Five Beauty Treatments to Skip Before Engagement Photos

Newly engaged? It’s time to show off a fresh face and document this epic time in your life! If you have a big photo op on the horizon, you’re going to want to do what you can to look your best. However, there are a few things that you should probably skip before taking lots of photos. Here’s our list of what to put on the back burner for now.

Skip the Facials

Even if you’re a regular at the spa, you may want to skip the facials. You don’t want to risk any bad reactions or irritated skin when you have a photo op on the horizon. If you feel like your skin does need a little love, try a clay or mud mask. Stick to organic and non-irritable (nothing acidic!) skin treatments so there’s no chance you’ll break out or get patchy.

Stick to Shaving

On that note, now is not the time to get waxed! If you’ll have some skin showing, it’s best to keep it looking as smooth as possible. In the same vein as skipping facials to avoid any unwanted reaction, you should also foreo waxing for a while. Even if you go to the same beautician every time, you don’t want to risk a bad experience. Your skin needs to be as flawless as possible, don’t take risks. 1Biotin.jpg.jpg

Serious New Supplements

Vitamins like fish oil, vitamin D, and Biotin can be a great addition to your diet, but skip starting them until all the pictures are done! Introducing a new vitamin into your routine can break you out- or even in some cases make you nauseous. Biotin and other hair and nail supplements have been known to break people out when they are first introduced into a sensitive system. It’s best to not make any drastic changes to your diet just yet- enjoy being engaged in your own skin for a while!


Trim Out the Trim

Skip getting any haircuts, even if you’re just planning on a tiny trim, until after the pictures are taken. It can be easy to get swept up in feeling creative while you’re in a stylist’s chair, but you may not want that look to be documented. Try to save any changes to your look until after engagement photos. That way, you’ll have time to perfect your new look before the big day or change it if you don’t love it.

Re-Schedule That Root Canal

Put off any dental work until after all photos are done. Treatments that numb your face can cause you to make funny faces, and not all in the cute way. Unless you’re just going in for a quick cleaning the day before, you really want to keep anything major until you’re free from the flashing lights. No one likes a puffy numb mouth, and being uncomfortable could distract you from looking adorable.

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Andrea Carter

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