Arizona Engagement Session

Heading to the desert for a beautiful engagement session today.  I love engagement season, and when you have an e-session as pretty as this one, it makes my wedding loving heart joyful. This session captured by Life’s Story Studios, really shows off the couple’s love for each other. Can you imagine the wedding day? Oh my goodness, I think the love is going to pop out of the computer screen! Its amazing when couple’s choose their locations for the images that will be displayed on their wedding day and around their home. It is personable, and special to them. This couple chose the desert lands of Arizona as their backdrop, since it is their new home. I think its beautiful, and I am in love with the cactus and other trees. That sunset shot, is one of my favorite images of this session, and even though you can not see the faces of the couple, you can feel the intimacy. Do not get my wrong, the other images are absolutely stunning, and totally worth browsing through.  Enjoy Monday morning with a dose of the desert.


trevor and sarah's engagement  trevor and sarah's engagement

trevor and sarah's engagement  trevor and sarah's engagement

trevor and sarah's engagement  trevor and sarah's engagement

trevor and sarah's engagement  trevor and sarah's engagement

trevor and sarah's engagement  trevor and sarah's engagement

trevor and sarah's engagement  trevor and sarah's engagement

trevor and sarah's engagement  trevor and sarah's engagement

trevor and sarah's engagement  trevor and sarah's engagement

trevor and sarah's engagement  trevor and sarah's engagement

trevor and sarah's engagement  trevor and sarah's engagement

trevor and sarah's engagement  trevor and sarah's engagement

trevor and sarah's engagement  trevor and sarah's engagement

trevor and sarah's engagement  trevor and sarah's engagement

trevor and sarah's engagement  trevor and sarah's engagement

From Life’s Story Studios...

Sarah and Trevor met online and moved to Phoenix from CA recently. Sarah knew knew the proposal was going to happen that day and had helped pick out the ring. Sarah has a stuffed chicken that has been through a lot with her, it goes many places with her so Trevor bird napped it. He changed it from it halloween costume into it’s formal attire for the occasion and placed the ring inside the egg inside the chicken. Then they went to a halloween event at Universal Studios and had dinner. We decided that the chicken should also be involved in the engagement shoot. We also decided that we should include some desert scenery and cactus to show the out of state family.

North Carolina Winter Wedding Styled Shoot

Before we bid adieu to winter and say hello to Spring in a few weeks, we wanted to squeeze in one more gorgeous winter wedding and share all its pretty details. This styled shoot is all about elegance, class, and beauty. The stunning venue, the breathtaking flowers, and the bride and groom make this winter wedding shoot super chic.   With the fabulous talent of Alexanders Studios, the images has us swooning. If you are still feeling the winter season, then warm up with a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy this Southern Winter wedding.



























About the Styled Shoot from Alexanders Studios

The dry grasses are not dead for me. A beautiful form has as much life at one season as another. -Henry David Thoreau

Though spring delivers beams of hope and renewal, the long winter that proceeds it can often bear down on our souls with dreary gray monotony – unless we have love. Love has no season. It is impermeable by cold or heat. In fact, some may argue it gains strength through the winter, when it is the sole source of gladness and warmth. The stark white, silver, and gray of winter is warmed by just a sprinkle of red love, and this styled shoot captures that contrast.The bride and groom models in this shoot are real-life sweethearts. Their romance has been one of budding beauty. When the bride model moved from her cold home state last year, she ventured into a renewed life in North Carolina that surprised her with warmth and love. From the groom model: “In February of 2014, she moved from the frozen wasteland of Wisconsin and started visiting Church. That first Sunday she attended was the first time that I was leading worship for the service. As she walked through the doors and saw me up on stage, she had an overwhelming feeling that this was the person she had been looking for her whole life.”

As we shot photos of this sweet couple, the bitter cold winds of winter blew through the leafless trees. Intermittent bursts of sunshine warmed our bodies, but the love between these two sweethearts warmed their souls. Sharing their love on camera encouraged the groom model to reminisce about his first encounter with his beloved. “As she walked up the stairs and I saw her for the first time, I was struck by how beautiful she was…I was convinced that if there was anyone in the world that I could love, it was her.” It was as if he had experienced a glimpse of spring in her beauty, and he could not go back to living in a loveless winter. “As our interest grew in each other, I began looking for an opportunity to talk to her dad, to ask him for permission to date his daughter,” the groom model explained.“We have simply fallen deeper and deeper in love with each passing day. We are so excited to see how the Lord will work in our lives together in the future, for we know thatGod orchestrated our relationship from the start.”Where summer’s heat drives us to shed heavy layers, the cold of winter beckons us to add more…more lace…more fur…more texture… in order to compensate for winter’s starkness. The fur stole the bride wore in this shoot makes one warmer just by gazing at it.

