Five Tips for Booking Hotel Venues

Looking for a property for a wedding can be difficult. If you’ve decided that you want to have your ceremony and/or reception at a hotel- you’re in luck! Most hotels are ready to accommodate weddings and large ceremonies, and in fact are one of the better venue options for weddings. There are, however, so many options and it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. We have a few tips to help guide you through it all, exclusively here on Bridal Hot List.

Define Before you Find

‘Hotel’ is a blanket term, and that covers a whole lot of different types of properties. This can include resorts, beach front properties, historic buildings, and boutiques. A wedding venue should reflect the couple, so narrow your options based on your couple personality. If you’re big readers or trivia buffs, look for a historic property in your nearest downtown area. If you’re laid back and like to relax together, a nice beach-y hotel near the water would make for a beautiful back drop. It can be easy to get wrapped up in going to whatever property is trendy, newest, or even closest, but in the long run you will want to find a place you are proud to tie the knot.

Have a Headcount

Have a ballpark number (within 15 people, max) of how many people will be attending. The more accurate you are with your numbers, the more accurate will be with their numbers. You may want to book the grand ballroom, but you may not be able to fill it. If that’s the case, there’s no point in spending extra money on it. You should also have an idea of how many out of town guests you have coming in who will need a hotel room. Some hotels will be able to work with you to factor in hotel room nights in addition to your wedding area. In dealing with hotels, I’ve found more often than not, bundling hotel rooms in with a meeting space can save you a bit of money.

Follow Up

If you start with looking online, shoot an e-mail to the sales manager saying you’re interested. If you’re going to properties to look around, ask for a business card. It’s smart to start building relationships with hotels as soon as possible to be able to get great rates. Hotel people tend to be loyal to clients they have histories with. If you’ve seen a property before or had a great time, mention it and they will absolutely appreciate a return customer! Plus, having a friend in the hotel business can definitely be beneficial to you. You can ask them for recommendations later on for trips and fun destinations.

Do a Test Run

If you’re in the finalizing process, it could be helpful to ask if you can do a walk-through of the property at the time of your wedding. If the lighting at night is awful, it will probably sway your mind. If the mornings are loud due to commutes or trains or anything else, you’ll want to know before you sign a check. If you can afford to, stay the night and make sure you absolutely love it. You may even be able to get a great discount if you explain that you are strongly considering having a ceremony there!


Rates are not always black and white. If you’re getting ready to draft contracts, work with the salesperson to get your rates as close to your budget as possible. Work with them on bundling to save costs, like having a few friends staying at the same hotel or even booking both the ceremony and reception in the same place. Work with their catering department and see if the property can lump all your expenses together. Little things you can help save you venue money overall. You can even ask for other discounts, such as AAA, student, or anything else you can come up with. Being creative can result in some surprising savings!

Top Three Winter Venue Ideas

Winter is a time of celebrating with family and friends, keeping warm and cuddling by the fire.  Though winter often gets a bad reputation for chilly weather, that doesn’t make it off limits for hosting a wonderful wintery wedding.  There are plenty of ways to have your dream winter wedding but here are our top three favorite ideas for choosing a winter wedding venue.

Estate and Mansion Weddings

Winter is the perfect season for an estate or mansion wedding.  Since the weather outside is cold and dark,  create a warm and inviting haven for your guests.  Candlelight is key in the wintertime.  The warm glow will softly illuminate your space giving it that romantic feel essential for a winter wedding.  An important thing to remember about winter nuptials is that your venue may already be beautifully decorated for the holidays.  Be sure to visit your decorated venue to see what you have to work with.

image 7

Break with Convention

Since winter is not the traditional wedding season, why not choose a nontraditional venue? Instead of hosting your day at a hotel or church how about a library? Old stone libraries can provide the same gothic look as a church but in a refreshing new way.  I have also seen weddings at theaters, museums and at the zoo! Treat your guests to something new and different and share in those special memories for years to come.

