Top Five Fall Trendy Eyeliners for Bridesmaids

The color of the leaves is starting to change, it’s time for your makeup looks to change too! Use your makeup to add some personality to that bridesmaid’s dress you’re stuck with. You only get to control so much of your look on the big day- take advantage of it and have some fun! Put down the black pencil you’ve had rolling around in your makeup bag the last year and pick up any of these five hot shades!


Rich Purple

Pick a warmer purple with some chunky glitter to create some serious drama to your look. Lay this one on thick as a cat eye to light your eyes up and bring attention to your peepers. A rich purple will make brown and green eyes sparkle in particular. this tone also looks more and more natural the darker your skin tone is.


Electric Blue-aloo

Not big on glitter, but big on the statement look? Go for a sleek blue tone, but keep it thin and close to the natural lash line. That little flash of color could be all you need to bring your eyes out- especially if they’re blue too! Bright blues flatter cool tones- whether it be from your skin or your eyes it’s a hit.


Gritty Green

Fall is great for earthy tones so bust out those fun liners that have been gathering dust since St. Patty’s Day. Green tones are subtle but different and are very complimentary to warm tones. Go light along your lash line and follow the natural curve of your eye to create a soft, romantic look.


Copper Lining

A burnt orange or bronze can warm up your look and reflect the new season perfectly! Instead of lining your top lid, start on the inner corners of your eyes and work your way out without lining the entire eye. Bonus points if you line the bottom lash line with a beautiful bronze and pair it with another of our top five trending eyeliners on top!


Bold Burgundy Bridesmaid

This look is more statement but if you can pull it off it’s fantastic! Try out a red-toned eyeliner on top to create a bold and beautiful look. Deep tones like burgundy or raspberry are spontaneous and sultry. It’ll help you stand out from the lineup and make you look mysterious during the reception.


Top Five Alternatives to the All White Wedding Dress

Happy Day-After-Labor Day! Did you have an awesome three day weekend? We sure did here at BHL. You may have heard of the old fashion rule to “not wear white after Labor Day”, haven’t you? It may seem a little silly, but it got us thinking about wearing white. Most brides wear white dresses to their weddings, but if that’s really not your style that’s totally fine! It’s your wedding, you shouldn’t have to wear anything you’re not 100% comfortable in. If you’re leaning against the white dress and Labor Day has nothing to do with it, don’t sweat it. We have our top five alternatives to the classic white dress right here!

Be the Bold Bride

Go forth and make a statement! You didn’t land your fiance by being boring, right? Look for a dress in a strong color, but keep it a classic color so you’ll look timeless. Aim for red, navy, or black, but keep the cut and fit formal. Look for long and elegant gowns. If you want to really stand out, put your bridesmaids in nude tones or earthy muted tones.

Lacy Lady

If you want to have a romantic dress but put a little white in there anyway, look for pieces that have white lace overlays. You could also find a dress that you love and go to a seamstress to have lace put over it. This creates the look of a romantic white bridal gown, but you get the added color palette to play with!

Down to Earth

If you like a classic tone but just aren’t into white, find a soft earthy tone that suits your skin and work with that. Keep your bridesmaids in a similar tone that is a little softer so your color looks that much more vibrant near them, while still being somewhat neutral. This is probably one of the easier ways to get away with not wearing white and still looking like a classic bride.

Pack a Punch

If you’re outgoing and fun, go for something LOUD. Wear a bold and bright color that looks great on you like a punchy pink or a fun fuchsia. Wear green if you want to- it’s your wedding! But break up that bold color with some white, like a white underlay or a white waist tie. Incorporate some elements of white into the dress as an homage to the classic all white wedding dress. It’s a cute twist on the white dress that’s fun and playful.

Crisp and Chic

Wear whatever dress makes you feel most beautiful and top it off with a crisp white blazer. Your dress can be whatever color or print you want- anything looks polished and put together with a white blazer over it! This may especially work for you if you’re planning on an outdoor wedding this fall or winter. Plus, if you invest in a beautiful fitted white blazer you’ll just have this amazing classic piece in your wardrobe!


