Top Five Tips for Seating Charts

Seating charts can be a much harder task to take on than you realize- you need to weigh out who can sit with who, where to put kids, and who needs to be closest to you. It can be pretty hectic! We’ve got some tips to help you keep your cool while you figure out where everyone can go.

Make a Model

It can help to physically put people where they need to be. Print out the layout of the seating area (if you’re doing your ceremony at a hotel they usually have pre-made layouts of where tables will go) and use post-it tabs or push pins to place people. Being able to physically see where everyone will go will give you some clarity and make it easier to move people around.

Make a “No-No” List

Do you have some people who REALLY can’t be seated near each other? It happens! Look over your guest list and highlight anyone who needs to sit somewhere… specific. You can place those people first so that you know there won’t be any unnecessary drama or fighting. Don’t feel like you can’t invite people because they may have issues with other guests, just keep them separated and enjoy yourself. After all, the wedding’s about love and harmony. Keep the peace the best way you can.

Consider Foot Traffic

Are you having a buffet? A drink bar? Any sort of thing where guests will need to be getting up and walking around? Keep that area a little extra clear. If you can foresee a path that your guests will need to be taking, maybe have tables scooched a little more out of the way. Better yet, keep people who are younger and able to move at those tables. You shouldn’t put your 80 year old grandmother at a table where she would need to be moving her chair out of the way for other guests.

Plan Kids Accordingly

Think about any little ones that will be in attendance. Are they going to want to play together? Are their parents going to want to keep them nearby? Kid’s tables can be great to keep all the little ones entertained, but you wouldn’t want their parents to be stressed out trying to watch their kids from across the room. Figure out what kind of parents and kids are going to be there and think about what would work best for them. Just be sure to stock that table with extra napkins for messier little ones.

Plan for Yourself

Think about who you want closest to you. Do you want to do a sweetheart table? Or a big wedding party table? Maybe a table with the parents and the newlyweds? Think about what YOU want most. After all, it’s your wedding! We do suggest that you have your maid of honor as close as possible for anything you may want or need. She’s your wingwoman for a reason- keep her close!


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Andrea Carter

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