Snow White Bridal Styled Shoot

It is days like today where I really can not believe what an incredible job I have. As a wedding blogger, I have the chance to share some amazing talent and view some gorgeous details along the way. Today’s post is no exception to the rule of brilliant talent and prettiness. And today is extra special . My two favorite things have come together for a beautifully styled shoot. Yep, Disney and weddings.  Not just Disney, but  more specifically, a  Disney Princess.  This lovely bridal styled shoot has all the details I love in a Disney inspired session.  The beautiful bride as Snow White, the iconic apple from the Evil Witch, the exquisite table with pops of red, and a breathtaking setting fit perfectly for this stunning princess.  I have to talk about the fabulous bridal gown for a second. Swoon indeed! The gold accents floating on the dress, and the style is absolutely elegant. Perfect for a princess! I can go on and on about this fantastic Snow White session, but it will take up the whole page, and I think its best to judge for yourself.  If you are as big of a Disney fan as I am, then you will see why I am so obsessed over this Disney princess bridal styled shoot from the very talented Endless Exposures Photography who has obviously taken over my Disney & wedding loving heart.


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A bit about the styled shoot from Endless Exposures Photography

I have been wanting to put together a styled shoot for awhile now and recently collaborated a dark Snow White inspired bridal shoot. Casey Wilburn modeled for me in a Terani Couture ball gown that I had found in a thrift shop. Casey’s look struck out to me and I knew she would fit the roll perfectly. She did her own hair and makeup as I was on a budget for the shoot, so everything that I could do within my team was going to save me money. I love the gold and red dark colors in season this year so I wanted to incoporate that as well. 
  I put together props from Hobby Lobby, Michaels, antique and thrift shops, and things I had collected around the house. I wanted it to have a dark and filmy look. I shot hybrid with some in film and some in digital. For the things that I could not find in the color that I wanted, I spray painted gold. I made the dummy cake with styrofoam and fondant, and used gold food coloring to spray paint the top of the cake. I found the cake topper apple at the store for 50% off to add a finishing touch! It was fate when I passed by it! 
  We shot in a wooded area where I like to jog at. There’s a trail that I discovered years ago and I love it as my hidden gem location spot. I knew it would be perfect for the dark look that I was going for.




Photography: Endless Exposures Photography

Hair and Make up: Casey Wilburn

Cake: Emily Chateauvert

Macaron Desserts: Sweet Town & Country

Dress: Terani Couture

Model: Casey Wilburn

Props: Thrift stores, Antique stores, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and other personal items



Texas Bridal Session

We are calling today a Magical Monday Morning. It is all due to this super gorgeous bridal session located in Texas. We love all things wedding, but what makes our hearts go pitter patter, are bridal sessions. We are kind of obsessed with them. We are talking about the prettiest bridal session we’ve ever seen. I am totally serious. You will want to clear your schedule and set some time aside to see what has us so in love with this bridal session.  This session features a beautiful bride at a lovely farm  wearing a gorgeous gown from Allure,  paired with the prettiest bouquet. She is as stunning as can be with such a natural in front of the camera. We are sure that photographer,  Logan Howard Photography really enjoyed capturing this beauty. We can not wait to see how this bride looks on her wedding day. She is killing this session, and will totally be ready for wedding day photos. Wow, just amazing. Grab your cup of joe, and enjoy the images which shows off a bride and her bridal look.

















From Logan Howard Photography

Holly’s bridal session took place at Royalty Pecan Farms in Caldwell, Texas. Such a beautiful, lovely girl mixed with amazing weather made for some of my very favorite bridal portraits ever!

Irvington Spring Farm Bridal Session

Bridal sessions is probably one of my favorite photograph sessions of all time. Well, maybe it ties in first place with wedding day photo sessions, but I just LOVE when bride has this moment all to herself. I mean what is not to like  about a session which features a bride, her bridal gown, all her pretty bridal accessories, and all set in a lovely location perfect for her? This bridal session is so pretty as photographer Foster and Asher, does a fantastic job in  capturing the most stunning  moments of this gorgeous bride.  Wait until you see the charming flower crown which compliments her dress in the most beautiful way.  I have to admit, I kind of want to steal that flower crown and make it my own. (but I will not of course!). Its that I love it so much, but it was definitely made for this bride, and this bride only.  Enjoy a little bit of bridal magic as you view the incredible images below.