Top Five Tips for Easing your Wedding Stress

Weddings are one of the most stressful events a person can plan- it’s the biggest party you’ll ever throw and it’s for all of your family and friends. The pressure’s seriously on! It’s totally understandable to have a little bit of anxiety before (or even during) the big day. But no worries- it’s all totally manageable with our five tips on settling any wedding stress.

Walk it Off

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or like there’s too much going on, simply put down whatever you’re doing and take a walk. It can seriously change your headspace and make you feel much more balanced. Fresh air can often make you feel refreshed and ready to take on your challenges. Plus you can count it towards your cardio, which will make you feel better after trying on white dresses all day.


Phone ringing off the hook? Turn it off and do something else. Phones can be much more stressful than you realize, and with your wedding coming up people will be reaching out to you more than ever. This can be totally stressful and a huge reason you’re feeling some stress. Unplug for an hour and take a little time for yourself. You’re planning a wedding, you deserved it!

Turn Down

Set a timer for 30 minutes, turn off the lights, and relax. Naps aren’t just for kids- they’re for anyone who just needs a bit of rest during the day, and that includes brides! If you don’t want to sleep but could totally use some shut-eye, just lie down and put on some soft music and zone out. Giving your body a little bit of time to re-set can prepare you to take on the rest of your day like a champ! Just don’t do it after a cake tasting, you’ll just sleep for the rest of the day.

Aim for the Shoulders

Sometimes you just need someone to rub the aches out of your shoulders, and that’s fine. If you’re trapped in a mall with a flower girl who can’t try on a dress, duck out and get one of those fifteen-minute massages (you know what I’m talking about!). It’s true what’s said about carrying stress in your shoulders. It can be physically painful and a constant reminder that you’re stressed or have a lot on your plate. Get your shoulders rub, breathe deeply, and let go of whatever’s weighing you down. If your fiance is there, you can probably get a free shoulder rub as long as you promise to return the favor. After all, a stress-free couple makes for a great marriage!

Get Soapy

Ever notice how when you wake up in the morning and shower you start to feel refreshed? Kick-start the process and refresh yourself by taking a quick shower. Just hop in, take a quick shower, and your body will feel refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of your day. The steam will open up your nostrils and you will be able to breathe deeper (it’s true- steam next time you’re feeling congested) and be able to relax more. It’ll feel especially great after you’ve done a bigger activity, like your makeup or hair trial. Reset and be refreshed!


Top Five Tips for Faking a Bridal Glow

Having a bridal glow is a total must, but there is a lot of risk to tanning. Not only is it damaging to your skin, but you risk burning as well (and you do NOT want to be peeling during your wedding). We don’t want you to be a flaky bride, so we’ve got some great tips to give you a glow the healthy way.

Fake It

One of the easiest ways to get an even, all over glow is to do a spray tan. Spray tanning airbrushes pigment all over you that eventually washes off. It’s very common to find spray tan locations at tanning salons and beauty salons. If you want to try it out on the cheap, keep an eye out for groupon or living social deals. You also may be able to talk a salon into giving you a first-time deal. You’re going to want to fake tan a few days before the wedding so that the pigment has time to settle and doesn’t wipe off on your clothes

Bronzing Lotion

Want to try a fake tan at home? No worries, bronzing lotion is also a viable option. Drugstores as well as specialty beauty stores carry bronzing lotions that essentially let you put on your own fake tan at home. It’s good to do a test run a few weeks in advance so you know how your skin reacts to the lotion, and to see how easy it is for you to apply (for some hard to reach places, you may need a friend to help you out!). Be sure to read the instructions carefully and wear gloves (or you’ll end up with orange palms- yikes!).


Press for a Bronze Glow

Doing a bronze glow yourself is a quicker way to get a nice bronze glow on your wedding day. Since you’ll probably be wearing white, you need to plan ahead for any sort of bronzer fallout. The best way to do a powder bronzer is to do a pressed powder bronzer. Loose powders are much more likely to move around and fallout, and the last thing you’d want is smeared brown powder all over you! If you want to do an even glow, use a big wide brush with looser bristles to sweep an all-over bronze on your face and shoulders.


Try a Creamy Glow

If you don’t want to do a powder bronzer, try a creamy highlighter that has a golden tint. Any sort of rose gold cream highlighter could work to give a very subtle glow. Apply the highlighter on the apples of your cheeks and lightly to frame your face. The dewy texture of the highlighter will make the glow look angelic and romantic.


