A Fall Mansion Wedding

To say that I’m obsessed with bridal gowns is quite an understatement.  You can imagine my excitement when a gorgeous wedding popped into my inbox and there was a stunning gown which caught my eyes. This dress is so pretty that I missed all the other lovely details of this beautiful fall wedding.  Like the breathtaking florals which highlight the fall season so perfectly has me loving this season even more. The colors are fabulous and compliment the venue in the loveliest of ways. I can not believe I missed the cute ice cream cones that guests enjoyed as a treat. What a fun way to have some desserts! I love it! So, can we please go back to the gown of the hour? I first have to say that the bride looks super amazing and without her, I think this gown has no chance. Not all gowns look good on the rack, but once they are on, they look fabulous! And this bride really looks great in this gown.  I really love the gold sash wrapped around the waist, and that veil! Oh my goodness, I can not handle how pretty is is!  It flows so elegantly and is so romantic. I can go on and on about this bridal gown and this fall wedding, but I think its best if you take a look for yourself and see what Michael David Photography has captured.  Enjoy this Fall beauty!


























From Michael David Photography

Ashley and Joe are a perfect match.  Joe works of the US Government and Ashley works with children who have disabilities.  They both have such warm hearts and warm personalities.  Its no wonder I enjoyed them so much!


Tennessee Rustic Barn Wedding

Today we are heading to the south where the ceremony takes place on the prettiest green with an adorable couple, and where the celebration continues in a charming red barn. This wedding is after our rustic wedding loving hearts. It is all about the lovely details such as the beautiful wooden alter at the ceremony decorated with gorgeous flowers, the cute and fun paper flowers floating above heads at the reception,  and a couple who looks so good in such a quaint setting. It is weddings like this one where we really love rustic details more and more. Come on, did you see the dessert table backdrop? Oh my goodness, it is so sweet! It makes for such great photo ops, and that is why we love Elizabeth Nord Photography and her mad skills capturing this Southern wedding. Before you get your weekend started, browse through this Tennessee wedding and see what all the fuss is about. If you love rustic details as much as we do, then you will surely love this wedding.



















































From Elizabeth Nord Photography

Jessica and Ryan (from Ireland) met at a young age and their love grew ever since. Their love is evident in every photo.  It rained hard until about 2 hours before their quaint outdoor wedding began.   It made the green grass greener and created gorgeous clouds that covered the sky which provided the perfect lighting for their ceremony.  They were surrounded by their closest family and friends.  They ended the night in a friend’s barn decorated with their engagement photos, Irish clover pens, rustic decor, homemade chess pies, and more!  This East TN wedding is definitely not one to miss! The emotion and the young love at this wedding makes it one of a kind! 

Arkansas Chapel Wedding

This my lovelies, is a wedding tradition  perfection.  I am not normally a tradition type of gal, but this wedding’s breathtaking ceremony location has me falling in love.  When you have a stunning bride, a gorgeous bridal party, pretty pastel colors, and all set in the most beautiful rustic space, you’ve got yourself a classic elegant wedding.  But I have to go back to the one fantastic wedding detail that has me swooning for days.  The incredible and awe-inspiring chapel is beyond amazing with the most perfect wooden details. I can not get enough of it. You feel as if you are in the woods surrounded by nature and all its beauty. Then you have Elmer Escobar Photography to capture all its heavenly details, it is a wedding worth a thousand words. Kick off the week with the lovelies and most beautiful wedding.











































From Elmer Escobar Photography
Melissa and Etienne’s wedding could not have been any more fun to be at. You had a beautiful couple, a gorgeous setting and the friendliest group of French people I’ve ever been around. The day started at Garvan Woodland Gardens which is a location I’ve googled and had wanted to photograph but had never had the opportunity before. I made a point to arrive extra early to scout the grounds and map out where we would shoot and what angles would work best. After I had a pretty clear plan I went to the bridal cottage where Melissa was getting ready. As we had discussed she would finish getting ready while I took her dress/shoes to photograph them on their own. I found Anthony Chapel‘s architecture to be the perfect backdrop for her dress. And because we were in the woods I wanted that feel for her shoes as well. My thought process is that people choose venues, churches, and locations because they put thought into the look they wanted, so it’s always good to showcase that.