From  Foster and Asher

Foster & Asher traveled to Irvington Spring Farm (one of our favorite flower vendors) to photograph a bridal portrait session with the beautiful Jeanne. The beautiful flower crown Jeanne is wearing was made by Jeanne Davies and is an assortment of Yarrow. We love these portrait session at Irvington Spring Farm because they give us extra time to capture the beauty of the bride. Often times we suggest to our brides that they consider a bridal portrait session AFTER they marriage. We have found that our brides are often much more comfortable during these shoots after the wedding.  We chose Irvington Spring Farm in Central, VA as our location for this shoot partially because of the beautiful early morning light, but mostly because of the gorgeous hand-manicured flower farm they maintain. 



Photography: Foster and Asher

Floral Designer: Irvington Spring Farm

Wedding Dress: Vera Wang

Location: Irvington Spring Farm

A Mansion Bridal Session from PhotoHouse Films

Mondays can be a total drag, but when you have a pretty bridal session like this one, Mondays are not so bad. We are in love with this bride and her session with PhotoHouse Films.  The bride is looking so gorgeous with the a stunning gown from Serendipity Bridal. Then throw in a elegant and beautiful mansion, and this session just got better.  Seriously, this bridal session is absolutely amazing. We love all things bridal, but what we really love about this bridal session is the gown. Oh my goodness. This gown is very vintage chic. And we are obsessed! This gown was meant for this bride and her wedding. She looks so pretty in this bridal dress, and we can tell how much she loves wearing it. Can you blame her? It is a fabulous gown. We do not know about you, but our Monday is brightening up with this breathtaking bridal session. A bride in a mansion plus a gorgeous gown? Yes please! Start off your week with this lovely session and enjoy the photographs. 










From PhotoHouse Films

A radiant bridal portrait session at Ma Maison with Chrissy Maselli.

Chrissy’s bridal portrait session was the perfect day! We had such a wonderful time spending the afternoon on the grounds of Ma Maison and she looked breathtaking in her dress. We can’t wait to celebrate her big day with her and Craig!


Photography: PhotoHouse Films.

Location:  Ma Maison Wedding + Event Venue

Bridal Gown: Serendipity Bridal

North Carolina Vintage Bridal Session

Today, we are heading to North Carolina for a pretty bridal session with everything we love about brides and their lovely details. This session features a stunning bride in a charming rustic location, wearing a gorgeous bridal gown, and paired with a beautiful bouquet.  All the details of this session goes together so well. We love the touches of vintage added to make this session even prettier. Can we please talk about the bride and her gown? This lace gown is amazing and looks so good on this bride. Like the gown was meant for this bride, and this  bride only. We are obssesed. Thanks to Big Star Studios for capturing the images and creating such an amazing bridal session. The photographs are breathtaking! Before you head off to start your weekend, grab a cup of morning coffee, and browse through this fabulous bridal session. It is a great way to kick off the weekend. Or at least we think so. Go ahead, and enjoy a bit of vintage bridal love.

















From Big Star Studios

Laura wanted something a little more modern for her shoot. But she also wanted to tie in some of the rustic details to make it more her style. We chose an old warehouse in Mebane, NC to start it off then headed out to a local farm to get some softer shots of Laura.

A Vintage Bridal Session from Micah McCoy Studio

Bridal sessions are one of my favorite photo-shoots. They really are. I mean, it is all about the bride, her gown, her hair, make up, and all the pretty bridal details. What is not to love? This bridal session is no exception. Located in an historic part of town and featuring a bride who is in love with vintage details as much as I am. Another reason why I love this bridal session so much. It is personal, creative, and charming. Can we talk about the bride’s pretty details? That lace dress is absolutely  stunning. Wow! And then the lovely shoes compliments the dress just perfectly. Oh, and can we please talk about all her accessories? Pearls, pearls, and more pearls. Just pairs up beautifully with the dress and this pretty bride. I can go and on about this bridal session, but I think its best that you take a look at the gorgeous images captured by Micah McCoy Studio . A photographer after my vintage loving heart. Micah McCoy Studio  did a brilliant job in capturing the style and personality of this bride.






















From Micah McCoy Studio 

Autumn was looking for a vintage vibe for this bridal shoot, so I booked space in a local studio space in Urbana’s historic downtown. Autumn’s vintage dress complimented the setting well and she looked absolutely breathtaking descending the stairs of the building. It was like being in an old movie. Autumn made her flowers herself from paper and decorated her shoes for the occasion. To add to the authenticity of the shoot I shot many of the images on black and white film, and used vintage lenses.

