Five Oscar Party Food Ideas

After reeling from the holidays and Super Bowl parties, it is nice to have another get together with your friends. When you think about February, you think about President’s Day or Valentine’s Day, but we often forget about award season! From the Grammy’s to the Oscars, these are great events to host a shindig. It may be hard to create the perfectly themed party, so here are my five favorite Oscar food/drinks to help you with your next award party:


1. Popcorn: What better way to celebrate the best movies of the year with popcorn! You can easily rent a popcorn machine for under $100. It adds the fun of the movies at home. Convenient and easy, the rental company will handle the delivery and pick up. Plus, it will add a great old-fashioned look and feel to your party!


2. Soda Machine: Another rental idea, the soda machine! You can splurge and rent one for a couple hundred, or get an affordable one for about $150. Another convenient set up and go, it takes no time out of your day!


3. Bradly Cooper Dogs: When I go to the movies, I am more of a hot dog guy than a popcorn kinda guy. This hearty and warm snack will definitely be a hit at your party. I know I share this sentiment with others, so in the theme of the movies comes the Tuxedo Hot Dog! Easily made: just cook the hot dogs to your liking (boiled or even bbq!), place it into the bun, then by doing a quick google search, you can see how easy it is to fold a napkin into a tuxedo shape! I found an easy guide in less than minute at Use the right colored napkin, and you have your own cute mini tuxedo! Place the hot dog in bun inside the napkin, create a topping station with mustard and ketchup, and there you have it! Quick and easy, and very cost effective, however it creates a fancy looking snack that will amaze your guests!


4. The Theory of Everything you want on your Nachos: Not a hot dog or popcorn kind of person huh? You want something to match with your soda, but that fake cheese on the nachos just aren’t doing the trick. Sure it is the novelty of being at the movies, but wouldn’t you rather have a choice? Well now you do! This is one of my favorite top five mentions because of the ability to customize this common but amazing snack. In a glass or Pyrex Bakeware pan, place your favorite nacho chips, enough to cover the bottom, but not so much to overflow, we still need to add the ingredients! About two layers of chips is a good rule of thumb. In a saucepan, slightly warm some re-fried beans so they are easier to spread. When they are ready, add that layer of re-fried beans, followed by a layer of your favorite salsa. Add your favorite cheese, topped with olives or jalapenos, place in the oven at 350 for 10- 15 minutes or until the cheese is melted. The great thing about this item is the customization. You can use Doritos instead of generic tortilla chips, you can use chili instead of beans, you can use your favorite homemade salsa, or even use low fat cheese! Use a spatula to cut the servings, and serve with guacamole or sour cream. Great if you aren’t all nacho’d out from the big game.


5. Oscar Cookies: All you need for this is a sugar cookie mix (or recipe!) and an Oscar shaped cookie cutter. I am aiming for convenience and efficiency, but you can use an easy recipe online if you prefer a cookie made from scratch. Baking is so much fun, the fun of laying out the dough, ready to shape into whatever you want, the smell of sugar cookies filling your house, and of course the taste! If you have a sweet tooth like me, you know exactly what I mean. After using your favorite recipe or box of sugar cookies, you can use an Oscar shaped cookie cutter to cut the cookies into an amazing looking dessert. I actually found a cookie cutter shape of a mummy for under $10! Save the cutter for a great Halloween treat later in the year…

Award season is a great excuse to party in February. It is nice to host at least once a month. Although these were my top five, there are some honorable mentions I would like to share with you:


  • Ethan Hawkitos Taquitos: Want that south of the border snack, but aren’t in the mood for nachos? Try taquitos! Quick and easy out of the box, and you can still serve it with that guacamole and sour cream you have! A great supporting role for those main course nachos!


  • Champagne: What great way to celebrate your winning Oscar card with a  little bit of champagne! Feel like you are one of the winners with a nice glass of bubbly.


  • Sweet as Emma Stone Candy station: From milk duds to sour patch kids, lay out your favorite candies on your snack table to really complete that movie theater feel! Another great supporting bid.


Hope these ideas help with your Oscar’s party! Have a good time, but be careful, it is a Sunday night, but good thing you had practice calling in late on Monday from the big game.



