Five Tips for Perfect Engagement Photos

Did you get swept up in engagement season? Never fear, BHL is here! We know you have a lot to do, and we’re here to help. Now that the question’s been popped, it’s time to show off. Before you run off to take your official engagement photos, check out our top five tips.


1. Manage your Mani

Get yourself a quality manicure. We’re talking booking that nail artist you read about in Allure. Your hands will be photographed more heavily now than they ever have been, and you want to make sure they look good. Get your nails done as close to your photoshoot date as possible so you don’t have time to nick them or mess them up beforehand. If you’re still worried about making the mani last, opt for a gel manicure over acrylic. You don’t want to risk breaking off a nail, plus gel manicures will look more natural since they are on your natural nails. We suggest doing a classic french manicure to keep all attention on your ring.


2. Shine Bright

Get your teeth whitened! If you don’t have time to try out white strips, head over to your dentist for a quick cleaning or whitening. Even if you’re not insured, many dentists are offering whitening treatments that are affordable and relatively quick. If you have the time and the means, a deep cleaning can work wonders for your smile. You know you’ll be flashing those pearly whites, and you want them to be remembered as white.


3. Check the Weather

Dreaming of lovey-dovey photos outside? Do those dreams involve high winds or rain? Check the weather before you head out for pictures. It’ll be hard to make that ring sparkle if it’s gloomy and grey outside. If you scheduled a photographer, you may want to have a backup location just in case it starts to rain. If you’re out here in Southern California with the rest of the BHL team, you know it’s usually beautiful but that can change very quickly. Elsewhere in the country, the weather can be even more fickle.


4. Plan With your Partner

Yay- you’re engaged! But just remember, your fiance is too. Go over your plans and visions for the photos so you both know what you’re going into. You may need to have a serious sit down if your vision involves matching/coordinating outfits or any extra special looks. You don’t want to spring any surprises that will leave them feeling silly. Your engagement shoot is a time to celebrate the next step of your relationship- and that means coming to agreements.


5. Be your Classic Self

Now is not the time to try highlights or finally get a spray tan. Show off your well-known loveable self looking like no one else but you. These photos are going to last a lifetime, and you want to be able to recognize yourself! If you are a mascara and chapstick kind of girl, stick to it and leave the false lashes for another time. Showcase your favorite features and be comfortable in your skin.

Top Five Winter Wedding Tips

Winter often gets overlooked when it comes to planning a wedding.  No, it’s not the most popular season but for the winter loving couple it just might the perfect time to say “I Do”.   Having some doubts about a winter wedding?  Don’t despair my beautiful brides-to-be before setting out on your planning journey, here are BHL’s top five tips for winter nuptials.

Candlelight:  Candles are perfect during the winter.  They give that rustic and inviting feel, and when used in large numbers provide comfort in any space.  The soft glow of candles is perfect for creating a romantic and intimate ceremony atmosphere.  Continue this feeling into the reception space by using candlelight as the main source of light during dinner.  Your guests will feel relaxed and at ease in the inviting glow.

Experiment with Color: Don’t feel obligated to choose the typical holiday colors.  Surprise your guests with an unexpected accent color in the flower arrangements or reception tables.  Remember flowers that are in season are cheaper, but also be mindful of holidays.  For example,  the price of roses skyrockets around Valentine’s Day.

Photography: The winter months are notorious for unpredictable weather.  That’s why it’s so important to pick multiple areas within your venue to take your pictures.  Pick an area that is indoors in case rain prevents you from taking photos outside.  Remember, after the time change the sun goes down much earlier than in the spring and summer months.  An earlier ceremony time might be the better choice if you want your photos taken before nightfall.

Always Have a Back Up Plan:   Save yourself some wedding day stress by having a back up plan for… almost everything. Back up plans for ceremony, photography, reception, etc.  It’s not likely you’ll have to use any of these plans but it’s nice to know that you have them… just in case.

Have Fun with the Season:  The best thing about winter is that there are so many holidays!  Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day and more!  Have some fun with the holidays and add seasonal details to your wedding.  Incorporate an eggnog cocktail closer to Christmas or heart accents as a nod to Valentine’s Day.  You can also create a winter wonderland by hanging crystals like icicles and plenty of greenery.