Nixon Library 111

Christmas in Hawaii?

You Can't Go Wrong With A Private Beach in Hawaii for a Marriage Proposal!

Before you set out venue shopping decide how wintery you want your wedding to be.  Are we talking New England with five feet of snow or 70 degree beach weather in Hawaii?  The great thing about a wedding in the off season is off season prices!  Many vendors offer discounted prices during the winter months and venues are more likely to have a wider selection of available dates.  If you are planning to travel be careful around the holidays since fares increase closer to Christmas and New Years.

Enjoy planning a spectacular winter wedding!

Richard Nixon Library Wedding Open House

As my best friend’s maid of honor it is my duty to accompany her on the ever important venue search.  Lucky for me, her search for the perfect location has taken me to some pretty awesome places, most recently the Richard Nixon Library.   The Richard Nixon Library hosted a wedding open house for couples to get a chance to explore the unique venue. The open house showcased three spaces: a grand ballroom, smaller reception space and an outdoor ceremony space.

Upon entering the venue we were greeted with champagne and tantalizing appetizers from a variety of vendors.  My personal favorite was a mini grilled cheese over a tiny cup of tomato soup- very playful and fun for your guests.  As we moved into the smaller of the two rooms, we got to see some really creative favor tables and sampled some delicious cake creations.  I thought the favor tables were particularly  eye catching.  One embodied every girls pink fantasy with assorted pink candies and pink chocolate covered goodies.  The second was set in a nautical theme with blue goodies and starfish accents.

Our next stop was the grand ballroom.  The room was buzzing with people marveling at the different reception tables displayed by the vendors.  We moved through the tables taking notes on candle placements, flowers and flatware we liked. We also noted the two giant chandeliers that flooded the space with soft, romantic light.  The ballroom seemed quite presidential and rightly so!  It felt as if we were attending an event in the white house with all the classic furnishings, draping and the ornate fireplace.  The space was beautiful and with massive potential to dress it up for a wedding.

The ceremony space was outside on the lawn in between Nixon’s childhood house and the museum itself.  The garden is lined with palm trees and blooming white flowers which makes it very romantic and intimate.  The area feels secluded and peaceful, a perfect place for a wedding. We liked  the idea of having your wedding a historical place because it gives guests an opportunity to learn as they celebrate with you.  My favorite thing about this venue is that your guests can enjoy the museum while attending your wedding.  Talk about an awesome cocktail hour!

Our overall experience at the wedding open house was thoroughly enjoyable. We had a great time exploring the Richard Nixon Library, learning a few facts and  imagining the splendor of a wedding at this extraordinary venue! Nixon Library 3Nixon Library 14

Nixon Library 111

Nixon Library 0

Nixon Library 9

Nixon Library 8

Nixon Library 11

Nixon Library 7

Nixon Library 4

Nixon Library 2

Nixon Library 117

Nixon Library 115

Nixon Library 33

Nixon Library 17

Nixon Library 1

Five Tips for Building Your Wedding Menu

One of the more fun parts of planning a wedding is getting to test run the menu! The most biggest day of your life should automatically come with the best meal of your life. Here’s a few tips to keep you en route to the dinner you deserve!

Don’t Starve Yourself

You should meet with your caterers with an appetite- but if you’re too hungry it’ll change the way you remember food! At the very least, have breakfast that fills you up but isn’t carb heavy. By giving your body something to run off of, you’ll meet your caterer much more level-headed.

Take Notes

In instances like this, it is completely acceptable to instagram your food! Take notes with each bite, writing down what the dish is, its’ consistency, flavor, and if you liked it or not. It can also help to take pictures so you can imagine how it will look against your linens and color palette. Make sure you write down whether or not your partner likes it too- it may be your big day, but you have to (at least) try to agree on food.


Bring a Friend (or two!)

