Top Five Under the Weather Bride Activities

Is it just us, or is this season especially bad? We’re all bundled up in jammies and blankets over here, but are you brides doing alright? If you’ve got some big things coming up but are feeling under the weather, no worries. We’ve got five fun things for you to do while you’re sick that will keep you on track and get you feeling better.

Mask Yourself

If you’re stuck at home for a few days, might as well make the most of it and get pretty. Since you have the time, do at-home hair and face masks. If you feel crafty, go ahead and do a hand and/or foot mask. You may not feel cute when you’re stuffy and sniffly, but you can help smooth out your skin and hair! Skip anything that has too many chemicals in it- keep it organic and au natural so you don’t risk any irritation.

Pre-Plan the After Party

If your head is on straight enough to get through some planning fun, start checking out honeymoon travel. There are a TON of great deals right now, and if you’re feeling like daydreaming this is the perfect bedrest activity. Check out deal sites like Expedia and Kayak, but also compare it to booking directly with the airline. Take the time to get deep into reviews online of resorts and different cities so you know exactly what kind of honeymoon you’ll have.

Make a List (to Check Twice!)

You can also take this time to get organized for anything you’ll need to follow up on after the big day. Take you guest list and create an excel workbook with everyone that’s invited so you have a checklist for when you create thank you notes. When you receive a gift from someone, just log in what they got you next to their name and when the time comes you’ll have a super easy way of referencing what to thank your guests for! It can also be handy to do the same for all the vendors you use- write down who they are, what they did for you, and how much you owe them. It’ll help you keep track of any checks you write or payments you make.

Do Serious Research

If you’re still in planning stages, do the most productive kind of lazy day tv watching- make it wedding research! If you’re all curled up on the couch kind of sick, skip Orange is the New Black and check out wedding shows! We love Say Yes To The Dress and wedding episodes of our favorite sitcoms (Lily and Marshall’s wedding on How I Met Your Mother anyone?). It may not look like you’re working, but doing research like this can totally pay off! Watching other weddings can help you decide what you want and don’t want at yours (plus it’s an excuse to watch lots of Netflix).

Network from Bed

If you have vendors to reach out to, now is a great time to shoot out emails! Most people are available during working business hours, so if you’re skipping your job for the day, you’re in prime time to catch people at theirs! If your throat is sore or you have that raspy thing going on, it may be smart to notate in your email that you can’t talk just yet but prefer email communication. If you have the time, you can get different prices on things like your goodie bags, bridal party gifts, food, etc. Use this time to make sure you’re up to date with all of your vendors if you already have some picked out. Following up with others makes sick time productive!


Top Five Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Photo Booths

One of the most fun modern staples of weddings is photobooths. They’re fun, easy, and a fantastic souvenir for all of your guests to take home. Photo booths are becoming pretty commonplace now, but they can be a little difficult to navigate while you’re shopping. No worries- we’re here to help!

DO Know What Kind of Photos You Want

Not all photo booths spit out four action shots- these ain’t your mall’s photo booths. There are a multitude of different kinds of photo booths that create all sorts of fun and different photos. There are booths that create gifs that are emailed to you, 3D photos made from two images, sticker photo booths, and of course the classic photo booths. Shop around different photo booths in your area and really think about what you want, and what you want to offer your guests.

DON’T Forget The Space

You really can’t just stick a photo booth in a corner of your venue- you need to work it out with the venue coordinator. You’ll need power, power cords, room for set up and breakdown, and in some cases for instant uploads, a solid internet connection. You don’t want to be dealing with putting the photo booth in the right place while you’re busy putting on your wedding dress. You’ll also need to deal with the flow of the room and put the photo booth in a convenient spot that doesn’t interfere with anything else going on.

DO Timeline the Photo Booth

You’ll need to know how much time the company needs to set up and how long they will have an attendant for. You’ll need to know if they have enough attendees to cover any breaks or if there will be any gaps in service (some states have restricting labor laws that require employees to take breaks a few hours into a shift, even if they want to waive it). You’ll also need to know how long they’ll need to break down after the wedding so if they’re there longer than you are you can warn the venue. You probably won’t need it that long, but it’s good to give the venue a heads up.

