Top Five Social Media Tips for Your Wedding

The wedding’s coming up- you’ve got to be excited! One of the best ways to share that excitement is via social media. Let’s be honest- you are probably in the majority of people who are involved in facebook, twitter, and instagram. Why not use it to your advantage and get all your loved ones amped on your wedding? We’ve got the top five tips to using social media for your wedding, and we’re sure you’ll ‘like’ them all.

BeFunky_BHL Social Media 1.jpg.jpg


Create a hashtag and stick to it! Something as simple as #JohnsonWedding2014 on instagram and twitter can create a following, and gives your friends a way to both follow and participate in the wedding countdown. Use the hashtag in your save the dates and invites to really create a following. Use the hashtag when you do wedding things, like creating favors or cake tasting.

Handle It

Back up your wedding’s hashtag with its’ own social media handle! Put your personal account on hold and upload wedding pictures via an account dedicated solely to your wedding. Use it to retweet your friend’s updates on the wedding (if your bridesmaids post pictures of them doing wedding errands, share it!), keep all your wedding ideas together, and connect with vendors. It’s a great way to keep your social media organized.

Tag- You’re It!

Don’t forget to tag! Connect your account and hashtag with your guests and vendors to keep everyone involved. This creates a great community and gets everyone involved. Follow the bridal party so you have a great way of keeping in contact to discuss wedding elements. You can also tag and follow all of your vendors to stay connected to them. Many vendors are big on social media, and showing them a little extra love is always good karma.

Make Your Event an Event

After your invites are out, create a facebook event for it! If you want to use it as your rsvp page, go for it! If you want more formal rsvps, emphasize that the page is only to share wedding information. Update the page with a countdown, link your wedding tweets and instagrams to the facebook page, let people connect before the wedding. You can even take polls on what songs should play (or be banned!) to get the conversation going! For bonus points, have people connect to carpool to the ceremony. You’ll be helping your wedding party bond and get to the party!

Keep an ‘i’ on It

Be sure that you monitor what is posted, tagged, and out there for the world to see! For example, you shouldn’t post pictures of you in your wedding gown until after the wedding. Save the big reveal for big day! You also should be careful with posting your personal address and information on the internet (as you always should be!). You should follow the general rules of being safe on the internet for yourself and the safety of your guests. If you notice anyone is saying not-so-nice things on your pages, go ahead and block them. Keep the negativity out and let the good times roll.


A Recap of the Bridal Showcase by Wedding Salon

Wedding Wednesday is about to get gorgeous and super pretty! The Wedding Salon recently had their annual bridal showcase at the SOFITEL Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, California with over 600 guests. What did these 600 guests enjoy that evening? Fabulous and amazing wedding trends, which we LOVE of course. It was a lovely event, and today we are excited that we get to share some of the fantastic features from the event. See all the trends, wedding vendors, and gorgeous details from this amazing wedding event.   So, now it is time to pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, get real comfortable, and get ready to be inspired!








Couples were able to enjoy couture gown previews by designers Nicole MillerWinnie Couture, and shop Mon Amie Bridal, with live models and mannequin displays.  



Beauty makeovers were provided by local salons Assembly Salon and Juan Juan Salon to provide visuals to brides before their big day.




Photography by Focus Photography

About The Wedding Salon

The Wedding Salon, the nation’s #1 premier luxury bridal showcase is the ultimate resource for wedding planning needs. Founded by celebrity wedding planner, Tatiana Byron, the Wedding Salon features luxury wedding vendors and award winning service providers showcasing the year’s must-have products and newest trends in the industry. The bridal showcase is a one-day event, designed to look and feel like a luxurious wedding catering to the affluent bride, engaged couples, celebrities and socialites. Since launching in 2004, The Wedding Salon has expanded its events to five markets across the country including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Miami.