Seal the Deal

If you do any sort of same-day bronzing technique, be sure to seal in the color with a sealing spray. Putting a finishing powder may not be enough to hold your color in place on your neck or chest, so it’s best to use a spray. Find a spray sealant that you like that works in the heat so you don’t sweat any color off. If you skip this step, you risk your bridal glow getting all over your veil!

Sareh Nouri’s Ready to Wear Collection

It is a lovely Monday morning here at BHL  Yes, it may seem like a bummer that the weekend is gone, and another week is here, but we’ve got something to celebrate today. Don’t worry, you too will be happy once you read on about today’s  gorgeous feature. Just when you thought our friend Sareh Nouri of Sareh Nouri Bridal couldn’t be more fabulous (I mean she has created the most beautiful and breathtaking gowns for brides with the most intricate of details), she tops it off with a new Ready to Wear Collection. A collection which is perfect for any bride or gal who wants to feel relaxed but super sexy at the same time. You see, Monday is not so bad when you have a killer collection like this one.

Once again, our lovely and fabulous friend and designer, Sareh Nouri has totally impressed us. Take a look and see for yourself. Believe us when we say that you will want to pick up one of these stylish dresses coming soon!

















Dress: Sareh Nouri


A bit about this fabulous new collection by  Sareh Nouri Bridal

Introducing Sareh Nouri’s Ready to Wear collection.  Sareh Nouri has been turning heads and making moves in the Couture Bridal Gown industry over the past 2 years and is now ready to make her debut into the Ready to Wear world!  Releasing an exclusive collection of Ready to Wear dresses, we introduce to you,  ‘Yola’!

The “Yola” dress,  with it’s chic lines & subtle sexiness can be worn for any occasion.  We like to think of it as the honeymoon getaway dress!  Yola comes in a variety of styles & colors including, racer back, sleeveless & 3/4 sleeves, v neck or scoop neck.  The color options range from black to grey & chocolate to ivory.

Shabby Chic Styled Shoot by The Events Boutique

I seriously love my job.  I sometimes have to pinch myself as sometimes it does not even seem real. I love that I get to view gorgeous wedding details everyday and never get sick of it. NEVER! What I love more than viewing pretty things, is when I meet beyond amazing talent creating such lovely design that I can not get enough of.  I recently had the honor of meeting Christina Cruz of The Events Boutique, and this girl surprises me with every ridiculouly talented designs she creates. She surprises me with every fabulous design move, and I love it! Get ready to be inspired with this super romantic shabby chic styled shoot that The Events Boutique created together with some amazing vendors. I have to warn you, this one will distract you from your morning routine, so make some time to view the stunning images. Actually, you may view these images more than once. Or a few times.

From Christina at The Events Boutique

My Shabby Chic look was inspired by Spring in the Garden. When I stood in the Lower Meadow, I was surrounded by roses, wild flowers, and lavender. I immediately thought of a French Countryside. That inspired me to do a Shabby Chic theme with the weathered and French style  furniture. I visited Toast Party Rentals and just fell in love with their entire inventory. Jackie the owner from Toast was AMAZING and brought my visions to life not only with her furniture but also with accessories from her collection. She really was spectacular to work with. I worked with TGIS Catering to highlight something unique they offered.  Offering their farm to table concept typical in France and European countries. They shop at farmers markets.  It was so wonderful to work with such amazing vendors by my side.

























Event Planner and Stylist:    The Events Boutique

Venue: South Coast Botanic Gardens (lower meadow)

Vintage Rentals:  Toast Party Rentals

Florist:  Flower Duet

Catering : TGIS Catering

Menu Cards: Paper Crew

Cake and Dessert Bar:  Something Sweet and Lovely

Photographer:  Kristina Lee Photography 

Coachella Inspired Bridal Accessories by Two’s Company

Coachella may be over, but we are still obsessing over it here at BHL headquarters.  We are always in search of the latest thing in all things wedding, and that is why we can not get enough of some of the fabulous trends at Coachella.  Today we are “oohing” and “ahhing” over some breathtaking bridal things, which has us pretty happy. Thank you to the fabulous owners of Two’s Company Alexandra Boulger and Emily Kouri for sharing some gorgeous Coachella inspired bridal accessories!  If you love Coachella, then you will absolutely fall in love with these lovely pieces. You Monday is looking super pretty!

