Top Five Detox Tips for Brides

Yesterday Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and gave us a whole six more weeks of Winter- bummer, right? But just because we officially have six more weeks of winter, that doesn’t mean you can still eat like it’s winter. That’s right, the holiday stretch is over so there are no more excuses for eating junk food (official dates are Thanksgiving to the Super Bowl, after that it’s time to get on track!). We’ve got five easy ways to start getting back into shape for the big day.

Ditch the Sweet Drinks

Soda, Frapps, even juice can pack on sugar comparable to whole chocolate bar and have calories that rival a meal. You don’t need to do sugar, juice, or any kind of sweet drinks when there are so many amazing healthy and yummy alternatives! If you’re fancy in the kitchen, you can juice yourself some healthy foods like ginger, kale, and fruit into a fantastic organic mix. If you like comforting drinks, start getting used to tea. We love decaffeinated pomegranate green tea. Green tea helps flush out your system, and the fruit-infused ones give you a great kick of flavor.

Trick Your System

One awesome feel-full trick that helps you save on calories? Before you sit down for a big meal, drink a big glass of cold water. That will help fill your stomach before you start munching away at empty calories like bread and butter. Plus, water is the best thing you can do for your diet- it really does everything for your body! It will clear up your skin, make you feel better, and keep you hydrated so you don’t get headaches or feel tired.

Create Food Goals

If you’re competitive, this is one of the best ways to whip your diet into shape. You don’t necessarily need to keep track of everything you eat, but you can keep track of all the good stuff you eat. Aim for at least two vegetables at first, then up the ante when you find it easier to hit your goals. We like to keep tally of the servings of veggies in our daily planner so we can see how many veggies we’ve had per day. Everyday, try to do a little more or have different vegetables.

Stop the Snacking

If you have a desk job, chances are you can be a chronicle snacker. If that’s you, it’s time to do some cleaning out. Clean out anything edible from your desk/cubicle except for gum or mints (you need to stay minty!). Put it out in a common area so your coworkers can graze, but you need to commit to staying away. Keep all temptation away and replace it with something good, like raw almonds or fruit. The fewer chances you have to eat junk food, the less you will eat junk food!

Team Efforts

In theory, it’s super easy to say no to junk food and yes to foods that will cleanse your body. You know what makes it easier, though? A friend! Get your fiance (after all, he has a big day coming up too) to join you, or even your bridesmaids. Having someone to keep you accountable can make all the difference, plus you can figure out new fun recipes together!


Top Five Repurposed Halloween Items for Your Wedding



Halloween is sadly over, and we’re a little heartbroken. But there is always a silver lining- the best sale is going on right now! Post-Halloween sales are in full swing and only have a few more days before they’re all picked over and done. If you have time, swing by the store and pick up these five awesome items that you can use for your wedding. And hey, if you get a wedding task done you definitely deserve that bag of chocolate. Or that big bag of popcorn. Or the gigantic novelty sized rice crispy treat. Or… actually buy all the candy you want, just be sure to get at least one wedding task done.


This may be easier to find since Halloween is more of a sweet treat holiday. Look for big bags of mints and you can repurpose them to be adorable wedding favors or to be laid out in dishes for guests. If you have the time and maybe some creativity, create custom labels and stick those over the skeleton logos and all that spooky stuff. If you can’t get away with creating all new stickers for the mints (they may be a funny size), find little glass dishes or bowls to pour your mints into. Serve them after dessert so your guests are ready to mingle with fresh breath.

Tiny Toys

Some stores will carry tiny toys as Halloween treats. If you can spy any of these, pick up a bag to have to entertain any younger guests. They may need something to preoccupy themselves while the grown ups are dancing. Our pick has been the little tubs of Play Doh to tie over little ones. Fun all-ages toys like this are perfect and parent friendly. Plus if you get them this time of year, it’s a cheap way to keep kids from crawling away or getting into trouble.

Solid Chocolate

If you have some time or are at least adventurous, you can pick up lots of solid chocolate and do some dipped creations. You may not be able to have the time or means to dip chocolate strawberries for everyone, but you should be able to pick up a bag to do treats for the wedding party. Just be sure you have solid chocolate only- anything with extra ingredients will alter the texture and may not settle right. Microwave a bowl of chocolate for two minutes- 30 seconds at a time while stirring throughout. Add some solid chocolate to the hot bowl and your chocolate will get down to around 85 degrees, which is perfect for dipping fruit, cookies, pretzels, anything you want. It’s a great little gift that’s easy to do and will be the perfect personal touch for your wedding party.