After the details were done I went back to the bridal room where Melissa was finishing up. Her girls and her mother helped her get in her dress and do all the finishing touches before we headed to the ceremony site where she would see Etienne for the very first time. One of the most precious moments of the day was when Melissa was walking through the doors, Etienne’s eyes watered up and he started getting that nervous excitement. He was rubbing his hands with the biggest smile on his face and you could see he wanted to run down and grab his bride. It was a beautiful ceremony that followed. After Melissa and Etienne exchanged vows we took them outside where all their guests were waiting for them with bubbles to greet the new Mr. and Mrs. Mirgaine.

We had a few moments to take some photos with their bridal party (who were all awesome, btw), and a few more with Melissa and Etienne before heading over to The Royal Ridge for their cocktail hour and reception. When we got there, everything was set out beautifully just as Melissa had described so while Melissa and Etienne cooled off and refreshed themselves I took a moment to photograph all the carefully displayed details. But of course with such a beautiful scenery, it would had been a shame not to do more photos there. We walked around the property while the sun was going down and on our way back to the reception room we caught the most beautiful sunset. It really was a wonderful way to end their photo session…until their night shot.

As far as the reception, there’s not much I could say but: I was warned. French people know how to party! This has got to be one of the funnest group I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. From impromptu dance numbers to games I had never heard of before, it was just one fun activity after another. The music was great, everyone was having a blast. Before I left I wanted to get a night photo of Melissa and Etienne. I had spotted a pool/deck area where I knew if it was dark enough I’d be able to get some stars in the shot. Only problem was that it was far too bright with all the lamps on. That’s where Darrell stepped in and shut off every lamp outside so Melissa and Etienne could have their night photo. Now that’s teamwork!

Melissa and Etienne: you deserve all the happiness in the world! You came all the way to Little Rock from France to find true love and it was an honor to be there with you guys. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Mirgaine!!




Venue: Garvan Woodland Gardens


Richard Nixon Library Wedding Open House

As my best friend’s maid of honor it is my duty to accompany her on the ever important venue search.  Lucky for me, her search for the perfect location has taken me to some pretty awesome places, most recently the Richard Nixon Library.   The Richard Nixon Library hosted a wedding open house for couples to get a chance to explore the unique venue. The open house showcased three spaces: a grand ballroom, smaller reception space and an outdoor ceremony space.

Upon entering the venue we were greeted with champagne and tantalizing appetizers from a variety of vendors.  My personal favorite was a mini grilled cheese over a tiny cup of tomato soup- very playful and fun for your guests.  As we moved into the smaller of the two rooms, we got to see some really creative favor tables and sampled some delicious cake creations.  I thought the favor tables were particularly  eye catching.  One embodied every girls pink fantasy with assorted pink candies and pink chocolate covered goodies.  The second was set in a nautical theme with blue goodies and starfish accents.

Our next stop was the grand ballroom.  The room was buzzing with people marveling at the different reception tables displayed by the vendors.  We moved through the tables taking notes on candle placements, flowers and flatware we liked. We also noted the two giant chandeliers that flooded the space with soft, romantic light.  The ballroom seemed quite presidential and rightly so!  It felt as if we were attending an event in the white house with all the classic furnishings, draping and the ornate fireplace.  The space was beautiful and with massive potential to dress it up for a wedding.

The ceremony space was outside on the lawn in between Nixon’s childhood house and the museum itself.  The garden is lined with palm trees and blooming white flowers which makes it very romantic and intimate.  The area feels secluded and peaceful, a perfect place for a wedding. We liked  the idea of having your wedding a historical place because it gives guests an opportunity to learn as they celebrate with you.  My favorite thing about this venue is that your guests can enjoy the museum while attending your wedding.  Talk about an awesome cocktail hour!