DON’T Settle Fast

You shouldn’t settle for anything in general, especially not anything for your wedding. Take your time to shop around before you settle on one vendor. Narrow down what kind of photo booth you want (our first ‘Do’!) and from there, see who offers it in your area. There’s bound to be a few different companies that offer a similar service. Meet with everyone and figure out who you like the best, who can do the best deal, and who puts out the best product. Take your time and pick the booth that works best for you.

DO Work Out a Deal

Once you’ve got it narrowed down to the final few companies, do your research to work out a deal. Check out deal sites like Groupon and Living Social- deal sites almost always have deals for Photo Booths. You can look into what’s offered and call the companies to see if you can tailor fit a deal with them to what you want. You can even try to use that as leverage with a company you want to work with- bring up the deal to the company you want to work with and see if they can come down to a comparable price.


Five Essential Questions for your Wedding Photographer

One of the most important vendors at your wedding is your photographer. Whoever you hire is in charge of helping you and all your loved ones remember how awesome your wedding is- that’s huge! We want to help you find the right photographer for your wedding, so be sure to ask them these five questions before you sign the on the dotted line.

“Do you like doing weddings?”

More often than not the photographer will say, yes but take note of how they say it. Some photographers just do weddings to make some quick cash, but if their heart isn’t in it you’ll be able to tell. A photographer is an artist, and that is a very emotional thing. Find a photographer who is passionate about weddings, and your photos will be that much more heartfelt and impactful.

“What’s your turnaround time like?”
Turnaround means how quickly after the wedding will they be able to give you your photos. There are some photographers who are able to do a same-day turn around and give you a slideshow or short video from the ceremony to play at the reception. Some photographers will take a few weeks or longer to edit and get your photos back to you. This is incredibly important, and you should be absolutely sure when you’ll get your images. You don’t want to rely on your sister’s cell phone pics to look back on the most important day of your life. If you’re able to, yelp your photographer or reach out to other people who had that photographer photograph their wedding and ask about their turnaround.

“Will you be bringing help?”

Some photographers travel alone, some have an assistant or two to cover extra angles or to assist in general. If you’re getting married in a tight space, this is very important to know! Have a general head count of how many people will be swarming you. Plus, some photographers may charge a little extra for needing an assistant. Know what you’re getting before the big day!

“What do you need on the day of?”

Have a checklist for the photographer so you’re able to assist to keep things going. Some photographers may ask that they are able to eat during the ceremony as well, some may need to know where all the outlets are. You don’t want to send a groomsman out on an outlet hunt half an hour before the reception starts. Get in touch with the venue to assist in any power questions, and if needed set aside some space for the photographer’s bags or extra items. They may need some space to house their camera cases, backpacks, backup drives, or anything else they need.

“What is your deposit policy?”

Some photographers may not put the deposit towards the overall total of services! Be sure to ask if the deposit goes towards the total, or if the total you are given is after the deposit (as in total plus deposit is the actual cost). Sometimes there can be some confusion so be one hundred percent sure you know what the total cost is for all services. That also includes knowing exactly what you’ll be getting, such as one thumb drive full of everything, access to a private website of your photos, physical prints, etc. Know how you want to receive all your media before you start negotiating so you get everything that you want.


Five Wedding Organizing Tools You Didn’t Know You’d Need

Bridal binder? Check. Magazines? Check. Address book? Check. You may have the basic wedding organization tools, but we’ve got five awesome items that you won’t realize you’ll need until it’s too late.

Arsenal of Color

Color coding makes EVERYTHING better. If you have a weekly planner, put all your food appointments in green, all your dress appointments in red, your venue appointments in blue, etc. It’ll make your at-a-glance planning that much easier to process. You’ll be able to tell what you have lined up for the week and instantly make it easier to focus on your upcoming tasks. Whatever your color key is, stick to it and you’ll be better prepared for everything.OrgItems.jpg.jpg


A step up from post its, hard plastic tabs are a lifesaver. Use them as placemarks in magazines for items you’re eyeing, or in your address book to know how many outstanding R.S.V.P.’s you have. Best of all, you can write on these with markers for notes. They don’t rip or fall apart like post its do and look much more sleek and organized.