Your wedding should be all about the couple, but just remember it’s an event for all your friends and family as well! As a couple, it could be a good idea to bring a friend (the best man or maid of honor, for instance) to call tie breakers on the menu or offer insight on appetizers. Just don’t bring too many people, you want to keep how awesome the food is close to heart until the big day!


Don’t Rush

Even if you’ve got your heart set on one specific caterer, it’s a good idea to ‘shop around’ and see what kind of caterers are out there. It can be easy when you’re stuffed full of crab cakes to want to say yes to the first caterer you see, but waiting can pay off. Make sure you make your most informed decision before putting down a deposit.


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

If you hate spicy, speak up! If you’re seeing lots of steak and are more of a seafood gal, let your caterer know. A wedding as a whole should accurately represent the couple it is celebrating. Your partner may have to have their favorite comfort food, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for yours! You and your partner should have say in the food and both be happy with the menu.


Weddings at Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

As we say goodbye to summer and the ever popular beach wedding, let’s take a moment to consider an often over looked type of bride.  What about us city girls?  The trick is to find a city venue that is just as romantic as the beach but has that unmistakable energy of the city.  Nestled in the heart of one of the most colorful cities in the country, The Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills is a spectacular wedding venue.  Surrounded by fabulous entertainment, shopping and history, weddings by the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills are definitely unforgettable.

The Four Seasons offers wedding planning services to take care of every last detail.  From the wedding license to the flowers, décor and even guest transportation, let your wedding specialist make all the necessary arrangements.  They conveniently offer two wedding packages, including one for newly legalized same sex weddings.  In true LA fashion,  the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills offers endless ways to treat yourself before you say I do.  In the days before your wedding arrange for a special visit to the hotel spa where you can choose from a variety of packages for the bride, groom and bridal party.  You may want to treat your bridesmaids to free flowing champagne and a signature mani/pedi all in preparation for the big day.  The spa also offers a romantic couples package including a couples massage, facials, manicures and champagne. What a perfect pre-wedding relaxation regimen!

The hotel offers a variety of venue options depending upon the size of your event.  Wetherly gardens is the perfect location for an outdoor ceremony.  The hotel garden space seats up to 250 guests while still maintaining an intimate atmosphere. The venue landscape is encased by beautiful greenery interspersed with luxurious flowers.  Dance the night away in the warm Los Angeles weather and celebrate being husband and wife in style.  As we travel inside the hotel,  the beauty and luxury of the Four Seasons is best displayed in the ballroom reception venue.  With the ability accommodate 250 guests, the ballroom is the epitome of reception grandeur.  The venue is classically romantic and chic with arched French windows, Venetian crystal chandeliers all warmly lit by the soft glow of crystal wall sconces.  Once dressed with your theme colors and floral arrangements the space becomes breathtaking.

Also, your guests are in for a particularly delicious treat when it comes to dining at the Four Seasons.  I was lucky enough to sample some of the chef’s cuisine and it is simply divine!  They are able to create a menu around any cultural or religious preferences.  No matter what you choose from cocktail hour hors d’oeuvres to a full four course meal it will be some of the best food you’ve ever tasted!

For more information visit the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills website.

Four Seasons Bevery Hills

Four Seasons Bevery Hills

Four Seasons Bevery Hills

Four Seasons Bevery Hills

Four Seasons Bevery Hills


Four Seasons Bevery Hills

Four Seasons Bevery Hills

Four Seasons Bevery Hills

Four Seasons Bevery Hills

Four Seasons Bevery Hills

Four Seasons Bevery Hills

Four Seasons Bevery Hills

Four Seasons Bevery Hills

More about the Four Seasons

Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills features a stunning Ballroom, which is the perfect backdrop blending timeless elegance with the bride’s unique vision to set the scene.  The Ballroom comfortably seats 250 guests for a customized four-course dinner prepared by our talented culinary team.  The beautiful windows give natural light to this grand ballroom.  A palette of creamy neutral tones amid the standing traditional architecture with delicate shears, and a contemporary garden-inspired carpet design, hone in to sophistication for the perfect wedding, along with our unrivaled personal service.  Our staff prides themselves on attention to the finest detail.

