Top Five Ways to Represent Your College at Your Wedding

Homecoming season’s just about wrapped up and the Fall wedding season is going strong. College is a magical time and for many couples, a place where their lives changed forever. So many couples now meet in college and that deserves to be a part of the big day! Even if you didn’t meet in college, if you went Greek you know you have to represent every day (including your wedding day). Or maybe you just really loved your college- that’s fair game! We’ve got the top five ways to pay homage to your alma mater on the big day.

Own your School Colors

Rep your school with the help of your bridesmaids! If you’re stuck on colors, show your true colors with your girls. You don’t need to use the exact pantone color that your school used, but use your palette as a way to pay homage to your school. If your school colors are red and black (like CSUN, for example), you can use red as your bridal party colors and black for the groomsmen suits. You can also use your school colors in your invites, save the dates, and thank you cards.

Share the Freshman Fifteen

Is your school known for any specific food? Bring it out for the big day! Use this opportunity to feature some dishes you spent four years drooling over and share it with your friends and family. Weddings can be great for comfort food, what’s more comforting than your favorite college meals? If your college was more known for greasy or indulge-foods, you can save it for a bridal brunch or a rehearsal lunch. It’s a great way to share something you love with some people you love when they’re allowed to indulge in what they eat (just try to skip the cup noodles and potato chips).

Incorporate the Mascot

Find ways to add your mascot into your wedding in sneaky, cute ways. Use a graphic of your mascot in your invitations or save the dates. If your mascot is an animal, work that into imagery in your wedding to keep your school represented. You can even throw a ‘Go …!’ into your wedding website or, if you’re seriously spirited, into your vows.

Show Off

If you met in college, find as many college pictures of you or the both of you and use them! If you didn’t meet in college, it’s still cute to find pictures from college and put them next to each other. The classic college hoodie outfit is a staple at any campus, you’re sure to find pictures of you both representing your school. Pictures are awesome to look over at weddings- they give your guests some extra insight into your life and they’re a great marker for how far you’ve come. Look for those awesome college pictures and show them off!

Look Back

Do you remember what it was like when you started college? What you wanted out of life, what you thought you wanted in a partner? Think back to those days and compare them to now- now that you are getting married to your love! use this comparison in your vows or even in your bio in your wedding website to show some serious insight. You can use this as an opportunity to mention your school and what you were like, and how awesome your life is now that you’re getting married. Just be sure to throw in some pride for your school while you’re at it!


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Andrea Carter

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