Card Case

While you’re shopping vendors, you’ll be getting a lot of business cards. Pick up a card case (cigarette cases are the same size and can do the trick) and have it strictly dedicated to wedding vendors. That way, the cards don’t end up crushed at the bottom of your purse or car.  Write notes on the vendors on the backs of their cards to help you remember which vendors were which.

Wifi Shooter

If you can afford it (or already have it!), hang on to a small point and shoot camera with wifi. While phones are great, you don’t want to lose vendor photos in your camera roll along side selfies and pet pictures. You’ll also be able to adjust your camera’s functions and have more control of how your photos look versus using your phone. Once you get all the shots you need on your flowers, dresses, linens, anything, just email them to yourself (or your designated wedding email address) so you know exactly where they are. While phones are handy, an actual small camera can be more handy. If this seems like it could be pricey, look for a refurbished model. Some decent point and shoot wifi cameras can be as low as $30 refurbished.

Memo Apps

Download a note app like Evernote to hang on to any and all notes that are wedding related. Make sure that the app is dedicated to wedding notes so you don’t lose anything in the midst of other topics. You can create folders dedicated to songlists, food ideas, color schemes, and anything else! Having one app dedicated to all your notes, ideas, and anything wedding related will help you be that much more organized.


Bridal Beauty by Bethany Colson

It is a lovely Sunday morning here at BHL, but before we go out to enjoy this beautiful day, we wanted to introduce a fabulous and talented makeup artist who has some serious skills. We are talking about a gorgeous and a beautiful transformation to make any bride feel oh-so-pretty and ready for her big day. So without further adieu, we like to introduce the incredibly talented Bethany Colson.  So make sure to scroll through the pretty images which shows off what Bethany Colson can deliver for each and every bride.


Bethany_Colson_make-up_artist-weddings_engagement_Courtney Lindberg1

Bethany_Colson_make-up_artist-weddings_engagement_Model Actor Photography_1

Bethany_Colson_make-up_artist-weddings_engagement_Christina Chang4

Bethany_Colson_make-up_artist-weddings_engagement_Christina Chang 1


Bethany_Colson_make-up_artist-weddings_engagement_Christina Chang2

Bethany_Colson_make-up_artist-weddings_engagement_Chad Edward Burk


A bride is the star of her day and should feel and look her most radiant confident best. She wants to look like herself but even better than she imagined. Her make-up should be beautiful to her groom standing in front of her and also ravishing to the guests in the back row.  Her make-up should stay on throughout the long day and be just as gorgeous in the captured photographic moments that will be treasured for the rest of her life.  But picking a glam team who can really hone into a bride’s personal and unique style can be tricky.  What kind of bride are you?  A romantic English rose? A beautiful beachy bride?  A modern bride who wants to exude sophisticated elegance?  Or are you a little punk rock?  Bethany loves talking with her clients to discover a look that truly exemplifies their personality, style and comfort level with make-up.  She always comes to the client for her trial and designs a look with them, patiently making any changes or tweaks in order to make sure that bride is happy.  A bride should have nothing to worry about on her big day and Bethany makes sure to care for every beauty detail.
With nearly 20 years experience (including 5 years as an M.A.C. trainer), Bethany has worked with many celebrities on editorials, commercials, fashion campaigns, advertisements, music videos and runway shows but she loves making ALL women feel like a supermodel on their wedding day.  She has loves working with woman of all types, ages, skin colors and styles… each woman is another beautiful canvas to explore with their own natural beauty shining through.  She has extensive skills working with photographers to ensure that the models make-up is perfectly suited for the lighting conditions and can achieve the desired look.  She also applies her make-up in a way that can withstand the often long work days under intensely hot lighting conditions.  Aside from doing the hair and make-up, Bethany has also Creative Directed many commercial shoots.  This is a cultivate skill that allows her to consider the beauty styling of a shoot in a much broader context, making sure to also consider all of the other fashion, prop and photographic styling.  She brings all of these skills to her wedding clients so that they know that they can feel confident in her care and expertise.  She also loves to do engagement photos, special occasions, boudoir photo shoots and private make-up lessons.
Bethany is located in Los Angeles but travels to clients throughout Southern California and even to exotic locations when requested.  Her full portfolio can be seen at and is always happy to hear from a bride to talk about the services she provides.  Feel free to contact her at or by phone at310.927.8072