The ceremony location is a stunning Wetherly Garden with Italian tiles and built in stage, with a lush lawn surrounded by flowering plants and trees.  Executive Chef Ashley James is a culinary talent, who prides himself on customizing every menu to suit each guest’s specific tastes and preferences.  The wedding space offers grand outdoor gardens and tiled patios, offering a true California experience for ceremony and receptions.  The ballroom is intimate, chic and elegant, and features paladium windows which overlook trees and gardens.  Our catering and banquet teams are experts in their field and manage each and every aspect of the planning to the wedding day to ensure a wonderful, personal and memorable experience. 

Four Seasons Bevery Hills

Four Seasons Bevery Hills

Four Seasons Bevery Hills

Four Seasons Bevery Hills

BHL Vendor Hot Pick: Luxury DJs

At BHL, we are always in search of the hottest trends in all things wedding. In addition to hot wedding trends, we are also totally in love with finding the hottest vendors around. You can imagine how excited we were when we found our hot vendor for the week. Yep, today’s vendor is amazingly fun, hip, and pretty awesome.  You will see why we have added Luxury DJs  to our “Vendor Hot Picks”. Providing not only fun and fabulous music and entertainment for the couples and their guests, but being professional while doing it all. That is something that we at BHL are really impressed with. So when you have fantastic and memorable entertainment at your wedding, with a DJ which brings all the fun, and joy, then you have yourself a pretty great wedding. All we have to say is when the music and lights come on, we can not stop dancing. Yep, it is that good. We just love ourselves an excuse to dance and have a great time. Get your dancing shoes on, and get ready to party with Luxury DJs at your next wedding!bridal-hot-list-vendor-hot-pick-150

A Beautiful Day Photography

A Beautiful Day Photography

A Beautiful Day Photography

A Beautiful Day Photography


A Beautiful Day Photography

A Beautiful Day Photography

A Beautiful Day Photography

A Beautiful Day Photography

A Beautiful Day Photography

A Beautiful Day Photography

A Beautiful Day Photography

A Beautiful Day Photography

A Beautiful Day Photography

A Beautiful Day Photography

About Luxury DJs

Luxury DJs is a national full service provider of professional DJs, Sound and Lighting Design for Weddings, Corporate and Social Events.  Luxury DJs was founded by DJ Madison Taylor (Richard Martinez) and the company has over 18 years of experience creating truly unique events for clients across the country.  From weddings at The Angels Stadium to The Riviera Country Club, Terranea to The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Luxury DJs have established a reputation for creating stellar events for upscale clients nationally (and internationally).

What Makes Us Stand Out & What We Do For Our Wedding Couples:

What makes Luxury DJs stand out from the competition is its philosophy and approach to creating stunning events.  Whereas others are purely music-driven, Luxury DJs focus on the overall experience of the client and their guest, we are more “Experience-Driven.”  In addition to great music and announcements, we sit down with each and every wedding couple to explore their vision for their special day and we offer insight on the various design elements (audio, visual, interactive) that can enhance the overall wedding experience for the client and their guests. 

At Luxury DJs, we go above and beyond to provide our clients with the highest quality innovations and cutting edge technologies (like projection mapping, color monograms, wireless uplighting, fill sound, custom DJ booths, etc.) so we may deliver that WOW factor at every event.  In addition, Luxury DJs’ founder, Richard Martinez, sits on the Board Of Directors for the Wedding Industry Professional Association (WIPA So Cal Chapter – Dir of Membership) and the National Association of Catering and Events (NACE LA-OC Chapter – Special Events Director) so we are constantly on the forefront of the latest trends in the Wedding Industry. Luxury DJs has a vast network of wedding professionals so that each client may benefit from our attention to detail, resourcefulness and passion for creating truly stunning wedding experiences for our couples.



