Top Five Tips for Finding your First Dance Song

We all love to dance, but how much do you think about what you dance to? Well, you’re about to. The first dance at your wedding is going to be the most important and most memorable dance of your life- it deserves some serious thought. Your first dance as a newly married couple is a special opportunity to really show some personality and introduce your friends and family to the life you are about to lead together.


The most popular wedding song of all time? You guessed it, “At Last”. We love Beyonce’s cover from the ‘Cadillac Records’ movie.

Think Back

Do you have any special songs that have always been “your song”? That’s a good place to start. Even if it’s a more pop-py song, don’t be discouraged! Almost as soon as a song is released, a slowed down romantic cover is posted on the internet. Even if the song you fell in love to is more at home in a club than a church, you’ll be able to find an appropriate and romantic version of it.

Think Forward

Do you have a song in mind that gets you excited for your new married life? Some love songs mean that much more when you have shared goals in mind that you as a couple are working towards achieving. It may not have even come up yet for the both of you, but if you find something special in a song it’s worth looking into! Be sure to write down the lyrics to make sure that it is something that you really relate to.

Define your Vibe

Are you classic, no-nonsense, and romantic? Are you modern, progressive, and trendy? Have your song match your wedding by stylizing it to your profile! If you’re not super music savvy (or you STILL have the Grease soundtrack playing in your car… from fifteen years ago), do some research on songs that match your wedding. From your style profile, you can really narrow down what kind of songs to look into.

Do Research

We’ve got a homework assignment for you- settle in your jammies and turn on Netflix. Totally serious. Just start looking through your favorite TV wedding episodes and write down what music they’re playing, and if you like them. For example, on Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt got married walking down the aisle to an opera song and later had a friend play guitar to some of their favorite songs. On Modern Family, an instrumental version of “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros played over their wedding. Saddle up for a marathon of wedding episodes from your favorite shows and take notes. You could find a new favorite that you didn’t even realize you already loved!

Spot a Spotify Playlist

Look online for playlists that other people have created for their weddings. A common way to narrow down music now is to create music playlists on Youtube or Spotify, and they’re free to browse. Just search for “wedding playlist” and you’ll be able to get some insight into other people’s wedding songs. Keep an eye out for artists that you also listen to so you can match your taste to the playlist.

BHL Vendor Hot Pick: Luxury DJs

At BHL, we are always in search of the hottest trends in all things wedding. In addition to hot wedding trends, we are also totally in love with finding the hottest vendors around. You can imagine how excited we were when we found our hot vendor for the week. Yep, today’s vendor is amazingly fun, hip, and pretty awesome.  You will see why we have added Luxury DJs  to our “Vendor Hot Picks”. Providing not only fun and fabulous music and entertainment for the couples and their guests, but being professional while doing it all. That is something that we at BHL are really impressed with. So when you have fantastic and memorable entertainment at your wedding, with a DJ which brings all the fun, and joy, then you have yourself a pretty great wedding. All we have to say is when the music and lights come on, we can not stop dancing. Yep, it is that good. We just love ourselves an excuse to dance and have a great time. Get your dancing shoes on, and get ready to party with Luxury DJs at your next wedding!bridal-hot-list-vendor-hot-pick-150

A Beautiful Day Photography

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About Luxury DJs

Luxury DJs is a national full service provider of professional DJs, Sound and Lighting Design for Weddings, Corporate and Social Events.  Luxury DJs was founded by DJ Madison Taylor (Richard Martinez) and the company has over 18 years of experience creating truly unique events for clients across the country.  From weddings at The Angels Stadium to The Riviera Country Club, Terranea to The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Luxury DJs have established a reputation for creating stellar events for upscale clients nationally (and internationally).

What Makes Us Stand Out & What We Do For Our Wedding Couples:

What makes Luxury DJs stand out from the competition is its philosophy and approach to creating stunning events.  Whereas others are purely music-driven, Luxury DJs focus on the overall experience of the client and their guest, we are more “Experience-Driven.”  In addition to great music and announcements, we sit down with each and every wedding couple to explore their vision for their special day and we offer insight on the various design elements (audio, visual, interactive) that can enhance the overall wedding experience for the client and their guests. 

At Luxury DJs, we go above and beyond to provide our clients with the highest quality innovations and cutting edge technologies (like projection mapping, color monograms, wireless uplighting, fill sound, custom DJ booths, etc.) so we may deliver that WOW factor at every event.  In addition, Luxury DJs’ founder, Richard Martinez, sits on the Board Of Directors for the Wedding Industry Professional Association (WIPA So Cal Chapter – Dir of Membership) and the National Association of Catering and Events (NACE LA-OC Chapter – Special Events Director) so we are constantly on the forefront of the latest trends in the Wedding Industry. Luxury DJs has a vast network of wedding professionals so that each client may benefit from our attention to detail, resourcefulness and passion for creating truly stunning wedding experiences for our couples.