Five Tips for Building Your Wedding Menu

One of the more fun parts of planning a wedding is getting to test run the menu! The most biggest day of your life should automatically come with the best meal of your life. Here’s a few tips to keep you en route to the dinner you deserve!

Don’t Starve Yourself

You should meet with your caterers with an appetite- but if you’re too hungry it’ll change the way you remember food! At the very least, have breakfast that fills you up but isn’t carb heavy. By giving your body something to run off of, you’ll meet your caterer much more level-headed.

Take Notes

In instances like this, it is completely acceptable to instagram your food! Take notes with each bite, writing down what the dish is, its’ consistency, flavor, and if you liked it or not. It can also help to take pictures so you can imagine how it will look against your linens and color palette. Make sure you write down whether or not your partner likes it too- it may be your big day, but you have to (at least) try to agree on food.


Bring a Friend (or two!)

Your wedding should be all about the couple, but just remember it’s an event for all your friends and family as well! As a couple, it could be a good idea to bring a friend (the best man or maid of honor, for instance) to call tie breakers on the menu or offer insight on appetizers. Just don’t bring too many people, you want to keep how awesome the food is close to heart until the big day!


Don’t Rush

Even if you’ve got your heart set on one specific caterer, it’s a good idea to ‘shop around’ and see what kind of caterers are out there. It can be easy when you’re stuffed full of crab cakes to want to say yes to the first caterer you see, but waiting can pay off. Make sure you make your most informed decision before putting down a deposit.


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

If you hate spicy, speak up! If you’re seeing lots of steak and are more of a seafood gal, let your caterer know. A wedding as a whole should accurately represent the couple it is celebrating. Your partner may have to have their favorite comfort food, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for yours! You and your partner should have say in the food and both be happy with the menu.


Bridal Makeup from Pure Beauty by Danielle

When I woke up this morning and realized it was the end of July, I got sad for a moment because it meant that summer is almost over. I love the summer months, and it makes me sad to see it go.  However, my heart jumped a beat when I realized that we still have one more full month of summer left to enjoy.  Whew! My summer loving heart just got happier. Yep, I am pretty excited. What I am also excited about today is introducing a fabulous and talented makeup artist who has some serious skills. I am talking about Danielle Davison of Pure Beauty By Danielle.  When it comes to looking oh-so-gorgeous on your special day, Pure Beauty By Danielle will not disappoint. Danielle can transform an everyday look into a total bridal perfection. I mean like jaw-dropping gorgeous and beautiful. So make sure to scroll through the prettiness that Pure Beauty By Danielle brings to each and every bride.


nicole leever photography


nicole leever photography 2

Nicole Leever Photography
marsha mcneely photography
Marsha McNeely Photography
tommy von huynh
Tommy Von Huynh Photography
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Rebecca Dever Photography
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Michael Dunn
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Pure Beauty specializes in professional makeup and hair services throughout Southern California. Including bridal, boudoir, commercial, special occasions, personal photo­shoots, bachelorette parties, and personal makeup lessons and classes.

 What I offer brides for that day:

 I offer a personalized one-on-one bridal consultation where I create a customized makeup and hair look that suits the brides style, personality, and brings out her Pure Beauty! For the wedding day, I come to you! I offer on location makeup and hair services that are customized to each individual and reflect the overall beauty of the wedding. Everybody in the bridal party and the bride are made to feel special, beautiful, and taken care of. In addition to that, each services includes false eyelashes. If there are flower girls in the wedding, they are included as well, with a complimentary light makeup application.