Our overall experience at the wedding open house was thoroughly enjoyable. We had a great time exploring the Richard Nixon Library, learning a few facts and  imagining the splendor of a wedding at this extraordinary venue! Nixon Library 3Nixon Library 14

Nixon Library 111

Nixon Library 0

Nixon Library 9

Nixon Library 8

Nixon Library 11

Nixon Library 7

Nixon Library 4

Nixon Library 2

Nixon Library 117

Nixon Library 115

Nixon Library 33

Nixon Library 17

Nixon Library 1

Falling in Love with Five Fall Trends

Fall can be an ideal time to have a wedding—with its rich hues, beautiful changing foliage, and cooler temperatures for outdoor celebrations, many brides are choosing autumnal wedding dates over the more traditional wedding summer months. Fall bridal runway shows gave us a peek into what styles we can expect to see this fall, and with its mix of whimsy, elegance, and quirky sophistication, we can confidently say that you will fall for these fall trends!


Fall is ushering in a return to the long, elegant, and intricately embroidered gown. Draping and beautiful backs were huge on the runway for fall—after all, the back of your gown is what the majority of your friends and family will see during the ceremony. Detailed beading, vintage cuts, and capped sleeves give gowns this season a roaring twenties vibe.






Color palettes are following this trend of elegant sophistication, with ceremonies and wedding receptions sticking to warm neutrals with pops of jewel tones. Pantone predictions for fall colors offer up beautiful examples of these rich hues than can be incorporated into your bridesmaids dresses and décor. If you choose to have an outdoor wedding, keeping to neutral beiges and creams will allow the changing fall foliage to act as the focal point.


Décor and Food

As previously mentioned, choosing an outdoor wedding allows you to capitalize on the cooler temperatures and gorgeous changing colors of the season. A big trend for fall outdoor weddings will be bringing classic sophistication to the outdoors. Think chandeliers hanging from branches, elegant sit down dinners, and lush furniture pieces and sitting areas under lit trees. Locally grown food is still a dominating trend, so your sit down dinner should feature hearty and filling fall food from the region.




Even though peonies won’t be in season in fall, they seem to be popping up everywhere in terms of fall trends. Wildflowers also make for beautiful fall flower arrangements and bouquets. Decadently decorated tables mimic the style of the embellished wedding gowns we saw on the runway, so don’t be shy with your use of flowers and centerpieces. Your neutral color palette will help these rich and deep hues pop, and the lush flowers will make your reception look like a gorgeous secret garden!



Wedding Favors

Going along with the locally sourced food, wedding favors from the region are always an appreciated gift. Autumnal flower seeds wrapped in burlap will ensure that your guests will have a beautifully blooming reminder of your wedding day. Maple syrup, local jam, or individual mini pumpkin and apple pies make yummy treats that your guests can enjoy at home.

wedding favor

Rustic Chic Picnic Photo Shoot by Expressionary Events

The best way to add a bit more inspiration to the week? It is all about the California outdoors infused with rustic details and a touch of elegance. Sounds pretty amazing to me.  I have to admit I am kind of obsessed with picnics. They are so romantic and intimate, and it makes for such a lovely setting.  Throw in a couple of love birds into the mix, and it is all over. I am just head over heels in love.  This stunning rustic chic styled photo shoot most certainly delivers the most beautiful, and lovely of details. All gorgeously delivered by the ever so talented Carmen at Expressionary Events.  The images? Can you say swoon? Total swoon moment for me. This breathtaking photo shoot, captured entirely by the fabulous Jaime Davis Photography.There are so many pretty details that are competing for my love. I mean, the gorgeous blooms, the fabulous cake, the orange trees, and the sweet couple adorned with the loveliest of details. I can go on and on about this shoot, but I think it is time for you to take a peek and see what I am so obsessed about.

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

From Carmen of Expressionary Events

The idea and inspiration came from the designers’ love for the outdoors and romantic picnics. There is a certain allure and serenity of being in the outdoors among the trees and nature. We choose Rancho Las Lomas, a beautiful garden venue that is surrounded by citrus trees, stunning architecture, and exotic wildlife. This venue provides couples with plenty of opportunities to incorporate a rustic chic feel at every corner of the property. The concept was to create a whimsical yet rustic style wedding for brides that want to have a more causal and intimate wedding but may not know how to accomplish the look or feel.

