Venice Italy Proposal

One of the most romantic cities in the world? Venice, Italy! Yes, and a wedding proposal happend here and I can not help but feel all giddy today. Oh my goodness, when I first viewed the image of Thomas getting down on my knee with the beautiful waterfront city in the background, I almost died. This is so romantic and sweet! What is even more amazing than the location? The photographer, Luca, Wedding Photographer in Venice was behind the scenes capturing this special moment. I love when proposals are captured on film, so the moment can be kept forever.  This beautiful proposal kind of makes me want to pack my bags and head to Italy with my husband for a little getaway. How can you not want to travel to this city and enjoy the stunning views and lovely ambiance.  Enjoy the gorgeous images, and get ready to be swept away to Italy!












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From Luca, Wedding Photographer in Venice

A surprise engagement in Venice. Thomas is a firefighter from California, and this time in ignited the perpetual love of Heather by a surprise marriage proposal in Venice. I assisted in suggesting a quite and romantic place (San Giorgio island, conveniently located in front of their hotel near San Marco Square). He told her that it was a good idea to go there to have a view from the Church’s tower (that indeed is a remarkable one), I was waiting in the planned place with a dozen of red roses and an assistant and hidden cameras ( more from the rain than from them as they woudl be quite focused on the engagement to notice anything). They took the ferry ( one of the first images), he reached the roses and gave them to her one by one together with sweet words. Then he took the ring, kneed and made his marriage proposal. I left them some privacy and they actually visited the tower of the church, then after a quick change we have a short photographic walk around the area of Castello.

Industrial Vintage Southern Wedding

This bride’s “something blue” is one of my favorites. Blue probably ranks high on my color spectrum list, and this shade of blue is on top of that list.  This Southern bride incorporated the beautiful blue color in more than one way. The stunning bridal shoes, the elegant garter, the darling bridesmaid’s dresses, and other small reception details. It is that pop of blue that ties this wedding together so beautifully.  All set at a venue where industrial meets vintage.   Can I please  time travel and go back to the moment these two say ” I do”, and be a part of this Southern wedding? Not a Southern gal, but this wedding makes me want to travel to the South and enjoy all the pretty details.  What makes this wedding even more amazing? A talented photographer, Andie Freeman Photography, who is after my wedding photo loving heart. Captured every moment just perfectly. Each image is makes me smile and say “WOW”.





































From Andie Freeman Photography

Erin and Ricky married in a beautiful vintage, industrial wedding  location.  It was a stunning display of understated fashion with exquisite details..  Erin and Ricky chose a wedding venue that is a converted Industrial cotton mill called The Engine Room.  And it rained. . .I mean rained. . .The whole day.  Poured the rain.  Fortunately, we had lots of natural light from the large windows that grace the venue.  And I could not have asked for a more amazing wedding day!!  Fun and relaxed, we had a great time! 

The brides favorite detail of her wedding day were the “button” on her bouquet.  She states, “My grandfather had passed a few years back from lung caner and his US Navy lapel pins were used as the “buttons” on my bouquet. 


Styled Photo Shoot: Rustic Garden Wedding

Sometimes when I see the first images of a styled wedding photo shoot, I feel like my heart is going to come out of my chest. It is just a styled shoot, and not even a real wedding. But man, does it feel like one!  Every lovely detail from the grand dessert table, the gorgeous couple, the stunning gowns, the pretty florals, and the beautiful colors,  makes my heart sing.  When you have a  fabulous team of vendors together with talented photographer, L’Estelle Photography, you have a whimsical garden masterpiece. A masterpiece worthy of a standing ovation. Yes, this styled shoot is totally after my vintage wedding loving heart.  I can not stop swooning over all the prettiness.









































From  L’Estelle Photography

The style of this session is rustic with a modern twist, and the theme is romance in a summer garden. The set is decorated with soft and fresh colors, such as yellows, pinks, and greens, with gold details being the emphasis to depict the luxurious feel. We found this little secret garden in the urban city; it is so quiet and beautiful, and is a perfect location for a whimsical wedding.

