Top Five Fall Trendy Wedding Favors

Want to make sure that your wedding guests remember your big day? Give them something to remember about it! If you’re getting hitched in the Fall and still don’t have favors, check out our favorite Fall wedding favors. Your guests will thank you- seriously!


What screams Fall more than some yummy-scented candles? Pick up woodsy scents like pine and make them all yours. It’s easy to find websites that do promotional items that will let you order candles that are laser-cut with whatever you want (a good fallback are your names and the wedding date). If you want to do this on the cheap, go out to the dollar store or drugstore and pick up a whole bunch of candles. Get stickers made with whatever you want and stick ‘em on to personalize them.

Reusable Tote Bags

Fall is a time for practicality- it needs to be to balance out Holiday spending. One of the most practical can’t-have-enough items right now are reusable tote bags. You’re able to use them more than once, they’re good for the environment, and they can even save you some money at the grocery store (some stores will actually take money off of your bill if you use a reusable bag). Reusable totes can start at less than a dollar each with personalization and are perfect for stuffing with candy for guests. Plus, they’re easy for your guests to take with them!


A sweet, personalized gift is to do picture frames pre-stuffed with pictures of the guests in them. If your wedding is small enough, this could be a fun one-day task. You can set them out as placeholders for the reception and have it serve a purpose!

Custom Candy

Wanna play to your sweet tooth guests? Buy candy in bulk and get stickers made up to cover the logo. You can write cute things like “thanks for sharing our sweet day” on them to make it cheeky. Everyone likes candy, and with Halloween being the next big holiday, candy totally works!

Reusable Water Bottles

It’s getting quite cheap to pick up reusable water bottles now a days- they’re not the commitment they used to be! At personalization websites, it’s easy to find water bottles at around $2 a piece to start, and they make such a great practical gift! Get a clear reusable water bottle, personalize it for your big day, and stuff it with tissue paper and candy for your guests. It’s a great looking gift, practical and awesome, and good for the environment! This awesome gift encourages drinking water, supports reusable materials, and is one of the most unique things you’ll see at a wedding.

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Andrea Carter

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