Etch A Sketch: Meet The Amazing Etch Man

Today I am excited to share one of the coolest things you can offer at your wedding event. This will blow your mind. I am totally serious! Who remembers the Etch A Sketch from back in the day? Remember when you would draw something fun, and then to erase it, you would shake it? How about if you could have an art piece sketched and then kept forever as a keepsake? Well you can! Yes, let me introduce you to Christoph Brown, The Amazing Etch Man. I had the pleasure of meeting Christoph, and getting my very own Etch A Sketch. It was amazing to watch how quickly he did it. I was stunned and could not believe my eyes. All I kept saying in my head was, ” How the heck is he doing that, and doing it so well?”.  This is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen, and it is even more awesome that I get to keep this forever! It sits at my desk while I blog, and I still can not believe how cool it is. Imagine if you had an Etch A Sketch made for each of your guests at your wedding, and use it as a Escort Card. So when they arrive, they will have their very own. Super awesome right? Go ahead and learn more about this fabulous company.

Photo by Bridal Hot List

Photo by Bridal Hot List

 Here are some other amazing sketches:



CLB Sketching Comic

100 stars 036

Guest with Fashion Sketch

About  Etch U Productions

Christoph Brown: The Amazing Etch Man® , known as the Worlds Fastest Etch A Sketch Artist and founder of Etch U Productions®, is the only known full-time Etch A Sketch Entertainer in the world to make a living off the Etch A Sketch. After retrieving a left behind Etch-A-Sketch, and displaying daily drawings for customers, their reactions conjured a fascinating career. In 2005 Christoph established Etch U Productions® providing entertainment & party favors for public and private events across the country. The Amazing Etch Man® creates astounding personalized Etch A Sketch drawings or caricatures of you or your loved ones in 5 minutes or less on pre preserved not-to-erase pocket Etch A Sketch Magic Screens. That’s twice what traditional portrait artists can do! We pre-drain out all the graphite powder, leaving only one layer of powder behind the screen, giving Christoph only one shot to sketch picture perfect and provide an amazing keepsake item FOREVER!

Etch U Productions® is your one-stop-shop for the most original services in live and recorded Etch A Sketch branding and entertainment for gift commissions and event services for every occasion.

Palm Springs Wedding from Perfectly Made Weddings

Palm Springs will forever be a favorite destination of mine. Being as I am a total Cali girl, growing up with the beach, the mountains, the dessert, and all the fabulous weather all year round, this wedding is a total love. It’s that magical combo of sunshine and glamour which really brings me to this fabulous destination. That is why today I am overjoyed with this gorgeous Palm Springs wedding.  It has all the details that has my heart in total overdrive.  I say all of this because their heartfelt, desert nuptials have me trying to dig up adjectives worthy of their sweet ceremony and cozy reception – but I keep falling short of words that will really do it all justice. Thankfully, the images from Jennifer Yount Photography can express it all.

Bride solo
Rob First look
first look
first look 1
kiss at meet
meet 1
meet 3
ceremony detail 1
Ceremony walk in groom
Flower girl
Groom waiting
Bride walking in
ceremony 2
ceremony sons
ceremony vows 3
ceremony kids
ceremony ketubah
Ceremony 1
Ceremony Vows
ceremony flower girl looking
ceremony vows 1
ceremony wine
ceremony 4
Ceremony chant
Ceremony ring
ceremony ring exchange
Ceremony hug
breaking glass
breaking glass 1
ceremony recessional
Couple photo 1
couple photo 4
couple photo 2
set up
reception 2
Reception 1
reception 4
reception 5
reception dancing1
reception dancing
cake cutting
cake cutting1
couple photo 3
This couple has seriously stolen my heart. I’m in love with them for so many different reasons, but mainly because they seem to be the type of people you want to be around all the time. I have been part of the planning of weddings for many couples, but I have to admit, I have never seen a kind of love like this one. Not just love between the two love birds, (oh THAT is just a bucket full of unconditional love), but the love that is between the couple and their guests. That love is out of this world.  I have never seen such love and joy shared with all that were present. I myself felt like I was part of the family as everyone was so open with their love. It was wonderful! I had the pleasure to help plan and coordinate this lovely wedding.  Perfectly Made Weddings, together with the sweet and fun loving couple, created a unforgettable day. Working with some incredible vendors, this gorgeous wedding had it all. Set at the beautiful Le Vallauris Restaurant  located in the heart of downtown Palm Springs, California, this wedding brought together traditions with a touch of  simple chic.  The couple really wanted to incorporate Jewish traditions into their wedding.  From the Tisch, to the challah blessing, the traditions were done so beautifully. The bride wanted something simple yet elegant for her wedding day. A  beautiful chuppah with stunning drapery and white florals was the center of it all at their ceremony. White flowers, candles, and twinkle lights decorated the reception.   Besides all the amazing ambiance set for this lovely couple and their wedding, the whole day was full of energy. From the moment the guests arrived, to the last guest leaving, there was constant joy, laughter, and energy. My favorite part? In all honesty, I really enjoyed each and every moment of this wedding. Each element brought it’s own unique and special detail, which was simply amazing. I have to say that this has been one of the best weddings I have been part of. Judy and Rob together with their guests really made it effortless. The location, the food, the decor, and all the gorgeous details were just made for these two.
Congratulations to Judy and Rob!
Vendor Information:
Wedding Planner and Designer:  Perfectly Made Weddings
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Le Vallauris Restaurant 
Entertainment:  NeFesh Music

