Five Ways to Involve Your Dad in Your Wedding

Bridal hot list is made up of people who really love their dads- so we’re all super excited for Father’s Day! In honor of the upcoming holiday, we’ve got a few ways to work your dad into your wedding in ways that’ll make him feel loved.

Make Him Feel at Home

Does your dad have a routine of some kind? Maybe a favorite mug or a specific kind of coffee he totally needs after dinner? Do something sweet for him and make it happen at your wedding! We recently saw a bride who made a beautiful seat sign for her father’s chair that said ‘Dad’ on it, and it was so sweet! Do something small and specifically for him and it’ll make him feel at home and appreciated.

Boogie Bonding

The father-daughter dance is a fantastic tradition for a reason- it’s a sweet moment between father and daughter in front of all their loved ones! Get together and pick a song that means a lot to both of you. If you have time, figure out ways to make your dance fun! A little choreography never hurt anyone, right? You can count it towards your cardio and get a chance to see dear old dad dance. Everybody wins!

Sneak a Special Note

Write out a short note to your dad, and be sure to thank him. This day is all about how you fell in love and are going to start your own family now, it’s important to recognize where you came from. If you feel stuck, tell him how much it means to have him there and that you love him. It doesn’t need to be sappy, it just needs to be genuine. Sneak it into his jacket while he’s dancing or stick it under his plate so he finds it after dinner.

Coordinate Outfits

Help him pick out his suit! You’ll be able to help control the color scheme of the wedding, and be sure he looks great walking you down the aisle. Going shopping with your girlfriends is a great way to bond, why not go shopping with your dad as well? It’ll help him take care of a wedding task, you get to assist in making sure he looks sharp, plus you get time to bond. You’ll wonder why you don’t take your dad out shopping more often!

Let Him Call Some Shots

Let him have one song for sure play during the reception. Let him be the tie-breaker on any decisions you’re unsure on. Ask him his opinion on what to serve for dinner. Dads love being involved and getting heard. It may be a weird time for him to realize you may not be all his little girl anymore- it’s a good gesture to show that he’s still a big part of your life and that you still trust his opinion.


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Andrea Carter

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