Wedding Store 24 Bridal Expo at Sofitel Beverly Hills Recap

I recently had the privilege of attending another Wedding Store 24 bridal expo at the Sofitel Beverly Hills.  Like other events hosted by Wedding Store 24, this event was a delight and a wonderful sensory experience.  Upon entering the venue, I was greeted with the lovely sounds of live Indian music and beautiful dancers.

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

After registration I headed over to the “food room” where four vendors each set up a delicious and decadent display.  Here, I found an elaborate assortment of traditional Indian cuisine that was simply delicious. My favorite dishes were the delightful chicken masala and jasmine rice.   Another vendor set up a colorful table of very tempting looking deserts.  It was hard to limit myself to only a select few!

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

Next I traveled into the vendor ballroom which was beautifully draped in sheer linens interspersed with glimmering bead strands.  The room looked great and with the help of upbeat dance music,  it created an overall fun and energetic environment.  I wandered the various vendor tables and talked with some great people.  Among them was a yummy baklava bakery, an events design company who designed a gorgeous display and a few venue representatives. It was great to see all the detail that goes into putting on a spectacular wedding event.  Not being from the Indian tradition myself, I am fascinated by the mixture of modern tastes with traditional customs.

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

Toward the end of the event,  guests were treated to a meet & greet with celebrity wedding planner David Tutera.  The long line to chat with the celeb planner did not deter the brides who all seemed excited to get there moment to talk weddings.  Following the meet & greet were two fashion shows with beautiful designs for both men and women.  The models’ energy was contagious.  The audience cheered while they pranced down the runway in some breathtaking designs.  The ladies were dressed in vibrant shades of pink, red, gold and white decorated with shimmering stones. It was gorgeous!

As always, this Wedding Store 24 event was really fun and fabulous.  Brides were treated to delicious food and awesome entertainment, all while getting great ideas for their weddings.  We can’t wait for more events at more fabulous venues!  Of course, Bridal Hot List will keep you up to date on all that’s new and hot in the wedding world!

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

Photography Workshop + Vineyard Styled Shoot by Hope Stanley and Nancy Orozco

We’ve got something super special on the site today. I am so excited that my wedding-loving heart is bursting with joy! You know how much I love weddings and all the pretty details that come with them. You also know that I love the photographers that capture all the lovely, romantic, and beautiful details. If it was not for the incredibly talented professional wedding photographers, I totally would miss out on so many gorgeous wedding details. And THAT would be a such a bummer.  If I was not able to view pretty images, one after another, my job would be really boring and dull. But when you have amazing weddings and a photographer on hand to capture it all? Then you have yourself a happy day. Yep, I can look through wedding photos all day long and never get bored. You can imagine how happy I was when I received news from my friend and bridal stylist, Hope Stanley about a photography workshop and styled shoot that she planned. When I heard about it,  I almost fell out of my chair.  The images? I probably viewed them like 100 times, and it was pretty hard to choose which ones to feature.  See for yourself, and you will see what I am so in love with!

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0511

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0444

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0443Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0425

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0458

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0469

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0466

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0461

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0437

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0509

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0434

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0442

Hope Stanley tells us a bit about the workshop…

I co-hosted a workshop with photographer, Nancy Orozco and other photographers. The idea was to teach photographers how to shoot photos for blogs. I spoke with them on how to work with vendors and models, and stressed  the importance of acknowledging everyone that is involved with organizing a photo shoot.  I try to convey to brides how important it is to have a group of professionals work together hand and hand. For instance for this workshop or any styled photo shoot we plan,  we choose a location, a theme or feel, and the gown and tux. We then research on the hair and makeup that will complement that entire feel. A florist is then given a story board of location, gown, make up, hair and theme of wedding. When  planning a wedding you need to do the same and remember that when vendors work together,  your photos will turn out amazing.

