Top Five Repurposed Halloween Items for Your Wedding



Halloween is sadly over, and we’re a little heartbroken. But there is always a silver lining- the best sale is going on right now! Post-Halloween sales are in full swing and only have a few more days before they’re all picked over and done. If you have time, swing by the store and pick up these five awesome items that you can use for your wedding. And hey, if you get a wedding task done you definitely deserve that bag of chocolate. Or that big bag of popcorn. Or the gigantic novelty sized rice crispy treat. Or… actually buy all the candy you want, just be sure to get at least one wedding task done.


This may be easier to find since Halloween is more of a sweet treat holiday. Look for big bags of mints and you can repurpose them to be adorable wedding favors or to be laid out in dishes for guests. If you have the time and maybe some creativity, create custom labels and stick those over the skeleton logos and all that spooky stuff. If you can’t get away with creating all new stickers for the mints (they may be a funny size), find little glass dishes or bowls to pour your mints into. Serve them after dessert so your guests are ready to mingle with fresh breath.

Tiny Toys

Some stores will carry tiny toys as Halloween treats. If you can spy any of these, pick up a bag to have to entertain any younger guests. They may need something to preoccupy themselves while the grown ups are dancing. Our pick has been the little tubs of Play Doh to tie over little ones. Fun all-ages toys like this are perfect and parent friendly. Plus if you get them this time of year, it’s a cheap way to keep kids from crawling away or getting into trouble.

Solid Chocolate

If you have some time or are at least adventurous, you can pick up lots of solid chocolate and do some dipped creations. You may not be able to have the time or means to dip chocolate strawberries for everyone, but you should be able to pick up a bag to do treats for the wedding party. Just be sure you have solid chocolate only- anything with extra ingredients will alter the texture and may not settle right. Microwave a bowl of chocolate for two minutes- 30 seconds at a time while stirring throughout. Add some solid chocolate to the hot bowl and your chocolate will get down to around 85 degrees, which is perfect for dipping fruit, cookies, pretzels, anything you want. It’s a great little gift that’s easy to do and will be the perfect personal touch for your wedding party.

Faux Fabulous Jewelry

Swing by the costume section and look for old flappers, divas, and princess jewels. One fantastic trend we’re seeing is mixed media in flowers- draping jewels or strands of beads throughout large floral arrangements. One easy way to pull this off is to get a ton of cheap necklaces and break them apart as decorations. One of our favorite no-fails is to do pearls through lilies. Long strands of pearls broken up and weaved throughout lilies is feminine, delicate, and totally trendy.

Long Lashes

Our favorite beauty pick from Halloween is long lashes. Halloween is a big day for wearing falsies and they often put out special lashes just for the occasion. Shop the sales for long lashes that you could use for your special occasion. There are a lot this season that are similar to cobwebs- and they’re totally more sultry than scary. Pick up a few pairs while they’re on sale- lashes are great for your bachelorette party, wedding, honeymoon, and every occasion to come.


Fall Disneyland Wedding from White Rabbit Photo Boutique

Happy Halloween!  What better way to celebrate than with this super adorable wedding at Disneyland, California.  We can not help ourselves, but we are obsessing over this gorgeous couple and their magical wedding day details. Oh my goodness, where do we begin? First, we will look at how bright and colorful this wedding is. It brings so much joy and happiness to an already beautiful day.  Next, we can not handle how cute the bridesmaids and groomsmen are in their colored converse shoes. LOVE! Brings that pop of color that ties into the whole wedding theme. We love weddings at Disneyland, but then when it is during the time of Halloween, it is the cherry on top. Why? It is all due to the fabulous and amazing Halloween decor sprinkled all over the Disneyland Park.  Celebrating Halloween with a couple who loves it as much as we do, then it is all over. Over with Halloween magic!  We are so lucky because we have one of our favorite photographers, White Rabbit Photo Boutique featured again this week. Our Halloween treat! So before you head out to do some trick-or-treating, make some time to browse through the fabulous images.

From all of us at BHL, have a safe and Happy Halloween!














white rabbit photo boutique disneyland wedding-7954

white rabbit photo boutique disneyland wedding-7948 copy


















From White Rabbit Photo Boutique..

