Top Five Fall Trendy Wedding Favors

Want to make sure that your wedding guests remember your big day? Give them something to remember about it! If you’re getting hitched in the Fall and still don’t have favors, check out our favorite Fall wedding favors. Your guests will thank you- seriously!


What screams Fall more than some yummy-scented candles? Pick up woodsy scents like pine and make them all yours. It’s easy to find websites that do promotional items that will let you order candles that are laser-cut with whatever you want (a good fallback are your names and the wedding date). If you want to do this on the cheap, go out to the dollar store or drugstore and pick up a whole bunch of candles. Get stickers made with whatever you want and stick ‘em on to personalize them.

Reusable Tote Bags

Fall is a time for practicality- it needs to be to balance out Holiday spending. One of the most practical can’t-have-enough items right now are reusable tote bags. You’re able to use them more than once, they’re good for the environment, and they can even save you some money at the grocery store (some stores will actually take money off of your bill if you use a reusable bag). Reusable totes can start at less than a dollar each with personalization and are perfect for stuffing with candy for guests. Plus, they’re easy for your guests to take with them!


A sweet, personalized gift is to do picture frames pre-stuffed with pictures of the guests in them. If your wedding is small enough, this could be a fun one-day task. You can set them out as placeholders for the reception and have it serve a purpose!

Custom Candy

Wanna play to your sweet tooth guests? Buy candy in bulk and get stickers made up to cover the logo. You can write cute things like “thanks for sharing our sweet day” on them to make it cheeky. Everyone likes candy, and with Halloween being the next big holiday, candy totally works!

Reusable Water Bottles

It’s getting quite cheap to pick up reusable water bottles now a days- they’re not the commitment they used to be! At personalization websites, it’s easy to find water bottles at around $2 a piece to start, and they make such a great practical gift! Get a clear reusable water bottle, personalize it for your big day, and stuff it with tissue paper and candy for your guests. It’s a great looking gift, practical and awesome, and good for the environment! This awesome gift encourages drinking water, supports reusable materials, and is one of the most unique things you’ll see at a wedding.

Top Five Ways to Save on Wedding Favors

One thing everyone’s going to be secretly exciting for during your wedding? The fun wedding favors, of course! This expense may be daunting (especially if you’re budgeting), but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve got some great tips to help you save some money and still give away some awesome favors.

Start Big

An easy way to have favors set up is to buy one thing in bulk and to separate it into individual gifts. You can do candy, trinkets, anything really. You may be able to save money by buying one big thing in bulk rather than buying pre-packaged. It may take some time, but it’s a labor of love.

Double Up

If you’re doing assigned seating, create a name tag or placeholder that is also a great wedding favor. Use customizable bracelets or make your own trinkets with names on them. Guests will be able to find their seats and love that they get a favor to play with immediately when they sit down.

Reuse What you Can

If you decked out your ceremony hall with flowers, bring them to the reception and cut them down to take home. It’s a beautiful favor that gives your flowers new life with one of your guests. It may be a bit chaotic, but if you have the right team to cut and re-prepare the flowers for distribution it’s a great favor. It will be a reminder of what a good time your guests had at the wedding and fill their house with fresh scents and love.

Ask for Freebies

If you have your heart set on one specific product, email the company and ask for samples, freebies, or a discount. It’s always worth a shot! Explain that you love the product and want to be able to share the product with your wedding guests. Most companies are able to assist, sponsor, or at least offer discounts in special circumstances like weddings and events. Don’t be offended if you don’t get anything off the bat, just keep trying. Remember, any bit helps when you’re on a budget.

Have your Cake (and Eat it Too)

Over order the sweets and send your guests home with some extra dessert! You may be able to strike up a deal with your bakers. See if you can do cookies or brownies or anything at all with your baker as favors. You can sell them on the added publicity as well. Bakers may be able to work with your budget and sweeten the deal for you.


Top Seven Unique Wedding Halloween Ideas

Boo! Halloween is nigh, bringing a season of candy, costumes, and creepy crawly horrors that send chills up your spine. Nothing though, might seem as scary or as daunting as incorporating Halloween themes into your wedding or reception. But have no fear! We have the top seven unique ways you can add some spooky flair to your special day, whether you choose to go all-out with a costume themed wedding or low key with a few Halloween touches here and there.