 Our planner, D’Love Affair Wedding & Events, sourced all vendors and made this session happen. The set is provided and designed by Past Pieces, from small details like vintage books and suitcases, to big items like the wooden doors, and beautiful couches. We love the rustic dessert table, supported by wine barrels.

The beautiful wedding dress, from Pronovias’ new 2015 collection, is provided by Clara Couture Bridal. This dress features an unique loose strap design, with elegant bead work. The jewelleries, designed by Mirror Mirror Bijoux, also complimented the pink sequins dress with its unique colors and textures.

The grand dessert and cake is all designed and handcrafted by Kitty Wong Pastry Shop. The wedding cake, also the main focus of the dessert table, is made with exquisite details like ruffles and gold sequins. The cake was painted with white and gold watercolor effects, and decorated with pink and ivory flowers; all the details are handmade and are edible!




Photography: L’Estelle Photography

Wedding Planner: D’Love Affair Weddings & Events

Wedding Gowns & Accessories: Clara Couture Bridal

Set Design & Furniture Rental: Past Pieces

Floral Design: Tailored Blooms Floral Design

Makeup and Hair: Elena Tsang Makeup Artistry & AC Makeup

Dessert & Pastries: Kitty Wong PastryShop

Groom’s Apparel: Baracos + Brand

Shoes & Accessories: Lords Shoes

Jewelry Design:  Mirror Mirror Bijoux

Stationary Design: Something Nice Decor


Top Five Spooky Wedding Decor Ideas

We’ve just got a few days until Halloween, which is one of our all-time favorite holidays! The best part about Halloween is all the spooky fun, why not bring it into your wedding? If you’re having a Halloween wedding, a fall wedding, or just want to keep things a little different for your big day, we’ve got five awesome spooky tips for your wedding.

Black Lace

Want to add a dash of spooky romance? Throw in black lace into your decor. Use it in the linens, in your bridesmaid dresses, and if you’re edgy- in your veil. Black lace creates an edgy feel to the usual white lace and makes everything that much spookier and sexier. If you want to be more subtle, use it to tie your flower bouquets or incorporate it into your napkins. Little touches can go a long way.

Tall White Candles

Lately we’ve been seeing lots of tea candles or smaller candles, but if you want to make things a little spookier go for tall. Taller candles, especially with a little bit of wax drip already going, are reminiscent of haunted houses and mansions in scary stories. Candles are innately romantic, but old-vintage looking candles make it that much spookier.

Dark Red Wine

This is a subtle touch of spooky, but go for a blood-red wine. Find something deep like a cabernet or merlot and serve in goblet-shaped wine glasses. It’s sexy, it’s a little spooky, and who cares if your teeth get a little red? Our next spooky decor tip will take care of that.

Low Lighting

Keep the dimmer in business and try to rely on candlelight as much as possible. Give your photographers a heads up so they can plan the lighting for photos accordingly, but have dinner by candlelight. It’s so romantic and makes everyone look that much more mysterious. Use those tall vintage candles to light your night!

Vintage Plates and Stemware

Old school Hollywood horror stories have one big thing in common- big scary mansions where everything is vintage. Take a note and look for vintage or vintage inspired plates and stemware. We love goblet-shaped glasses for your red wine, but up the ante with some vintage plates and long elegant forks and knives. Tones like gold and more muted silvers look so pretty and still look spooky glam.

Top Five Most Romantic Spots in San Francisco

There’s a reason why people keep leaving their hearts in San Francisco. It’s a beautiful diverse city with so much to explore and enjoy- especially if you’re there with someone you love. Next time you’re out there, or if you’re nearby and have some time to kill, swing by our five favorite places in the beautiful city by the bay.

Ghirardelli Square


Yes, it’s touristy. Yes, parking is bad (heads up- San Francisco is a hard city to park in). But SF’s own Ghirardelli Square is beautiful, romantic, and a fantastic place to be.Ghirardelli Square is right on the pier overlooking the bay and offers free-WiFi (as if you need an extra reason to go). There are a few different places to eat, including Ghirardelli’s own in-house dessert shop. You can get a look at the whole Ghirardelli range, munch on some sample chocolate, and sip on a Ghirardelli hot cocoa while listening to free live music play in the square. Did we mention the insanely beautiful view? This square is a must-see.