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0476

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0481

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0506

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0505

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0454

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0452

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0500

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0502

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0449

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0441

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0450

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0475

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0472

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0470

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0488

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0489

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0491

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0459

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0490

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0493

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0492

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0446

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0513

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0494

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0514

Hope Stanley with the models

Hope Stanley with the models

Nancy Orozco Photography Giracci Vineyards_0497


Venue: Giracci Vineyards and Farms

Bridal Stylist/Concept Stylist: Hope Stanley

Photographer: Nancy Orozco 

Florist: Sarah Toner

Wedding Gowns: Mary Me Bridal

Stationary: Sugar Press Invatations

Catering:  What A Dish Cafe & Catering

Hair: Rebecca Leigh

Esthetician: Natalie McCracken

Videographer:Paul Santiago from Boffo Video

Furnishings:  Persiano Event Rentals

Groom’s Attire:  Friar Tux Shop


The Mission Inn Bridal Boutique Recap

Bridal Hot List recently attended the Bridal Boutique hosted by the beautiful and historic Mission Inn located in Riverside, California.  The fabulous hotel put on a grand boutique featuring various reception locations and their picturesque chapel.  Each room was decorated by a different vendor and offered multiple selections in decor, cake, music, attire and everything in between!

The first stop was the Music Room which offered the grandest decor.  The hall was elaborately adorned in gold while the tables were set with blue accents and white bouquet centerpieces.  In the middle of the hall,  a wedding gown with a corset as sparkly and grand as the hall itself commanded the attention of all who entered.

image 2

img 16

img 17

Next we were off to the Spanish Art Gallery.  This reception room was smaller and decorated in gold with black accents.  The centerpieces were black candelabras dripping in crystals, just divine!

image 8

image 3

img 21

image 5

We then traveled to the courtyard where we mingled with a mock bride and groom, styled in a classic tux and lace gown.  Also present, Casey’s cupcakes – the resident bakery and Cupcake Wars winner.  Trust me when I say they live up to the title!

In the afternoon it was time for a mock ceremony in the St. Francis Chapel.  A string/ piano trio played traditional wedding themes as the faux bride and groom exchanged quick vows.  It provided an inspiring glimpse of the romantic and intimate potential of this ceremony venue.

img 22

image 7

image 6

image 11

image 14

img 15

The next two reception rooms were the smallest and each provided a different atmosphere.  The first definitely gave off the party vibe with light projections on the walls, loud music on a central dance floor and a photo booth that was begging to be tried!  The next stop gave us more of an elegant feel.  The room was full of flowers which made it smell delicious and the colors were soft and pastel.  Both were beautiful.

image 9

image 12

img 19

image 13

The final stop, and my favorite was a trip to the hotel’s private Spa.  We received a guided tour of the tranquil facility and learned about pre-wedding day packages for the bridal party and the newlyweds.  To top it off, we all got complimentary chair massages!  It was the perfect way to end a day of wedding fun.

Our over all experience at the Mission Inn was absolutely inspiring.  We saw scores of beautiful flower arrangements and bridal fashions.  Our taste buds were excited by treats from multiple bakeries and we fantasized about spending the day at the luxurious Spa.  The Mission Inn is one of those places that can inspire wedding day dreams even if they are in the distant future.  I recommend that any future bride visit a wedding boutique to find inspiration for your special day.

Fusion Indian Wedding Seminar Recap

A couple weekends ago, Bridal Hot List got a chance to explore the exciting culture of India at the Indian Fusion Wedding Seminar at the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. The event was hosted by Wedding Store 24 who transformed the patio space into a beautiful and exotic garden with multitudes of flowers interspersed with iconic Indian statues and symbols. We were surrounded in the richness of Indian culture, enjoying delicious food, pulse-pounding dances and gorgeous gowns as we learned how to incorporate ancient traditions with new American modernism.