Allie Lindsey Photography

Troy Grover Photography

Troy Grover Photography

Twigs and Honey Baby’s Breathe Vine Headpiece: This piece is one of our best sellers because it looks beyond gorgeous on everyone! This crystal hair vine is made with swarovski crystals and gold plates vines. It is perfect for any bride whether they are hobo, modern or even glam!

Chard photographer

Chard photographer

Jennifer Behr Rosita Headband: This piece is simple and the perfect amount of sparkle. This can be worn as a headband or around the forehead for more of a boho chic look! The scalloped headband is made of Swarovski crystals and comes in gold or silver. This is one of our best selling pieces for its overall simplicity and perfect touch of sparkle!

Diana Marie Photography

Diana Marie Photography

Nicky Teo Headpiece:  This piece is perfect for a bride trying to achieve an ethereal look and an overall romantic feel. This is another piece that can be worn as a headband or around the forehead to achieve the look of a floral crown.

Chard photographer

Chard photographer

Jennifer Behr Greta Diadem Headpiece : This piece is an extremely trendy headpiece. This is for the bride who really wants to make a statement! The halo with a center chain and bold centerpiece is beautiful with long locks and a middle part to accentuate the center chain of crystals!

Wedding Furnishing Rentals from Baker Party Rentals

Spring is such a pretty time of year. Things get really gorgeous during this season, and we love it. Just like our Spring days are filled with new and beautiful things, weddings also need a bit of a facelift. Adding some fantastic textures, breathtaking decor,  stylish elements, and lovely colors, can really make your wedding day so much prettier. That is why we are so excited to introduce a fabulous and amazing rental company that brings it all plus more.   Courtesy of Baker Party Rentals, a rental company that offers a wide variety of lovely rentals for big or small wedding events, and doing it all with style, design, and great execution! This company can make your wedding day something special for everyone to remember. Creating the most elaborate or simple designs, Baker Party Rentals will help you with all your wedding rental needs. So, take a moment to enjoy this Monday morning with some of the most remarkable rental pieces they offer.









Photography by BPR Photographer Juan Busciglio



Photography by John Schnack



Photography by BPR Photographer Juan Busciglio


Photography by  BPR Photographer  Michael Mantyla


Photography by Patrick Moyer


Photography by  BPR Photographer  Michael Mantyla


Photography by John Schnack


Photography by Patrick Moyer



Photography by Natalie BuczarskiIMG_6733


Photography by LAN Photography


About Baker Party Rentals

Baker Party Rentals is a full service rental company located in Costa Mesa, CA. They supply the highest quality equipment, including tables, chairs, linens, dishware, canopies, lighting, lounge furniture, centerpieces, catering equipment, and more! Their fleet of delivery trucks services all of Orange County, as well as the Inland Empire, Los Angeles, and San Diego. They have been family-owned since they opened their doors in 1982 and have grown the business from standard tables and folding chairs to their Bella tables and bars, tolix and ghost chairs, and lounge furniture and centerpieces. Baker prides itself on offering unique and custom-made items that cannot be found elsewhere. Their design team keeps up with trends and continues to add new and fresh items to their inventory. Their delivery crews are capable of transforming any space into a one-of-a-kind event using their extensive line of lighting, drapery wall, and canopies. They even offer a fireplace and water wall! Their 3,200 square foot showroom in Costa Mesa is a playground for planning your event. Set up with seasonal tablescapes, it is full of ideas for your wedding day. On display, you will find at least one of every item they rent, giving you the opportunity to see and touch their inventory. In addition to weddings, they specialize in elaborate dinner parties in the home, corporate events, baby and bridal showers, graduations, birthdays, holiday gatherings, and more. Their friendly staff is happy to walk you through the rental process and offer advice to make your special day a success!




