Top Five Spooky-Glam Bridal Beauty Tips

Boo! Did we scare you? It’s all in good fun, since it’s Halloween! Halloween is such a fun holiday and so easy to get in the spirit of. Yes, it can be scary but it can also be so sexy and fun. Spooky glam is perfect for Halloween, but it can also work for your wedding. Double dip on the Elvira look this year with our top five favorite spooky glam looks.

Deep Red Lips

Go for blood red, if you can. Fall and Winter are perfect for these deep plummy red lips and they look so fabulous on all skin tones. Think plump and rouge and nail this look with a whole lot of lip conditioner and a good lip liner. If you’re a little more edgy with your costume or even your bridal look, get a lip liner that’s really deep and make your lips as full as possible.

Claw Nails

Whether you’re going as Catwoman or Grumpy Cat, claw nails are perfect for this Halloween. Even better- they’re hot right now and will be the trendiest nail shape for your wedding. These are easiest to pull off with acrylics but if your nails are super long and strong you should be able to rock it. Skip circle and square and go for triangle nails. They’re long, sexy, and and spooky glam enough for any occasion.

Dark Dreamy Eyes

Don’t be afraid of the shadows- get deep dark purples and blue tones and create a mysterious and sexy look. You should definitely do a trial run if you’re thinking about doing this- it can be hard to pull off. If you’re doing this for your wedding, stick to only one big feature- either eyes or lips. If you’re doing it for a costume, go all out. Why not?

Light Twilight

No, not the teen vampires. Add a little sparkle to your look but just in subtle ways. Use a sparkly highlighter in your cheeks, a glitter liner in the corners of your eyes, or a sparkly lip color layered with darker tones. Little specks of glitter cause some intrigue in your look and create some serious sultry looks.

Long Flowy Locks

There’s something so romantic about long flowy hair that’s perfect for dressing as Princess Buttercup or while you’re getting married. Put the updo on the shelf for now and opt for flowy soft hair. You can start by dressing up as a Hollywood starlet for Halloween and keeping the party going all the way down the aisle.


Top Five Fall Bridal Party Gifts

It’s customary for the bride and groom to give little presents to the friends that they ask to stand by them on the big day. Bridal party gifts can range depending on how big the event is or what your budget is. It’s a sweet way to thank your best friends for helping you out (or putting up with you) while you plan the biggest party of your life. No matter what your budget is, we’ve got fun fall gifts for your girls! Pick one to go with, or pick a few and make a gift basket!


When you think fall, what do you think? Crunchy leaves, sweaters, and the return of fun fall hot drinks. The pumpkin spice latte is probably the most common and loved fall drink (for a reason!), so give your girls something to drink it out of. Mugs are cute, easy to make or order, and you can find fun mugs at any budget. You can get unmarked ones at a dollar or craft store and Pinterest them to be personalized if you have a free day to do arts and crafts. If you have a little more money to spend, you can get personalized mugs made with pictures or nicknames done for your girls. To make this gift a whole present, stuff the mug with candy or small knick-knacks and wrap it all in cellophane. This practical present is super cute and will be loved until the handles fall apart!

Selfie Set

If you’re going to be #hastagging your wedding, give your girls the proper tools to do so! These new toys have been popping up everywhere and we’re starting to see cute versions come out. We (unapologetically!) love selfies, and so do so many out there. Our selfie sets include a selfie stick and a selfie remote. Selfie remotes are little buttons that are on a cord that plugs into your phone’s headphone jack. You just turn on your camera and hit the button for a sneaky selfie! And of course, the selfie stick has been out, but we’re starting to see more compact versions that you can stash in your purse. This gift is a little more gag-gift, but it’s still fun and will be used! You can get cute stickers for them, or if you have time go ahead and rhinestone them for a glamorous selfie set!

Glam Bag

Diamonds be a girl’s best friend, but fun makeup is a close second. Pick up makeup bags (we love the cheap ones from Ulta, Forever 21, and Drugstores or high end ones from boutiques) and stuff them with some of your favorite things! If you want your bridesmaids to, say, all have red lips with their outfits this is the perfect time to spring for that lip color for them. Keep an eye out for sales at places like CVS, Rite Aid, and Ulta. Those stores tend to do makeup sales like BOGO and can seriously help keep your budget down for these. If you’re going to go a little higher end, be sure to shop at stores with rewards programs (like Nordstrom, Sephora, and Ulta) so you can get something fun for yourself too. If you stick to more skin-neutral things like palettes, glitter, black eyeliner, and red lipsticks you can get everyone the same thing that they will be able to use.