The dark red flowers in her bouquet add life to the wintery surroundings. The texture of the jewels add another layer of beauty. Even the detailed antique china warms the dining space in a way that the simplicity of summer cannot convey. And, of course, the closeness of the couple encourages warmth of body and spirit.Winter does not deliver an absence of warmth or love…it is actually the ideal season for more! With warm touches of red, textured pieces, and layers of luxury, this styled shoot shows how love can warm the coldest of hearts.



Photography: Alexanders Studios

Venue: Chateau Bellevie

Event Planner: Galej Events

Jewelry: Gemma Jewels

Invitations: Greatest Story Weddings

Make up Artist: Julie Robbins Makeup

Hair: Wedding Hair by Liz

Cake: Ambrosia Cake Creations

Flowers: North Raleigh Florist

Bridal Dress: Savvi Formalwear

Top Five Tips for the Perfect Engagement Selfie

You said yes- congratulations! After you’ve calmed down and called the most important people in your life, it’s time to release the news to the public. It may be tempting to spill the beans as soon as you are officially engaged, but waiting can sometimes be a good thing. Take some time before uploading a blurry ring picture to really perfect your engagement selfie and it’ll pay off tenfold in likes.

Check Your Nails

Yes, focus is going to be on your new favorite piece of jewelry but you’re going to want to make sure your fingers are looking good too. Do a quick swipe under your nails to pull out any dirt. If your nails are chipping, do a quick fix with a layer of darker polish over your existing polish. It doesn’t have to be a new full manicure, but it shouldn’t look sloppy. You’ll look back on this picture a lot, you want it to be awesome and beautiful.

Mattify Your Face

If you’re going to be smiling in the shot, mattify your T-zone so you don’t look oily or greasy. You want to remember your natural happy glow, not that you get oily when the weather changes. Do a quick light swipe of an HD powder or a spray of a mattifying face sealing spray.

Upgrade to a Couplie

It may be a little harder to wrangle and coordinate, but an engagement couplie is probably the most appropriate use of a couplie. We love the classic kiss shot with the ring featured- it’s a romantic way of telling the full story all in one picture. You can also get creative with how you both end up in the shot- make it fun, and make it you!

Filter Wisely

No one actually goes #NoFilter- especially not for such an important selfie! Pick something that is well saturated and doesn’t blur any edges. You want your ring to sparkle against your skin, so it’s important you flash a natural glow to contrast. Avoid anything that softens- you want to emphasize the sparkle! And don’t do black and white, it drowns out the whole picture.

Caption Accordingly

Yes, the “He liked it, so he put a ring on it!” is cute, but it’s been done. A lot. Try a little harder and come up with a caption that more fits you as a couple. Mention how long you two have been together, maybe hint at how the proposal went, or do a cute play on word on your names (if applicable- don’t push it). Be creative, be fun, and make it personal. Those little steps go a long way.


Mad Men Inspired Engagement Session

If you are a big fan of the popular show Mad Men like we are, then you will absolutely love this engagement session from  Love in Photographs. This gorgeous couple definitely knows how to show off their stylish, fashionable, and sophisticated looks.  There is something so classy and elegant about this e-session that has us totally in love. We LOVE the red Ferrari which brings this session up to a very glamorous level. And when you have a stunning couple like this one, then the Ferrari is not the only detail we are in love with This couple owns this session.  They were made for this urban and lovely setting.  How fabulous do they look? We think they look amazing! This session kind of makes us want to go back and watch more episodes of Mad Men, and get into the 1960’s era.  Take a look and get inspired with these fantastic images. You may want to sneak in an episode of Mad Men before starting your day.




















From Love in Photographs

Mona & Spencer, a super fun pair both filled with so much charm & wit! For their engagement session they wanted to have a Madmen inspired session; all glammed up in San Francisco with Spencer’s father’s 1975 Ferarri as a prop – and so we did!

Top Five Single Girl Survival Tips for Weddings

So your best friend is getting married- that’s awesome! But if you’re not coupled up, it can be scary to go to go to a friend’s wedding. There’s a certain stigma associated with weddings and couples that can totally be intimidating. Bridal Hot List can be your wingman at your next wedding (we love brides and someday-brides alike!), and we’ll get you through it!

Focus on Other People’s Love Lives

Why are you going to a wedding in the first place? Oh right, two people loved each other so much they decided to throw a party and make it official! That’s plenty of reason alone to not focus on what’s going on in your love life and instead focus on someone else’s. If you’re a romantic, go ahead and appreciate the romance!

