Top Five Post-Wedding Must Have’s

After the ceremony, you’ll need a few tools of the trade to get through all of the aftermath. You may not realize it, but once you need it you’ll seriously need it. Stash these things away and enjoy being a stress-free newlywed!


You don’t realize you need them til it’s one in the morning and you’re about twenty short! Stop by the post office, or even the supermarket and pick up a book of forever stamps. You’ll be needing them for all the thank you notes that’ll have to go out after you get back from the honeymoon. If you want to score some bonus points, send postcard thank you’s from your honeymoon! Either way, you’ll need a whole lot of forever stamps. They’re always good to have on hand.


This handy dandy tool will be your new best friend when you’re going through all your fun wedding gifts. Put down those junk drawer scissors that you use for everything and opt for the right tool for the job. Box cutters are one of the most overlooked household staple- and when you’re unboxing everything you’ll need it! Pick up one with a safety guard so you don’t accidentally hurt yourself and you’re good to go!

Frozen Food

A stocked fridge is a happy fridge, am I right? With all the wedding craziness, you probably won’t have time to stock the fridge full of fresh (i.e., perishable) food all the time. Most of your meals will be on the go or during functions (bridal brunch, rehearsal dinner, tastings, etc.). Instead of buying all fresh food that could go bad, keep some frozen food in the fridge for the meals that you will be home for. We love frozen fruit for easy smoothies and frozen veggies with some teriyaki as a quick stir fry. It’ll be much easier than squeezing all the fruit in the kitchen to see which ones are safe to eat.


Bleed-Free Pens

A good pen makes a WORLD of difference. Hit up an office supply store and test out a few until you find a brand that doesn’t bleed for you. You can’t risk any smudgy ink when you’re signing papers, writing thank you’s, or wearing white. Having pens explode either in your purse or in your hand can be a major set back. Even if they’re a little pricier, a good pen that won’t smudge on you is worth the splurge.


You went through all the trouble of getting a photographer and looking good- now get ready to show off all those awesome pictures! Look around at any framed photos you have up now- if there’s any that you’d want to switch out, get them ready for some wedding shots! And while you’re registering, keep an eye out for neat looking frames. Your wedding will be one of the best days of your life, so you’ll want to be reminded of it all the time.


Andrea Carter

Andrea Carter

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