Five Valentine’s Day Flower Trends

With Valentine’s Day just one day away, we are extremely excited and can not wait to celebrate. It has us literally jumping up and down.  One gorgeous detail that stands out from all the chocolate & candy treats, the cuddly bears, and the greeting cards, are the flowers. In our book, flowers are what really brings that pretty and beautiful into the wedding day (besides the bride and groom of course!).   As bridal bloggers, we are always looking for the latest trends in all things wedding, and that includes flower trends. That is why today we are putting together our love of trends and Valentine’s day for one fabulous spotlight. What are the latest trends in Valentine’s day florals? With the help of our incredibly talented friend and floral designer, Jackie Combs at Lotus & Lily Floral and Event Design, we have five Valentine’s Day flower trends to share with you.   Go ahead, take a look, and see which bloom is the one for you or your loved one. Let us know your favorite in the comments below, we love to hear from you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


1. Deep Red: With the announcement of the color of the year, Marsala, we are seeing a return to deep colors, and for Valentine’s Day red in it’s various tones will always be a favorite.


2. Deconstructed: A more deconstructed ethereal and organic design, fusing different types of ferns, vines and greenery with mixtures of flowers such anemones, ranuculus, roses and orchids.

Roses and Succulents

3. Succulents: A dense, urban, monochromatic design, bunching a few types of flowers together and adding succulents or individual orchid blossoms.


4.  Texture: A trend which features a surge of colored and textured vases as well as lots of metallics, especially gold!


5.  Freshly Picked: The hand tied bouquet will always remain as it is….a very romantic, less expensive way to give flowers because you eliminate  the vase or vessel. This style lends itself to that “freshly picked” design which follows the deconstructed ethereal look mentioned previously.

Top Five Couture Gowns for Mother of the Bride/Groom from Andrea’s Fashions

At BHL, we are in love with brides and their weddings, and can you blame us? When viewing gorgeous images of all the pretty details of their weddings, it has us obsessed.  However, today we are doing a special post. With Mother’s day around the corner, we are taking a moment to view some super gorgeous gowns for the mothers of brides/grooms. We thought that bridal gowns were stunning, and then when we took a look at the gowns that moms can wear, and we fell in love! Moms can also feel and look amazing on their son or daughter’s wedding day too, (not too steal the spotlight for too long though!).  However, mothers are special, and we think they should feel fabulous too. We are in love with a fabulous salon , Andrea’s Fashions  which is located in Beverly Hills, and Orange County, California. This salon does not disappoint. With their jaw dropping gorgeous couture gowns for the moms of the wedding, they offer something for any style. Without further adieu, lets take a peek at the five top stylish and trendy gowns for the mothers. Each unique and made for a mom out there! Moms, this one is for you, so go ahead and spoil yourself. You deserve it!


  • Organza hand pleated bustier 4 ply silk mermaid skirt. Ice Blue and Charcoal Color. We love this gown! It is simple, yet very sophisticated and chic at the same time.  Look at that belt! Oh my goodness.



  • Navy Lave dress with a silver organza underlay. Layers of Tulle skirt. This is showstopper for sure! You can almost see all the heads turn for this one. The details are impeccable!


  • Heavy White gazar dress with black chantilly lace applique. They say the bride is the only one that can wear white, and yes that is true. However, this gown is perfect for the wedding where the bride wants the wedding party and close family to wear white on her wedding day. Remember Kim Kardashians wedding?


  • Beaded Tulle over print underlay for depth and detail. Obsessed with this super gorgeous gown! It is so romantic and lovely.


  • Lace and tafetta dress Bustier with fit flare share. Drop torso gown.  We love how this gown is short, and a super sexy. Moms can feel and look sexy, while looking classy. Seriously love this one!


Visit Andrea’s Fashions  and see all the amazing gowns they have to offer.


Happy Mother’s Day!!


Photography by Whatabetty Photography  and Forever Long Photography

Top Five Coachella-Inspired Beauty Trends for Brides

Coachella is over, but that doesn’t mean the party’s over! Whether or not you were jamming out in the desert this year, these five beauty trends will  have you screaming for an encore.

Coachella Lipstick.jpg

Deep Say Something Lips

Lorde really kicked off this trend, and we’ve been seeing it on tons of Coachella fashion blogs. Deep berry lips for summer create a sultry vibe and were adored in the desert. Don’t be afraid of the color- own it! A deep toned lip can work for bachelorette parties and is great for night looks. Just keep your eyes more on the natural side to keep from looking too painted.

Coachella Eyebrows.jpg

Thin Arched Brows

The full eyebrows are taking a backseat to arched brows. Lots of festival goers were rocking a thinner brow than we’ve been seeing, and the arch creates an elegantly framed face. Use a waxy brow pencil to keep your brows together as much as possible so they don’t look too full or bushy. Keep your color as natural as possible and follow your natural arch so it doesn’t look too drawn on.