Follow these five helpful hints and winter wedding planning is not so scary after all!  Happy Planning!

Strike a Wedding Pose with Dazzle Photobooth

As an admitted fan of photo booths, today’s post will come to no surprise when I say ” I love photo booths!”. I always love to do the introductions when it comes to these types of features on BHL. However, today’s Photo Booth vendor is extra special, as this fabulous company made an appearance at BHL’s One Year Anniversary Celebration. So today we are giving them their own spotlight.  Dazzle Photobooth is here and I could not be any happier. What makes this photo booth company amazing, is that it is a totally interactive experience. Once you choose your favorite props, grab a few friends, and jump into the booth, something magical happens. Even before the photo is snapped, there is a countdown (not from the screen), but from the attendant of the booth. The countdown is so exciting, and there is even a signal for striking that pose, making the experience of taking a photo a fun time. The attendant gets totally into it, and with excitement of the countdown and the amount of enthusiasm in their voice, you can not but smile and giggle. The photographs? Once they pop out, they are priceless. A perfect photo filled with a whole lot of love and fun. A total memorable piece which can be shared with you and your guests. All weddings deserve a great time!



DSC_0038 DSC_0088 Enclosed Setup and Prop Table

IMG_4112 Samuel Rivera Photography Expo Bridal 10-13-13 photo11 Samuel Rivera Photography Expo Bridal 10-13-13 Samuel Rivera Photography Expo Bridal 10-13-13


About Dazzle Photobooth

Dazzle Photobooth is a photo booth rental company based in Orange County, CA. We are driven with the determination to provide a friendlier and more affordable service that you will never forget! Customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with our devotion to our clientele. We always have a smile on our face and enthusiasm in our voice as we assist you with adding tons of fun to your special event. Our event attendants are nothing less than friendly and are included in every booking as our free courtesy to you for the entire duration of your rental.

What makes us stand out:

  • We offer an interactive experience, while most booth operators offer 1 attendant during their events, we offer 2 attendants.  This is highly effective because our attendants provide an interactive experience – they push the button to take the pictures, allowing for great looking photos.  The 2nd attendant is responsible for keeping the prop table organized and they offer suggestions to guests on what to wear allowing for more of a personal touch plus it keeps the line moving!
  • We offer social media kiosks with our rentals allowing guests to Facebook, Twitter, and Email their photo’s in real time.
  • We offer 3 types of booth setups, enclosed, open-air, and Hollywood Red Carpet

Our Facebook Link:

Five Perfect Fall Wedding Palettes

Fall has become one of the most sought after season to host a wedding. From the mild and comfortable temperatures to the beautiful foliage arranged in rich and i inviting colors, no wonder Fall is the perfect time to have a rustic wedding.  Here are five stunning Fall color palettes that will add vibrancy to your big day. Ranging from light to dark, you can never go wrong with choosing one or the other. Lively, Radiant and Lush!




(Tulle & Chantilly Photography)

Emerald is the color of beauty and elegance that will bring harmony and balance because its rich and intoxicating tone.




(Tulle & Chantilly Photography)

Green is a softer shade of turquoise and can be paired with any type of pastel colors. It is an eye catching tone that combines Spring, Summer and Fall season. I love the idea of mixing bright colors with rustic details. Who says who can’t mix two seasons together?



(Tulle & Chantilly Photography)

This color scheme is very earthy and rustic at the same time. This is a great choice for Fall or rustic-barn theme because of its mild look. Carafe is a great tone if you want a neutral look that compliments the scenery, flowers, and overall setting. From the decors to dessert bar, you can never go wrong with this color because it matches well with everything!




(Tulle & Chantilly Photography)

The best way to incorporate “Something Blue” in your wedding. How cute is this? I love the tone because it is something beautiful, something preppy and something perfect! Get it?




(Tulle & Chantilly Photography)

Fuchsia or “Vivacious” is such a live color that will grab everybody’s attention. If you want to dress up your wedding in the color of love and romance, this color scheme is best choice for you! The tone is much more on the feminine side and screams fabulous. If your fiancé does not mind the bold color, why not?

