards specialty wines.

Destination Wedding

If you live in an area of the United States whose reputation for fall weather is not ideal, a destination wedding may be the option for you.  Though fall weather is often brisk in the states, in many other parts of the world the weather is still amazing.  Travel to a tropical location for a wedding on the beach or hop over the pond to Europe for a Tuscan villa wedding.  Destination weddings are always an intimate option for couples who want to share the day with their closest family and friends.

Rustic Outdoor/Indoor Wedding

Early fall is the opportune time for rustic weddings.  As the weather cools and the colors change into warmer shades it becomes the perfect setting for a barn or ranch wedding.  Barn and ranch venues are gaining popularity and vintage weddings are on the rise.  Now more than ever vendors are offering vintage furniture rentals and decorative accents like mason jars or vintage candelabras.  Have your wedding in a quaint barn romantically lit by candles.  Add a large vintage chandelier in the center of the reception for that perfect wow factor.

New England

As the seasons change and holidays approach there is no place that embodies the spirit of fall like New England.  If you love fall because of the changing of the leaves and crisp weather, then host your wedding at a lodge in Vermont.  You can also surround yourself in the true fall landscape at a bed and breakfast in Connecticut or at a scenic mountain resort in upstate New York.  The brick and brownstone architecture is stunning and will create a picturesque getaway for your special day.

The Park

Before winter comes and the weather outside is too cold and rainy for an outdoor wedding, take advantage of the last of the warm days and cool nights.  A park is a great outdoor location to have a small and intimate ceremony.  Just before the last leaves fall from the trees, say I do under the multi-colored foliage in the fall breeze.  For example, hold your wedding at a hotel in Yosemite National Park where you are surrounded by amazing landscapes, the epitome of fall beauty.

Seven Travel Tips for the Traveling Bride and Groom

We love destination weddings and honeymoons. There is something fun and exciting about packing your bags, and traveling to a new place to enjoy your special day, or relaxing days as husband and wife. So if  you a destination bride,  planning your honeymoon, or perhaps you are a travel newbie,  you will want to read on.  Whatever the case, we have seven amazing travel tips for every type of traveler.  It’s important you plan ahead, so you know you will have enough time for all the fun things you want to do, so take these tips to heart, and learn how you can do just that. Share this with your guests and bridal party!

  1. When traveling by air, you need to plan ahead. Many of the major airports are situated in and around big cities, so you need to plan ahead to avoid any delays, especially during heavily congested periods like rush hour. You should have your suitcase packed the day before you leave, so on the day of your trip you are totally ready to go. Complete and execute all of your plans well in advance of your flight. It feels terrible to miss your flight.
  2. Be aware that in some foreign cities many criminals will pose as policemen. Do not let anyone have your passport unless you are sure they are legitimate. If they state you must go to an office, offer to walk the distance with them. Do not get into a vehicle with strangers at home or abroad.
  3. If you have to drive a distance to the port to get on a cruise,drive there the night before and stay at a hotel that has free parking. You may want to contact the hotel administration about potential deals that they offer on parking even if it doesn’t look like any are available.
  4. Keep close track of your belongings while traveling, especially important things like money and identification. If you’ve got a purse, keep it tucked under your arm neatly. Do not use bags with zippers that provide easy access to people near you that could easily take your stuff. Always consider these things before purchasing your travel bags.
  5. Always remember to wear light, comfy shoes for air travel – shoes which you can slip off easily. They will have to be taken off when you reach the security checkpoint. It is important to be comfortable. You are not going to have to do as much walking as you will sitting in most cases, so the heavy-duty support isn’t really that necessary. Sandals and flip-flops are best for traveling.
  6. You will be able to observe incredible animals and plants. Deserts are a special kind of place that everyone should get to experience at some point in their lives.
  7. Start by subscribing to e-newsletters from the major airlines. The airlines use these newsletters to give you opportunities for deals that are not available elsewhere. Even though these e-newsletters can contribute to the congestion in your inbox, the money they can save you is well worth it.

Hopefully you now have a lot of very useful ideas on how to successfully compile a fascinating travel itinerary. One that you and your guests can really enjoy!  Happy traveling!