Coachella Face.jpg

Dewy Sun-Kissed Skin

A beautiful trend we loved from Coachella was dewy golden skin. Use a moisturizing foundation or tinted moisturizer all over to really get that festival glow. This will look fantastic for outdoor weddings. Instant goddess glow!

Coachella Naked 2.jpg

Metallic Eyeshadow

Pedal to the metal! Silvery metallic shadows were huge at Coachella- we’re guessing Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette got a serious work out all over the desert. The cool tones look polished while still being fun and funky. Cool metallics can be dressed up for a wedding ceremony, or dressed down for a casual bridesmaid brunch. Start silvery on the insides and smoke out the creases for a dynamic eye look.

Coachella Eyeliners.jpg

Neutral Eyeliner

Pack up the teal and periwinkle eyeliners for later- brown is back! Keep your eyes looking young and wide with a neutral toned eyeliner. If brown isn’t your scene, go for the gold. Lighter liners that open your eyes up make you sparkle just a little more. This is perfect for brides and bridesmaids- it’s an instant eye twinkle!


A Wedding Book. Shaadi: A Journey into Desi Weddings

I am really excited about today’s post. I can not help it! It is all about a cover to cover spread of jaw-dropping gorgeous images of weddings! Do I need to say more?  Fabulous wedding coordinator, Therese Cole-Hubbs of The Electric Karma, shares a journey into some of the most lavish, beautiful, and awe-inspiring weddings, and all the amazing details they each have to offer. I am truly “wowed”, and I think you will to once you see these images.

First, a little about the book…

SHAADI : A Journey Into Desi Weddings

by Therese Cole Hubbs

Exquisite style, world-class service, and flawless execution.
These are the hallmarks of Electric Karma, a leading
coordinator of Desi weddings in Texas and around the globe.
The Electric Karma experience is one where cultures blend
and no wish is impossible. From festive sangeets and garbas
to ceremonies steeped in tradition to modern, on-trend
receptions, Electric Karma president and creative director
Therese Cole-Hubbs knows how to make any dream a reality.
Thirty magnificent weddings are showcased within this
book’s pages, taking you on a journey through time-honored
rituals and exciting new design ideas. As the variety of styles
demonstrates, there are countless ways to rejoice during a
South Asian wedding. Inside, you’ll find examples of some of
the most gorgeous and innovative ways to welcome family
and friends for the most important celebration of your life.
Whether you plan to take your vows on the sandy beaches
of Mexico, with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop,
or in your family’s backyard, Therese and her team can

coordinate it all, down to the tiniest detail. Let Electric Karma inspire your dream wedding.

Are you amazed yet? So as promised, here is a sneak peek of some of the breathtaking images from this book. Enjoy!!

Indian bride and groom

Are you hooked now and want to see more?  You can order the book here

About the Author, Therese Cole-Hubbs…

As the President and Creative Director of Houston-based Electric Karma International, Therese Cole-Hubbs is considered one of the nation’s leading event planning and coordinating experts for multi-cultural weddings. Therese has an amazing ability to merge cultural traditions with contemporary wedding elements. Her sense of fashion and design has catapulted her to the top of her field. Ms. Cole-Hubbs realizes the impact of fashion on today’s trends and expands it into the entire design of the wedding.

Top Three Oscars Party Table Top Looks

The Oscars are right around the corner, and  we can not wait! As much as we love weddings and all the gorgeous details they bring, the Oscars sparks a little interest in our hearts.  This evening is all about the glam, the fashion, the stars, and the movies. And we LOVE it! We will never get tired of the glitz and glam that the Oscars brings each year.  To kick the weekend off, we thought it would be fun to share some Oscars Party Table Top Looks from our lovely friends at Designer Speciality Linens. You know they always deliver the most amazing linens to pretty up table tops. And then add the glam? Then it is jaw-dropping beautiful designs that has us drooling over all the details. With table tops this fabulous, the stars are not the only ones who can feel like a million bucks. Wait until you take a look at three stunning Oscars Party Table Top looks. You will want to dine like this every night! We totally do. In fact, we may want to just have ourselves a little party with one of these luxurious designs.  Which one makes you feel like a movie star? Let us know!

935414_10151665061963816_1750612480_n (1)

  • Vintage Glamour: This 1920s Art Deco style features soft colors accented by a bit of sparkle for that Movie Star feel. The lace evokes a vintage feel of a bygone era.  This lovely look is made up of the champagne Hollywood Glam linen paired with the Samantha Lace overlay in ivory, and all topped off by the Hollywood Glam napkin in champagne color. Simply gorgeous and beyond glamorous! ( Design by Carmen Fuentes of Expressionary Events).