Fresh Catering for Weddings from Tender Greens

There is food, and then there is terrific, amazing, and mouthwatering food. I am a bit of a foodie, so I am kind obsessed with today’s post.  Mostly because it is the kind of food that not only looks good, but just tastes so fresh and flavorful. I am going to go back to the fresh factor. There is something about fresh food that is so savory and delightful. I am pleased to feature a company who brings it all and more to the table.  All deliciously delivered by Tender Greens.  A look into a fabulous catering company who offers fresh foods from local farms. Perfect for a backyard wedding or an elegant affair. Enjoy this Monday morning with some succulent and fabulous food, ready for any food fan. Or anyone who enjoys a fantastic meal.

Photo Credit: Furious Photographers

Photo Credit: Furious Photographers

Photo Credit Brian Dolen

Photo Credit: Brian Dolen

Photo Credit :Lauren Avila Photograhy

Photo Credit :Lauren Avila Photography

Photo Credit: Sweet Little Photographs

Photo Credit: Sweet Little Photographs

Photo Credit:  Stephanie Collins Photography

Photo Credit: Stephanie Collins Photography

Photo Credit: Sweet Little Photographs

Photo Credit: Sweet Little Photographs

Photo Credit: Morgan and Jodee Photography

Photo Credit: Morgan and Jodee Photography

Photo Credit:  Joshua Spencer

Photo Credit: Joshua Spencer

Photo Credit: Joshua Spencer

Photo Credit: Joshua Spencer

About Tender Greens

Tender Greens offers farm-to-fork, organic classics along with chef driven daily specials highlighting the best of seasonal ingredients, local farms and artisans.

Tender Greens Catering brings together our famed farm-to-fork sensibility and relaxed California style with flexible and thoughtful service to help elaborate truly wonderful events with memorable food.

What makes the food special:

The ideology behind our food is simple: we believe there should be a conscious connection between the one who eats the food and the source of that sustenance.  Most of our produce comes fresh picked daily from Scarborough Farms in Oxnard, delivered in eco-friendly containers. What we don’t get from Scarborough, we work with a handful of small local farms that use sustainable farming practices. We use organic ingredients whenever possible.

From cocktail parties featuring our beautiful and delicious small bite hors d’oeuvres to formal dinners, or backyard barbecues to custom weddings, we are happy to share in your special occasion.

What Stands Out in TG catering:

When you work with Tender Greens Catering, you get more than just food and choosing a menu from preset options. Our Executive Chefs are on-site cooking and making sure everything is perfect.  They work with each each couple to create a seasonally customized menu, and in a sense you are inviting us to be part of such a personal evening. Our couples are usually also Tender Greens customers and embrace our slow food philosophy to support small farmers and artisans.

What TG provides for  bride and grooms for their wedding day:

We make sure there is nothing for them to do on their wedding day but enjoy themselves. Since the Chef is in the kitchen and managing his team, our catering team are the eyes and ears of the event that is taking place to ensure that timing is perfect and your guests will be wowed. Communication is key and we help navigate the dinner service to ensure that your big day is flawless!

For information please contact: 

Viviana Amezola

P: 310-954-1415



Top Seven Unique Wedding Halloween Ideas

Boo! Halloween is nigh, bringing a season of candy, costumes, and creepy crawly horrors that send chills up your spine. Nothing though, might seem as scary or as daunting as incorporating Halloween themes into your wedding or reception. But have no fear! We have the top seven unique ways you can add some spooky flair to your special day, whether you choose to go all-out with a costume themed wedding or low key with a few Halloween touches here and there.


Immediately let your guests know the theme and style of the wedding by choosing an eerie, yet classy, invitation design. Something as simple as writing “Till Death Do Us Part” is a spooky spin on a classic wedding line. Allow your invites to reflect the type of Halloween wedding you are having—Quirky? Modern? Victorian?

