Top Five Do’s and Don’ts of Specialty Wedding Drinks

One of our favorite personal touches we see at weddings are specialty drinks. Creating your own drinks for your wedding is another way for you to show off your personality as a couple and show off how creative and fun you can be. Fall is one of the best seasons for fun drinks (Pumpkin Spice Lattes, anyone?) so own it and create your own cocktails for your reception with our top tips!

DO Start Simple

Think about what you like- if you like wine, start there. Start with what you know you like and work around that. If you love bold flavors, spices, smoky, whatever- go with what you like! It’s about your life changing, don’t feel pressured to please everyone

DON’T Get Over-Complicated

Keep your ideas contained though- don’t add fire, torches, or anything crazy to your concoctions. Yes, it may be a neat idea, but if all your guests are ordering your specialty drinks at the bar you’ll end up with major wait times and frustrated bar staff. Keep the ingredients to the fast lane- five times or less.

DO Offer An All-Ages Option

Be sure to include at least one specialty drink with no alcohol in it at all. Not everyone drinks, but everyone will want to participate in your wedding fun! Have an option available that anyone and everyone can enjoy. We like juice mixes with cute garnishes. Think virgin Mai Tais or something along those lines.

DON’T Make Everyone Drink The Same Thing

Some people are just very particular with what they drink and you should respect that. Not everyone will participate in a champagne toast, it’s unrealistic to make everyone have a specialty drink. Offer your specialty drinks, but don’t force everyone into it.

DO Be Clever

The best part about making specialty drinks? Naming them! Get as pun-ny as you can get- it’s not tacky it’s totally cute! Work your names into them, work any specific themes or memories into them. If you met in a cute way, have any pets, or have any hobbies you share go with that too. Figure out what you love and go with that!


Top Five Trendy Fall Wedding Menu Ideas

We could not be more happy for Fall to be here- it’s still over 100 degrees in Southern California and we’re ready for things to cool down! Fall technically starts on September 22nd, but we like to plan ahead. If you’re planning ahead for your wedding menu, we’ve got five awesome tips for picking out some Fall-friendly menu items for the big day.

In the Red

Fall and these warmer months are all about a more full flavor- if you’re in between wine selections, go red. Red wines tend to have a heavier more full flavor that compliments the seasons so well. If you’re afraid of staining your teeth, stick to champagne but be sure to offer a full flavored red wine. Complex notes in cabernets specifically will blend well with the crunchy leaves and warm Fall nights that are coming.

Berry-Good Salads

Adding in a tart fruit into something fresh screams Fall. If you’re undecided on a first course or want a second salad option for your guest, go for something that has cranberry or raisins included. A fresh mixed green salad with some diced almonds and cranberry vinaigrette is a safe bet for any Fall wedding. If you want to do something more adventurous, pair our favorite trendy veggie- kale- with diced cranberries for a more bold salad.

Walnut Breads

If you are doing bread to start for your guests, or want to do a simple appetizer for your guests, start with an artesian nut-infused bread. Walnuts are fantastic for Fall, so look for recipes that are wheaty and have a savory flavor. This will be perfect as an appetizer for your guests with a light, whipped butter or to pair with a cheese plate.

Pumpkin Spice

You know the seasons have changed when you start seeing those red coffee cups and smell that warm pumpkin spice in the air! If you’re having a reception outside, get a pumpkin spice tea or warm drink to pair for your guests to warm up to. If you want to do some light snacks, mini pumpkin spice muffins are something a little sweet that doesn’t spoil dinner (or dessert!).

Cheesecake Desserts

Instead of a light and fluffy cake, opt for something heartier like a cheesecake! It’s just heavy enough to really fill out a whole meal. Cheesecake is an unusual fun way to break out of the classic wedding cake and it’s universally liked. Look for one that is particularly fluffy and has a flavorful graham crust to have that true full-on Fall flavor.

Bon Apetit!