What makes me unique and stand out from other makeup artists:
I believe what makes me unique is my ability to see someones natural beauty and bring that out through a makeup application that’s not overpowering or understated but simply flawless. I have 10 years of experience and knowledge which helps me give personalized recommendations and the ability to create custom looks for all types of people. I’m incredibly passionate about what I do and I love being creative, working with people, and taking part in someone’s special day. To me it’s not just a service I’m providing but an experience that can be remembered for years to come. When a bride chooses Pure Beauty she chooses the best!

“Say Cheese!” Photo Booth from The FotoBox

Good morning Sunday goers.  It is no secret that I am totally head over heels for photo booths. Yep, the place where  amazing posed and candid shots happen, and awesome photos are created. It is the type of place that I like to be. What can be better that capturing fun images of you and your guests? Oh, and all the silly crazy props that go along with them? THAT is really the best part. You can be as silly as can be, and capture that amazing moment. Today I am super excited for today’s feature, introducing The FotoBox.  A photo booth company which offer booths and ” booth-less” spaces. Yes, an awesome open space with cool backgrounds and props to make all your photo booths dreams come true. Yes, The FotoBox is like that. Ready to have some fun with a touch of silliness? I know I am. Enjoy!

_MG_0264 _MG_0595 002Kirstie_Pete 051Kirstie_Pete 052Tanya_Cameron 069Ashley_Bryan 070Elyse_Chris (1) 075Ryan_Eric 457IMG_0802 483Julie_Kieth 484Julie_Kieth 394548_493173360710004_609952008_n BobHoffmanPhotographyAndVideoIMG_6194 IMG_2137 Mini Booth WEB-4 Untitled-2


About The FotoBox

The FotoBox is a San Diego based photo rental company started by a husband and wife team who wanted a photo booth at their wedding. We are a hit at all sorts of events – the perfect party favor that captures the excitement of your event! We offer all-inclusive packages and beat out our competitors with our spacious open air booth with scene options and custom audio.

The FotoBox proudly provides a full-service photo booth experience for all. We are proud of our dependable service and superior value offered to our event consumers, ensuring a memorable experience for all. 

All of our packages include everything: props, a guestbook made on-the-spot by an attendant, 2 attendants for the entire rental period, custom center strip, custom audio (we pre-record the bride and groom’s voice so it is their voices talking to their guests at their wedding), online hosting with password protect or Facebook options, and unlimited photos on 5×7 paper (larger paper than the other companies out there) where one copy goes to the guests as a party favor and the other copy is taped into the guestbook where the guests write a comment to the couple.


BHL Vendor Hot Pick: Scott Cummings Music

bridal-hot-list-vendor-hot-pickThere are certain vendors out in the wedding world that just seem to really bring in the “wow” factor. Vendors like this, deserve a standing ovation. So that is why we have added this fabulous new vendor to our “Vendor Hot Picks”. This incredible vendor brings in the best of the best in entertainment with a touch of fun and class. It is this type of vendor which we have fallen in love with and honestly, will never get tired of.  All courtesy of Scott Cummings Music .  When we have had the joy of seeing some of the bands play, we can not help but dance and get our bodies moving. Whether it is an up tempo beat, or soft Jazz music, we are definitely smiling from ear to ear.   The music is almost intoxicating. Yep, it is THAT good. If you do not believe us, then check out some of the amazing music Scott Cummings Music has to offer. So get ready to dance or bob your head up and down, or side to side.  Enjoy!

Love Tour_Verandas_1-13_24 (1)








About Scott Cummings Music  

Scott Cummings Music was created to give our clients only the best in fresh talent for their weddings and events. With groups ranging from solo violin, harp, guitar and piano, to string quartets, jazz bands, dance bands and Indian Classical music whatever you’re looking for we’re sure to have you covered.

Each event is personally tailored from start to finish to fit the needs of the client. Our musicians have toured the world and performed and recorded with musicians such as, CeeLo Green, The American Idol Band, Mayer Hawthorne to name a few. We’ve done countless private and corporate events for the Hilton, Marriott and Hyatt hotels as well as corporate clients ranging from AAG mortgage, Brinker International, Pinkberry, to the Los Angles Zoo.