Walt Disney World Engagement

Today we are heading to Walt Disney World for a super cute engagement session from  tiffany danielle photography. Now, I have never been to Walt Disney World, but I bet its as magical as Disneyland resort here in Southern California. I love this session. Not only because of its location, but all the adorable spots where these two love birds hung out. I am all about classic Disneyland, and the images at the castle and the ice cream and cotton candy stand are my favorite. It is not a Disneyland park trip without stopping by to get a Disney treat and taking a photo at the castle.  Enjoy a dose of magic on this Monday morning with this super adorable Walt Disney World engagement session.
































From tiffany danielle photography

Love is a dream come true and where better for dreams to come true then Disney! Cory Popped the question to Kristen on a Disney Cruise, so this was the only place that would suit this prince and princess just as perfectly as they fit each other!We walked amongst the crowds, enjoyed ice cream and cotton candy, rode the teacups (who wouldn’t?!), the merry-go-round, and stopped for a kiss in front of the beautiful theatre.

Mad Men Inspired Engagement Session

If you are a big fan of the popular show Mad Men like we are, then you will absolutely love this engagement session from  Love in Photographs. This gorgeous couple definitely knows how to show off their stylish, fashionable, and sophisticated looks.  There is something so classy and elegant about this e-session that has us totally in love. We LOVE the red Ferrari which brings this session up to a very glamorous level. And when you have a stunning couple like this one, then the Ferrari is not the only detail we are in love with This couple owns this session.  They were made for this urban and lovely setting.  How fabulous do they look? We think they look amazing! This session kind of makes us want to go back and watch more episodes of Mad Men, and get into the 1960’s era.  Take a look and get inspired with these fantastic images. You may want to sneak in an episode of Mad Men before starting your day.




















From Love in Photographs

Mona & Spencer, a super fun pair both filled with so much charm & wit! For their engagement session they wanted to have a Madmen inspired session; all glammed up in San Francisco with Spencer’s father’s 1975 Ferarri as a prop – and so we did!

First Five Things to Do Once You’re Engaged

Congratulations! It’s official, you’re a catch. Now that you’ve got the ring, it’s time to get to work planning the best day of both of your lives. We know that this time is very exciting, but may also be challenging. We’re here to help.

1.       Decide who to tell privately

It may be incredibly tempting to immediately Instagram your new favorite piece of jewelry, but it’s best to take a moment to enjoy yourself. Calling close family and friends before posting any engagement announcements is a good idea. It will save some feelings from being hurt if they find out via a third party (you don’t want your mom to find out you’re engaged a week after it was tweeted). Plus, you get to relive the excitement of it all every time you call someone to spread the news. Both of you should agree on when to really let the cat out of the bag.

2.       Plan on Taking Pictures

You’re in the sweet spot where you’re no longer single and you’re not yet married- take lots of pictures! Talk to your fiancé about setting up a photo shoot to capture your engaged period. You can use these photos for your wedding invites, for your thank you notes, or even as engagement announcements. We’ve got you covered with some photo-taking tips here.

3.       Say Thank You

It may not be traditional, but it is good to give a little thanks to the person that you love (and we’re big fans of thank you notes!). They went out on a limb for you, it’s sweet to extend a gesture their way too. You don’t have to go buying a diamond too, but a nice dinner or something fun they’ve been eyeballing can be a great thank you.

4.       Set your Own Pace

It’s completely fine to just enjoy being engaged for a while. You don’t have to immediately set a date once that ring’s on. If you have some other events going on in your life you want to focus on, go for it! Don’t let anything or anyone pressure you into rushing things. If you want a strict time line, go for it but don’t let anyone push you into setting a date before you’re ready.

5.       Start Saving

Now is as good a time as any to start saving up. If you two don’t have any sort of nest egg or savings, you’ll need it. It may feel like a big step, but opening a joint savings account may be an easy way to save money and earn interest. Even after the wedding, it can be good for married couples to have some sort of savings together for a rainy day (or even a sunny day- hello vacation fund!).


Five Tips for Perfect Engagement Photos

Did you get swept up in engagement season? Never fear, BHL is here! We know you have a lot to do, and we’re here to help. Now that the question’s been popped, it’s time to show off. Before you run off to take your official engagement photos, check out our top five tips.


1. Manage your Mani

Get yourself a quality manicure. We’re talking booking that nail artist you read about in Allure. Your hands will be photographed more heavily now than they ever have been, and you want to make sure they look good. Get your nails done as close to your photoshoot date as possible so you don’t have time to nick them or mess them up beforehand. If you’re still worried about making the mani last, opt for a gel manicure over acrylic. You don’t want to risk breaking off a nail, plus gel manicures will look more natural since they are on your natural nails. We suggest doing a classic french manicure to keep all attention on your ring.


2. Shine Bright

Get your teeth whitened! If you don’t have time to try out white strips, head over to your dentist for a quick cleaning or whitening. Even if you’re not insured, many dentists are offering whitening treatments that are affordable and relatively quick. If you have the time and the means, a deep cleaning can work wonders for your smile. You know you’ll be flashing those pearly whites, and you want them to be remembered as white.


3. Check the Weather

Dreaming of lovey-dovey photos outside? Do those dreams involve high winds or rain? Check the weather before you head out for pictures. It’ll be hard to make that ring sparkle if it’s gloomy and grey outside. If you scheduled a photographer, you may want to have a backup location just in case it starts to rain. If you’re out here in Southern California with the rest of the BHL team, you know it’s usually beautiful but that can change very quickly. Elsewhere in the country, the weather can be even more fickle.