Faux Fabulous Jewelry

Swing by the costume section and look for old flappers, divas, and princess jewels. One fantastic trend we’re seeing is mixed media in flowers- draping jewels or strands of beads throughout large floral arrangements. One easy way to pull this off is to get a ton of cheap necklaces and break them apart as decorations. One of our favorite no-fails is to do pearls through lilies. Long strands of pearls broken up and weaved throughout lilies is feminine, delicate, and totally trendy.

Long Lashes

Our favorite beauty pick from Halloween is long lashes. Halloween is a big day for wearing falsies and they often put out special lashes just for the occasion. Shop the sales for long lashes that you could use for your special occasion. There are a lot this season that are similar to cobwebs- and they’re totally more sultry than scary. Pick up a few pairs while they’re on sale- lashes are great for your bachelorette party, wedding, honeymoon, and every occasion to come.


Top Five Trendy Fall Wedding Menu Ideas

We could not be more happy for Fall to be here- it’s still over 100 degrees in Southern California and we’re ready for things to cool down! Fall technically starts on September 22nd, but we like to plan ahead. If you’re planning ahead for your wedding menu, we’ve got five awesome tips for picking out some Fall-friendly menu items for the big day.

In the Red

Fall and these warmer months are all about a more full flavor- if you’re in between wine selections, go red. Red wines tend to have a heavier more full flavor that compliments the seasons so well. If you’re afraid of staining your teeth, stick to champagne but be sure to offer a full flavored red wine. Complex notes in cabernets specifically will blend well with the crunchy leaves and warm Fall nights that are coming.

Berry-Good Salads

Adding in a tart fruit into something fresh screams Fall. If you’re undecided on a first course or want a second salad option for your guest, go for something that has cranberry or raisins included. A fresh mixed green salad with some diced almonds and cranberry vinaigrette is a safe bet for any Fall wedding. If you want to do something more adventurous, pair our favorite trendy veggie- kale- with diced cranberries for a more bold salad.

Walnut Breads

If you are doing bread to start for your guests, or want to do a simple appetizer for your guests, start with an artesian nut-infused bread. Walnuts are fantastic for Fall, so look for recipes that are wheaty and have a savory flavor. This will be perfect as an appetizer for your guests with a light, whipped butter or to pair with a cheese plate.

Pumpkin Spice

You know the seasons have changed when you start seeing those red coffee cups and smell that warm pumpkin spice in the air! If you’re having a reception outside, get a pumpkin spice tea or warm drink to pair for your guests to warm up to. If you want to do some light snacks, mini pumpkin spice muffins are something a little sweet that doesn’t spoil dinner (or dessert!).

Cheesecake Desserts

Instead of a light and fluffy cake, opt for something heartier like a cheesecake! It’s just heavy enough to really fill out a whole meal. Cheesecake is an unusual fun way to break out of the classic wedding cake and it’s universally liked. Look for one that is particularly fluffy and has a flavorful graham crust to have that true full-on Fall flavor.

Bon Apetit!


Five Ways to Involve Your Dad in Your Wedding

Bridal hot list is made up of people who really love their dads- so we’re all super excited for Father’s Day! In honor of the upcoming holiday, we’ve got a few ways to work your dad into your wedding in ways that’ll make him feel loved.

Make Him Feel at Home

Does your dad have a routine of some kind? Maybe a favorite mug or a specific kind of coffee he totally needs after dinner? Do something sweet for him and make it happen at your wedding! We recently saw a bride who made a beautiful seat sign for her father’s chair that said ‘Dad’ on it, and it was so sweet! Do something small and specifically for him and it’ll make him feel at home and appreciated.

Boogie Bonding

The father-daughter dance is a fantastic tradition for a reason- it’s a sweet moment between father and daughter in front of all their loved ones! Get together and pick a song that means a lot to both of you. If you have time, figure out ways to make your dance fun! A little choreography never hurt anyone, right? You can count it towards your cardio and get a chance to see dear old dad dance. Everybody wins!

Sneak a Special Note

Write out a short note to your dad, and be sure to thank him. This day is all about how you fell in love and are going to start your own family now, it’s important to recognize where you came from. If you feel stuck, tell him how much it means to have him there and that you love him. It doesn’t need to be sappy, it just needs to be genuine. Sneak it into his jacket while he’s dancing or stick it under his plate so he finds it after dinner.