So Bridal Hot List beauties, which color palette would you choose?

Seven Tips for Being Picture Perfect

Stand Up Straight

Posture can be a fifteen pound difference! If it helps, try to pull your shoulders back and keep your spine straight. Think long and tall and you’ll look lean and graceful.

Relax Your Eyes

You want to look happy and relaxed when you’re smiling, not like you’re trying to read a sign sixty feet away. Don’t try too hard to look awake or alert, just focus on keeping your face relaxed and your mood up.

Know Your Angles

Standing at a three-quarters angle is typically regarded as one of the most flattering angles for women. This angle can be very slimming and create a curvy silhouette, particularly if you angle your shoulders to be a little lower towards the camera. However, if it isn’t in your comfort zone, don’t feel pressured to do it! You should feel as good as you look, and look as good as you feel. If you love the way you look facing front, go for it!

Show Off Your Arms

Try to avoid leaving your arms down by your side. It can make your shoulders look low and your body look slouchy. Place your hands gently on your hips to show off your long limbs, or around a friend’s shoulders to hide anything you don’t love.

Fluff Your Hair

If you suffer from limp hair, take a second to flip your hair around for product-free insta-volume. Run your fingers through the sides of your hair quickly to ease fly aways that may have  developed. Finally, pull some of your hair over your shoulders to frame your face. You spent time on your hair getting it ready- you should show it off!

Do A Foundation Test

Before you head out for the day, make sure your foundation is the right shade. Your skin tone can vary depending on your sun exposure throughout different times of the year. This means that if you only do one shade of foundation year round, it may not always match your current skin tone! Take a high-res picture of yourself in light similar to that of the wedding (if it’s outdoor, go outside. If it’s at night and inside, try inside with the flash on) to ensure you’re wearing the right shade. Make sure your neck and your face are not contrasting colors.

Don’t Raise Any Brows

If you color in your eyebrows, make sure they work with your skin tone and hair color. Full brows are in right now, but don’t let that sway you into overdoing your brows!

Santa Barbara Engagement Session from Silver Gecko Photography

I am kind of obsessed with engagement sessions. Yep,  I am totally in love with them.  Today’s e-session is sweet, romantic, and beautiful. Oh, and the best part? It is set at the gorgeous Southern California destination of Santa Barbara. A place where historical buildings are tucked between the mountains and the sea. Beautiful scenery and the most amazing details combined with an adorable couple equals pure perfection. When you add the very talented and (my personal fav), Silver Gecko Photography, then it is all over. Over in a pretty haze of beautiful images.   This e-session makes me want to pack  my bags, and travel with my husband to enjoy it all.  After viewing the stunning images, you may also choose to travel to this lovely destination!



















From Silver Gecko Photography

This session was a lot of fun! I strive to create an experience for all my clients and I know I succeeded in doing so with Donay & Justin. Since Donay loves the architecture in Santa Barbara we started at the Santa Barbara Court House, which has some fantastic spots! I also like to include some personal interests and activities each couple enjoys. Justin mentioned to me they love playing pool together and the Santa Barbara Brewing Company was gracious enough to allow us to photograph in their lounge. For the most part I let Donay & Justin simply play a few games, have a drink, and relax while I photographed. (I even played a game of pool with Justin, he cleaned the table with me, but in my defense, he was already warmed up.) While at SB Brewing, Donay turned to me and said, “this is us”, which is exactly why we photographed there.

Wanting to photograph in one more location, Julia and I took Donay & Justin to a special beach we had found years ago. It seems to be more of a local beach, kind of secluded, and very beautiful. We even stopped on the train tracks nearby and shot some awesome photos with the setting sun and this amazing light cascading behind Donay & Justin.

This was definitely one of the longer sessions I’ve done, but when you’re in such a great area it’s nice to take the time to enjoy it, all while creating beautiful photos. I came home to find Donay had tagged me in a post on Facebook: “Shout out to Adam Parth for the greatest time shooting our engagement pics today!!! We had a blast and can’t wait to see the pics. Thank you and we look forward to the continuing process and the wedding!!”


