Five Oscar Party Food Ideas

After reeling from the holidays and Super Bowl parties, it is nice to have another get together with your friends. When you think about February, you think about President’s Day or Valentine’s Day, but we often forget about award season! From the Grammy’s to the Oscars, these are great events to host a shindig. It may be hard to create the perfectly themed party, so here are my five favorite Oscar food/drinks to help you with your next award party:


1. Popcorn: What better way to celebrate the best movies of the year with popcorn! You can easily rent a popcorn machine for under $100. It adds the fun of the movies at home. Convenient and easy, the rental company will handle the delivery and pick up. Plus, it will add a great old-fashioned look and feel to your party!


2. Soda Machine: Another rental idea, the soda machine! You can splurge and rent one for a couple hundred, or get an affordable one for about $150. Another convenient set up and go, it takes no time out of your day!


3. Bradly Cooper Dogs: When I go to the movies, I am more of a hot dog guy than a popcorn kinda guy. This hearty and warm snack will definitely be a hit at your party. I know I share this sentiment with others, so in the theme of the movies comes the Tuxedo Hot Dog! Easily made: just cook the hot dogs to your liking (boiled or even bbq!), place it into the bun, then by doing a quick google search, you can see how easy it is to fold a napkin into a tuxedo shape! I found an easy guide in less than minute at Use the right colored napkin, and you have your own cute mini tuxedo! Place the hot dog in bun inside the napkin, create a topping station with mustard and ketchup, and there you have it! Quick and easy, and very cost effective, however it creates a fancy looking snack that will amaze your guests!


4. The Theory of Everything you want on your Nachos: Not a hot dog or popcorn kind of person huh? You want something to match with your soda, but that fake cheese on the nachos just aren’t doing the trick. Sure it is the novelty of being at the movies, but wouldn’t you rather have a choice? Well now you do! This is one of my favorite top five mentions because of the ability to customize this common but amazing snack. In a glass or Pyrex Bakeware pan, place your favorite nacho chips, enough to cover the bottom, but not so much to overflow, we still need to add the ingredients! About two layers of chips is a good rule of thumb. In a saucepan, slightly warm some re-fried beans so they are easier to spread. When they are ready, add that layer of re-fried beans, followed by a layer of your favorite salsa. Add your favorite cheese, topped with olives or jalapenos, place in the oven at 350 for 10- 15 minutes or until the cheese is melted. The great thing about this item is the customization. You can use Doritos instead of generic tortilla chips, you can use chili instead of beans, you can use your favorite homemade salsa, or even use low fat cheese! Use a spatula to cut the servings, and serve with guacamole or sour cream. Great if you aren’t all nacho’d out from the big game.


5. Oscar Cookies: All you need for this is a sugar cookie mix (or recipe!) and an Oscar shaped cookie cutter. I am aiming for convenience and efficiency, but you can use an easy recipe online if you prefer a cookie made from scratch. Baking is so much fun, the fun of laying out the dough, ready to shape into whatever you want, the smell of sugar cookies filling your house, and of course the taste! If you have a sweet tooth like me, you know exactly what I mean. After using your favorite recipe or box of sugar cookies, you can use an Oscar shaped cookie cutter to cut the cookies into an amazing looking dessert. I actually found a cookie cutter shape of a mummy for under $10! Save the cutter for a great Halloween treat later in the year…

Award season is a great excuse to party in February. It is nice to host at least once a month. Although these were my top five, there are some honorable mentions I would like to share with you:


  • Ethan Hawkitos Taquitos: Want that south of the border snack, but aren’t in the mood for nachos? Try taquitos! Quick and easy out of the box, and you can still serve it with that guacamole and sour cream you have! A great supporting role for those main course nachos!


  • Champagne: What great way to celebrate your winning Oscar card with a  little bit of champagne! Feel like you are one of the winners with a nice glass of bubbly.


  • Sweet as Emma Stone Candy station: From milk duds to sour patch kids, lay out your favorite candies on your snack table to really complete that movie theater feel! Another great supporting bid.


Hope these ideas help with your Oscar’s party! Have a good time, but be careful, it is a Sunday night, but good thing you had practice calling in late on Monday from the big game.



Five Tips for Throwing your 2014 Oscar Party

Are you ready for the Oscars? The stars are getting glammed up in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get in on the action too. Gather up your girlfriends and throw a bridal-Oscar party this Sunday! We’ve got tips to make your party unforgettable (just like Angelina Jolie’s leg-dress).


Have a Dress Code

Your bridesmaids may be waiting for the big day to get all dolled up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun! Make your party red lips only, or a highest heels you own party. It doesn’t even have to be taken seriously, it can just be for fun with your ladies!

Give Out your Own Awards

If you’re the bride (or even the maid of honor), create awards for each of your girls to win. Best eyes, best driver, best performance at karaoke are all great superlatives for your bridesmaids. It’s a great party gift and reminds each of your friends what you love about them. Plus, you all get to give goofy ‘thank you’ speeches to each other!