Elements included in the shoot: 

  • Different floral patterns as well as wood elements were chosen to complement the outdoor elements in the shoot.
  • Color palette: The main color palette for the shoot consisted of jewel tones such as pink, purples and ivory
  • Bride fashion & jewelry: For the bride, we chose a dress that really tied in the theme all together. The sweetheart neckline and tulle gown made the look very whimsical. Small lace and beaded embellishments creating a romantic feel.
  • Bride  Jewelry:  We kept the look simple with a tear drop necklace, and matching bracelets. The statement piece was the gorgeous Grecian inspired headpiece by AlwaysAri.
  • Grooms Fashion: We kept the Groom very casual in khaki pants,a plaid dress shirt, and suspenders with a faux leather bow tie made by AlwaysAri to complement the ‘Rustic Picnic Theme. Keeping the tie into the romantic elements 
  • Bride hair & make-up: The Bride’s makeup was done really soft with pinks and pastels to create a very natural yet whimsical feel. Her hair was half up half down with multiple braids to create the very outdoor and natural look with relaxed curls. Her hair was finished off with a Grecian headpiece fit for any bride looking to make a statement on her wedding day.
  • Flowers & event décor: For the table scape gray and white toned linen was used to blend nicely with the trunk like vase that held jewel toned flowers of pinks and purples. Bamboo place mats were placed underneath a ivory plate and special silverware with garden engraved pictures finished off the table décor. Wine and berries were incorporated to bring in elements of a rustic picnic wedding. 
  • Cake: The cake was decorated with rosettes and floral to complement the theme. The cake sat on a special designed cake stand made out of wood and milk glass.  The table was adorned with a knife and server decorated with the same designs as the silverware on the table.

We want couples to get concepts from this shoot and be able to create it for their wedding day. Simply by choosing key statement pieces such as a headpiece or bamboo place mats can really make a difference in make something come to life at your event. Picnics are simple but with the right decor you can always bring elegance to anything.

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/2012


Venue: Rancho Las Lomas

Event Styling and Design: Expressionary Events

Photography: Jaime Davis Photography

Wardrobe Styling: Styled by Connie

Hair & Make-up: Rock Me Up

Bride’s Gown:  Bridal Elegance

Flowers: Flower Fusion

Cake: Love Me Sweets

Linens: La Tavola

Jewelry and Headpiece: Always Ari

Invitation: Expressionary Events

Models: Laurie Young Romeo & Ryan Romeo





The All American Bride

The 4th of July is right around the corner, and with wedding season in full swing, it is no surprise that many brides are wondering how to incorporate the Independence Day festivities into their special day. However, if the idea of throwing Old Glory willy-nilly all over your wedding reception makes you want to run for the hills, don’t you worry—we will show you how to add hints of 4th flair without creating a cheesy red, white, and blue festival.

It can sometimes be difficult to walk the line between cheesy and classy when incorporating a strong theme into your reception. Picking the right location for your big day can be the first step in discovering just how far you can push your theme. For example, an outdoor reception can have more of a vintage Americana feel, while a reception in a hotel ballroom might restrict you in how far you can go with your 4th of July decorations. In other words, allow the “feel” of the venue dictate the “feel” of your theme choices. There is something “American” feeling about an outdoor wedding, whether it’s on a picturesque beach, a beautiful lakeside shore, a rustic barn, or under a tree in your own backyard.