Glam the Gown Bridal Session from Kristina Krich Photography

Do you know what I absolutely LOVE? A post-wedding Bridal Session. Yep, pretty much head over heels for this gorgeous idea. On your wedding day, wearing your bridal gown is probably one of the most amazing moments of your life. If that was not gorgeous enough, then imagine living this moment all over again. Sounds fabulous right? Especially when Kristina Krich Photography is behind the lens capturing it all so beautifully.  What can be better than spending a few hours in your stunning bridal gown, getting all pampered during it all, and have it documented in the most pretty of ways? Breathtaking.  Don’t believe us?   The images speak for themselves. Are you ready to get all dolled up for the second time?  I have to warn you, you may not want to ever leave this bridal session. Yes, it is pretty fantastic.






About Kristina Krich Photography

Kristina is a professional portrait photographer with a studio in San Clemente, CA, specializing in contemporary fashion inspired glamour photography. The “Glam the Gown” concept has arisen to fill a gap in the market for brides wanting the ultimate bridal portrait.  This pamper session for the bride comes complete with professional hair & make up, as well as a two hour stylized portrait session where brides are directed by the photographer into the most flattering lighting and posing.  The session also comes with complimentary drinks and appetizers.
The purpose of the photo shoot is for the bride to have a relaxed, but directed photo shoot where she is guaranteed stunning images of herself, in her gown, looking her absolute best. The end products that brides receive are beautiful archival quality folio boxes with matted and mounted 11×14 images which they can also individually frame, as well as matted and mounted wall art ranging in size from 7″ x 10″ to 30″ x 40″.
Please contact Kristina at (949) 545-1752 or for a consultation and let us know how you dream of being photographed.  More information can be found at Kristina Krich Photography.









Bridal Stylist:  Hope Stanley

Photography: Kristina Krich Photography

Hair & Make-up:  Jennette Pulecio

Bridal Gown: Mary Me Bridal


Southern California Engagement Session from Brittany Carr Seely Photography

From the moment I saw this sweet couple’s oh-so-cute-and fun-engagement session, I could not wait to get my hands on their wedding. By the looks of this e-session, I  just knew their big day would be a pretty amazing one. Oh, and I am even more excited because I have the honor of being the wedding planner of this amazing couple. Yep, Perfectly Made Weddings will be on hand to help plan, and create a beautiful wedding day. There are so many, many reasons why I adore this engagement session, but there is one that stands high above the rest: love. The kind of love that is so grand, that it is just spilling out from each and every image. Not just any love, but pure, fun, and quirky love.  And Brittany Carr Seely Photography was there to follow this lovely couple every step of the way to capture every single amazing shot. This darling couple  is the kind of couple  you want to be around pretty much all the time. I can not wait for their wedding day! If their love looks this good now, I can only imagine how their love will look like on their special day. Enjoy Monday with a fun-filled e-session!

justin-meaghan-engagement-photos11-060213-brittanycarrseely-107-L (1)
From the bride-to-be…

We chose to do a mountain scene and a beach scene because we feel like it was a good way to show what makes Los Angeles such a great place. We have the ability to see mountains and beach all in a matter of a day. We brought some of our personality into the pictures through the outfits. Justin loves to wear cat shirts and I just recently purchased my first cat shirt to go along with his obsession. I knew when I bought my shirt that we would have to wear them in our photos. We also love football. I am a from Minnesota and absolutely love the Vikings. He is a die-hard Notre Dame fan so we wore our respective team jerseys. Luckily one team is college and the other is NFL so we can root for each others teams. :) We really had a great time with our photographer.

Los Angeles Engagement Session from Silver Gecko Photography

I love Sundays. I especially love Sundays with football on the agenda. I am a huge fan of sports, but even a bigger fan of football. I was so excited when football season started. Well, it is preseason, but still…pretty excited. Oh, my love for weddings? It is always on top, of course. I love weddings.  So you can only imagine my excitement when my two loves, sports and weddings, came together for a an amazing e-session. This sweet combo makes me want to jump up and down. Yes I am actually jumping right now. Not only jumping for my football team, but for this fabulous e-sesh, which is totally awesome.   Add Silver Gecko Photography and a well seasoned camera to that mix, and it is over. Over in a pretty haze of beautiful images. Are you ready to see what happens when sports meets an engagement photography session?





