Immediately let your guests know the theme and style of the wedding by choosing an eerie, yet classy, invitation design. Something as simple as writing “Till Death Do Us Part” is a spooky spin on a classic wedding line. Allow your invites to reflect the type of Halloween wedding you are having—Quirky? Modern? Victorian?

Cary Pennington Photography

Cary Pennington Photography


Location can prove to be very important when planning a themed wedding and can quickly and easily establish the atmosphere you are looking for—think: gothic churches, creepy mansions, or rustic and autumnal outdoor settings. Choosing a traditional setting and trying to coat it with cobwebs crosses the line into cheesiness, so picking an inherently spooky location can save you a lot of decorating heartache.


No one in your wedding party will speak to you again if you force them wear black and orange outfits that make them resemble pumpkins and gourds. However, where you can add some Halloween excitement is with the youngest members of your party; outfit your flower girls and ring bearers in costumes that illicit oohs and ahhs, instead of screams of fear. If you want to add some spooky touches to your wedding dresses, go for an eerie Victorian look, with plenty of lace and vintage touches. Skull cufflinks give a traditional male tuxedo some festive flair.

Ace Photography

Ace Photography


Your food and beverage choices are where you can really have fun! Set up your bar as a mad scientist lab and serve drinks out of vials and beakers. Don’t be afraid to use dry ice or food coloring—a big punch bowl full of a green alcoholic beverage, labeled biohazard, is sure to draw some attention. Nothing says Halloween like a candy buffet! You can opt out of having a wedding cake and choose to do a candy buffet or creepy crawly cupcake tower, but if you do choose to have a wedding cake, feel free to make your wedding cake a festive and spooky affair as well!


Ace Photography

Ace Photography


There are so many gorgeous fall colors to choose from when picking your flower arrangements. Think plum, orange, burgundy, gold, and go with lilies, roses, and orchids. Work with your florist on creating some fabulously spooky, yet beautiful, flower arrangements. Sometimes just adding some black branches is all you need to give it that Halloween flair.

Cary Pennington Photography

Cary Pennington Photography


The last thing you want is for your reception to look like a haunted house, so steer clear of cobwebs, black gauze, and fake skeletons. Victorian wedding photos, plenty of candles, and rich autumnal colors give a general eerie quality while the small details, such as the name card-holders and table trinkets, can have some quirky Halloween appeal: fake vampire teeth, miniature pumpkins, witch’s hats—the possibilities are endless!


Ace Photography

Ace Photography

Cary Pennington Photography

Cary Pennington Photography


Halloween is the season of treats, so edible treats are the way to go! You can opt to make your candy buffet part of your wedding favors by giving your guests personalized candy bags. Masquerade masks, bottles of red wine labeled “Vampire blood,” or miniature pumpkin pies are also festive favors.


Ace Photography

Ace Photography

Something Borrowed, Something….Emerald Green!

Emerald Green Bridesmaid

Emerald Green Bridesmaid

The Pantone ‘color of 2013’ is versatile & fresh enough to bring into your wedding plans even if your wedding date is in 2015! As a main color, Emerald Green can be considered a neutral background or canvas to juxtapose splashes of vibrant colors against, such as fuchsia, orange, teal, lime green, or red. As a detail color, the possibilities are endless. Here, we will explore some ideas & benefits to choosing this timeless jewel tone.

1. Consider emerald green bridesmaid dresses. This color looks fantastic on absolutely every skin tone. Just look at the red carpet for proof: Julianne Moore, Angelina Jolie, & Viola Davis have all stunned in it. Pair orange roses for contrast or red shoes for an unexpected twist!

2. If you’re getting married on a golf course, you’ll be surrounded by yards of emerald green grass, so you may want to go with another color for your bridesmaids, so they don’t get lost! However, consider using emerald green in your invitations, thank you notes, photo album cover, and other wedding correspondence to ensure continuity of your theme & venue. When your guests receive your thank-you note, the green will remind them subconsciously of what a beautiful, well planned event they attended.

