The End Results: Giving Life to Your Wedding Photos

There are many things to consider when choosing your wedding photographer.  You want to be sure they’re skilled, professional, and experienced. You also want to be sure their style matches yours and that you connect. No one will spend more time with you before, during, and after your wedding day, than you photographer (with the exception of your fiancé).  But what about the end result?

Your photographer (provided you found the right one) is going to beautifully capture every moment and detail of the biggest day of your life, now what?  What will happen to those images?  Will they exist only on the photographer’s hard drive?  End up lost in a drawer on a CD or USB drive?  You’ve invested (yes, it’s an investment) a lot of money in your wedding photographer.  You’re paying for their time, skill, equipment, etc., so it’s important to give life to your photos through albums and other products.

There is a growing trend of photographers only providing their clients with a CD or USB drive, or even just an online gallery. Sometimes the images are straight from the camera without any culling or editing.  This is not a full service and those beautiful photos for which you spent money to be created, have no purpose. That’s not to say CDs and USB drives are bad, but they’re not the end-all-be-all. And when digital images/negatives are provided there should be more than a CD with something scribbled in sharpie.

You may think that you’ll purchase the USB drive and print your own images or create your own album, but will you really?  Do you have the time?  Do you have access to a photo lab that can print professional quality images and books?  Do you have the legal right to print those images?  These are things to consider.  We all like to do things for ourselves, but is DIY always the best option?

When choosing your photographer take a look at the products they offer.  Do they offer albums?  Are they included in their initial package or is it a separate purchase?  Are they press-printed, or do they use photographic prints (big difference in quality)?  How many photos can go in to the album?  Can you add more? Who designs the album?  An album can be a big investment (there’s that word again), but it is one of the best ways to give your photos life and for you to relive and share your wedding day.



Be sure to find out what other products your photographer may offer. There are many great options, in addition to prints, for displaying your wedding art in your home.  Give life to your photos.

NFL Football Theme Wedding from Silver Gecko Photography

Today is the day that most people get together to watch the big game. Yep, it is all about eating some delicious food, enjoying the new commercials, and cheering on their favorite football team.  (Or cheering on football in general, if there teams are not playing today). All in all, it is all about the parties, and having a good time with friends and family. That is exactly what this gorgeous couple did on their wedding day! Well, not exactly. (Minus the commercials. Smile). Their wedding consisted of good food, cheers from their guests, and their love for football all enjoyed by all who were at attendance. What I really love is the groom’s cake! Totally awesome! So before you head off to a party, or start the cooking, take a moment to view the fun-filled images from Silver Gecko Photography.

Oh and Happy Super Bowl Day!










From Silver Gecko Photography …

It was an absolute honor to photograph Liz & Dave’s wedding at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu. I’ve known these two for about 10 years, before they even started dating. Dave is one of my fraternity brothers from Sigma Phi Epsilon and Liz, a Tri-Delt, was always a big supporter of our chapter. I also knew most of the bridal party as many of them were fraternity brothers and sorority sisters of Liz, including her Matron of Honor, Kristin, whose wedding I photographed last year.

It was great seeing so many familiar faces and it made photographing that much easier. I made sure we spent time photographing the bridal party and getting some really dynamic photos. I also wanted to make sure to capture a few “signature images” with only Liz & Dave, something I’m trying to do with every couple I photograph. Calamigos Ranch is an amazing property and we found this great tree that had a large branch that was perfect for wrapping around the new Mr. & Mrs. Hames. The results are outstanding!

A FootBall Love: An Engagement Session from Silver Gecko Photography

The Big Game is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with this super fun engagement session featuring an adorable couple who loves to show their spirit for football. We want to keep the team spirit going this week, and that is why we love this e-session so much. Of course it is even better when  Silver Gecko Photography  is there to capture the love that this couple shares with each other. It is kind of sweet to see a couple like this one, run on the football field, and share their obvious love for each other. So get your pom pom’s out and cheer for this cute couple!








From Silver Gecko Photography …

This was a very fun session! I’ve known Liz & Dave for years and I’m more than honored to photograph for them. Dave is one of my fraternity brothers from Sigma Phi Epsilon at Calif. State Univ., Northridge and Liz has always been a big supporter of our chapter. They’re both very fun loving people and huge sports fans!

Our session was originally supposed to start at the football field at Westlake High school, where Dave’s father coaches one of the football teams, but we couldn’t find the gate that was supposed to open for us. This actually worked in our favor since it was ridiculously hot and extremely sunny when we first arrived at the field. We decide to start with what was to be our second location, the beach at Point Mugu State Park. When we got to the beach Dave was telling me how they love to come to this beach since it isn’t well known and and they can watch the waves crash into the rocks at the shoreline.

This was my first time at the any beach since my honeymoon in Hawaii, so it was a little bittersweet, but photographing Dave & Liz interacting and enjoying the environment was great, despite the wind that was blowing Liz’s hair everywhere.

When we got back to the field in Westlake the lighting was perfect, thanks in part to the solar eclipse that was occurring.  I photographed Liz and Dave just playing around on the field and ended with them under the score board, with the setting sun behind them.