Urban Unveiled Metallic Weave & Sequin Overlay

  • An Evening Of Glamour:  A look which is a lovely combination of chic and glam.  This look features the Metallic Weave linen in Platinum Weave, with the 5th Avenue Sequin Runner, and gorgeously accented by the Crinkle Taffeta Napkin in Caramel.  This is just so pretty and full of luxurious details. (Design by Nam Lam of Modern LA Weddings. the floral were by Shawna Yamamoto).

Chinchilla Black Vibiana

Art Deco Opulence:  A Gold and Black look with all the fabulous details to glam up this table.   This gorgeous look is all beautifully made up of the Black Chinchilla linen and paired with the Black Satin Lamour napkin.  This is a total “WOW” look. Super gorgeous in every detail. ( Designed by Kat Minassi. Florals by Tic Tock Floral Couture).

Top Five Valentine’s Day Cheesecake Flavors

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is right around the corner? Do you know what I think of when I hear “Valentine’s Day”? DESSERT! Yes, all I see is chocolate, cookies, cupcakes, and whatever is yummy. My mouth is watering right now, just thinking about it. So besides a birthday, this is also the time of year to indulge. Why not? I always say if you are going to indulge, why not do it with something amazing and delicious. So, if you are a bride and worried about not fitting into your dress, don’t worry, just don’t indulge too much. Maybe one cupcake, instead of like three? The time before you get married is a special time, and if there is something like a little sweet to have, go for it! Maybe make a special date night for you and your love, and enjoy your favorite dessert.

So what are my favorite desserts? There are way to many to count, however, I love myself some cheesecake. My favorite place to get some delicious and savory cheesecakes? None other than Pacific Cheesecake Company. They never disappoint with their mini cheesecake flavors. This time of year with Valentine’s Day here, their flavors are so divine.

Here are some heavenly and oh-so-yummy Valentine’s Day flavors. Which one to choose? I am kind of embarrassed to say that I want one of each. Can you tell that I have a sweet tooth? But when it looks this good, and tastes so darn good, how can I choose just one? Which one do you want to indulge in?


  • Red Velvet– Red Velvet Cake, Vanilla Cheesecake, Cream Cheese Frosting


  • Lemon Pie- Vanilla Cheesecake, Lemon Curd


  • Salted Caramel– Vanilla Cheesecake, Caramel, Fleur De Sol


  • Strawberry– Strawberry Cheesecake with a Strawberry Reduction


  • Cookies & Cream– Vanilla Cheesecake, Oreo® Pieces



Photography: Tommy Wu

Wedding Trends for 2014

Intimacy over grandeur

While weddings with copious amounts of pomp and pageantry will never go completely away, smaller weddings of a quaint and mellow nature are on the rise. The subtle grace of intimate weddings is a welcome breath of fresh air in a grand and life-changing occasion. Indeed, weddings are a veritable feast for the senses; 2014 brings an increasing prominence of pastels, metallics, and different textural elements on wedding cakes and stationery. Crystal and silver vessels will be in demand for floral centerpieces lend an air of retro elegance, while many-petaled tree peonies radiate a certain lush softness that is exquisitely romantic.

Nowadays, environmentally friendly couples can now choose floral arrangements using locally grown flowers and organic products such as upcycled wood containers and burlap table runners. World-famous multinational retail giant Marks and Spencer recently launched their very first floral exhibit at the 100th Annual RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Organized every year by the Royal Horticultural Society, the 2013 edition of this prestigious flower expo featured a theme of a sustainable, greener future. The M&S Sustainability Garden – presented by sustainability ambassador Joanna Lumley and in partnership with award-winning Sallis Chandler Landscape Designers & Gardeners and Kenyan horticultural brand Finlays – was created to demonstrate the different processes in sustainable flower production.

Subtle grace in floral arrangements and centerpieces are a wedding trend to watch in 2014.

Subtle grace in floral arrangements and centerpieces are a wedding trend to watch in 2014.

Setting up a small-scale reception in a unique venue is another big trend that is rapidly gaining popularity. Instead of worrying about the logistics of feeding and organizing a thousand people, limiting the guest count to a maximum of 100 while enjoying the festivities on a rooftop terrace, countryside inn, or upscale bistro just makes for a decidedly more memorable experience. This intimacy can also be applied to destination weddings in enchanting locales such as France’s Hattonchatel Chateau and the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.

