Top Five Trendy Bridal Lip Looks for Fall

We’re all about luscious lips here at BHL- they’re the most romantic part of your beautiful face! Check out our top five trendy lip colors for this season and your look will be hot, even if the weather’s cooling down.


Pale Coral Pinks

If coral was your summer shade, just start slowly by turning it down a notch. Look for a light coral or pink shade to transition into fall. You can even wear your summer coral by just putting on a dab and painting it out with a lip brush so the color isn’t as intense and pairing it with a lighter gloss. this look is lightweight, cute, and perfect for the sweet bridesmaid.


Warm Nudes

If you like a natural look but want to go even more lightweight than a pale coral, pick up a nude with warm undertones. It will pull whatever summer glow you had going on and keep you looking great all fall long. Neutrals are great for any dress that you’re wearing, and a warm one will give you a taste of that bridal glow.


Red Stains

No- not on your dress, just on your lips! Grab a light lip stain in red and pack it on to your liking. Lip stains are great if your skin is starting to get drier because they can be quite hydrating. Start subtle to pair with any look for any wedding situation and pack it on to match your mood.


Blushing Berries

Tones that are reminiscent of berries are fantastic this fall and sultry for weddings. You have the ability to go much deeper with berry tones to fit more romantic settings. If you’re packing on the pigment, be sure to use a waxy lip liner to keep your lip color from feathering.


Burning Red

If you’ve been liking pictures non-stop of leaves changing colors, an orange-based red is going to be perfect for you. this color can be a little more intense, so be sure to use a good lipliner with this look too. This look is so complimentary to the new season- you’ll look fantastic in any outdoor weddings.


Andrea Carter

Andrea Carter

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