Coordinate Outfits

Help him pick out his suit! You’ll be able to help control the color scheme of the wedding, and be sure he looks great walking you down the aisle. Going shopping with your girlfriends is a great way to bond, why not go shopping with your dad as well? It’ll help him take care of a wedding task, you get to assist in making sure he looks sharp, plus you get time to bond. You’ll wonder why you don’t take your dad out shopping more often!

Let Him Call Some Shots

Let him have one song for sure play during the reception. Let him be the tie-breaker on any decisions you’re unsure on. Ask him his opinion on what to serve for dinner. Dads love being involved and getting heard. It may be a weird time for him to realize you may not be all his little girl anymore- it’s a good gesture to show that he’s still a big part of your life and that you still trust his opinion.


Top Five Slimming Tricks for Brides

The wedding countdown has begun! Are you ready to walk down the aisle feeling your best? It’s totally normal to feel a little bit better about yourself if you’re feeling a little healthier or more fit. Slimming down before a wedding has always been a huge trend, and we’ve got some super easy tips to help you get to where you want to be.


Switch Out the Soda

That’s right, even diet sodas are off limits starting… now! All soda can do some serious damage to your teeth, and sugar substitutes aren’t necessarily great for you. The best thing you can be drinking is water with lemon. The lemon helps flush everything out and water is always hands down the best thing you can sip on. If you do need some variety, try an unsweetened iced tea. Unsweetened passion or fruit teas can tie over that taste for flavor while keeping you off sugar and sweeteners. Unsweetened tea and lemon water do wonders for a slim figure.

Get Bendy

When you wake up in the morning, start with some stretches. Stretch out your arms, legs, and neck for a few minutes before you do anything. Getting your blood flowing helps wake your body up, get you alert and ready for the day. A little step like this can get your body ready to take on the day and think lean. Just remember- a stretch doesn’t count as a work out. You still may need to sweat it out later in the day.

Figure Out New Favorites

If skittles or starburst were your vices, switch them out for actual fruit. If you love your ice cream, make your own popsicles with water and fresh fruit or freshly squeezed fruit. Whatever stress snack you love, figure out something similar that’s healthier for you. Grapes, hummus and pita chips, and popcorn with no sugar are some of our favorites.

Stay Full

Don’t let yourself go hungry. It’s not a healthy way to lose weight, and you won’t focus as well as you could. Your brain is just as important as your body, so you need to make it a priority as well. If you’re feeling hungry, know that it’s your body just saying it needs a little more energy. Give it healthy fuel, like fruit or unsalted nuts or yogurt.

Burn With the Bridesmaids

If working out isn’t your favorite thing, try going with the girls! Make it a bonding thing and find a fun exercise class. There’s amazing dance classes, ballet classes, and parkour classes that are trending right now in most major cities that are super fun to go to. It doesn’t feel like working out when you’re just playing around, which makes these kinds of classes great!


Five Guilt-Free Bridal Shower Snacks

Bridal beauties and maids of honors- it’s time to start planning your bachelorette party events! If it’s time for you to start gathering your girls together, plan for some serious snacking. Since you all have this big event in common coming up, you may be looking for leaner options. Don’t worry, we have a bunch of tasty snacks in mind for your next bridal gathering that won’t leave you hungry.Hummus.jpg.jpg

Hummus & Pita

It’s the healthy version of chips and dip, if that’s your snacking style. You can pick up a few different tubs at any grocery store, but more specialty stores like Trader Joe’s may have more diverse flavors. We love sea salt pita chips and organic hummus any time- and so will your bridesmaids!

Dark Chocolate & Fruit

Dark chocolate has been proven to have antioxidants that are great for you- plus it’s chocolate! Who can resist? If you don’t have a taste for the bitter stuff, opt for a lower percentage (65%-72%) and pair it with fruit. We love orange rinds with dark chocolate or strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. It’s decadent and rich without weighing you down. Yogurt.jpg.jpg

Yogurt Bar

For something more fun, get a few tubs of a low fat plain yogurt and put them into a big bowl. Put out fresh chopped fruit like blueberries and strawberries for your girls to mix into their yogurt. To make it a heavier snack, put out granola or opt for a greek yogurt. It’s a great snack for a morning wedding meeting.

Fresh Sushi

You can get crafty and make your own sushi rolls with your girls, or you can go to a nearby sushi bar. Sushi is a great food that is light and offers a lot of necessary vitamins and healthy fishy fats for your body. Plus, sushi is an easier food to get made fresh without any deep-fried, over sugared, unnecessary fats.