Forward Thinking

Since we’re starting to get towards the end of the year, get your girls set up for success with some 2015 planners/agendas. Fun brands like Moleskine and Kate Spade already have their 2015 agendas available online and they are too cute, practical, and perfect to keep your girls on track. We love stationary, cute agendas, and anything that keeps us organized. You’ll be the first person to get them ready for the next year, which means you’ll be their favorite all year long (probably)!

Cozy Kit

It’s starting to cool down, get your girls ready with a cozy kit! Get a cute tote bag (that can range from $1 to however much you’d want to spend) and stuff it with warm accessories like infinity scarves, cozy aloe socks, and lined leggings. It may be a little silly to buy in bulk for your girlfriends, but it’s totally practical and they’ll be thanking you when they’re bundled up marathoning shows on Netflix. You can get them all different pieces depending on their personality or the same ones so you all have BFF outfits.


Top Five Do’s and Don’ts of Specialty Wedding Drinks

One of our favorite personal touches we see at weddings are specialty drinks. Creating your own drinks for your wedding is another way for you to show off your personality as a couple and show off how creative and fun you can be. Fall is one of the best seasons for fun drinks (Pumpkin Spice Lattes, anyone?) so own it and create your own cocktails for your reception with our top tips!

DO Start Simple

Think about what you like- if you like wine, start there. Start with what you know you like and work around that. If you love bold flavors, spices, smoky, whatever- go with what you like! It’s about your life changing, don’t feel pressured to please everyone

DON’T Get Over-Complicated

Keep your ideas contained though- don’t add fire, torches, or anything crazy to your concoctions. Yes, it may be a neat idea, but if all your guests are ordering your specialty drinks at the bar you’ll end up with major wait times and frustrated bar staff. Keep the ingredients to the fast lane- five times or less.

DO Offer An All-Ages Option

Be sure to include at least one specialty drink with no alcohol in it at all. Not everyone drinks, but everyone will want to participate in your wedding fun! Have an option available that anyone and everyone can enjoy. We like juice mixes with cute garnishes. Think virgin Mai Tais or something along those lines.

DON’T Make Everyone Drink The Same Thing

Some people are just very particular with what they drink and you should respect that. Not everyone will participate in a champagne toast, it’s unrealistic to make everyone have a specialty drink. Offer your specialty drinks, but don’t force everyone into it.

DO Be Clever

The best part about making specialty drinks? Naming them! Get as pun-ny as you can get- it’s not tacky it’s totally cute! Work your names into them, work any specific themes or memories into them. If you met in a cute way, have any pets, or have any hobbies you share go with that too. Figure out what you love and go with that!


Top Five Ways to Represent Your College at Your Wedding

Homecoming season’s just about wrapped up and the Fall wedding season is going strong. College is a magical time and for many couples, a place where their lives changed forever. So many couples now meet in college and that deserves to be a part of the big day! Even if you didn’t meet in college, if you went Greek you know you have to represent every day (including your wedding day). Or maybe you just really loved your college- that’s fair game! We’ve got the top five ways to pay homage to your alma mater on the big day.

Own your School Colors

Rep your school with the help of your bridesmaids! If you’re stuck on colors, show your true colors with your girls. You don’t need to use the exact pantone color that your school used, but use your palette as a way to pay homage to your school. If your school colors are red and black (like CSUN, for example), you can use red as your bridal party colors and black for the groomsmen suits. You can also use your school colors in your invites, save the dates, and thank you cards.

Share the Freshman Fifteen

Is your school known for any specific food? Bring it out for the big day! Use this opportunity to feature some dishes you spent four years drooling over and share it with your friends and family. Weddings can be great for comfort food, what’s more comforting than your favorite college meals? If your college was more known for greasy or indulge-foods, you can save it for a bridal brunch or a rehearsal lunch. It’s a great way to share something you love with some people you love when they’re allowed to indulge in what they eat (just try to skip the cup noodles and potato chips).

Incorporate the Mascot

Find ways to add your mascot into your wedding in sneaky, cute ways. Use a graphic of your mascot in your invitations or save the dates. If your mascot is an animal, work that into imagery in your wedding to keep your school represented. You can even throw a ‘Go …!’ into your wedding website or, if you’re seriously spirited, into your vows.