Make Drinks as Fancy as Possible

Even if it’s a dry party, go crazy with the garnishes to make every drink as decadent as possible. Cut fresh fruit and have umbrellas and fun stuff to stick on the side of your glass. No matter what the drink is, serve it in a champagne flute or cute glassware. If you don’t have crazy glasses on hand, you can pick up a pack of plastic flutes or margarita glasses for under $5.

Become the Fashion Police

Be as specific as you wanna be and hit pause on every single dress. Since it’s just among girlfriends, you don’t have to rush through to get to any speeches or half-hearted interviews. You can also nominate one of your ladies who would look better in whatever your favorite starlets are wearing!

Give Thanks

A fun game to play during the Oscars? While celebs are giving their thank you speeches, mute your television and take turns ad-libbing the thank you’s (we’re big on thank you’s!). You’ll have more fun than you realize when you’re thanking a star’s ex for them!


Top Five Red Carpet Ready Tricks for the Oscars (and for Brides!)

The Oscars are right around the corner, and here at Bridal Hot List we’re all about being red carpet ready! JLo may be strutting her stuff in a designer gown, but pretty soon you’ll be strutting your stuff in a wedding gown. From red carpets to wedding ceremonies, we’ve got the best kept secrets to staying stylish.Oscars3.jpg.jpg

Put on the Spritz

Before you go out, be sure your makeup isn’t going anywhere. Professionals use sealing sprays and powders to keep all color locked in and where it needs to be. One industry favorite is ‘Final Seal’ by Ben Nye. It’s hard to find if you’re not in the industry, but if you can hunt it down it will change your life. Spray over your makeup and you’ll be ready for the paparazzi, or the wedding photographers.


Pluck it

Stick a pair of tweezers in your purse before you head out- just in case. You might catch an unwanted stray gray and need it gone pronto. Tweezers are great to have on hand for more than that too- you can fix any faux lashes and use it as a general tool you may need over the course of the night. We love these cute tweezerman Betsey Johnson tweezers. The red carpet is all about designers- and Betsey Johnson is one of our faves!Oscars1.jpg.jpg

The Ultimate Compact

You’ll need one mirror with you- might as well make it one that works for you. It’s good to grab a compact that also has a powder for touch ups and enough room within for a puff or tiny brush. Look out for a matte powder meant for high definition- it’ll photograph well and not tint your tone at all.


Flame On

Even if you’re not a smoker, a lighter is a great multi-tool for any night out. Use it to burn off loose strings to keep them from pulling or tearing more. You can also use it to open bottles, light any needed candles, or to light up the sky while swaying to your favorite tune.


Mini-Makeup Remover

If you happen to be sitting through a tear-jerker, whether it’s a best drama nominee or a heartfelt best man’s speech, you run the risk of any smudged or smeared makeup. Sometimes, even the best makeup spray can’t protect you from the elements. We’re obsessed with makeup removing q-tips, and they’re popping up everywhere. Get a tiny case and stick them in your stash. Trust us, they’ll save you from disaster and keep you looking glamorous.


Top Three Oscars Party Table Top Looks

The Oscars are right around the corner, and  we can not wait! As much as we love weddings and all the gorgeous details they bring, the Oscars sparks a little interest in our hearts.  This evening is all about the glam, the fashion, the stars, and the movies. And we LOVE it! We will never get tired of the glitz and glam that the Oscars brings each year.  To kick the weekend off, we thought it would be fun to share some Oscars Party Table Top Looks from our lovely friends at Designer Speciality Linens. You know they always deliver the most amazing linens to pretty up table tops. And then add the glam? Then it is jaw-dropping beautiful designs that has us drooling over all the details. With table tops this fabulous, the stars are not the only ones who can feel like a million bucks. Wait until you take a look at three stunning Oscars Party Table Top looks. You will want to dine like this every night! We totally do. In fact, we may want to just have ourselves a little party with one of these luxurious designs.  Which one makes you feel like a movie star? Let us know!

935414_10151665061963816_1750612480_n (1)

  • Vintage Glamour: This 1920s Art Deco style features soft colors accented by a bit of sparkle for that Movie Star feel. The lace evokes a vintage feel of a bygone era.  This lovely look is made up of the champagne Hollywood Glam linen paired with the Samantha Lace overlay in ivory, and all topped off by the Hollywood Glam napkin in champagne color. Simply gorgeous and beyond glamorous! ( Design by Carmen Fuentes of Expressionary Events).

Urban Unveiled Metallic Weave & Sequin Overlay

  • An Evening Of Glamour:  A look which is a lovely combination of chic and glam.  This look features the Metallic Weave linen in Platinum Weave, with the 5th Avenue Sequin Runner, and gorgeously accented by the Crinkle Taffeta Napkin in Caramel.  This is just so pretty and full of luxurious details. (Design by Nam Lam of Modern LA Weddings. the floral were by Shawna Yamamoto).

Chinchilla Black Vibiana

Art Deco Opulence:  A Gold and Black look with all the fabulous details to glam up this table.   This gorgeous look is all beautifully made up of the Black Chinchilla linen and paired with the Black Satin Lamour napkin.  This is a total “WOW” look. Super gorgeous in every detail. ( Designed by Kat Minassi. Florals by Tic Tock Floral Couture).