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One of the most romantic cities in the world? Venice, Italy! Yes, and a wedding proposal happend here and I can not help but feel all giddy today. Oh my goodness, when I first viewed the image of Thomas getting down on my knee with the beautiful waterfront city in the background, I almost died. This is so romantic and sweet! What is even more amazing than the location? The photographer, Luca, Wedding Photographer in Venice was behind the scenes capturing this special moment. I love when proposals are captured on film, so the moment can be kept forever.  This beautiful proposal kind of makes me want to pack my bags and head to Italy with my husband for a little getaway. How can you not want to travel to this city and enjoy the stunning views and lovely ambiance.  Enjoy the gorgeous images, and get ready to be swept away to Italy!












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From Luca, Wedding Photographer in Venice

A surprise engagement in Venice. Thomas is a firefighter from California, and this time in ignited the perpetual love of Heather by a surprise marriage proposal in Venice. I assisted in suggesting a quite and romantic place (San Giorgio island, conveniently located in front of their hotel near San Marco Square). He told her that it was a good idea to go there to have a view from the Church’s tower (that indeed is a remarkable one), I was waiting in the planned place with a dozen of red roses and an assistant and hidden cameras ( more from the rain than from them as they woudl be quite focused on the engagement to notice anything). They took the ferry ( one of the first images), he reached the roses and gave them to her one by one together with sweet words. Then he took the ring, kneed and made his marriage proposal. I left them some privacy and they actually visited the tower of the church, then after a quick change we have a short photographic walk around the area of Castello.

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