Happy Holidays from BHL!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all of our readers! No matter what you’re celebrating this season, take some time today to feel good about yourself, your family, your friends, and everything you’ve accomplished in 2014. The BHL staff is taking today to be with our families and enjoy the day off- we encourage the same of all our readers!

Our Editor-in-Chief Niloufar Gibson is enjoying the day with her husband Sean (below).



Niloufar has been loving all the Christmas trees in her neighborhood- look how beautiful this one is!

Associte Editor Andrea Carter is spending the day at home with her boyfriend, Tom.


They love Christmas because they get to go out with their friends they haven’t seen in a while (like Alana- hi Alana!).


No matter how you’re spending your day off, take some time to be with the people you love. Happy Holidays from everyone here at Bridal Hot List. Our from you has been an amazing 2014, and our gift to you will be a fun filled 2015!

From all of us at Bridal Hot List, Happy Holidays!

Top Five Post-Wedding Must Have’s

After the ceremony, you’ll need a few tools of the trade to get through all of the aftermath. You may not realize it, but once you need it you’ll seriously need it. Stash these things away and enjoy being a stress-free newlywed!


You don’t realize you need them til it’s one in the morning and you’re about twenty short! Stop by the post office, or even the supermarket and pick up a book of forever stamps. You’ll be needing them for all the thank you notes that’ll have to go out after you get back from the honeymoon. If you want to score some bonus points, send postcard thank you’s from your honeymoon! Either way, you’ll need a whole lot of forever stamps. They’re always good to have on hand.


This handy dandy tool will be your new best friend when you’re going through all your fun wedding gifts. Put down those junk drawer scissors that you use for everything and opt for the right tool for the job. Box cutters are one of the most overlooked household staple- and when you’re unboxing everything you’ll need it! Pick up one with a safety guard so you don’t accidentally hurt yourself and you’re good to go!

Frozen Food

A stocked fridge is a happy fridge, am I right? With all the wedding craziness, you probably won’t have time to stock the fridge full of fresh (i.e., perishable) food all the time. Most of your meals will be on the go or during functions (bridal brunch, rehearsal dinner, tastings, etc.). Instead of buying all fresh food that could go bad, keep some frozen food in the fridge for the meals that you will be home for. We love frozen fruit for easy smoothies and frozen veggies with some teriyaki as a quick stir fry. It’ll be much easier than squeezing all the fruit in the kitchen to see which ones are safe to eat.


Bleed-Free Pens

A good pen makes a WORLD of difference. Hit up an office supply store and test out a few until you find a brand that doesn’t bleed for you. You can’t risk any smudgy ink when you’re signing papers, writing thank you’s, or wearing white. Having pens explode either in your purse or in your hand can be a major set back. Even if they’re a little pricier, a good pen that won’t smudge on you is worth the splurge.


You went through all the trouble of getting a photographer and looking good- now get ready to show off all those awesome pictures! Look around at any framed photos you have up now- if there’s any that you’d want to switch out, get them ready for some wedding shots! And while you’re registering, keep an eye out for neat looking frames. Your wedding will be one of the best days of your life, so you’ll want to be reminded of it all the time.


Five Spring Beauty Trends for Brides

Hey ladies, getting hitched in the spring? Own it and have some fun with some spring beauty trends!2Coral.jpg.jpg

Cute in Coral

Coral and peachy tones are a springtime staple, and you can make it all yours at your wedding. go light and dab a shimmery peachy tone right on the apples of your cheeks for a kiss of color. Keep it light and fresh and you’ll have the perfect spring glow! Benefit’s ‘Coralista’ and Nars’ ‘Orgasm’ are some of our favorite coral blushes.

Free-flowing Frocks

Earthy, free-flowing cuts are so girly and romantic for spring. Opt for a free-flowing hi-low dress for your bridesmaids or loose long dresses. These flowy cuts give off an immediate flower-child vibe, and is flattering for all body types! Not only will your lovely ladies look fresh and flirty for fall, they’ll all feel great in their getups.

Barely-There Braids

Tiny braids in an updo gives a classic grown-up hairdo and sweet hearted touch. If you have your hair up, or even half-up, have your stylist put thin braids throughout here and there. As long as you keep your braid count fairly low, you’ll look like a free-spirited flower child.

Pieces of Petals

Speaking of flower child, subtle floral touches will give you that added touch of spring. While flowers are typically a staple of most wedding ceremonies, you can incorporate some fresh spring seedlings in with your traditional bouquets. Add floral touches like a tiny flower in your pedicure or in floral-themed jewelry for your bridesmaids. The added girl touch makes everything that much sweeter.


Smell like Spring

The final touch for a spring ceremony? Smelling the part, of course! Wear a light floral scent all day to keep the party going. Clinique’s Happy is a great classic floral and fresh scent that stands up to its’ namesake. Spritz on your wrist and maybe even your neck as well so you really feel the spring spirit all day.