Trash the Dress Underwater Style Session from Silver Gecko Photography

I simply adore things that are pretty and beautiful in weddings, but I also love when there is a bit of unique and fun details as well.  That is why I am a huge fan of this unique trash the dress session.  This fabulous couple had a totally out of the ordinary wedding day (wedding date was April Fools Day) with some out-of-the box wedding details.  But that is just the type of couple that they are. Super silly and fun. It makes me happy when I see the couple’s personalities compliment  their wedding day. That is how it should be! With the wedding over, it doesn’t mean the fun can not continue.  With full wedding attire, this fun couple plunged into the pool for a seriously good time.  And the images? When Adam Parth from Silver Gecko Photography is on hand, the images are jaw-dropping gorgeous. I mean, how amazing are these photos? You will have to scroll down and take a look for yourself. Enjoy!

sgpd-smekal-ttd-bhl-002 sgpd-smekal-ttd-bhl-003 sgpd-smekal-ttd-bhl-004 sgpd-smekal-ttd-bhl-005 sgpd-smekal-ttd-bhl-006-edit2 sgpd-smekal-ttd-bhl-007 sgpd-smekal-ttd-bhl-008 sgpd-smekal-ttd-bhl-009 sgpd-smekal-ttd-bhl-010 sgpd-smekal-ttd-bhl-011_edit2

From Silver Gecko Photography

Aaron & Erika are a great couple! Very fun and goofy (and I always mean goofy as a compliment). Since they were married on April Fools Day, they decided to have some fun and hired two little people to be their ushers and walk their dog, the ring bearer, down the aisle. These guys were great and even photographed with us in Christensen Alley in Old Town Pasadena. The wedding ceremony was held at the University Club of Pasadena and the reception at Noor in Pasadena. When we shot their engagement photos Erika asked me about shooting a trash the dress session. When I mentioned the idea of shooting underwater they jumped at the chance. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at underwater photography and this was the perfect opportunity for everyone. Now I’m not a big fan of photos that crop heads off, in fact I really don’t like them, but with underwater photos sometimes you don’t have a choice. And sometimes it just works. This was a very fun session with a couple who was up for anything!

Santa Barbara Engagement Session from Silver Gecko Photography

I am kind of obsessed with engagement sessions. Yep,  I am totally in love with them.  Today’s e-session is sweet, romantic, and beautiful. Oh, and the best part? It is set at the gorgeous Southern California destination of Santa Barbara. A place where historical buildings are tucked between the mountains and the sea. Beautiful scenery and the most amazing details combined with an adorable couple equals pure perfection. When you add the very talented and (my personal fav), Silver Gecko Photography, then it is all over. Over in a pretty haze of beautiful images.   This e-session makes me want to pack  my bags, and travel with my husband to enjoy it all.  After viewing the stunning images, you may also choose to travel to this lovely destination!



















From Silver Gecko Photography

This session was a lot of fun! I strive to create an experience for all my clients and I know I succeeded in doing so with Donay & Justin. Since Donay loves the architecture in Santa Barbara we started at the Santa Barbara Court House, which has some fantastic spots! I also like to include some personal interests and activities each couple enjoys. Justin mentioned to me they love playing pool together and the Santa Barbara Brewing Company was gracious enough to allow us to photograph in their lounge. For the most part I let Donay & Justin simply play a few games, have a drink, and relax while I photographed. (I even played a game of pool with Justin, he cleaned the table with me, but in my defense, he was already warmed up.) While at SB Brewing, Donay turned to me and said, “this is us”, which is exactly why we photographed there.

Wanting to photograph in one more location, Julia and I took Donay & Justin to a special beach we had found years ago. It seems to be more of a local beach, kind of secluded, and very beautiful. We even stopped on the train tracks nearby and shot some awesome photos with the setting sun and this amazing light cascading behind Donay & Justin.

This was definitely one of the longer sessions I’ve done, but when you’re in such a great area it’s nice to take the time to enjoy it, all while creating beautiful photos. I came home to find Donay had tagged me in a post on Facebook: “Shout out to Adam Parth for the greatest time shooting our engagement pics today!!! We had a blast and can’t wait to see the pics. Thank you and we look forward to the continuing process and the wedding!!”


Los Angeles Engagement Session from Silver Gecko Photography

I love Sundays. I especially love Sundays with football on the agenda. I am a huge fan of sports, but even a bigger fan of football. I was so excited when football season started. Well, it is preseason, but still…pretty excited. Oh, my love for weddings? It is always on top, of course. I love weddings.  So you can only imagine my excitement when my two loves, sports and weddings, came together for a an amazing e-session. This sweet combo makes me want to jump up and down. Yes I am actually jumping right now. Not only jumping for my football team, but for this fabulous e-sesh, which is totally awesome.   Add Silver Gecko Photography and a well seasoned camera to that mix, and it is over. Over in a pretty haze of beautiful images. Are you ready to see what happens when sports meets an engagement photography session?





















From Silver Gecko Photography

Shaun and Jennifer are getting married on November 3, 2013.  They  are both huge sports fans, and thankfully for the most part they are fans of the same teams, so there is no in-house rivalry. Shaun has always been a huge hockey fan and Jennifer loves basketball and football. Mix in bowling, something they love doing together, and what they did for their first date, and add baseball for good measure, and you’ve got one heck of a sports themed engagement session.

Shaun was able to secure times for us to photograph at Matador Bowl in Northridge and Ice Station Valencia. We covered basketball, baseball, and football with a stop off at Northridge Park. Photographing the two of them bowling was trickier than first imagined. I don’t like separating couples, it’s an engagement session after all, but with bowling you don’t really want to stand near the person hurling a heavy ball around; so we got creative. I was even able to photograph their wedding date in bowling ball weights (the 3 pound doesn’t exist, but removing the 1 from 13 was easy enough). I’ve done this once before with billiard balls.

 Congratulations Shaun & Jennifer!