Smoothie Stations

Bust out the ice tray and start making some smoothies with your girls! Dust off the blender and get yourself some fresh fruit, yogurts, ice, milk, and anything else you’d want in a smoothie. Instead of making one big batch for everyone, let people pick what they’d like. You can make it a game and vote on your favorite smoothie and have an official bachelorette party smoothie recipe!


Top Five 2014 Wedding Trends

Happy New Year! With a new year comes new wedding fashions, and at Bridal Hot List, we want to make sure you are up to date on the latest trends in décor, wedding gowns, food, colors, and flowers. What a beautiful way to ring in a new year!


The New Year brings about a turn away from the shabby chic craze, and a turn to an old Hollywood glamour vibe. Look for vintage elements that will add glamour and glitz to your wedding and reception—old hotels with elaborate ballrooms do much of the heavy lifting for you in terms of décor, so look for hotels that offer interesting architectural touches such as elaborate staircases, marble floors, and painted ceilings.

Overall trend


Neutral colors will allow the beauty of your venue to shine, so choose classic colors such as white, black, beige, and grey. Navy and various shades of pink will also be big this season, even being seen in several designer wedding gown collections!


Peonies and roses give romantic glamour to your venue and bouquet. Darker flowers mixed in with various shades of pink add interest and depth. Adding family heirlooms, such as necklaces, lace pieces, and rings, to your bouquet will add gorgeous vintage elements and will make it more personal!



Wedding gowns will be lacy, embellished, and full of old Hollywood glamour! Halter-tops, Grecian draping, floral headpieces, and fur stoles ensure that 2014 will be the most glamorous wedding season of all. Should you opt for a trendy pink dress, keep the shape and style simple. No need for fancy detailing–let the color be the star of your gown!



Homegrown and local food is still the trend for 2014, so choose caterers that work with local farms. Elegant sit down dinners is a big change from the laid back and homey buffet style from the shabby-chic 2013, but alternative dessert bars, instead of a traditional wedding cake, is still big this season. If having a wedding cake is more your style, then go for a classic white cake to keep in theme with the old Hollywood glamour trend.

Elegant sit down dinner

Five Drinks to Avoid Before Your Wedding


Put down the diet soda and step away from the table. Any form of carbonation can make you bloat, and that’s not something you want to remember forever in your wedding photos.  That mimosa may be the perfect thing for brunch, but that bubbly won’t leave you feeling bubbly. Darker carbonated drinks can also leave your teeth stained over time, and that’s never a good look. If you want something sweet, opt for an all-natural juice. An even healthier option is to slice up some fresh fruit and chill it with your water.

Red Wine

Two words: stained teeth. Even if you’re trying to pair something with a steak, it may be better to save your glass for a white wine with your salad and appetizers. Even if you’re a few days out from your wedding, you want to make sure your teeth are as white as possible for all your pictures. If you can, hold off on alcohol as much as possible all together. Drinking can affect your skin through dehydration, and also cause your immune system to suffer. With a wedding coming up, you can’t afford to risk any of these things happening.

Meal Replacement Drinks

Meal replacement drinks may sound like an easy way to cut back on your eating overall, but they can mess with your system. It’s best to stay healthy the old fashioned way- fruits, veggies, and water. Cutting corners can not only affect the way your body processes food, but also it can affect your brain. If you’re not eating a true meal, your body may feel more tired and get agitated more easily. Hunger can do crazy things to your brain, and that’s not something that you need to risk right now. Treat your body to what it wants.

“Diet” Drinks

Diet sodas can be just as harmful as regular sodas and the same goes for diet juices and drink mixes. Your body processes and breaks down traditional sugar a certain way, and artificial sugars another way. However if you drink enough diet drinks, your body will end up processing artificial sugar the exact same way it processes traditional sugar. You may think you’re saving a few calories here and there, but in the long run it will be just as harmful as regular soda. It’s best to just avoid them and opt for a healthier choice.

Dessert Drinks

A Frappuccino may sound fantastic right now, but even if you skip the whipped crème those calories still add up. If you get yourself a caramel mocha you have to factor it into your dessert calories, and not just as a drink. It can be so easy to forget how your delicious smoothie can be more calories than a bowl of ice cream. If you’re working on slimming down, be smart about your drink choices. Those calories you’re sipping can add up quicker than you imagine!


Five Tips for Building Your Wedding Menu

One of the more fun parts of planning a wedding is getting to test run the menu! The most biggest day of your life should automatically come with the best meal of your life. Here’s a few tips to keep you en route to the dinner you deserve!