BHL Vendor Hot Pick: Scott Cummings Music

bridal-hot-list-vendor-hot-pickThere are certain vendors out in the wedding world that just seem to really bring in the “wow” factor. Vendors like this, deserve a standing ovation. So that is why we have added this fabulous new vendor to our “Vendor Hot Picks”. This incredible vendor brings in the best of the best in entertainment with a touch of fun and class. It is this type of vendor which we have fallen in love with and honestly, will never get tired of.  All courtesy of Scott Cummings Music .  When we have had the joy of seeing some of the bands play, we can not help but dance and get our bodies moving. Whether it is an up tempo beat, or soft Jazz music, we are definitely smiling from ear to ear.   The music is almost intoxicating. Yep, it is THAT good. If you do not believe us, then check out some of the amazing music Scott Cummings Music has to offer. So get ready to dance or bob your head up and down, or side to side.  Enjoy!

Love Tour_Verandas_1-13_24 (1)








About Scott Cummings Music  

Scott Cummings Music was created to give our clients only the best in fresh talent for their weddings and events. With groups ranging from solo violin, harp, guitar and piano, to string quartets, jazz bands, dance bands and Indian Classical music whatever you’re looking for we’re sure to have you covered.

Each event is personally tailored from start to finish to fit the needs of the client. Our musicians have toured the world and performed and recorded with musicians such as, CeeLo Green, The American Idol Band, Mayer Hawthorne to name a few. We’ve done countless private and corporate events for the Hilton, Marriott and Hyatt hotels as well as corporate clients ranging from AAG mortgage, Brinker International, Pinkberry, to the Los Angles Zoo.

Rehearsal Dinner Event at the House of Blues Anaheim

You know what has my heart in total overdrive right now? I am talking crazy mad love.  A venue and its fabulous location. Location Location Location. Well, this venue has the hottest location of them all. A location which I have been obesseing over for years.  Five words.  “The Happiest Place on Earth”. Yep, that is right.  Well, it is not inside the happiest park in the world, but close enough. Downtown Disney is is the location of this fantastic venue which offers an amazing experience. Nestled in the heart of Downtown Disney, House of Blues Anaheim offers unique venue spaces, delicious cuisines, and live music. House of Blues Anaheim is not just for concerts and dinner. When I visited and had a private tour of the venue, I was really impressed. I was not only impressed with the unique and extraordinary spaces, but I really enjoyed the food. You know I love my food, and good food means everything. However the food was not good, it was EXCELLENT. Oh and I absolutely loved the decor. I could not stop starting. A collection of  amazing art pieces and cool designs which I totally love.

Imagine your rehearsal dinner on the private patio overlooking fantastic views of Downtown Disney. If you want to be closer to the action, then you can choose to have your event on one of the two patios on the ground level.
Anaheim Bourbon St Patio Anaheim Courtyard Patio Anaheim RT

Now, if you really want to go all out and impress your guests, you can have your rehearsal dinner inside the exclusive space where the stage is the located. How cool would it be to have dinner while a fabulous live band plays music for you and your guest?  It would be like your own personal concert. That would make for a memorable evening.  Check out how amazing this space is! I love it! Total bliss.IMG_3593 IMG_3608

If you want to keep more low key and intimate, then you consider holding your rehearsal dinner inside the restaurant. Guess what? The colors of the ceilings change color! Yep,  pretty neat right? IMG_3673

Whatever location you choose, you and your guests will have an unforgettable experience.

About House of Blues Anaheim...

Located in the DOWNTOWN DISNEY® District, House of Blues® is a richly unique setting for corporate and private events, meetings and parties.We provide the best in live music and eclectic cuisine, for events both large and small.

All House of Blues catering is done in house. Our chefs will provide you with the ultimate dining experience! We specialize in Southern-style style cuisine however can create custom menus based on your event needs. Our founders’ passion for the South guided the creation of our unique menu. Our chef’s developed artistic adaptations of traditional southern favorites such as Creole Jambalaya and BBQ Baby Back Ribs while creating dishes like Pan Seared Voodoo Shrimp. We take great pride in cooking from scratch with the freshest ingredients served with soulful southern hospitality.

House of Blues Restaurant & Music Hall reflect our signature “Juke Joint” atmosphere, featuring a large collection of American folk art pieces including pictures, paintings, furniture and sculpture. Home to the unique Quilts of Gees Bend, some of the pieces displayed date back to the early 1900’s and been featured as US postage stamps. Photos of the women who created their original quilts are displayed next to their work.

From commemorative co-branded House of Blues merchandise, customized gobo lights, interactive entertainment and creative decor options, House of Blues Anaheim’s versatility can perfectly complement your private event objectives. House of Blues and Live Nation bring knowledge, experience and event planning style, helping you create an everlasting special event to remember. Our in-house team can assist clients with event planning, including booking local bands, DJs or headline artists.