Cary Pennington Photography

Cary Pennington Photography


Location can prove to be very important when planning a themed wedding and can quickly and easily establish the atmosphere you are looking for—think: gothic churches, creepy mansions, or rustic and autumnal outdoor settings. Choosing a traditional setting and trying to coat it with cobwebs crosses the line into cheesiness, so picking an inherently spooky location can save you a lot of decorating heartache.


No one in your wedding party will speak to you again if you force them wear black and orange outfits that make them resemble pumpkins and gourds. However, where you can add some Halloween excitement is with the youngest members of your party; outfit your flower girls and ring bearers in costumes that illicit oohs and ahhs, instead of screams of fear. If you want to add some spooky touches to your wedding dresses, go for an eerie Victorian look, with plenty of lace and vintage touches. Skull cufflinks give a traditional male tuxedo some festive flair.

Ace Photography

Ace Photography


Your food and beverage choices are where you can really have fun! Set up your bar as a mad scientist lab and serve drinks out of vials and beakers. Don’t be afraid to use dry ice or food coloring—a big punch bowl full of a green alcoholic beverage, labeled biohazard, is sure to draw some attention. Nothing says Halloween like a candy buffet! You can opt out of having a wedding cake and choose to do a candy buffet or creepy crawly cupcake tower, but if you do choose to have a wedding cake, feel free to make your wedding cake a festive and spooky affair as well!


Ace Photography

Ace Photography


There are so many gorgeous fall colors to choose from when picking your flower arrangements. Think plum, orange, burgundy, gold, and go with lilies, roses, and orchids. Work with your florist on creating some fabulously spooky, yet beautiful, flower arrangements. Sometimes just adding some black branches is all you need to give it that Halloween flair.

Cary Pennington Photography

Cary Pennington Photography


The last thing you want is for your reception to look like a haunted house, so steer clear of cobwebs, black gauze, and fake skeletons. Victorian wedding photos, plenty of candles, and rich autumnal colors give a general eerie quality while the small details, such as the name card-holders and table trinkets, can have some quirky Halloween appeal: fake vampire teeth, miniature pumpkins, witch’s hats—the possibilities are endless!


Ace Photography

Ace Photography

Cary Pennington Photography

Cary Pennington Photography


Halloween is the season of treats, so edible treats are the way to go! You can opt to make your candy buffet part of your wedding favors by giving your guests personalized candy bags. Masquerade masks, bottles of red wine labeled “Vampire blood,” or miniature pumpkin pies are also festive favors.


Ace Photography

Ace Photography

The Mission Inn Bridal Boutique Recap

Bridal Hot List recently attended the Bridal Boutique hosted by the beautiful and historic Mission Inn located in Riverside, California.  The fabulous hotel put on a grand boutique featuring various reception locations and their picturesque chapel.  Each room was decorated by a different vendor and offered multiple selections in decor, cake, music, attire and everything in between!

The first stop was the Music Room which offered the grandest decor.  The hall was elaborately adorned in gold while the tables were set with blue accents and white bouquet centerpieces.  In the middle of the hall,  a wedding gown with a corset as sparkly and grand as the hall itself commanded the attention of all who entered.

image 2

img 16

img 17

Next we were off to the Spanish Art Gallery.  This reception room was smaller and decorated in gold with black accents.  The centerpieces were black candelabras dripping in crystals, just divine!

image 8

image 3

img 21

image 5

We then traveled to the courtyard where we mingled with a mock bride and groom, styled in a classic tux and lace gown.  Also present, Casey’s cupcakes – the resident bakery and Cupcake Wars winner.  Trust me when I say they live up to the title!

