Wedding Trends for 2014

Intimacy over grandeur

While weddings with copious amounts of pomp and pageantry will never go completely away, smaller weddings of a quaint and mellow nature are on the rise. The subtle grace of intimate weddings is a welcome breath of fresh air in a grand and life-changing occasion. Indeed, weddings are a veritable feast for the senses; 2014 brings an increasing prominence of pastels, metallics, and different textural elements on wedding cakes and stationery. Crystal and silver vessels will be in demand for floral centerpieces lend an air of retro elegance, while many-petaled tree peonies radiate a certain lush softness that is exquisitely romantic.

Nowadays, environmentally friendly couples can now choose floral arrangements using locally grown flowers and organic products such as upcycled wood containers and burlap table runners. World-famous multinational retail giant Marks and Spencer recently launched their very first floral exhibit at the 100th Annual RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Organized every year by the Royal Horticultural Society, the 2013 edition of this prestigious flower expo featured a theme of a sustainable, greener future. The M&S Sustainability Garden – presented by sustainability ambassador Joanna Lumley and in partnership with award-winning Sallis Chandler Landscape Designers & Gardeners and Kenyan horticultural brand Finlays – was created to demonstrate the different processes in sustainable flower production.

Subtle grace in floral arrangements and centerpieces are a wedding trend to watch in 2014.

Subtle grace in floral arrangements and centerpieces are a wedding trend to watch in 2014.

Setting up a small-scale reception in a unique venue is another big trend that is rapidly gaining popularity. Instead of worrying about the logistics of feeding and organizing a thousand people, limiting the guest count to a maximum of 100 while enjoying the festivities on a rooftop terrace, countryside inn, or upscale bistro just makes for a decidedly more memorable experience. This intimacy can also be applied to destination weddings in enchanting locales such as France’s Hattonchatel Chateau and the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.

Clearly, an intimate wedding set on a Caribbean island with around 100 pastel-garbed guests enjoying the sight of thousand-petaled tree peonies on crystal vases is timely, appropriate, and most importantly, romantic.

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