Show Off

If you met in college, find as many college pictures of you or the both of you and use them! If you didn’t meet in college, it’s still cute to find pictures from college and put them next to each other. The classic college hoodie outfit is a staple at any campus, you’re sure to find pictures of you both representing your school. Pictures are awesome to look over at weddings- they give your guests some extra insight into your life and they’re a great marker for how far you’ve come. Look for those awesome college pictures and show them off!

Look Back

Do you remember what it was like when you started college? What you wanted out of life, what you thought you wanted in a partner? Think back to those days and compare them to now- now that you are getting married to your love! use this comparison in your vows or even in your bio in your wedding website to show some serious insight. You can use this as an opportunity to mention your school and what you were like, and how awesome your life is now that you’re getting married. Just be sure to throw in some pride for your school while you’re at it!


Top Five Fall Trendy Wedding Favors

Want to make sure that your wedding guests remember your big day? Give them something to remember about it! If you’re getting hitched in the Fall and still don’t have favors, check out our favorite Fall wedding favors. Your guests will thank you- seriously!


What screams Fall more than some yummy-scented candles? Pick up woodsy scents like pine and make them all yours. It’s easy to find websites that do promotional items that will let you order candles that are laser-cut with whatever you want (a good fallback are your names and the wedding date). If you want to do this on the cheap, go out to the dollar store or drugstore and pick up a whole bunch of candles. Get stickers made with whatever you want and stick ‘em on to personalize them.

Reusable Tote Bags

Fall is a time for practicality- it needs to be to balance out Holiday spending. One of the most practical can’t-have-enough items right now are reusable tote bags. You’re able to use them more than once, they’re good for the environment, and they can even save you some money at the grocery store (some stores will actually take money off of your bill if you use a reusable bag). Reusable totes can start at less than a dollar each with personalization and are perfect for stuffing with candy for guests. Plus, they’re easy for your guests to take with them!


A sweet, personalized gift is to do picture frames pre-stuffed with pictures of the guests in them. If your wedding is small enough, this could be a fun one-day task. You can set them out as placeholders for the reception and have it serve a purpose!

Custom Candy

Wanna play to your sweet tooth guests? Buy candy in bulk and get stickers made up to cover the logo. You can write cute things like “thanks for sharing our sweet day” on them to make it cheeky. Everyone likes candy, and with Halloween being the next big holiday, candy totally works!

Reusable Water Bottles

It’s getting quite cheap to pick up reusable water bottles now a days- they’re not the commitment they used to be! At personalization websites, it’s easy to find water bottles at around $2 a piece to start, and they make such a great practical gift! Get a clear reusable water bottle, personalize it for your big day, and stuff it with tissue paper and candy for your guests. It’s a great looking gift, practical and awesome, and good for the environment! This awesome gift encourages drinking water, supports reusable materials, and is one of the most unique things you’ll see at a wedding.

Top Five Trendy Fall Wedding Pieces

Fall fashion is always exciting- just check out any fashion magazine right now! This fall we’re seeing this beautiful blend of deep darker colors that we usually use mixed in with peachy neutrals and light colors to contrast. This Fall is sure to be a special one in the world of fashion, and we could not be more excited!

Long Sleeve Skaters

Skater dresses were super cute for Spring, held strong over the Summer, and have had the best update for Fall! Scoopneck longsleeve skater dresses are starting to hit the shelves and are perfect for more casual weddings. Dress it up with fancy jewelry to create a really dynamic contrast. You’ll look super on trend, stay warm, and be cute and comfortable out on the dancefloor!

Loose Lengthy Cardigans

If you’re heading somewhere not too sunny for the big day, grab a structured but loose cardigan to go over your dress. This especially works if you’re doing a dress that’s a little more tight or short. Pair the cardigan to contrast your dress so you don’t look too matchy-matchy. Aim for fitted sleeves so it doesn’t look too untailored. If it gets too warm, use it to mark where your chair and bag is while you’re dancing.

Large Clutches

Red carpets have been showing us a trend of large, envelope style clutches to pair with your outfit. This fall, grab a large one that you can fit your wallet, phone, keys, and back up beauty supplies in. Pick up this piece in a neutral color to pair with wedding outfits all season long!