They were the sweetest couple, we had so much fun. Katie is dutch and she wanted her heritage reflected in their wedding, so all of her favors were from Holland and she had tulips as her bouquet. They were bright and cheerful and fun, and so they had a lot of really fun pops of color. We had a great time taking photos, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed or smiled so much during a photoshoot. :)

Top Five Spooky-Glam Bridal Beauty Tips

Boo! Did we scare you? It’s all in good fun, since it’s Halloween! Halloween is such a fun holiday and so easy to get in the spirit of. Yes, it can be scary but it can also be so sexy and fun. Spooky glam is perfect for Halloween, but it can also work for your wedding. Double dip on the Elvira look this year with our top five favorite spooky glam looks.

Deep Red Lips

Go for blood red, if you can. Fall and Winter are perfect for these deep plummy red lips and they look so fabulous on all skin tones. Think plump and rouge and nail this look with a whole lot of lip conditioner and a good lip liner. If you’re a little more edgy with your costume or even your bridal look, get a lip liner that’s really deep and make your lips as full as possible.

Claw Nails

Whether you’re going as Catwoman or Grumpy Cat, claw nails are perfect for this Halloween. Even better- they’re hot right now and will be the trendiest nail shape for your wedding. These are easiest to pull off with acrylics but if your nails are super long and strong you should be able to rock it. Skip circle and square and go for triangle nails. They’re long, sexy, and and spooky glam enough for any occasion.

Dark Dreamy Eyes

Don’t be afraid of the shadows- get deep dark purples and blue tones and create a mysterious and sexy look. You should definitely do a trial run if you’re thinking about doing this- it can be hard to pull off. If you’re doing this for your wedding, stick to only one big feature- either eyes or lips. If you’re doing it for a costume, go all out. Why not?

Light Twilight

No, not the teen vampires. Add a little sparkle to your look but just in subtle ways. Use a sparkly highlighter in your cheeks, a glitter liner in the corners of your eyes, or a sparkly lip color layered with darker tones. Little specks of glitter cause some intrigue in your look and create some serious sultry looks.

Long Flowy Locks

There’s something so romantic about long flowy hair that’s perfect for dressing as Princess Buttercup or while you’re getting married. Put the updo on the shelf for now and opt for flowy soft hair. You can start by dressing up as a Hollywood starlet for Halloween and keeping the party going all the way down the aisle.


Top Five Spooky Wedding Decor Ideas

We’ve just got a few days until Halloween, which is one of our all-time favorite holidays! The best part about Halloween is all the spooky fun, why not bring it into your wedding? If you’re having a Halloween wedding, a fall wedding, or just want to keep things a little different for your big day, we’ve got five awesome spooky tips for your wedding.

Black Lace

Want to add a dash of spooky romance? Throw in black lace into your decor. Use it in the linens, in your bridesmaid dresses, and if you’re edgy- in your veil. Black lace creates an edgy feel to the usual white lace and makes everything that much spookier and sexier. If you want to be more subtle, use it to tie your flower bouquets or incorporate it into your napkins. Little touches can go a long way.

Tall White Candles

Lately we’ve been seeing lots of tea candles or smaller candles, but if you want to make things a little spookier go for tall. Taller candles, especially with a little bit of wax drip already going, are reminiscent of haunted houses and mansions in scary stories. Candles are innately romantic, but old-vintage looking candles make it that much spookier.

Dark Red Wine

This is a subtle touch of spooky, but go for a blood-red wine. Find something deep like a cabernet or merlot and serve in goblet-shaped wine glasses. It’s sexy, it’s a little spooky, and who cares if your teeth get a little red? Our next spooky decor tip will take care of that.

Low Lighting

Keep the dimmer in business and try to rely on candlelight as much as possible. Give your photographers a heads up so they can plan the lighting for photos accordingly, but have dinner by candlelight. It’s so romantic and makes everyone look that much more mysterious. Use those tall vintage candles to light your night!

Vintage Plates and Stemware

Old school Hollywood horror stories have one big thing in common- big scary mansions where everything is vintage. Take a note and look for vintage or vintage inspired plates and stemware. We love goblet-shaped glasses for your red wine, but up the ante with some vintage plates and long elegant forks and knives. Tones like gold and more muted silvers look so pretty and still look spooky glam.