Don’t Starve Yourself

You should meet with your caterers with an appetite- but if you’re too hungry it’ll change the way you remember food! At the very least, have breakfast that fills you up but isn’t carb heavy. By giving your body something to run off of, you’ll meet your caterer much more level-headed.

Take Notes

In instances like this, it is completely acceptable to instagram your food! Take notes with each bite, writing down what the dish is, its’ consistency, flavor, and if you liked it or not. It can also help to take pictures so you can imagine how it will look against your linens and color palette. Make sure you write down whether or not your partner likes it too- it may be your big day, but you have to (at least) try to agree on food.


Bring a Friend (or two!)

Your wedding should be all about the couple, but just remember it’s an event for all your friends and family as well! As a couple, it could be a good idea to bring a friend (the best man or maid of honor, for instance) to call tie breakers on the menu or offer insight on appetizers. Just don’t bring too many people, you want to keep how awesome the food is close to heart until the big day!


Don’t Rush

Even if you’ve got your heart set on one specific caterer, it’s a good idea to ‘shop around’ and see what kind of caterers are out there. It can be easy when you’re stuffed full of crab cakes to want to say yes to the first caterer you see, but waiting can pay off. Make sure you make your most informed decision before putting down a deposit.


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

If you hate spicy, speak up! If you’re seeing lots of steak and are more of a seafood gal, let your caterer know. A wedding as a whole should accurately represent the couple it is celebrating. Your partner may have to have their favorite comfort food, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for yours! You and your partner should have say in the food and both be happy with the menu.


Top Five Fool Proof Wedding Favors

As a wedding guest, I am always curious as to see what the bride and groom have planned for their wedding favors. Will it be one more useless trinket holder for me to find some empty patch of bookshelf to store it away and gather dust? When planning your wedding favors, it can be tricky to discern what will be appreciated by your guests as cherished mementos from your wedding, and what favors will be added to their stockpile of knick knacks or even just tossed in the trashcan. Favors should be unique, thoughtful, and fit within your theme and budget; and, if it isn’t edible, it should be useful. As a general rule of thumb, think twice before you engrave your initials, names, and wedding date on every favor. No one really wants a picture frame or a wine glass with your initials emblazoned across the front (sorry). Also, it’s a good idea to stay away from favors that are strongly scented, such as candles and soaps—people can be sensitive to certain smells or just plain picky about the aroma of their home. Lastly, keep favors gender neutral; I’ve seen many a man go home with compacts and lip balms, only to mutter to themselves, “I guess I will give this to my girlfriend/wife/neighbor/coworker…”

To help kick start your brainstorming juices, we’ve made of list of our top five fool proof wedding favor ideas!

Seasonal Wedding Favors

To ensure that your wedding favors are useful to your guests, keep in mind the time of year that you are having your wedding. Sunglasses are a fun and fashionable favor for summer weddings, while chapstick or ornaments are great for the winter months. I have recently fallen in love with wildflower papers—these papers will plant beautiful spring flowers, giving your guests a colorful reminder of your wedding.





Food, Nom Nom

If I have to see another tiny pail filled with pastel almonds I will scream. Just because your wedding favor is food doesn’t mean that it can’t also be thoughtful or creative. Gifting your guests something that is local or unique to your town or heritage is always appreciated, such as local honey, preserves, hot sauce, or olive oil. Do you have a favorite family dessert or dish? Package the dry ingredients and attach the recipe. Bonus points for you if you include a vegan or gluten-free option!





Giftable Decorations

If you are struggling to find ways to decorate the tables at your reception, allow your wedding favors to do the job. Succulents in teacups and small flowerpots, as well as vintage picture frames, can serve as table place markers. Personalized miniature flower vases can hold flower arrangements for your table, while also working as a gift for your guests to enjoy at home.



Wedding Appropriate

Wedding favors that can be used while at the reception are always fun because of their instant gratification factor. A tub filled with flip flops in a variety of sizes are welcome to any guest who wants to kick off their uncomfortable formal shoes and boogie on the dance floor. Classy hangover kits are humorous, and more often that not, incredibly appreciated the morning after! Journals, luggage tags, and reusable nylon bags are great for destination weddings, but can continue to be used and enjoyed at home.

Helping Others

A surefire way to make sure your wedding favor is useful and appreciated is to make a charity donation on behalf of your guest. A simple card with a personal note explaining to your guests that a donation has been made, along with a description of the charity and its work, is a gift that is more meaningful and long lasting than treats or bottle openers or tiny boxes.