4. Plan With your Partner

Yay- you’re engaged! But just remember, your fiance is too. Go over your plans and visions for the photos so you both know what you’re going into. You may need to have a serious sit down if your vision involves matching/coordinating outfits or any extra special looks. You don’t want to spring any surprises that will leave them feeling silly. Your engagement shoot is a time to celebrate the next step of your relationship- and that means coming to agreements.


5. Be your Classic Self

Now is not the time to try highlights or finally get a spray tan. Show off your well-known loveable self looking like no one else but you. These photos are going to last a lifetime, and you want to be able to recognize yourself! If you are a mascara and chapstick kind of girl, stick to it and leave the false lashes for another time. Showcase your favorite features and be comfortable in your skin.

Recently Engaged? Who Do You Share the News With First?

Your boyfriend just popped the question and you said yes, who do you call first to share the news? It is a very exciting time in ones life and of course you want to share your love and excitement with the whole world.

  • The first set of people that should hear the news are your parents. If you can not wait to tell them in person, then a phone call is the way to go when you want to share the news with your parents. Text or email is not really personal. I think it is best to wait if possible, to set up a time and place where you can tell your parents in person. Maybe you can do a brunch, or nice dinner where you make an announcement. You can make it special! Just remember do not text or email your parents, they have the right to a phone call or visit.
  • Next, it would be a sibling or close family member like a cousin if you do not have a sibling. If you are close with them and have always been in contact, then you also want to tell them in person if possible or on the phone. Another idea is that you set up a brunch with the family, and make an announcement for all of them at once. You can make it a nice event for the whole family to remember. Making it a family affair, inviting aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, and parents. It can then be a celebration that you share with your family. You can do this with your finance’s family together, or two separate events. It is sometimes nice to have two separate events, so the families can have their own special moment with you. At a later time, you can plan an engagement party with both families, or a special dinner.
  • You can call your close friends next, or also set up a time to tell them in person as well. Sometimes we can not wait to tell our best friend in person so we have to call right away! Now that is okay, when there is big news like this, you can not wait to tell your best friend! If you can wait, then you can  set up a lunch or coffee date. You can start off with showing off your ring! Girls love that! You can also set up a tea time or brunch with all your girlfriends and make the announcement there. It is really depends on you and what makes you feel most happy! The key is not to text or email your best friend or girlfriends. Make it personal and special!
  • Now who else do you want to share the news with?  Work friends, acquaintances, and other friends, you can send out a mass email or text to announce your engagement. These are people that are in your life, however may not play as big of a role in your life like you best friend, or family members. However for sure you want to share the news with them! It just does not have to be in person or calling everyone. But it is up to you, if you want to tell all in person or calls, go for it!
  • The most important moment is when you are engaged, and that you make sure to make some time, that night or next day where you can enjoy it with your finance. This is a significant step in your relationship, and you want to really enjoy the moment before the big day. So plan a weekend getaway, or nice dinner where you can enjoy each other as a newly engaged couple. At the moment where you were asked the question, there are so many emotions and feelings, you tend to forget or not remember as much of that moment. So it is nice to make another day where you can really enjoy each other’s love.


Congrats on being engaged, now go and enjoy every moment!




Just Engaged? Top Five Ways to Start the Planning

Congratulations on your engagement! This is a wonderful time where you celebrate your love and enjoy the engagement. Typically  most couples have a one year engagement, however a wedding can be planned in six months or less. (I will tell you more about this later). Even though this engagement is very special time in your lives, there is a bigger special day coming up which requires planning.

1. Set a date! – The time of year determines almost everything from the style of dress to wear, to the colors to choose . Choosing a date can be as simple as what time of the year you like to get married, fall, summer, winter, or spring. Some couples choose a date which falls on a holiday weekend, so each anniversary they will have a three day weekend! Whatever the reason, choosing a date must happen first.

2. Set a budget – Consult with each other and set a budget. This will help with planning the wedding and avoid financial conflict later. There are no rules in who pays for the wedding. It all depends on your family, culture, and traditions. These days I have seen many couples pay for all or some of the wedding costs. Some couples will split the wedding costs between both families. (Groom’s parents and Bride’s parents). Whoever is paying for the wedding, there still needs to be a budget!

3. Venue location – Now that the date and budget have been set, you can choose your location. If you are getting married in the summer, an outside venue would work great. However, even with outside venues there needs to be a back-up plan in case mother nature decides to change. The venue location determines all the other elements of the wedding day.  This may be a good time to consider hiring a wedding planner. A wedding planner can help save the couple money and time!

4. Shopping for the dress! – Now that the date, budget, and location have been set, the you can look for your dress! This is a fun time where the bride and her family and friends can go shopping!  The advice I would give is to make sure that you go to several bridal shops and try on different styles. It may look good in a magazine, however you will not know until you try it on. No matter what your mom or friends tell you, YOU have to feel that dress is right for you for your special day. Ultimately it is YOUR decision in choosing the dress. You will know when you have found “the one”.

5. Meet with all other vendors – Now that you have the date, budget, location, and dress you can start to choose and meet with other vendors. Photographers, videographers, florists, cake bakeries, officiants, jewelers (choose the wedding bands, if not chosen at before engagement), caterers, DJ/live bands, etc.

Good luck!