Top Seven Do’s & Don’ts of Haunted House Bridal Bonding

We’re in the final stretch until Halloween, are you brides to be excited? If you’re looking for something fun to do with your bridesmaids before the big day, we suggest hitting up a haunted house before they all close. If getting spooked with your best friends sounds like the best way for bridesmaids to bond, we’ve got the scoop on how to do it right.

DO Define the Group

Make sure you know if it’s going to be a date night, or if it’s a girls’ night. If you have a bunch of single girls in your party it may be easier to keep it to a girls’ night so no one feels left out. If everyone’s attached and you all get along, think about inviting the significant others too. Just think about the group before you start sending save the dates to keep it fun and low drama.

DON’T Drink Beforehand

Sure a few cocktails can be fun, but save the champagne toasts for the big day. You don’t want to risk barfing, screaming, tripping, or acting unlady-like while you’re scared. It’s not a cute look for anyone- and you’re getting married soon. Keep you and your bridesmaids appropriate.

DO Research

There are so many haunted house attractions this year- more so than ever before and they’re always getting bigger and better. There are some, however, that isolate the groups to specific numbers or even make you go through alone (such as ‘Alone’ in Los Angeles). Make sure that your numbers match up to what’s allowed so you can all stay together- you don’t want to be left alone in a haunted house!

DON’T Dress to Impress

Haunted houses can sometimes get messy- whether it’s fake cobwebs all they way out to more scary things. Warn your bridal party ahead of time to save the stilettos for the reception and wear flat comfy shoes and jeans. Dress to be warm (most haunted houses kick into gear after dark) and be ready to run a little if you need to (or need to- these places are creepy!).

DO Carpool

After running around in the dark for an hour with your best friends getting scared, do you really want to drive home alone? Carpool as much as possible to keep your girls together for both bonding and gas purposes. You’ll have time beforehand to go over any last minute wedding updates, and time afterwards to unwind and laugh together so you don’t have nightmares about haunted hayrides.

DON’T Make Them Match

It’s perfectly fine to have them in matching peplum fuchsia dresses when you’re getting married, but not when you’re just going out for girl time. The bachelorette party and bridesmaid dresses are enough for a matching dress code- let your girls dress comfy and warm when you go out. This is not the time to wear your white ‘Bride to Be’ tank. Save the wedding wear for more official functions. Yes, that includes your plastic ‘wife’ tiara from your wedding shower.

DO Take Pictures

Some haunted houses won’t let you take pictures inside, but take pictures as a group when you get there! This will be a fun experience that you’ll reminisce about- you’ll want to remember it. Check in, hashtag it, and be sure you get your smiling bridal party all together. It’s all in good fun and you’re all there because you love each other. Keep a keepsake!


Happy Halloween from BHL

I love the holidays, but Halloween is by far my favorite holiday of the year!  Fun, festive, and totally silly. It is super fun to dress up and be anything your heart desires for one day. Why not right? Besides all the costumes and silliness that goes with it, the desserts are pretty good too. Well, there is just one that comes to mind, and that is pumpkin pie. I can have myself a piece of warm pumpkin pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream anytime and be content.  Pumpkin cheesecake? That is simply divine and mouthwatering good.  I can go on and on about Halloween treats as you know I am a total dessert lover.  We have been having a great time with all the fall details of weddings and all things bridal, and I wanted to take a break from blogging today and share some Halloween fun from the BHL staff. At BHL, the staff is totally into Halloween, and we thought it might be fun to share some Halloween love. If you love Halloween as much as we do, share your costume or favorite Halloween treat on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and tag us @bridalhotlist. We love to see how you celebrate Halloween! Here is a look at some of the BHL staff and their costumes.