Clearly, an intimate wedding set on a Caribbean island with around 100 pastel-garbed guests enjoying the sight of thousand-petaled tree peonies on crystal vases is timely, appropriate, and most importantly, romantic.

This is a guest post uniquely written for publication on Bridal Hot List.

Top Five 2014 Wedding Trends

Happy New Year! With a new year comes new wedding fashions, and at Bridal Hot List, we want to make sure you are up to date on the latest trends in décor, wedding gowns, food, colors, and flowers. What a beautiful way to ring in a new year!


The New Year brings about a turn away from the shabby chic craze, and a turn to an old Hollywood glamour vibe. Look for vintage elements that will add glamour and glitz to your wedding and reception—old hotels with elaborate ballrooms do much of the heavy lifting for you in terms of décor, so look for hotels that offer interesting architectural touches such as elaborate staircases, marble floors, and painted ceilings.

Overall trend


Neutral colors will allow the beauty of your venue to shine, so choose classic colors such as white, black, beige, and grey. Navy and various shades of pink will also be big this season, even being seen in several designer wedding gown collections!


Peonies and roses give romantic glamour to your venue and bouquet. Darker flowers mixed in with various shades of pink add interest and depth. Adding family heirlooms, such as necklaces, lace pieces, and rings, to your bouquet will add gorgeous vintage elements and will make it more personal!



Wedding gowns will be lacy, embellished, and full of old Hollywood glamour! Halter-tops, Grecian draping, floral headpieces, and fur stoles ensure that 2014 will be the most glamorous wedding season of all. Should you opt for a trendy pink dress, keep the shape and style simple. No need for fancy detailing–let the color be the star of your gown!



Homegrown and local food is still the trend for 2014, so choose caterers that work with local farms. Elegant sit down dinners is a big change from the laid back and homey buffet style from the shabby-chic 2013, but alternative dessert bars, instead of a traditional wedding cake, is still big this season. If having a wedding cake is more your style, then go for a classic white cake to keep in theme with the old Hollywood glamour trend.

Elegant sit down dinner

Top Five Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter is a time of family, friends, feasting, and festivities, and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular times to tie the knot. However, with the holiday season in full swing, winter can also be one of the most stressful times of the year. With our five top ways to incorporate winter themes into your wedding, you can add some festive cheer without adding extra stress to your season. So cozy up and read on to learn how you can be extra merry with your holiday and wedding planning!


The type of weather and climate you will be facing on your big day will determine just how bundled you and your wedding party will need to be. Keep in mind that despite how chilly it might be outside, you do not want to be sweaty and uncomfortable in a thick and heavy dress once you are inside and in the heat. Intricately detailed dresses (a la The Great Gatsby) are still trending this season, so take advantage of the beautiful beading and let it reflect the feeling of a gorgeous winter landscape. This decadent trend also celebrates straps and long sleeves, as well as capes and fur stoles. And don’t worry—there are plenty of gorgeous faux fur stoles out there for you to choose from!


Be cognizant of your guests’ winter traditions by staying clear from decorating with a purely Christmas theme. There are plenty of ways you can add gorgeous winter décor that doesn’t scream Santa Claus—plus, by steering away from Santa motifs and red and green drapery, you are also keeping your wedding and reception classy, and not cheesy. However, you can still incorporate red and green by using garland and holly, and a Christmas tree here and there won’t overkill your venue. A gorgeous tree upon entering the reception adds a majestic and wintery touch—having your guests sign tree ornaments to hang on the tree is a great substitute for a guest book, and it allows you and your spouse to have something special to look back on every winter.

Two Chics Photography

Two Chics Photography


Bring the outdoors inside by decorating tables with pinecones, tree saplings, holly, garland, and poinsettias. Large white branches with orchids dangling from the limbs resemble snowflakes falling in snow. Don’t be afraid to use winter fillers—pinecones, sprigs of Christmas trees, branches—in your bouquet in lieu of using purely flowers, and instead of choosing only red and green flora, opt for cooler colors in muted tones.


Wintertime is all about cozy comfort food that is shared with family and friends, so don’t skimp on the food at your reception. Choose filling classics such as mashed potatoes, ham, turkey, and squash, and let your sweet tooth take over with s’mores stations and miniature pies. My favorite part? A hot coca and cider bar!

Hot chocolate bar


As always, the best favors tend to be either edible or functional, and a winter wedding gives you plenty of options in either category. Miniature pies, hot cocoa ingredients, and peppermint bark make for tasty favors, while gloves, scarves, and blankets are always appreciated during the winter months.