Delicate Chains

This season we’re seeing a lot of this beautiful contrast of delicate and girly with rough and tough. Play this trend up with doing a delicate chain necklace. A light jewelry piece is girly and dainty, but the chain is edgy. Delicate pendants like arrows, anchors, or even a small gem create a beautiful look that is easy to pair with most wedding outfits. Bonus points if you can find a vintage piece as your something old!

Bad Girl Booties

If you’re intimidated by spending a day in stilettos, opt for some bad girl booties. This season we’ve been seeing lots of black, buckled booties paired with sweetheart dresses and girl outfits. Pick something you can really move in and can reuse for other outfits. Pick something that is pretty as a standalone (i.e., try it on with a skirt before you try it on with jeans) so you know they’ll still be dressy enough for a wedding.


Top Five Trendy Shadow Shades for Fall Weddings

Fall is such a beautiful season, and people can get so caught up in staying in the same color palettes. Fall is a time all about beautiful complimentary colors. Don’t be afraid to show some shine on your eyelids at your next wedding- own it and look good doing it! Break out of the matte shades of the last few seasons and add a little dimension to your wedding look with these five color palettes!

Pretty in Pink


If watermelon was your color palette of choice last summer, go for something similar this Fall. A peachy and neutral warm palette with gold flecks brings all out of your remaining summer glow. Light warm colors create a romantic look that’s cute and gentle without being overwhelming. It is lovely as much as it is natural, and is perfect for the sweetheart bride or bridesmaid.

Woodsy Woman


Want to warm up a neutral look? These basic neutrals are beautiful and gold based enough to blend with most skin tones. If you were doing golds all summer, this is the best Fall transition for you. Yellow-based neutrals are complimentary on so many skin tones and help give eyes a certain sparkle that can be hard to obtain. This color palette is so seamless, you could share it with the whole gang of bridesmaids! Just be sure to clean your brushes in between.

Deep Brunette


Brown tones are so fantastic for all skin tones and is optimized for Fall wear. If you want to do something smokier and sexier for a night wedding, play with deeper neutral tones to make your eyes look stronger. Use the deepest toned brown in the crease of your eye to create a more natural smokey look and be ready to catch the bouquet.

Royal Plum


Cranberry and plum tones with pieces of purple make green and brown eyes pop out like crazy and will make you look stunning in wedding photos. If brighter colors were your thing last summer, make this your wedding go-to look. If you keep the tones warm, you’ll still get that golden glow but with a deeper more sultry overall look. Pair with black on black eyeliner and mascara for a full on glamorous look.

Sliver of Silver


If you want to do more edgy looks for the wedding, go for something slate grey and silver. Something deep with flecks of shimmer makes your look pop, and is especially beautiful on darker skin tones. Keep it a little warmer to keep it from being too frosty (save that for Winter!). Since this is more cool-toned, be sure to pair it carefully with your lip and cheek colors. You’ll be the belle (or bride or bridesmaid!) of the ball!


Top Five Trendy Nail Polishes for Fall Brides


So you’ve got a wedding coming up and you want to do something a little more fun than a French manicure, right? There are so many great colors that are hot right now for Fall that are much more fun than the classic white tips. Pair these with your bridesmaids dress and you’ll be all set to have fabulous fingers!



Glowing Plum

If your go-to is a classic red color, then amp it up for Fall with a deeper, more purple-based plum red with flecks of glitter. We love red tones and golds because they look great on all skin tones and create a beautiful bronzing effect to the skin. Swipe on two coats and pair with a neutral toned dress to stand out, a warm toned dress to flow your look, or a cool toned dress to make your fingers pop.


Minty Fresh

If you’re not over the mint craze, go back for more- it’s coming back around! Amp up the usual more neutral mint color with a tone that leans on the green so you have a fresher look. This pairs best with neutral tones to flow with a little flair, or with bold dark tones to really pop.


Raspberry Beret

Deep plum tones are sultry and fantastic this fall- just be sure to pick one up with some dimension so it doesn’t look too bland on your fingertips. Take your purple-based red one step further and get a much deeper plum with some shimmer. This pairs with dark tones to create a mysterious look, neutrals for an adventurous look, and light tones for a bold outstated look.