Pier 39


Another tourist-favorite, Pier 39 is a fun spot along the water in San Francisco that you can easily spend a whole day in. There are a ton of restaurants, snack places, and neat niche shops to cruise around in. There’s a beautiful carousel at the end of the pier, and of course the sea lions. Oh, the sea lions. They’re loud, they’re smelly, and they’re absolutely fascinating. It’s a beautiful place to stroll for the day hand in hand with so much to do and see.

Boudin Bread Factory


Have you heard of the world-famous San Francisco Sourdough? It’s Boudin, and it’s totally worth it. Boudin has a few locations around the city (and even a few outside of San Francisco- there’s one in Disney’s California Adventure!) but the best location is at Fisherman’s Wharf. This location is right on the water and is a working bread factory. Skip the Union Square location for the real thing and watch your food be made. You can pick up a specialty bread (like the alligator or turtle bread above) and an amazing meal. This location offers a full restaurant with specialty seafood dishes to enjoy while you look out over the water. If you have dinner upstairs, you can get free tickets to the bread tour downstairs (which is our tourist-hack). If you fall in love, you can even sign up for specialty sourdough loaves to be delivered to your door (or someone else’s- this makes for a really unique wedding gift!).

Palace of Fine Arts


The Palace of Fine Arts has probably the trickiest parking on our list, but is one of the most beautiful. This is a gorgeous standing example of beautiful architecture and has a swan pond within (seriously- it’s the most beautiful thing ever). If you’re really craving some romance, swing by on a Saturday afternoon. More often than not you’ll find wedding photos being taken, if not an actual wedding taking place. This writer can name several couples who got engaged here, all of which are still together (one having just celebrated their twenty fifth wedding anniversary!). Do yourself a favor and take your sweetheart here for some pictures- you won’t regret it.

California Academy of Sciences




The Academy of Science is beautiful, fun, and one of the most unique dates you can go on in San Francisco. The Academy of Science was in the last ten years renovated and become a fixture in the city. It features regular rotating exhibits but also is home to a gorgeous aquarium, butterfly habitat, and many mammal-fixated exhibits. Once a month, the Academy of Science opens its’ doors to the 21+ crowd and puts up bars and small dance areas throughout. Whether you want to learn and explore one of the most unique museums in the country or you want to do so with a margarita in hand, this is the perfect romantic spot in the city for you and your honey.


Top Five Most Romantic Spots at Universal Studios Hollywood

BHLUSH.jpg.jpgWe’re total romantics (obviously), and we love it down here in sunny Southern California. One of the best parts about being a romantic in Southern California? The awesome amusement parks out here! Date night is so much easier if out here, there’s always a new ride or special event going on at any of the number of theme parks here. One of our favorite parks is Universal Studios Hollywood. It’s located in Universal City just a little north of Los Angeles and is an actual working production studio. It’s definitely not the biggest theme park out here in the wild west, but it is a fun full day of exploring with someone special. Grab your sweetheart and hit up our top five favorite romantic spots at Universal Studios!


The Universal Studios Tour

The Studio Tour is one of the longest-standing rides at Universal Studios Hollywood, and is a staple for a reason. The tour goes through live production lots and gives the riders an inside look into movies like Jaws, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and War of the Worlds. So many big productions have taken place on this lot, so the whole ride takes about an hour. That’s plenty of time to snuggle up with your sweetheart and sneak a kiss during the King Kong 360 part. Biggest plus? If you want to crack open a cold one, you can! Soda, snacks, and even beer is sold in the line and you are allowed to bring on food and snacks to munch on during the ride!


Minion Mayhem Water Park

Minion Mayhem is a newer installation in the park which replaced The Terminator ride. They gutted the old auditorium, revamped the inside to be an all about Despicable Me, and put in a fun water park where the old soda-sponsored waterpark used to be. The park is meant for kids, but if you want to splash around with your sweetheart, splash away! Just watch out for the little ones. If you forgot your swimsuit, don’t worry! The park is on the edge of the park and overlooks all of the San Fernando Valley, creating one of the most beautiful views of the valley. Share a cotton candy and watch the day turn into night over the edge of Universal Studios.