To kick the night off, we enjoyed a cocktail hour on the patio where there was an abundance of mouth watering appetizers, and my own particular favorite being the spicy fish turnonver. Not far off was a cute bar boasting three tempting specialty cocktails. I chose a pink drink of berry vodka, raspberry liqueur, fresh lemon juice with a sugar rim. It was simply divine! After our cocktail, my guest and I had some fun at the rickshaw photo booth by L. A. Rickshaw and Souzerazzi Photo Booth. We donned oversize glasses and made numerous goofy faces at the camera which made for some memorable photo moments. The cocktail hour was intimately lit with candles, while soft live Indian music was played by Scott Cummings Music.


image 1

image 2

image 7

After the cocktail hour fun, we were ushered into the main ballroom for the seminar. The room was decorated in soft lighting with ornate light projections on the ceiling and walls. In the center, the stage was shrouded in white flower arrangements and pastel color draping. The seminar featured numerous vendor presentations about fusion invitations, beautiful wedding attire by Frontier Heritage, reception lighting and spectacular dancing by Karmagraphy. The host, comedian Rajiv Satyal, kept us laughing the entire time.

image 6

image 1

image 6

image 5


image 4

After the seminar it was time for dinner and the vendor garden. Chef Sathi Jayawardena of the Four Seasons, a Sri Lanka native, created the Indian inspired menu that was absolutely delicious. There was so much food I could not even fit it all on one plate! I’ll admit I even went back for another serving of the Coconut and Ceylon Cinnamon Saffron rice, it was that good. The vendor garden was set up in a half circle on the lawn with tables and a linen canopy in the middle. The walk through allowed us to meet with vendors for bridal jewelry, beautiful centerpiece design by Square Root, garment design, wedding registry ideas and delightful dessert options. My favorite station, however, was the Henna station. I learned it is the traditional first gift from the husband to his new bride and I even got a Henna of my own! Until it wears off, the wife does not have to lift a finger. But once it’s gone she must then begin her wifely duties.

image 3

image 8

image 4


image 8

image 9

The Fusion Indian Wedding Seminar taught us so much about Indian culture and fusion weddings. We enjoyed experiencing the traditions and culture in ways we have never seen. The richness and strength of Indian tradition is something really special and we were lucky enough to explore and learn how to cohesively fuse valued tradition with emerging modern taste.

Happy Holidays From Bridal Hot List

I love the holidays.  Spending time with family and friends and enjoying good times together is really amazing. I am especially excited this year since the launch of Bridal Hot List three months ago. The Bridal Hot List site was formed to be a resource for today’s bride and to provide her with the hottest wedding trends. From wedding gowns, bridal hairstyles, cakes, ceremony styles, to all that is wedding, we want to share it!  Since we love weddings at Bridal Hot List, we also feature real weddings to inspire brides.

I wanted to take a break from blogging today, and share with you what Bridal Hot List has done in the last three months.

I am overwhelmed with joy as we have been able to feature some amazing vendors. We have featured beach-side bridal shoes, wedding invitations, wedding decor, bridal hairstyles, videography, bridal makeup styles, wedding art work, bride personalized journals, gift registries, elegant chinaware, lighting, and amazing venues. Thank you to all our vendors!

We love our photographers and wedding coordinators for the inspiration of the weddings they share on our site. When a real wedding is featured, I get super excited because I love weddings and I can see all the wedding elements come together. I get inspired! Thank you all!

What I feel most lucky about, is the opportunity to work with TLC’s “Four Weddings” Television show. Each week a sneak peek and re-cap of the episode is shared. The show features four completely different brides who attend each other’s weddings with one wedding being deemed “the winner” at the end. The brides rate the food, dress, venue, originality, and overall experience of each wedding, except for their own. At the end, all the scores of each bride are tallied, and the one with the highest score wins an all expenses paid honeymoon. I always been a fan of the show, and to be able to feature it on Bridal Hot List is so amazing. Thank you TLC!

It has been a great three months at Bridal Hot List, and we are looking forward to more in 2013. We have some exciting things which we can not wait to share with you. We will have “how to” videos, and cover other TLC wedding shows. If you like to be featured or have an idea you like to share, please feel free to contact us. We are always looking for new wedding ideas!

Happy Holidays!

Holiday photo