The Lab and The Camp Engagement Session from Happy Photos

You know by now that I am in love with engagement sessions. I really LOVE them! But, this one has a special place in my heart. The locations are set at the famous, Anti-Mall (the Lab), and the Camp in Costa Mesa, California. A place that you would find me in my college years, studying in the funky courtyard, with unique little details all around. It was the perfect place to study and feel relaxed. These days I visit both of these fabulous locations when I want a bite to eat. I can literally spend hours at either of these locations. Good food, and good ambiance. I can see why this adorable couple chose these unique locations for their e-session. It fits their personalities, and brings out a certain joy and love which is totally obvious in the images below. See how Happy Photos captured the sweet love these two show off in each and every image. You may want to grab your coffee, and sit down for this one. Its a pretty good one!

























From Happy Photos

Meet Shauna and Greg. Shauna is the marketing director at Scott’s Resturant, and Greg is a school teacher. When I asked  them about their engagement session, they told me that they  wanted something out of the ordinary. (So, no beach or park location). But rather they wanted a location which fit their fun and quirky personalities! The Lab and the Camp in Costa Mesa was the perfect location for these two love birds. Each spot had a unique detail about it, and the couple seemed to fit right in. There were some pretty amazing spots to take photographs at both of these locations. Shauna and Greg made my job easy. They were so much fun to work with, and I could not help but smile behind the lens.  Congrats to Shauna and Greg!

Country Chic Engagement Session from Happy Photos

I don’t know what I am more obsessed with. The fact that this engagement session took place in my college town, or this adorable couple who is so obviously in love, it is not even funny. After spending half my morning deciding which images to share with you all, I was instantly hooked and fell in love with their country style, and complete and utter love they share with each other. Oh, I am totally in love with the red barn too. It is so rustic and charming. Enjoy the amazing photos captured by Happy Photos.

lauren & mike engagement-25_std

lauren & mike engagement-26_std

lauren & mike engagement-23_std

lauren & mike engagement-17_std

lauren & mike engagement-28_std

lauren & mike engagement-33_std

lauren & mike engagement-34_std

lauren & mike engagement-37_std

lauren & mike engagement-35_std

lauren & mike engagement-45_std

lauren & mike engagement-49_std

lauren & mike engagement-47_std

lauren & mike engagement-62_std

lauren & mike engagement-63_std

lauren & mike engagement-72_std

lauren & mike engagement-70_std

lauren & mike engagement-127_std

lauren & mike engagement-120_std

lauren & mike engagement-116_std

lauren & mike engagement-100_std

lauren & mike engagement-108_std

lauren & mike engagement-83_std

lauren & mike engagement-94_std

lauren & mike engagement-95_std

lauren & mike engagement-96_std

lauren & mike engagement-82_std

From Happy Photos…

Lauren and Mike love their hometown of Southern Orange County, so they wanted to go rustic and country to compliment their country chic wedding theme.  The location for their engagement photos took place at the open fields and farms of University of California, Irvine. The 100 year old red barn was the perfect backdrop for this couple.  They are a fun loving couple who love the outdoors.  Lauren is a SoCal girl with a country heart! I really enjoyed the time spent with such a fabulous couple.