In the afternoon it was time for a mock ceremony in the St. Francis Chapel.  A string/ piano trio played traditional wedding themes as the faux bride and groom exchanged quick vows.  It provided an inspiring glimpse of the romantic and intimate potential of this ceremony venue.

img 22

image 7

image 6

image 11

image 14

img 15

The next two reception rooms were the smallest and each provided a different atmosphere.  The first definitely gave off the party vibe with light projections on the walls, loud music on a central dance floor and a photo booth that was begging to be tried!  The next stop gave us more of an elegant feel.  The room was full of flowers which made it smell delicious and the colors were soft and pastel.  Both were beautiful.

image 9

image 12

img 19

image 13

The final stop, and my favorite was a trip to the hotel’s private Spa.  We received a guided tour of the tranquil facility and learned about pre-wedding day packages for the bridal party and the newlyweds.  To top it off, we all got complimentary chair massages!  It was the perfect way to end a day of wedding fun.

Our over all experience at the Mission Inn was absolutely inspiring.  We saw scores of beautiful flower arrangements and bridal fashions.  Our taste buds were excited by treats from multiple bakeries and we fantasized about spending the day at the luxurious Spa.  The Mission Inn is one of those places that can inspire wedding day dreams even if they are in the distant future.  I recommend that any future bride visit a wedding boutique to find inspiration for your special day.

Five Hot Tips for Bridesmaids


Congratulations! You have been chosen to be the next best thing after being an actual bride. Think about it- you get to throw pre-parties with your friends, you can book yourself guilt-free spa treatments & beauty appointments, and you will ultimately spend an entire weekend lavishing in the joys of fantastic food, fashion, and friendship. Behold our Five Hottest Tips for the Bride’s Favorite Ladies.

1. Share your ideas with the bride, but don’t be hurt if she doesn’t use them. Most of the time, the bride has a pretty good idea of exactly what she wants her wedding day to look like. That doesn’t mean she has thought or heard of everything! Be open with your suggestions because you never know what might strike her fancy. If she signals for you to slow down, then respect her wishes and share only the best few ideas that you find. At the end of the day, it’s all about the bride and her specific vision.

2. Bring extra cash. No doubt you have heard of packing a wedding day emergency kit complete with bandages, aspirin, tweezers, and a needle & thread. These things are great, but they cannot buy you the conveniences that cash can offer. Let’s say you forgot something at home; you can pick up just about anything at the local drugstore. Taxi cabs take cash, waiters take cash, and cash-only bars take cash. Get the idea? Money talks!

3. Have a classy, unique toast prepared (hint: keep it short!). Should there be an unfortunate situation where the Maid of Honor bawls through the entire toast, is too nervous, or no one could hear her, have a few thoughtful lines prepared that sum up how special/hilarious/happy/thankful the bride and groom are, and deliver them like a boss. A nod to the parents in case someone forgets to thank them is another quick go-to toast and absolutely necessary if they are not otherwise mentioned.

4. Ask the bride for a list of no-no’s, and stick to it! The bride most likely has a mental list of cringe worthy conversation topics (exes, wedding costs, bachelorette party secrets) and behavior (complaining, constant texting, smoking near her dress) that she is hoping to avoid during the bridal festivities. By approaching her with this request, it takes the pressure off her from having to bring it up or worse– address problems directly on her wedding day. Some brides will already have this list prepared, and be very vocal about her no-no’s. But if you know your bud has a hard time being assertive, this list will be a lifesaving tool for her to keep the no-no’s at bay so she can relax and have the perfect day.

5. Be familiar with the wedding day logistics. Your bridesmaid dress acts like a beacon for guests to come and request information. Since you’re in the bridal party, you must know everything about the reception, transportation, where gifts go, you-name-it, right? If you don’t, study up! Review maps of where the ceremony and reception will take place. Know alternate routes in case there are road closures or an accident. Be familiar with the timing of events, things to do in the area, where people should park, etc. because you can’t always count on those groomsmen to know!

Share these tips with the bride and fellow bridesmaids. Better yet, add on some of your own must-have hot tips! Happy Bridesmaiding!