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Today I am excited to share one of the coolest things you can offer at your wedding event. This will blow your mind. I am totally serious! Who remembers the Etch A Sketch from back in the day? Remember when you would draw something fun, and then to erase it, you would shake it? How about if you could have an art piece sketched and then kept forever as a keepsake? Well you can! Yes, let me introduce you to Christoph Brown, The Amazing Etch Man. I had the pleasure of meeting Christoph, and getting my very own Etch A Sketch. It was amazing to watch how quickly he did it. I was stunned and could not believe my eyes. All I kept saying in my head was, ” How the heck is he doing that, and doing it so well?”.  This is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen, and it is even more awesome that I get to keep this forever! It sits at my desk while I blog, and I still can not believe how cool it is. Imagine if you had an Etch A Sketch made for each of your guests at your wedding, and use it as a Escort Card. So when they arrive, they will have their very own. Super awesome right? Go ahead and learn more about this fabulous company.

Photo by Bridal Hot List

Photo by Bridal Hot List

 Here are some other amazing sketches:



CLB Sketching Comic

100 stars 036

Guest with Fashion Sketch

About  Etch U Productions

Christoph Brown: The Amazing Etch Man® , known as the Worlds Fastest Etch A Sketch Artist and founder of Etch U Productions®, is the only known full-time Etch A Sketch Entertainer in the world to make a living off the Etch A Sketch. After retrieving a left behind Etch-A-Sketch, and displaying daily drawings for customers, their reactions conjured a fascinating career. In 2005 Christoph established Etch U Productions® providing entertainment & party favors for public and private events across the country. The Amazing Etch Man® creates astounding personalized Etch A Sketch drawings or caricatures of you or your loved ones in 5 minutes or less on pre preserved not-to-erase pocket Etch A Sketch Magic Screens. That’s twice what traditional portrait artists can do! We pre-drain out all the graphite powder, leaving only one layer of powder behind the screen, giving Christoph only one shot to sketch picture perfect and provide an amazing keepsake item FOREVER!

Etch U Productions® is your one-stop-shop for the most original services in live and recorded Etch A Sketch branding and entertainment for gift commissions and event services for every occasion.

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