Bring a Buddy

It’s dangerous to go alone- take a friend with you! Check out who’s invited and see if you can buddy up with another friend who’s going stag. If you can’t find anyone else who’s heading out to the wedding, ask around to see who’s not coupled up. It’s okay- you’re not the only one looking for a wedding buddy! You also run the chance of being paired up with a wedding buddy who’s really cute, and that’s always worth the risk.

Get Involved

If you can’t find someone to buddy up with and you’re not a romantic, go ahead and make yourself useful! Be an awesome friend and offer to help out as much as you can and just stay busy. Weddings are a huge event, there will always be a way that you can help out! Offer to help out with the guest book, watch any kids, keep an eye on any randomly invited ex’s to keep them separated, or anything else that may come up! Do something good and help out. Who knows- that karma may come back around and you could find yourself getting extra help at your next event!

Ask Questions

Talking to strangers can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be! If you’re hitting the wall looking for someone to talk to, just start asking questions. People love to feel like their opinion is valued, why don’t you indulge someone and find out more about whoever’s sitting next to you? Ask them who they know, where they’re from, go ahead and swap stories! You could be sitting next to your new best friend.

Take Pictures

Looking for an icebreaker? Offer to snap some shots! Now more than ever, people have access to great cameras and knowledge on photography. Bring a point and shoot at the very least and go around taking some candids! It can be a great way to start talking to new friends and an even better way to remember the party later.


A Vintage Bridal Session from Micah McCoy Studio

Bridal sessions are one of my favorite photo-shoots. They really are. I mean, it is all about the bride, her gown, her hair, make up, and all the pretty bridal details. What is not to love? This bridal session is no exception. Located in an historic part of town and featuring a bride who is in love with vintage details as much as I am. Another reason why I love this bridal session so much. It is personal, creative, and charming. Can we talk about the bride’s pretty details? That lace dress is absolutely  stunning. Wow! And then the lovely shoes compliments the dress just perfectly. Oh, and can we please talk about all her accessories? Pearls, pearls, and more pearls. Just pairs up beautifully with the dress and this pretty bride. I can go and on about this bridal session, but I think its best that you take a look at the gorgeous images captured by Micah McCoy Studio . A photographer after my vintage loving heart. Micah McCoy Studio  did a brilliant job in capturing the style and personality of this bride.






















From Micah McCoy Studio 

Autumn was looking for a vintage vibe for this bridal shoot, so I booked space in a local studio space in Urbana’s historic downtown. Autumn’s vintage dress complimented the setting well and she looked absolutely breathtaking descending the stairs of the building. It was like being in an old movie. Autumn made her flowers herself from paper and decorated her shoes for the occasion. To add to the authenticity of the shoot I shot many of the images on black and white film, and used vintage lenses.

Texas State Capitol Bridal Session from PhotoHouse Films

I am not sure how your Wedding Wednesday is looking like today, but ours is looking pretty darn amazing. It is all due to this charming bridal session set in the heart of Austin, Texas.  You will want to clear your schedule and set some time aside to enjoy this pretty bridal session.  The 19th century architecture building is not the only detail catching our eyes. This bride is gorgeous! The beautiful bride looks amazing in a setting like this one…At one of the nation’s most distinguished state capitols and wearing a stunning  gown from Signature Bridal Salon. She is looking as lovely as can be. Of course, this bride’s beauty is captured by PhotoHouse Films, who does an incredible job in snapping all the pretty details. Yes, we are a big fans of brides and their bridal sessions, and this one has us head over heels in love. So take a little break, ( or a long one!), and browse the fabulous images of a bride and the Texas Capitol Building.

















From PhotoHouse Films

A stunning bridal portrait session at the Texas State Capitol with Margot Coogan.

Margot’s bridal portrait session at the Texas State Capitol was such a wonderful day and we had a blast spending the afternoon with her there! She looked absolutely stunning in her dress and we can’t wait for her to share all that beauty on her big day.

Five Beauty Treatments to Skip Before Engagement Photos

Newly engaged? It’s time to show off a fresh face and document this epic time in your life! If you have a big photo op on the horizon, you’re going to want to do what you can to look your best. However, there are a few things that you should probably skip before taking lots of photos. Here’s our list of what to put on the back burner for now.

Skip the Facials

Even if you’re a regular at the spa, you may want to skip the facials. You don’t want to risk any bad reactions or irritated skin when you have a photo op on the horizon. If you feel like your skin does need a little love, try a clay or mud mask. Stick to organic and non-irritable (nothing acidic!) skin treatments so there’s no chance you’ll break out or get patchy.

