Industrial Vintage Southern Wedding

This bride’s “something blue” is one of my favorites. Blue probably ranks high on my color spectrum list, and this shade of blue is on top of that list.  This Southern bride incorporated the beautiful blue color in more than one way. The stunning bridal shoes, the elegant garter, the darling bridesmaid’s dresses, and other small reception details. It is that pop of blue that ties this wedding together so beautifully.  All set at a venue where industrial meets vintage.   Can I please  time travel and go back to the moment these two say ” I do”, and be a part of this Southern wedding? Not a Southern gal, but this wedding makes me want to travel to the South and enjoy all the pretty details.  What makes this wedding even more amazing? A talented photographer, Andie Freeman Photography, who is after my wedding photo loving heart. Captured every moment just perfectly. Each image is makes me smile and say “WOW”.





































From Andie Freeman Photography

Erin and Ricky married in a beautiful vintage, industrial wedding  location.  It was a stunning display of understated fashion with exquisite details..  Erin and Ricky chose a wedding venue that is a converted Industrial cotton mill called The Engine Room.  And it rained. . .I mean rained. . .The whole day.  Poured the rain.  Fortunately, we had lots of natural light from the large windows that grace the venue.  And I could not have asked for a more amazing wedding day!!  Fun and relaxed, we had a great time! 

The brides favorite detail of her wedding day were the “button” on her bouquet.  She states, “My grandfather had passed a few years back from lung caner and his US Navy lapel pins were used as the “buttons” on my bouquet. 


Out With The New, In With The Old

Today’s brides often go for modern looks and latest trends in the fashion and wedding industry. We turn to online beauty channels and bridal magazine for ideas, or even a celebrity’s wedding look for inspiration because we want our special day to be perfect. Who doesn’t, right? That’s why you are here at Bridal Hot List because we provide you the hottest trends and resources in helping you plan the perfect day! As much as I enjoy contemporary wedding styles, there is something about classic and elegant pieces that completes a bride’s overall feature. Here are some wedding accessories and must-haves for any bride-to-be. Get ready to stun the love of your life, as well as your family and friends with these precious little gems because you will look like a blushing, classic bride at your wedding.

Pearls – From the traditional Princess length pearl necklace to a stunning pendent earrings, or even a bracelet pearls mixed with other precious gemstones, there is something about pearls that completes a bride’s look. It is very feminine that will add a classic touch to your wedding gown. Wear it however you please and you will look absolutely exquisite! Even bridal headpieces, veils, and gowns are adorned with pearls to create a sophisticated effect.

Diamonds are not always a girl’s best friend. If you want to channel Grace Kelly or the fictional character of Daisy Buchanan, a simple pearl accessory like these adorable bracelets are perfect. Sophisticated, Glam and simply Gorgeous!


 Marry In Blue, Always Be true, So Wear Something Blue – A twist to the classic saying, I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of incorporating “Something Blue” in any wedding ensemble. If that is not your style, you can always find other ways to include something blue in your look. Invest in a pair of Hangisi Satin Pump by Manolo Blahnik (Sex and The City fans, you know what I am talking about) to add a pop of color to your ivory or white gown. You can also include blue embroidery, sapphire beading, aquamarine nail polish, or even adding a flower or two of “Something Blue” in your bouquet. Either one you choose, it will definitely add a subtle touch of blue to your glamorous wedding.

Can’t find “Something Blue” to incorporate in your wedding look? Check out these cute rhinestone shoe applicator that you can apply at the bottom of your shoes.


($10, Francesca’s Collections).

Family Heirloom – Incorporating a piece of family heirloom to your wedding look is also important because it contains sentimental value. These pieces have probably been passed down from generation of family members so it definitely has a significant meaning. A friend of mine recently got married and opted for a simple, gold necklace surrounded by Amethyst rhinestones as her only piece of jewelry. She didn’t have any accessories with the exception of the necklace and looked absolutely gorgeous! Not only the necklace complimented her make-up look and her breathtaking cream gown, it has a very special meaning to her since it has been worn by three generation of women in her family: From her Grandmother, Mother, and now her. Opting to choose your (or your future husband) family’s heirloom definitely adds to concept of “Something Old” with a twist of contemporary influence. So if you have a family heirloom or looking to start one, be sure to include it in your look! From a necklace, bracelet or even a simple bridal comb,  your distinct jewelry will mesmerize everyone at your wedding as you walk down the isle.

A unique and retro necklace I found at an Estate sale. It makes a very bold statement that reminds me of a Maiden’s signature neck-piece during the Victorian Era. So vintage and stylish!


If you plan to combine a classic look with a twist of modern style for your overall wedding look, these three must-haves will definitely catch everybody’s attention. It’s not only vintage, but it is also creative and very très chic. What bride doesn’t want that?