  • DAX Photo Shoot

The Lime Truck & Weddings

On this lovely Monday morning, all I can think about is mouthwatering food.  I can taste the goodness of this post right about now. If you are hungry, actually even if you are not, you are about to  be, because, it is about to get all yummy in here! Two words: Food Truck. Yep, today’s post is about a catering company that is on wheels and makes stops at weddings. You know the food trucks that we love so much. The uniquely delicious foods which always wants us having more. I do not know about you, but I am kind of a foodie, and when it comes to amazing, and special plates, I am all on board. Combine it with weddings, and it is all over.  Introducing The Lime Truck, offering fresh, uniquely tasting cuisine, right at your doorstop. Literally! Bring some fun to your wedding, and you and your guests will not be disappointed! Enjoy this Monday morning with some succulent and fabulous food, ready for any food fan.  Hungry now?

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

Photography by Justin Lee Photography

About The Lime Truck

With 300+ weddings and like events under our belt, The Lime Truck offers a fresh and alternative take on catering for the modern-day bride and groom. At The Lime Truck, we love the concept of marrying the old with the new. So, while we do offer some more traditional services such as buffet catering and tray passed hors d’oeuvres, we also provide the full food-truck experience with our window service. Whether it’s appetizers, dinner, or even a late-night wedding snack, enjoy the novelty of having an award winning food truck cater your special event!

Since its inception in June 2010, The Lime Truck has whipped up a whirlwind of palate- pleasing new American cuisine that have earned them a bevy of local and national accolades and a band of loyal followers to boot. Owner and visionary, Daniel Shemtob, aims to keep mouths watering with a foolproof formula for foodies seeking satisfaction: local, organic and sustainably sourced fresh ingredients, paired with hip, inventive recipes, make for the most delectable dishes in town. The Lime Truck is not only convicted by award-winning taste, but convenience, consistency and accessibility. Enriched by experience (and a win!) on The Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race,” this dynamic team has attained a new benchmark in culinary vision and execution.
The Lime Truck Ahi Tuna Poke Nachos
The Lime Truck
The Lime Truck Carnitas Fries III
The Lime Truck Roasted Corn
Chef Daniel Shemtob
Lime Panna Cotta Pomegranate Seeds
The Lime Truck Yum Yum Lamb Sandwich

Jeweled Bra Straps from STRAPLETZ

It may be September, but we are still feeling the heat in Southern California. So, guess what? Summer is still here!  We are pretty happy about that, because that means we can still enjoy poolside days, the lovely sunshine, and sunbathing at the beach.  Which also means we can keep wearing our tanks and shorts. Yippee! Today, we are super thrilled to share an amazing accessory that can compliment that summer look with style.  It is all about the beautiful jeweled bra straps which can add chicness and style to any look. The bra strap that you WANT to show off. Yep, we are in love with these gorgeous straps which can dazzle just about any outfit. In our books, these beautiful accessories are definitely a hot trend which we can not get enough of. What is even more amazing than just the look, is how comfortable these straps are. All brilliantly designed by Sherry Molavi of  STRAPLETZ, these bra straps are the perfect accessory to that dull and boring tank.  For all the bride-to-be’s and her bridesmaids, these pretty straps can be worn for the bachelorette party, bridal shower, or on the day of the wedding. Why not look amazing and show off those shoulders with some style and add that”WOW” factor?  Or you can even buy these fantastic straps as bridesmaid’s gifts.  So ditch those plain bra straps and replace them with these beautifies, and you can feel and look gorgeous. Ready to get all dolled up?

734397_432351396842223_1826727722_n (2)


164429_432350703508959_2099146917_n (1)





A Los Angeles-based, accessory company, STRAPLETZ has launched a fashion line of jewelry for women’s shoulders just in time summer.  The fashion-forward company sells an assortment of jeweled bra straps as a sophisticated and sexy fashion statement and an alternative to plain bra straps.

According to STRAPLETZ CEO, Sherry Molavi, “Rhinestone and colored crystal bra straps are stylish and complement the wearer’s outfit with a trendsetting look. Whether you’re going to a special occasion event or a club with friends, the STRAPLETZ interchangeable bra straps are sophisticated and sassy.”

Easily attach the interchangeable bra straps to your favorite strapless or convertible bras. Choose from over two dozen handmade and high-quality Interchangeable bra straps.

Strapletz is fashion jewelry for the shoulder.  Created for stylish, trendy women with a fashion sense for fun and unique touches. Strapletz is a unique accessory and a stylish way to show off bra straps with an array of styles to fit different moods or looks. Strapletz can be purchased online at