Stick to Shaving

On that note, now is not the time to get waxed! If you’ll have some skin showing, it’s best to keep it looking as smooth as possible. In the same vein as skipping facials to avoid any unwanted reaction, you should also foreo waxing for a while. Even if you go to the same beautician every time, you don’t want to risk a bad experience. Your skin needs to be as flawless as possible, don’t take risks. 1Biotin.jpg.jpg

Serious New Supplements

Vitamins like fish oil, vitamin D, and Biotin can be a great addition to your diet, but skip starting them until all the pictures are done! Introducing a new vitamin into your routine can break you out- or even in some cases make you nauseous. Biotin and other hair and nail supplements have been known to break people out when they are first introduced into a sensitive system. It’s best to not make any drastic changes to your diet just yet- enjoy being engaged in your own skin for a while!


Trim Out the Trim

Skip getting any haircuts, even if you’re just planning on a tiny trim, until after the pictures are taken. It can be easy to get swept up in feeling creative while you’re in a stylist’s chair, but you may not want that look to be documented. Try to save any changes to your look until after engagement photos. That way, you’ll have time to perfect your new look before the big day or change it if you don’t love it.

Re-Schedule That Root Canal

Put off any dental work until after all photos are done. Treatments that numb your face can cause you to make funny faces, and not all in the cute way. Unless you’re just going in for a quick cleaning the day before, you really want to keep anything major until you’re free from the flashing lights. No one likes a puffy numb mouth, and being uncomfortable could distract you from looking adorable.

A FootBall Love: An Engagement Session from Silver Gecko Photography

The Big Game is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with this super fun engagement session featuring an adorable couple who loves to show their spirit for football. We want to keep the team spirit going this week, and that is why we love this e-session so much. Of course it is even better when  Silver Gecko Photography  is there to capture the love that this couple shares with each other. It is kind of sweet to see a couple like this one, run on the football field, and share their obvious love for each other. So get your pom pom’s out and cheer for this cute couple!








From Silver Gecko Photography …

This was a very fun session! I’ve known Liz & Dave for years and I’m more than honored to photograph for them. Dave is one of my fraternity brothers from Sigma Phi Epsilon at Calif. State Univ., Northridge and Liz has always been a big supporter of our chapter. They’re both very fun loving people and huge sports fans!

Our session was originally supposed to start at the football field at Westlake High school, where Dave’s father coaches one of the football teams, but we couldn’t find the gate that was supposed to open for us. This actually worked in our favor since it was ridiculously hot and extremely sunny when we first arrived at the field. We decide to start with what was to be our second location, the beach at Point Mugu State Park. When we got to the beach Dave was telling me how they love to come to this beach since it isn’t well known and and they can watch the waves crash into the rocks at the shoreline.

This was my first time at the any beach since my honeymoon in Hawaii, so it was a little bittersweet, but photographing Dave & Liz interacting and enjoying the environment was great, despite the wind that was blowing Liz’s hair everywhere.

When we got back to the field in Westlake the lighting was perfect, thanks in part to the solar eclipse that was occurring.  I photographed Liz and Dave just playing around on the field and ended with them under the score board, with the setting sun behind them.

The Lab and The Camp Engagement Session from Happy Photos

You know by now that I am in love with engagement sessions. I really LOVE them! But, this one has a special place in my heart. The locations are set at the famous, Anti-Mall (the Lab), and the Camp in Costa Mesa, California. A place that you would find me in my college years, studying in the funky courtyard, with unique little details all around. It was the perfect place to study and feel relaxed. These days I visit both of these fabulous locations when I want a bite to eat. I can literally spend hours at either of these locations. Good food, and good ambiance. I can see why this adorable couple chose these unique locations for their e-session. It fits their personalities, and brings out a certain joy and love which is totally obvious in the images below. See how Happy Photos captured the sweet love these two show off in each and every image. You may want to grab your coffee, and sit down for this one. Its a pretty good one!

























From Happy Photos

Meet Shauna and Greg. Shauna is the marketing director at Scott’s Resturant, and Greg is a school teacher. When I asked  them about their engagement session, they told me that they  wanted something out of the ordinary. (So, no beach or park location). But rather they wanted a location which fit their fun and quirky personalities! The Lab and the Camp in Costa Mesa was the perfect location for these two love birds. Each spot had a unique detail about it, and the couple seemed to fit right in. There were some pretty amazing spots to take photographs at both of these locations. Shauna and Greg made my job easy. They were so much fun to work with, and I could not help but smile behind the lens.  Congrats to Shauna and Greg!