The Simpsons Ride

Do Homer and Marge not scream romance? It may not seem romantic, but the carnival-themed Simpsons area is sure to make you feel like a teenager again, running around hand in hand with your sweetie. There’s vintage scenes from The Simpsons playing the throughout the whole line and fantastic character art to look at. It’s sure to shoot you both down nostalgia lane, which is always perfect to bond over.


Jurassic Park

Yes, it’s a water ride, but the first part is actually really sweet and slow. The ride begins with a patient ride through peaceful dinosaurs you can ooh and aww at with your sweetheart. There are moments where you can get squirted by water, but that’s really just another reason to snuggle closer isn’t it? You get an excuse to hold hands when the T-Rex finally goes after you, plus there’s a photo at the bottom you can keep as a souvenir! Water rides can be romantic too, just try not to wear white on this ride. You will get park water all over, and see-through clothes on a date are no fun.


Little Europe

There’s this little strip between the Animal Show and Minion Mayhem filled with little shops and bakeries themed to be like England, France, and Italy. We geek out over the Sherlock section (complete with a double-decker bus!), but you’ll be able to grab a pastry and drink over at the French restaurant with your sweetie. Hop on a stationary Vespa in the Italian corner and take some action shots, or head over to little Ireland for a more grown-up refreshment (the only full bar inside the park- all other stands are beer only or pina coladas). It’s a fun place to wander around and take pictures and saves you thousands of dollars in airfare to the EU!


What’s your favorite romantic spot at Universal Studios Hollywood? Leave it in the comment below to be nominated for ‘Best BHL Reader!’

Whimsical and Romantic Florida Wedding

Show me a flower crown, and I am done. I do not know what is is, but when I saw the first image of this bride and her flower crown, I could not resist. I wanted to see more of this bride and her wedding. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed.  This bride is absolutely  gorgeous and everything about her dress and the beautiful flower crown was made just  for her.  The bridesmaids and their pretty lace dresses compliment this bride and her wedding so perfectly. It all screams romantic and whimsical. Two words I love when combined into weddings. And this wedding has these details and more.  Then you have Black & Hue Photography to capture all the lovely details, and it is even better. Enjoy this Friday morning with a little dose of bridal magic.








































From Black & Hue Photography

Whoa. I really don’t know where to begin with this one. Daniel & Tessa have been great friends of ours for years, and when they first asked us to shoot their wedding, we were thrilled. These two have impeccable taste and we knew it would be gorgeous, but I don’t think we fully understood how gorgeous until we arrived on their wedding day. Tessa is breathtaking and Daniel looked like a million bucks. They choose an old schoolhouse in Fellsmere, Florida for their ceremony, and the auditorium suited their Americana taste perfectly. Throw in a little Springsteen and Elvis to top it off, and you’ve got one of the most fun weddings we’ve ever been to. We’re so excited for these two to share their lives together and couldn’t be more thrilled for them. Here’s a huge thanks for Daniel & Tessa for allowing us to be there for one of the best days of their lives.

North Carolina Vintage Bridal Session

Today, we are heading to North Carolina for a pretty bridal session with everything we love about brides and their lovely details. This session features a stunning bride in a charming rustic location, wearing a gorgeous bridal gown, and paired with a beautiful bouquet.  All the details of this session goes together so well. We love the touches of vintage added to make this session even prettier. Can we please talk about the bride and her gown? This lace gown is amazing and looks so good on this bride. Like the gown was meant for this bride, and this  bride only. We are obssesed. Thanks to Big Star Studios for capturing the images and creating such an amazing bridal session. The photographs are breathtaking! Before you head off to start your weekend, grab a cup of morning coffee, and browse through this fabulous bridal session. It is a great way to kick off the weekend. Or at least we think so. Go ahead, and enjoy a bit of vintage bridal love.

