Top Five Fool Proof Wedding Favors

As a wedding guest, I am always curious as to see what the bride and groom have planned for their wedding favors. Will it be one more useless trinket holder for me to find some empty patch of bookshelf to store it away and gather dust? When planning your wedding favors, it can be tricky to discern what will be appreciated by your guests as cherished mementos from your wedding, and what favors will be added to their stockpile of knick knacks or even just tossed in the trashcan. Favors should be unique, thoughtful, and fit within your theme and budget; and, if it isn’t edible, it should be useful. As a general rule of thumb, think twice before you engrave your initials, names, and wedding date on every favor. No one really wants a picture frame or a wine glass with your initials emblazoned across the front (sorry). Also, it’s a good idea to stay away from favors that are strongly scented, such as candles and soaps—people can be sensitive to certain smells or just plain picky about the aroma of their home. Lastly, keep favors gender neutral; I’ve seen many a man go home with compacts and lip balms, only to mutter to themselves, “I guess I will give this to my girlfriend/wife/neighbor/coworker…”

To help kick start your brainstorming juices, we’ve made of list of our top five fool proof wedding favor ideas!

Seasonal Wedding Favors

To ensure that your wedding favors are useful to your guests, keep in mind the time of year that you are having your wedding. Sunglasses are a fun and fashionable favor for summer weddings, while chapstick or ornaments are great for the winter months. I have recently fallen in love with wildflower papers—these papers will plant beautiful spring flowers, giving your guests a colorful reminder of your wedding.





Food, Nom Nom

If I have to see another tiny pail filled with pastel almonds I will scream. Just because your wedding favor is food doesn’t mean that it can’t also be thoughtful or creative. Gifting your guests something that is local or unique to your town or heritage is always appreciated, such as local honey, preserves, hot sauce, or olive oil. Do you have a favorite family dessert or dish? Package the dry ingredients and attach the recipe. Bonus points for you if you include a vegan or gluten-free option!





Giftable Decorations

If you are struggling to find ways to decorate the tables at your reception, allow your wedding favors to do the job. Succulents in teacups and small flowerpots, as well as vintage picture frames, can serve as table place markers. Personalized miniature flower vases can hold flower arrangements for your table, while also working as a gift for your guests to enjoy at home.



Wedding Appropriate

Wedding favors that can be used while at the reception are always fun because of their instant gratification factor. A tub filled with flip flops in a variety of sizes are welcome to any guest who wants to kick off their uncomfortable formal shoes and boogie on the dance floor. Classy hangover kits are humorous, and more often that not, incredibly appreciated the morning after! Journals, luggage tags, and reusable nylon bags are great for destination weddings, but can continue to be used and enjoyed at home.

Helping Others

A surefire way to make sure your wedding favor is useful and appreciated is to make a charity donation on behalf of your guest. A simple card with a personal note explaining to your guests that a donation has been made, along with a description of the charity and its work, is a gift that is more meaningful and long lasting than treats or bottle openers or tiny boxes.



Sneak Peek of TLC’s “Wedding Island” Episode 4: August 1st

Is it Thursday already? And it is the first day of August? Oh my! As they say, time flies when you are having fun. I guess I been having a ton of fun browsing through gorgeous wedding details this week. To add to all the wedding fun, there is another fabulous episode of  TLC’s “Wedding Island”?  I am ready to take a break and enjoy a little island time. Time to relax and watch some wedding fun happen.  If you missed any of the episodes of this show, do not worry, I will catch you up and tell you a bit about this fun wedding reality show.