Five Tips for Throwing your 2014 Oscar Party

Are you ready for the Oscars? The stars are getting glammed up in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get in on the action too. Gather up your girlfriends and throw a bridal-Oscar party this Sunday! We’ve got tips to make your party unforgettable (just like Angelina Jolie’s leg-dress).


Have a Dress Code

Your bridesmaids may be waiting for the big day to get all dolled up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun! Make your party red lips only, or a highest heels you own party. It doesn’t even have to be taken seriously, it can just be for fun with your ladies!

Give Out your Own Awards

If you’re the bride (or even the maid of honor), create awards for each of your girls to win. Best eyes, best driver, best performance at karaoke are all great superlatives for your bridesmaids. It’s a great party gift and reminds each of your friends what you love about them. Plus, you all get to give goofy ‘thank you’ speeches to each other!

Make Drinks as Fancy as Possible

Even if it’s a dry party, go crazy with the garnishes to make every drink as decadent as possible. Cut fresh fruit and have umbrellas and fun stuff to stick on the side of your glass. No matter what the drink is, serve it in a champagne flute or cute glassware. If you don’t have crazy glasses on hand, you can pick up a pack of plastic flutes or margarita glasses for under $5.

Become the Fashion Police

Be as specific as you wanna be and hit pause on every single dress. Since it’s just among girlfriends, you don’t have to rush through to get to any speeches or half-hearted interviews. You can also nominate one of your ladies who would look better in whatever your favorite starlets are wearing!

Give Thanks

A fun game to play during the Oscars? While celebs are giving their thank you speeches, mute your television and take turns ad-libbing the thank you’s (we’re big on thank you’s!). You’ll have more fun than you realize when you’re thanking a star’s ex for them!


Five Beauty Treatments to Skip Before Engagement Photos

Newly engaged? It’s time to show off a fresh face and document this epic time in your life! If you have a big photo op on the horizon, you’re going to want to do what you can to look your best. However, there are a few things that you should probably skip before taking lots of photos. Here’s our list of what to put on the back burner for now.

Skip the Facials

Even if you’re a regular at the spa, you may want to skip the facials. You don’t want to risk any bad reactions or irritated skin when you have a photo op on the horizon. If you feel like your skin does need a little love, try a clay or mud mask. Stick to organic and non-irritable (nothing acidic!) skin treatments so there’s no chance you’ll break out or get patchy.

Stick to Shaving

On that note, now is not the time to get waxed! If you’ll have some skin showing, it’s best to keep it looking as smooth as possible. In the same vein as skipping facials to avoid any unwanted reaction, you should also foreo waxing for a while. Even if you go to the same beautician every time, you don’t want to risk a bad experience. Your skin needs to be as flawless as possible, don’t take risks. 1Biotin.jpg.jpg

Serious New Supplements

Vitamins like fish oil, vitamin D, and Biotin can be a great addition to your diet, but skip starting them until all the pictures are done! Introducing a new vitamin into your routine can break you out- or even in some cases make you nauseous. Biotin and other hair and nail supplements have been known to break people out when they are first introduced into a sensitive system. It’s best to not make any drastic changes to your diet just yet- enjoy being engaged in your own skin for a while!


Trim Out the Trim

Skip getting any haircuts, even if you’re just planning on a tiny trim, until after the pictures are taken. It can be easy to get swept up in feeling creative while you’re in a stylist’s chair, but you may not want that look to be documented. Try to save any changes to your look until after engagement photos. That way, you’ll have time to perfect your new look before the big day or change it if you don’t love it.

Re-Schedule That Root Canal

Put off any dental work until after all photos are done. Treatments that numb your face can cause you to make funny faces, and not all in the cute way. Unless you’re just going in for a quick cleaning the day before, you really want to keep anything major until you’re free from the flashing lights. No one likes a puffy numb mouth, and being uncomfortable could distract you from looking adorable.

Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings from Bridal Hot List

Good morning lovelies! It is gorgeous Christmas morning here at BHL headquarters in Southern California. We are taking a break from blogging today to wish all of you a very heartfelt Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  We hope that each and every one of you has a very blessed day full of happiness, love, laughter, and joy with friends, family, and loved ones. From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

Take a look at some of our favorite holiday inspirations:

Christmas tree: We love this Christmas tree. It is not over the top, but simple, and the best part is that is it Disney inspired. Do you notice the ornaments are shaped with a very iconic Disney character?



Holiday Centerpiece: We fell head over heels in love with this over the top centerpiece. Glamour and chic meets California love. What a beautiful fusion which makes for a fabulous centerpiece for a holiday party. Super stunning!


Holiday inspired TableScape: Gasping over this tabletop.  This table has all the holiday charm adorned with glitz, glamour, and elegance. We can not get over how fabulous this table looks. Don’t you just want to sit down and have dinner here? You will feel like a Hollywood star! If we could, we would eat at this table for every meal.


Happy Holidays- BHL staff