Niloufar Gibson, Chief Editor of BHL

Niloufar Gibson, Chief Editor

  • Niloufar Gibson, Chief Editor: I love weddings as much as I love Disneyland, and pretty much anything Disney. I dressed up as Minnie Mouse and made a visit to Minnie Mouse’s home to take a quick photograph. The whole day little girls were so happy when they saw me and said ” Mommy, look, its Minnie Mouse!”. That just made my day. I knew my costume was perfect for the happiest place on earth!
Andrea Carter, Associate Editor

Andrea Carter, Associate Editor

  • Andrea Carter, Associate Editor: Andrea also has a love for Disneyland, (well Star Wars, but that is part of Disney now), and she dressed up as R2D2. She also spent her day at Disneyland. Pretty awesome right?
Chelsea Underwood, Contributer

Chelsea Underwood, Contributor

  • Chelsea Underwood, Contributor: Chelsea is a total nerd for Halloween! She wanted to do something fun this year. Super cute nerd!
Jade Arvizu, Contributor

Jade Arvizu, Contributor

  • Jade Arvizu, Contributor: Jade put her DIY skills in full action as she made both of these costumes for herself and her boyfriend. Roger Rabbit and Jessica! This couple is a fun loving couple, and their costumes are perfect!

We hope you have a safe and fun Halloween! From all of us at BHL, we wish you a Happy Halloween!!

Top Seven Unique Wedding Halloween Ideas

Boo! Halloween is nigh, bringing a season of candy, costumes, and creepy crawly horrors that send chills up your spine. Nothing though, might seem as scary or as daunting as incorporating Halloween themes into your wedding or reception. But have no fear! We have the top seven unique ways you can add some spooky flair to your special day, whether you choose to go all-out with a costume themed wedding or low key with a few Halloween touches here and there.


Immediately let your guests know the theme and style of the wedding by choosing an eerie, yet classy, invitation design. Something as simple as writing “Till Death Do Us Part” is a spooky spin on a classic wedding line. Allow your invites to reflect the type of Halloween wedding you are having—Quirky? Modern? Victorian?

Cary Pennington Photography

Cary Pennington Photography


Location can prove to be very important when planning a themed wedding and can quickly and easily establish the atmosphere you are looking for—think: gothic churches, creepy mansions, or rustic and autumnal outdoor settings. Choosing a traditional setting and trying to coat it with cobwebs crosses the line into cheesiness, so picking an inherently spooky location can save you a lot of decorating heartache.


No one in your wedding party will speak to you again if you force them wear black and orange outfits that make them resemble pumpkins and gourds. However, where you can add some Halloween excitement is with the youngest members of your party; outfit your flower girls and ring bearers in costumes that illicit oohs and ahhs, instead of screams of fear. If you want to add some spooky touches to your wedding dresses, go for an eerie Victorian look, with plenty of lace and vintage touches. Skull cufflinks give a traditional male tuxedo some festive flair.

Ace Photography

Ace Photography


Your food and beverage choices are where you can really have fun! Set up your bar as a mad scientist lab and serve drinks out of vials and beakers. Don’t be afraid to use dry ice or food coloring—a big punch bowl full of a green alcoholic beverage, labeled biohazard, is sure to draw some attention. Nothing says Halloween like a candy buffet! You can opt out of having a wedding cake and choose to do a candy buffet or creepy crawly cupcake tower, but if you do choose to have a wedding cake, feel free to make your wedding cake a festive and spooky affair as well!


Ace Photography

Ace Photography


There are so many gorgeous fall colors to choose from when picking your flower arrangements. Think plum, orange, burgundy, gold, and go with lilies, roses, and orchids. Work with your florist on creating some fabulously spooky, yet beautiful, flower arrangements. Sometimes just adding some black branches is all you need to give it that Halloween flair.

Cary Pennington Photography

Cary Pennington Photography


The last thing you want is for your reception to look like a haunted house, so steer clear of cobwebs, black gauze, and fake skeletons. Victorian wedding photos, plenty of candles, and rich autumnal colors give a general eerie quality while the small details, such as the name card-holders and table trinkets, can have some quirky Halloween appeal: fake vampire teeth, miniature pumpkins, witch’s hats—the possibilities are endless!


Ace Photography

Ace Photography

Cary Pennington Photography

Cary Pennington Photography


Halloween is the season of treats, so edible treats are the way to go! You can opt to make your candy buffet part of your wedding favors by giving your guests personalized candy bags. Masquerade masks, bottles of red wine labeled “Vampire blood,” or miniature pumpkin pies are also festive favors.


Ace Photography

Ace Photography