Sunkissed Neutral

Want something that would fun for a Saturday wedding but still office appropriate on Monday? Look for a pink neutral with hints of gold or yellow in it. Peachy tones are understated but the flecks of gold will pull all that tan you got over the summer out and give you a bridesmaid glow. The bride can’t have all the glow, afterall! Neutrals look fantastic with anything (they’re neutral for a reason!) and will be appropriate for as long as you wear them.


Go for the Gold

Love the way the leaves change in Fall? Pair that with a beautiful gold tone. Go all out and pack on the gold- you’ll look like a million bucks! Neutrals and soft tones make this pop, while bold tones bring this out to look stronger. You’ll be the flashiest bridesmaid at the ball!


Top Five Trendy Fall Wedding Menu Ideas

We could not be more happy for Fall to be here- it’s still over 100 degrees in Southern California and we’re ready for things to cool down! Fall technically starts on September 22nd, but we like to plan ahead. If you’re planning ahead for your wedding menu, we’ve got five awesome tips for picking out some Fall-friendly menu items for the big day.

In the Red

Fall and these warmer months are all about a more full flavor- if you’re in between wine selections, go red. Red wines tend to have a heavier more full flavor that compliments the seasons so well. If you’re afraid of staining your teeth, stick to champagne but be sure to offer a full flavored red wine. Complex notes in cabernets specifically will blend well with the crunchy leaves and warm Fall nights that are coming.

Berry-Good Salads

Adding in a tart fruit into something fresh screams Fall. If you’re undecided on a first course or want a second salad option for your guest, go for something that has cranberry or raisins included. A fresh mixed green salad with some diced almonds and cranberry vinaigrette is a safe bet for any Fall wedding. If you want to do something more adventurous, pair our favorite trendy veggie- kale- with diced cranberries for a more bold salad.

Walnut Breads

If you are doing bread to start for your guests, or want to do a simple appetizer for your guests, start with an artesian nut-infused bread. Walnuts are fantastic for Fall, so look for recipes that are wheaty and have a savory flavor. This will be perfect as an appetizer for your guests with a light, whipped butter or to pair with a cheese plate.

Pumpkin Spice

You know the seasons have changed when you start seeing those red coffee cups and smell that warm pumpkin spice in the air! If you’re having a reception outside, get a pumpkin spice tea or warm drink to pair for your guests to warm up to. If you want to do some light snacks, mini pumpkin spice muffins are something a little sweet that doesn’t spoil dinner (or dessert!).

Cheesecake Desserts

Instead of a light and fluffy cake, opt for something heartier like a cheesecake! It’s just heavy enough to really fill out a whole meal. Cheesecake is an unusual fun way to break out of the classic wedding cake and it’s universally liked. Look for one that is particularly fluffy and has a flavorful graham crust to have that true full-on Fall flavor.

Bon Apetit!


Top Five Trendy Bridal Lip Looks for Fall

We’re all about luscious lips here at BHL- they’re the most romantic part of your beautiful face! Check out our top five trendy lip colors for this season and your look will be hot, even if the weather’s cooling down.


Pale Coral Pinks

If coral was your summer shade, just start slowly by turning it down a notch. Look for a light coral or pink shade to transition into fall. You can even wear your summer coral by just putting on a dab and painting it out with a lip brush so the color isn’t as intense and pairing it with a lighter gloss. this look is lightweight, cute, and perfect for the sweet bridesmaid.


Warm Nudes

If you like a natural look but want to go even more lightweight than a pale coral, pick up a nude with warm undertones. It will pull whatever summer glow you had going on and keep you looking great all fall long. Neutrals are great for any dress that you’re wearing, and a warm one will give you a taste of that bridal glow.


Red Stains

No- not on your dress, just on your lips! Grab a light lip stain in red and pack it on to your liking. Lip stains are great if your skin is starting to get drier because they can be quite hydrating. Start subtle to pair with any look for any wedding situation and pack it on to match your mood.


Blushing Berries

Tones that are reminiscent of berries are fantastic this fall and sultry for weddings. You have the ability to go much deeper with berry tones to fit more romantic settings. If you’re packing on the pigment, be sure to use a waxy lip liner to keep your lip color from feathering.


Burning Red

If you’ve been liking pictures non-stop of leaves changing colors, an orange-based red is going to be perfect for you. this color can be a little more intense, so be sure to use a good lipliner with this look too. This look is so complimentary to the new season- you’ll look fantastic in any outdoor weddings.