Top Ten First Dance Songs

Good morning Sunday lovelies! Enjoying the weekend? Sad to see it end? We are too. But, do not worry, we have something to brighten your day and end the weekend with a bang! You know we are always trying to find the hottest trends in all things wedding right? Including what is hot and trending in music at weddings. Yep, we love to find out what couples are requesting  for their song list for their big day.  However, your first dance is a really special moment and choosing the perfect song is really important. It is the first dance as husband and wife. So, we wanted to find out what the top ten “First Dance” songs are that couples are requesting.

So, we asked Mike  S. Yanez, Owner of SELECT SOUND SERVICES, to share what the top ten “First Dance” songs are.

SELECT SOUND SERVICES caters to each and every one of our clients. Whether its a fundraiser, special event, or production, we create the sound that YOU specify. Especially when it comes to weddings. If you’ve been to as many weddings as I have, you start to hear some of the same songs. For good reason, these songs are great and they are classics. However, our clients have given us some gems that we found to be just as great as the classics, but maybe over looked. We thought it might be fun to compile a Top 10 List of First Dance songs that our past clients have chosen for their wedding. 

1.  “Thank You” by Led Zeppelin 
A classic rock song that sums it all up. I mean its written poetry over acoustic guitar, Robert Plant singing, dramatic runs throughout the ballad, it even has organs. You can’t get more wedding song than organs!

2.  “Ribbon in the Sky” by Stevie Wonder
You had me at Stevie, right?! A bit more traditional, touch of soul, but totally powerful and can bring a tear to everyone in the room.

3.  “So High” by John Legend
A contemporary R&B song that totally describes a new love, flying high, into their own world. “And when morning comes, we’ll see the sun is not so far, and we can’t get much closer to GOD than where we are.” Nice!

4.  “These Arms of Mine” by Otis Redding
There isn’t much that is more romantic than a man, confessing just how sick in love he is, at the top of his lungs. A classic soul record, that all ages usually get into.

5. “Adorn” by  Miguel 
A contemporary R&B song, a bit up tempo, laced with a nice baseline and Prince-like high notes that make the hair on your neck stand up, in a good way.

6.  “How Sweet It Is (to be loved by you)” by James Taylor 
A fun, up tempo blues track from Sweet Baby James himself. It was hard to keep everyone from joining the couple for their First Dance.

7.  “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker 
Great Blues kind of song! The dramatic piano, his signature voice, the passion is so present in this song. Makes everyone emotional when pumped through a set of good speakers.

8.  “Let’s Fall in Love” by Rod Stewart ft. George Benson
A beautiful jazz record that brightens up the room. Dramatic strings, George Benson on the guitar, and Rod Stewart sounding very lounge without the cheese.

9. ” Some Enchanted Evening” by Frank Sinatra
A classic musical number from Old Blue Eyes. A story of meeting that one person, and “Never letting gooooooooo” Frank brings it home with the horns, strings, and the kitchen sink. A more traditional sound, with some power ballad mixed in.

10. “There You’ll Be” by Faith Hill &  ” My Best Friend” by Tim Mc Graw
So we totally cheated on this one. 2 country classics by the most loved couple in country music. Technically, you could say the two are one. The titles say it all.

We hope you enjoyed the Top 10 List of First Dance songs chosen by past SELECT SOUND SERVICES clients. We are here to serve, and would love the opportunity to work with you on your next event. Visit us at



Five Ways to Create the Perfect Ambience

Do you want to know the secret in creating the perfect ambience at your wedding? Its easy! Just use the five senses!

  • Sight:  You want to go from boring to stunning? Lighting is everything and sets the mood. Lighting makes all the wedding details come together. The flowers, cake, ballroom, and reception tables all look better with lighting. Look at this stunning room!
  • Sound: Sound is the most powerful sensation! Whether it is live band or DJ, the sound has a tremendous effect when state of art  sound equipment is used. Music sets the mood, whether it is a steel band emphasizes a Caribbean theme setting a Polynesian feeling, or a Mariachi band setting a Mexican fiesta feeling.
  • Smell: Want to create memories for you and your guests? A smell can be tied to a memory, whether is the warm chocolate chip cookies your mother would bake when you were a child, or hot apple cider simmering on the stove during the holidays, it evokes a happy childhood memory. You can create new memories for you and your guests when scents are incorporated into your wedding. If you love the scent of vanilla and incorporate the scent as vanilla candles at each table, then whenever you smell vanilla it can remind you of your wedding day.
  • Touch: Textures can excite, soothe, satisfy, and create feelings of mystery, luxury, variety and frivolity. Whether it is silk linens, soft chair cushions, or crunchy Tortilla chips, they all bring a certain sensation. Check out this “grass” covered furniture!
  • Taste: The grand finale of all the senses! Taste of the drinks, appetizers, main course, and dessert can either leave a good or bad taste in your mouth.  More than the other four senses, the food and drinks can make your guests happy or not.  If they had the most delicious coconut shrimp, or the tenderest skirt steak, your guests will probably be very happy. However if the shrimp was not seasoned at all, and the steak was overcooked, they may not enjoy it as much. Your guests will leave happier with some good tasting food!