This show features wedding planner extraordinaire, Sandy Malone and her team as they go through the logistical challenges of coordinating nuptials on Vieques Island, a tiny rock in the Caribbean. Vieques Island is known for its beautiful beaches, incredible and stunning views, and unfortunately, limited resources and supplies.  This island is a perfect destination for any couple who is in love and wants to share their love in the “island” way.  For wedding planner, Sandy who is the only wedding planner on this remote island seven miles off the coast of Puerto Rico, it’s all business. She organizes and coordinates strict schedules, large crews, and endlessly complex details.   Sandy is a wedding planner with determination and wants to just “get it done”. She is the only one who can deliver the most perfect wedding day for her  bride and her groom.  With the current obstacles that exist with this tropical paradise, Sandy and her small team, including her husband,  Bill, must rely on vendors who set their watches to the unpredictable and usually lackadaisical “Island Time”. At the same time,  they have to pray for the weather to be cooperative on wedding day. Then there are the demanding brides-to-be, who will keep pushing until they have the wedding of their dreams.TLC

On tonight’s episode:

Sandy Malone is planning two fabulous weddings for two couples. The first couple is Suzy and  Tony. Suzy and Tony along with their two kids are wanting a Bohemian rustic style wedding theme. They are both very care free and relaxed, and that is what they are looking for on their wedding day. Are they too relaxed? The villa they made reservations for can not accommodate all their guests. Will Sandy find a hotel for the guests during the high season time of year?

TLCThe second couple is Paula and Buddy and they want an intimate beach wedding with their kids. Sandy is planning a special something to incorporate the kids into the wedding ceremony. But will this special detail go smoothly and in time for their wedding day?

Tune in tonight to find out how Sandy and her incredible team plan and create two beautiful weddings!

“WEDDING ISLAND” is on tonight at 10/9c. So set your DVR’s, or watch it live tonight! You will not want to miss this episode.

Destination Wedding: Southern Orange County

One of the most beautiful destination spots for tourists in the United States is Orange County, California. Thanks to mega resorts anchored by the Disney properties, Orange County sees millions of visitors every single year. Tourists and locals alike know that thanks to the amazing amenities, Southern California is a great destination spot for a vacation or for a destination wedding. In this article, we’ll take a look at some great spots to check out in Orange County.

North Orange County Beach Cities

Specifically the cities of Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, the northern beach cities in Orange County are home to some of the wealthiest people in the country. The beaches are world famous and the various amenities ranging from four-star restaurants to five-star resorts makes this an ideal place to visit. I’ve personally attended some mega-weddings at two different resorts in Huntington Beach that were nothing short of phenomenal. At one wedding, which was held as a traditional Indian ceremony, saw over 500 guests with the groom coming into the ceremony with a parade, riding a gorgeous white stallion! I asked the venue if that was normal and they said it was, with the last Indian ceremony having the groom coming in on an elephant!

There’s so much to do and see in these two cities that you’d be remiss to experience Orange County and miss out on either of these two spots. Newport Beach is a great spot if you like to do any sailing or enjoy a calm and romantic dinner cruise. There are also some excellent restaurants here that are often visited by stars. In fact, Bridal Hot List Chief Editor Niloufar Gibson and I once ate at a popular Italian spot and happened to sit next to Michael Buble! You never know what you might experience or who you might run into, but either way, North Orange County has two terrific beach cities to see.

South Orange County Beach Cities

Equally famous are two amazing spots in southern Orange County, specifically Laguna Beach and San Clemente. Both are world famous and frankly have better beaches than the previous two cities mentioned. If you are looking for a beach spot in a traditional “small beach city” then look no further than either of these two spots. While you won’t find quite the level of the resorts or fine dining experiences than you would up north, both of these cities have extremely charming spots to hang out and eat in. There are some magnificent views that make the whole trip worth it. I’ve attended several wedding here in Southern Orange County, all of which were on the beach right next to the waves and totally unforgettable. If you are looking for an amazing on-the-beach destination wedding experience, look no further than Laguna Beach or San Clemente.


If we didn’t mention “The Happiest Place on Earth” as one of the best destination wedding spots in Orange County we would have failed miserably in mentioning the hottest spots! Disney weddings are more popular now more than ever thanks to the recently remodeled California Adventure and the amazing new hotels on the Disney property. There’s four-star hotels, amazing places to eat and endless staff on hand to make sure your entire family has an amazing experience. Ever dream of being a prince or princess and getting married in a magic castle? This is *literally* where that actually happens! While the bill might also be out-of-this-world, maybe you can save a few extra bucks and have the wedding experience of a lifetime that would make all your friends jealous… forever!