Top Five Coachella-Inspired Beauty Trends for Brides

Coachella is over, but that doesn’t mean the party’s over! Whether or not you were jamming out in the desert this year, these five beauty trends will  have you screaming for an encore.

Coachella Lipstick.jpg

Deep Say Something Lips

Lorde really kicked off this trend, and we’ve been seeing it on tons of Coachella fashion blogs. Deep berry lips for summer create a sultry vibe and were adored in the desert. Don’t be afraid of the color- own it! A deep toned lip can work for bachelorette parties and is great for night looks. Just keep your eyes more on the natural side to keep from looking too painted.

Coachella Eyebrows.jpg

Thin Arched Brows

The full eyebrows are taking a backseat to arched brows. Lots of festival goers were rocking a thinner brow than we’ve been seeing, and the arch creates an elegantly framed face. Use a waxy brow pencil to keep your brows together as much as possible so they don’t look too full or bushy. Keep your color as natural as possible and follow your natural arch so it doesn’t look too drawn on.

Coachella Face.jpg

Dewy Sun-Kissed Skin

A beautiful trend we loved from Coachella was dewy golden skin. Use a moisturizing foundation or tinted moisturizer all over to really get that festival glow. This will look fantastic for outdoor weddings. Instant goddess glow!

Coachella Naked 2.jpg

Metallic Eyeshadow

Pedal to the metal! Silvery metallic shadows were huge at Coachella- we’re guessing Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette got a serious work out all over the desert. The cool tones look polished while still being fun and funky. Cool metallics can be dressed up for a wedding ceremony, or dressed down for a casual bridesmaid brunch. Start silvery on the insides and smoke out the creases for a dynamic eye look.

Coachella Eyeliners.jpg

Neutral Eyeliner

Pack up the teal and periwinkle eyeliners for later- brown is back! Keep your eyes looking young and wide with a neutral toned eyeliner. If brown isn’t your scene, go for the gold. Lighter liners that open your eyes up make you sparkle just a little more. This is perfect for brides and bridesmaids- it’s an instant eye twinkle!


Coachella Inspired Bridal Accessories by Two’s Company

Coachella may be over, but we are still obsessing over it here at BHL headquarters.  We are always in search of the latest thing in all things wedding, and that is why we can not get enough of some of the fabulous trends at Coachella.  Today we are “oohing” and “ahhing” over some breathtaking bridal things, which has us pretty happy. Thank you to the fabulous owners of Two’s Company Alexandra Boulger and Emily Kouri for sharing some gorgeous Coachella inspired bridal accessories!  If you love Coachella, then you will absolutely fall in love with these lovely pieces. You Monday is looking super pretty!

Allie Lindsey Photography

Troy Grover Photography

Troy Grover Photography

Twigs and Honey Baby’s Breathe Vine Headpiece: This piece is one of our best sellers because it looks beyond gorgeous on everyone! This crystal hair vine is made with swarovski crystals and gold plates vines. It is perfect for any bride whether they are hobo, modern or even glam!

Chard photographer

Chard photographer

Jennifer Behr Rosita Headband: This piece is simple and the perfect amount of sparkle. This can be worn as a headband or around the forehead for more of a boho chic look! The scalloped headband is made of Swarovski crystals and comes in gold or silver. This is one of our best selling pieces for its overall simplicity and perfect touch of sparkle!

Diana Marie Photography

Diana Marie Photography

Nicky Teo Headpiece:  This piece is perfect for a bride trying to achieve an ethereal look and an overall romantic feel. This is another piece that can be worn as a headband or around the forehead to achieve the look of a floral crown.

Chard photographer

Chard photographer

Jennifer Behr Greta Diadem Headpiece : This piece is an extremely trendy headpiece. This is for the bride who really wants to make a statement! The halo with a center chain and bold centerpiece is beautiful with long locks and a middle part to accentuate the center chain of crystals!