Five Drinks to Avoid Before Your Wedding


Put down the diet soda and step away from the table. Any form of carbonation can make you bloat, and that’s not something you want to remember forever in your wedding photos.  That mimosa may be the perfect thing for brunch, but that bubbly won’t leave you feeling bubbly. Darker carbonated drinks can also leave your teeth stained over time, and that’s never a good look. If you want something sweet, opt for an all-natural juice. An even healthier option is to slice up some fresh fruit and chill it with your water.

Red Wine

Two words: stained teeth. Even if you’re trying to pair something with a steak, it may be better to save your glass for a white wine with your salad and appetizers. Even if you’re a few days out from your wedding, you want to make sure your teeth are as white as possible for all your pictures. If you can, hold off on alcohol as much as possible all together. Drinking can affect your skin through dehydration, and also cause your immune system to suffer. With a wedding coming up, you can’t afford to risk any of these things happening.

Meal Replacement Drinks

Meal replacement drinks may sound like an easy way to cut back on your eating overall, but they can mess with your system. It’s best to stay healthy the old fashioned way- fruits, veggies, and water. Cutting corners can not only affect the way your body processes food, but also it can affect your brain. If you’re not eating a true meal, your body may feel more tired and get agitated more easily. Hunger can do crazy things to your brain, and that’s not something that you need to risk right now. Treat your body to what it wants.

“Diet” Drinks

Diet sodas can be just as harmful as regular sodas and the same goes for diet juices and drink mixes. Your body processes and breaks down traditional sugar a certain way, and artificial sugars another way. However if you drink enough diet drinks, your body will end up processing artificial sugar the exact same way it processes traditional sugar. You may think you’re saving a few calories here and there, but in the long run it will be just as harmful as regular soda. It’s best to just avoid them and opt for a healthier choice.

Dessert Drinks

A Frappuccino may sound fantastic right now, but even if you skip the whipped crème those calories still add up. If you get yourself a caramel mocha you have to factor it into your dessert calories, and not just as a drink. It can be so easy to forget how your delicious smoothie can be more calories than a bowl of ice cream. If you’re working on slimming down, be smart about your drink choices. Those calories you’re sipping can add up quicker than you imagine!


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Andrea Carter

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