From Big Star Studios

Laura wanted something a little more modern for her shoot. But she also wanted to tie in some of the rustic details to make it more her style. We chose an old warehouse in Mebane, NC to start it off then headed out to a local farm to get some softer shots of Laura.

Whimsical and Romantic Wedding from Gage Blake Photography

I seriously love my job. I have to pinch myself because sometimes it does not seem real. All the pretty and gorgeous  wedding details I get to view each and every day is beyond amazing. Today’s real wedding feature is no exception. This wedding has me obsessing all day long. I am in love with all the rustic and romantic details this wedding has to offer. From the beautiful ceremony wooden French doors to the hanging florals in a vast green space. So dreamy and oh so lovely. I can not get enough of this whimsical wedding. Did I mention there is a horse-drawn carriage for the bride’s grand entrance? Yep, and it gets even better from there. Go ahead, take a look at the stunning images captured by Gage Blake Photography.
















































I was so excited to photograph Ashley & Corey’s wedding at Bennetts Orchard. It was like a real dream come true wedding! The venue was absolutely gorgeous and the details for this wedding was amazing! 
I asked the Bride and Groom to answer some questions about their Wedding day. Here is what they had to say:
What was the flavor of your cake? Our personal cake was white, but we had many others! We had several different flavors of cheesecake, cookies & cupcakes! 
 What was the most memorable moment of your Wedding day? 
 Bride: Walking down the aisle! 
Groom: Ashley walking through the doors to come meet me down the aisle. 
What was the Funniest memory from your wedding day? 
Bride: Corey’s moves when he was taking off the garter. 
Groom: Cutting & smashing the cake! 
 Special moments you will never forget from your Wedding Day? 
Bride: Riding up to the ceremony in the carriage and walking through the doors & down the aisle to see my groom! Also, just spending the day with all of the important people in our lives! 
Groom: Seeing Ashley, walking into the reception together and spinning my bride around! 
 What was your favorite detail you did for your wedding? 
Bride: The whole ceremony- it was like a fairy tale! 
Groom: The ceremony setting- the tree we chose to get married in front of, etc.


Photography: Gage Blake Photography
Venue: Bennetts Orchard
Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal
 DJ/Entertainment: Decorative Sound
Florist: Beautiful Blooms by Jen
Videographer: Fordham Footage
Caterer: Scott’s Catering
Cake Vendor: Bakery Unlimited
Hair/Makeup Consultant: Jennifer Pello
Photo booth: Poupard Moonwalks

Top Three Valentine’s Day Inspired Wedding Flowers

Fact: I am in love with flowers. Blooms that are simple, over the top, or just a single rose, they make me happy and smile each and every time. In my book, without flowers and blooms, this world be pretty darn boring and ugly. With Valentine’s Day just a couple days away, a gorgeous detail is popping up at each and every floral shop. Beautiful blooms, ready to be picked up and shared with a loved one!  I am all about the romance, and romantic details. That is why today I want to talk about romantic weddings and how florals can make any wedding day oh-so-pretty!  With the help of our incredibly talented friend and floral designer, Sussanna Davidson at French Buckets, we have three gorgeous Valentine’s Day inspired wedding florals to inspire any bride for her wedding day. Go ahead, take a look, and see which bloom is for you.

peachy love vday
  • Peachy:  Oh so peachy!  This gorgeous floral arrangement is made up of peach Amaryllis, garden roses, pink jasmine and rice flower.  What a lovely arrangement and so perfect for that garden style wedding. This charming set is bright, lush, and full of smiles.   (The pretty background is paper from paper-source).
red love
  • Red Hot Love: These blooms are super stunning and totally scream Valentine’s Day. Look how bright and vibrant these flowers look.  This  super gorgeous arrangement is made up of  red amaryllis, pink hyacinth, pink jasmine and wild raspberries. Looking to have a classical wedding with a touch of surprise? This will surely be a showstopper. A total knockout!
  • Simple and Sweet: These lovely blooms are made up of  sweet pea’s, geranium, pink sweetheart roses and pink hyacinth.  It is simple, yet is so pretty with the pop of colors that are present. This  sweet little centerpiece compliments a romantic style wedding.   (The pretty background is paper from paper-source).