3. Use emerald green foliage to ‘fill out’ your floral elements. Have your florist add extra fern stalks, palm fronds, birds of paradise leaves, (you get the idea) to your venue arrangements for a super lush look. For a modern garden style wedding, consider setting a potted topiary at the end of each aisle. Cutting back on blooms and adding more foliage might also save you some paper green!

4. Have some fun with your signature cocktails by adding Midori or green food coloring to the mix. Ask your DJ if they can bathe the dance floor in emerald green for your couples dance. Extra points if they have green lasers for a club vibe when the music picks up later in the night. Order your favors in emerald green. Group them together for a visual impact, or place at each table setting with some emerald green in the centerpiece.

Emerald bracelets

5. Wear this precious gem for sentiment (& good luck!) if your or your groom’s birthday is in May, if you’re getting married in May, or if there are some cherished emerald pieces in your family collection. To top it off, gift your groom with emerald cuff-links to match!

The almighty Emerald is sure to keep your wedding scheme modern and fresh. Be careful not to over-do it, or you’ll end up with a Wizard of Oz / Emerald City vibe (unless you are going for that, and in that case, please invite me!).


Photos courtesy of Brandon Wong photography.

Must Have Wedding Accessories from Lavanna Events

Good morning Sunday goers! It is a lovely one here at BHL, and we have a gorgeous feature today. All we can say is Details Details Details. Yep, it is all about those fabulous, beautiful, and intricate details we love so much. Without it, weddings are a bore right? Who wants that? Not us. We love ourselves all the details we can get. Today, our inbox is filled with the most lovely of details. All courtesy of a pair of amazing and very talented gals from Lavanna Events. They bring elegance, handmade talent, crazy creativity, and oh-so-chic details. Our wedding loving hearts could not be any happier. So before you start your day, grab your morning coffee, and get ready to be inspired!


  • A guest book decorated with flowers. Oh, and these flowers are not just ordinary flowers. No, not at all. Do you see the gold trim around the edges? Oh my! This is a gorgeous one.
  • Ivory & Gold Napkin Ring beautifully decorated with delicate jewelries and accessories. Probably the most lovely napkin ring we have seen. Simply stunning!


  • Table numbers decorated with flowers. How adorable are these? We are thinking that these can be perfect for a garden wedding. Right? Yes, we are thinking it would be just the right touch.


  •  A hand made wedding favor uniquely designed in gold and purple. Each favor holds two to three Jordan Almonds. What an elegant wedding favor. Any guest would feel pretty glam receiving one of these fabulous favors. Just so beautiful.

Bridal Show 2

  • Lace covered favor box decorated with crystals, and filled with Jordan Almonds. If you love gold, then this is the favor for you. It is the loveliest of boxes, and the lace…oh the lace is just fantastic. Classic.

Bridal Show 1

  • An elegant and chic tabletop showing off all the beautifullu hand crafted accessories including a customized menu, customized sign, wedding favor, and place card.


  • A close up of the delicate and hand made place card decorated with Swarovski crystals. Just enough bling. Gold and crystals never looked so good on a place card.

photo 1

  • Wedding favor bag decorated with Swarovski crystal and  a gold ribbon. Inside? Some delicious candies. Do you see the flower? So pretty!


About Lavanna Events 

We are a devoted team of event designers striving to bring your dream events into reality! Whether you’re looking forward to the most wonderful wedding reception or anticipating a well-orchestrated business event, our designers will create THE unique atmosphere that will truly reflect you and your preferences! We will stay by your side throughout the long and often-winding planning process providing personal and honest advice. After all, planning our own weddings and events was what inspired us to pursue a career in professional event and wedding planning!As the saying goes, “It’s all in the details” and when it comes to details, nothing is more important than the accessories that ornate your special day. Accessories make your special day unique and outstanding​.

We offer our own brand of elegant and handcrafted accessories including wedding favors, invitation cards, card boxes, ring bearer pillows, flower girl baskets, guest books, bridal garters and much more. When it comes to accessories our clients have access to a wealth of options without a doubt!