From Silver Gecko Photography

Shaun and Jennifer are getting married on November 3, 2013.  They  are both huge sports fans, and thankfully for the most part they are fans of the same teams, so there is no in-house rivalry. Shaun has always been a huge hockey fan and Jennifer loves basketball and football. Mix in bowling, something they love doing together, and what they did for their first date, and add baseball for good measure, and you’ve got one heck of a sports themed engagement session.

Shaun was able to secure times for us to photograph at Matador Bowl in Northridge and Ice Station Valencia. We covered basketball, baseball, and football with a stop off at Northridge Park. Photographing the two of them bowling was trickier than first imagined. I don’t like separating couples, it’s an engagement session after all, but with bowling you don’t really want to stand near the person hurling a heavy ball around; so we got creative. I was even able to photograph their wedding date in bowling ball weights (the 3 pound doesn’t exist, but removing the 1 from 13 was easy enough). I’ve done this once before with billiard balls.

 Congratulations Shaun & Jennifer!


BHL Vendor Hot Pick: Fiona + Bobby Photography

On this pretty as a pink Wedding Wednesday,  I’m going to start by telling you one thing: I love Fiona + Bobby Photography.  And when I say I love them, I mean that I have been following their work for years and consider myself all kinds of crazy for their artistry.  In other words, they are seriously amazing, and that is why they have been added to our “Vendor Hot Picks”. From all the way from the other side of the world, the Land Down Under, (Sydney, Australia to be exact), a couple of gorgeous gems are found.  Gems which shine so bright, and beautiful, I want to be surrounded by them constantly. These precious gems? Let me introduce you to a pair of love birds who are not only crazy in love with each other, but they have a shared love for photography. This adorable duo has some serious photography skills which compliments their serious love for each other. A lovely and sweet couple + gorgeous photography equals a perfect soirée. I can go on and on about this fabulous photography couple, but I think its best to see some of their stunning and jaw-dropping images. You will see why I am so excited and head over heels in love with Fiona + Bobby Photography.  Oh, and you may want to get comfy, because like me, you may be viewing these photographs over and over. Yep, they are THAT amazing! Enjoy!

(1) (6) (7) (12) (17) (18) a (3) a (7) a (35) a (37) a (38) IMG_2302 IMG_2421_1 IMG_2425 IMG_2432_1 IMG_5912 IMG_5960 IMG_6050 (2) IMG_6159 IMG_7892 IMG_8494 IMG_8570 IMG_8803

About Fiona + Bobby Photographybridal-hot-list-vendor-hot-pick-150

You could say that Fiona + Bobby started back when we initially met on 23 March 2011.  We met through a love of photography, which has progressed and grown since then.  Starting up a business together after we got married seemed the only natural thing!  Bobby already had his own wedding photography business back in LA and back then I had kept photography only as a hobby, despite the call from many friends and family to embark on a more professional journey.

The way Bobby and I came together was exciting and wonderful.  We took risks and jumped on the back of a leap of faith to where we are today.  From going through this experience together, we have established that love is the driving force in all of our lives and if we allow this emotion to permeate through our skin and into the air around us, the lives we lead can be incredibly potent and powerful.  As a result, photographing in the presence of love is a beautiful and humbling experience.  We love what we do and we adore seeing couples reveal their inner most guarded connections between one another.
We would even go as far as saying that there is a part of us which falls in love with our couples every single time we shoot a wedding.  We have questioned why we feel this way and the only explanation we can come up with is that we feel like they have allowed and trusted us into their circle of love and we too embrace ourselves within that emotion, which somehow never goes away.

We approach our weddings from a purely documentary point of view.  The wedding is not about us as photographers, but about you as a couple coming together and celebrating your love.  Bobby and I view the world as it unravels around us slightly differently to one another through our lens, which is what makes the way we shoot so unique.  When we roll our images together into one, we wholeheartedly believe that the couple receives a true vision of how their day was, no stone unturned.

At the end of the day, we believe it is more than he and she meeting, it’s the magic that happens in those silences that make mountains out of your love.  We want to capture moments like these and create pockets of whimsy in your hearts which will be preserved forever.”