Texas State Capitol Bridal Session from PhotoHouse Films

I am not sure how your Wedding Wednesday is looking like today, but ours is looking pretty darn amazing. It is all due to this charming bridal session set in the heart of Austin, Texas.  You will want to clear your schedule and set some time aside to enjoy this pretty bridal session.  The 19th century architecture building is not the only detail catching our eyes. This bride is gorgeous! The beautiful bride looks amazing in a setting like this one…At one of the nation’s most distinguished state capitols and wearing a stunning  gown from Signature Bridal Salon. She is looking as lovely as can be. Of course, this bride’s beauty is captured by PhotoHouse Films, who does an incredible job in snapping all the pretty details. Yes, we are a big fans of brides and their bridal sessions, and this one has us head over heels in love. So take a little break, ( or a long one!), and browse the fabulous images of a bride and the Texas Capitol Building.

















From PhotoHouse Films

A stunning bridal portrait session at the Texas State Capitol with Margot Coogan.

Margot’s bridal portrait session at the Texas State Capitol was such a wonderful day and we had a blast spending the afternoon with her there! She looked absolutely stunning in her dress and we can’t wait for her to share all that beauty on her big day.

Glam the Gown Bridal Session from Kristina Krich Photography

Do you know what I absolutely LOVE? A post-wedding Bridal Session. Yep, pretty much head over heels for this gorgeous idea. On your wedding day, wearing your bridal gown is probably one of the most amazing moments of your life. If that was not gorgeous enough, then imagine living this moment all over again. Sounds fabulous right? Especially when Kristina Krich Photography is behind the lens capturing it all so beautifully.  What can be better than spending a few hours in your stunning bridal gown, getting all pampered during it all, and have it documented in the most pretty of ways? Breathtaking.  Don’t believe us?   The images speak for themselves. Are you ready to get all dolled up for the second time?  I have to warn you, you may not want to ever leave this bridal session. Yes, it is pretty fantastic.






About Kristina Krich Photography

Kristina is a professional portrait photographer with a studio in San Clemente, CA, specializing in contemporary fashion inspired glamour photography. The “Glam the Gown” concept has arisen to fill a gap in the market for brides wanting the ultimate bridal portrait.  This pamper session for the bride comes complete with professional hair & make up, as well as a two hour stylized portrait session where brides are directed by the photographer into the most flattering lighting and posing.  The session also comes with complimentary drinks and appetizers.
The purpose of the photo shoot is for the bride to have a relaxed, but directed photo shoot where she is guaranteed stunning images of herself, in her gown, looking her absolute best. The end products that brides receive are beautiful archival quality folio boxes with matted and mounted 11×14 images which they can also individually frame, as well as matted and mounted wall art ranging in size from 7″ x 10″ to 30″ x 40″.
Please contact Kristina at (949) 545-1752 or for a consultation and let us know how you dream of being photographed.  More information can be found at Kristina Krich Photography.









Bridal Stylist:  Hope Stanley

Photography: Kristina Krich Photography

Hair & Make-up:  Jennette Pulecio

Bridal Gown: Mary Me Bridal


Open Field Bridal Session from Manya Photography

I am not sure how your Wedding Wednesday is looking like today, but I can tell you that you will not want to miss this. I am talking about the prettiest bridal session I have ever seen. I am totally serious. You will want to clear your schedule and set some time aside to see this oh-so-gorgeous bridal session.  This session features a stunning bride in a quaint setting, (a vast and open field), wearing a gorgeous couture gown from Jim Hjelm, paired with a lovely bouquet from Floral Riot.  The talent behind it all? Stylist Hope Stanley together with talented photographer Manya Photography created a most perfect bridal session. Manya Photography was on hand to capture each and every lovely moment of this romantic bridal shoot. Grab your morning coffee, sit back and enjoy the images that will add a bit of loveliness to your day.





















 Our lovely model was Taylor Dukes and our location was the Quail Hill Trailhead in Irvine, California. I wanted to shoot a beautiful bridal gown in a big open field because I pictured this beautiful bridal gown that is soft, romantic, with modern touches in an open field that was opposite of the couture gown. When I saw the gown on Taylor, it reminded me of a ballerina. So I chose the simple hairstyle of a bun with braids with a silver strip of lace added for decoration. The gown has so much texture to it that I didn’t want to take away from it. So the hair, makeup and accessories were kept simple. If you are wondering where the poodle came from, well a women was walking her dog and I thought it would be perfect to photograph with Taylor’s dress. I went ahead and asked the women if I can photograph the dog for the shoot, and she agreed. She was super nice and the poodle was well behaved! All in all, it was a lovely bridal shoot. 

Location: Quail Hill Trailhead

Event Styling and Design: Hope Stanley  & Manya Photography

Photography: Manya Photography

Hair & Make-up: Lucy Han of Joyce Luck STYLE

Flowers: Floral Riot

Bridal Gown: Mary Me Bridal

Bridal Stylist: Hope Stanley from Mary Me Bridal

Model: Taylor Dukes