Z Gallerie Inspired Photo Shoot

This particular photo shoot includes a number of things I adore: a love story, a darling couple, stylish home decor, and inspiration.  It is the kind of shoot that has me drooling over all the fabulous details. I have to admit that I am in love with Z Gallerie. It is the reason why I am so head over heels with this fantastic shoot.  I am kind of obsessed with Z Gallerie and all its amazing decor items. My personal home design inspiration comes from Z Gallerie. Actually, most of the decor that I adore the most in my home are items from Z Gallerie. Yep, in love with the modern, stylish, and chic details Z Gallerie offers. It is luxurious and oh so affordable. That is the best part! I can go on and on about Z Gallerie but I really want to get to this fabulous photo shoot. I am not the only one who has a passion for Z Gallerie. The lovely gals at  Classic Touch Events are also obsessed with Z Gallerie and have put together a gorgeous and inspiring shoot. I think I can look at these photos all day. All day.
















Photography: Bridget Photo

A little bit about the photo shoot from   Classic Touch Events

Well needless to say the ladies of Classic Touch Events are in love with Z Gallerie and all of their fantastic merchandise they have to offer to newlyweds for their new homes! We will be doing a series of stylized shoots using some of our favorite Z Gallerie items. To kick things off we are introducing our sweet couple that are in the beginning stages of their relationship.

Jordyn and Jonathan, falling in love…..

She met in him college, right before COMM 301, in-between classes at the campus coffee house. He opened the door for her as she rushed in to grab a cup of coffee prior to class. She glanced up and their eyes met. He was tall, handsome and something about him took her breath away.  He smiled and said hello to her in the line for coffee and that is where it all began. She was immediately drawn to him in a way she had never felt. It was as if they were connected from lifetimes before and here in this coffee house they finally crossed paths.

They began dating and have become inseparable. Jonathan knew he was falling in love.  After a few weeks of spending most of their time together he asked her on a special date.  It was her birthday so he took her on a picnic to one of his favorite spots under an oak tree. Later he planned an intimate dessert at his home to celebrate her special day.  Although their relationship is new, Jonathan knows there is something about Jordyn that makes him want to spend the rest of his life with her.


Stay tuned for more from this adorable couple.

Tommy Bahama Wedding Venue

A wedding event at Tommy Bahama? Who would have thought? You may be familiar with Tommy Bahama clothing, however did you know they also offer fabulous dining? I recently had the opportunity to visit Tommy Bahama’s Island Grille located in beautiful Newport Beach, CA. When I walked in, I instantly felt like I was back in Hawaii, a feeling of the island.

If you love Tommy Bahama’s clothing, then you will absolutely  love the food! I could not wait to try it! I sat in the outside patio enjoying the beautiful Southern California weather. My first taste of the food was the delicious bread and butter. The breads are made fresh everyday and it was brought out fresh and warm. It was really good!

I was trying to decide what to order and I could not decide! Everything on the menu looked so good, I wish I could have tried everything! After drooling over the menu, I finally decided to order. Do you want to know what I ordered? Check it out!

Is your mouth watering?  This was one of the best burgers I have ever had! This is the Bungalow Cheeseburger which is a burger with proprietary grind, white cheddar, panchetta, Avocado, topped with pineapple relish and thousand island and side of french fries. All the flavors blended perfectly to create a delicious burger. I loved it! It was delicious. This burger is one of many choices that you can choose from for your guests to enjoy at your wedding. There are a variety of menu options for you and your guests to enjoy.

What was next? Dessert of course! Again, I could not decide! Which one would you choose?

Being a chocolate lover, I went with the  Chocolate Malted Pie. What do you think?

One bite and my eyes rolled in the back of head, and I was in chocolate heaven!  This chocolate dessert is a chocolate cookie crust, malted whipped cream with English toffee crumbles. So good! You can really “wow” your guests if you serve this or any of the other fabulous dessert choices.

After all that amazing eating, I took a walk around to see what this island style restaurant has to offer.  They have an intimate patio, a private dining room, and a stunning garden patio.  The largest space can hold up to 110 guests.

Here is a look at the private dining room. Beautiful!

The garden patio is the perfect setting for a wedding reception. Gorgeous right?

I enjoyed the excellent service, island ambience, and fresh cuisine. Thank you Tommy Bahama’s Island Grille!