Top Five Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter is a time of family, friends, feasting, and festivities, and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular times to tie the knot. However, with the holiday season in full swing, winter can also be one of the most stressful times of the year. With our five top ways to incorporate winter themes into your wedding, you can add some festive cheer without adding extra stress to your season. So cozy up and read on to learn how you can be extra merry with your holiday and wedding planning!


The type of weather and climate you will be facing on your big day will determine just how bundled you and your wedding party will need to be. Keep in mind that despite how chilly it might be outside, you do not want to be sweaty and uncomfortable in a thick and heavy dress once you are inside and in the heat. Intricately detailed dresses (a la The Great Gatsby) are still trending this season, so take advantage of the beautiful beading and let it reflect the feeling of a gorgeous winter landscape. This decadent trend also celebrates straps and long sleeves, as well as capes and fur stoles. And don’t worry—there are plenty of gorgeous faux fur stoles out there for you to choose from!


Be cognizant of your guests’ winter traditions by staying clear from decorating with a purely Christmas theme. There are plenty of ways you can add gorgeous winter décor that doesn’t scream Santa Claus—plus, by steering away from Santa motifs and red and green drapery, you are also keeping your wedding and reception classy, and not cheesy. However, you can still incorporate red and green by using garland and holly, and a Christmas tree here and there won’t overkill your venue. A gorgeous tree upon entering the reception adds a majestic and wintery touch—having your guests sign tree ornaments to hang on the tree is a great substitute for a guest book, and it allows you and your spouse to have something special to look back on every winter.

Two Chics Photography

Two Chics Photography


Bring the outdoors inside by decorating tables with pinecones, tree saplings, holly, garland, and poinsettias. Large white branches with orchids dangling from the limbs resemble snowflakes falling in snow. Don’t be afraid to use winter fillers—pinecones, sprigs of Christmas trees, branches—in your bouquet in lieu of using purely flowers, and instead of choosing only red and green flora, opt for cooler colors in muted tones.


Wintertime is all about cozy comfort food that is shared with family and friends, so don’t skimp on the food at your reception. Choose filling classics such as mashed potatoes, ham, turkey, and squash, and let your sweet tooth take over with s’mores stations and miniature pies. My favorite part? A hot coca and cider bar!

Hot chocolate bar


As always, the best favors tend to be either edible or functional, and a winter wedding gives you plenty of options in either category. Miniature pies, hot cocoa ingredients, and peppermint bark make for tasty favors, while gloves, scarves, and blankets are always appreciated during the winter months.

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