VintageFourthofJuly (1)

The décor will be the most impactful way for you to add some 4th flair. The key is choosing a design aesthetic that is cohesive—the last thing you want is some random flags stuck onto your table and cutouts of fireworks taped onto the walls. A classic “Americana” or Southern shabby-chic vibe fits into a Norman Rockwell aesthetic that is perfect for Independence Day. Think plaid, gingham, old lace, burlap, and rustic wooden signs and crates—easy, comfortable, and effortless beauty. If you want to go with red, white, and blue, keep the colors subdued and distressed, never bright or tacky. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns when it comes to your table decorations—mismatched linens, tableware, and flatware can give it an old, antique feel. It should look like everything came out of an old vintage trunk found in your grandmother’s attic, not like you bought it at a party store. Vintage flags can serve as table markers at the reception, while wildflowers in porcelain and glass vases delicately enhance the table. Stringing paper lanterns and tea lights add a romantic and nostalgic flare.

Adjusted Drink Station

Your food choices can be a fun and creative way to add some irony and humor into your reception. This is your chance to get cheesy! “Dressed-up” comfort food is a fantastic way to keep with your theme. Bacon-wrapped dates, macaroni and cheese, barbecue, gourmet grilled cheese, sliders, popcorn, a mashed potato bar—the list goes on! Cocktail choices range from craft beer to mint juleps, and for non-alcoholic drinks, think retro favorites: Coke served in real Coke bottles, lemonade, sweet tea, root beer. Mason jars are a great way to serve your drinks, but if you are worn-out from the whole Mason jar trend, you can always mix and match old glass bottles and jars. For desserts, caramel apples, cupcakes, and traditional pies are delicious options, while a snow-cone booth is sure to add some fun and quirk to any reception. Having an outdoor reception? Make a s’mores station around a campfire!


Continue your theme before and after your wedding by having your wedding stationery reflect your Independence Day motif—mixing patterns, using vintage-inspired fonts, and keeping the colors within the subdued color palette from your reception. You can also use the same type of stationery for writing your thank you notes. Wedding favors for your guests could be confetti poppers, sparklers, vintage flags, or even canned preserves from a local farm. Finish off your night with a private fireworks show or by driving off in a classic pick up truck or vintage car.


Finally, it is important to remember why we celebrate the 4th of July, and a great way to do that is by giving back. On your wedding registry, present your guests with the option of donating to a charity of your choice. There are several fantastic organizations that benefit veterans, soldiers, and military families. On your special day, nothing speaks more towards the spirit of the American people than giving back to those who helped us secure our freedom and those who are fighting to keep it intact.

Colorado Mountain Lodge Wedding from Christy Walters Event Planning

It’s no secret that we adore an outdoor wedding here at BHL, especially when there is a horse drawn carriage. This wedding’s rustic, romantic, and chic details had us positively swooning. There is nothing like a wedding set in the mountains of Colorado with it’s breathtaking views and backdrops. All the fabulous details was beautifully planned by Christy Walters Event Planning. We can not get enough of the purple and green umbrellas which added a touch of grace and charm to the day.  Jamie Smith Photography did an amazing job capturing all the love of this wedding.


Colorado_wedding_photographer 1

Colorado_wedding_photographer 11

Colorado_wedding_photographer 10

Colorado_wedding_photographer 2

Colorado_wedding_photographer 3

Colorado_wedding_photographer 5

Colorado_wedding_photographer 6

Colorado_wedding_photographer 8



Colorado_wedding_photographer 14

Colorado_wedding_photographer 13

Colorado_wedding_photographer 15


Colorado_wedding_photographer 7








Colorado_wedding_photographer 16






Colorado_wedding_photographer 9


From Christy Walters Event Planning… 

Ashley and Matt got married at the Spruce Mountain Ranch in Larkspur, Colorado. They had an intimate ceremony next to the lake as soon as the raindrops stopped.  The purple and green parasols where a fun touch. An old wives tale is that rain on your wedding day is good luck for your marriage! The bride and groom’s horse drawn carriage ceremony exit contributed to the whimsical romantic feel of the day.  Cocktail hour took place among a rustic outdoor space, followed by dinner and dancing under the stars. Close friends of Ashley and Matt brought a funny pig statue to their wedding. This pig is a gag gift tradition that is passed down to each newlywed within their friend’s group.   Ashley and Matt are one of the most genuine, happy, and relaxed couples I have ever had the honor to work with – their zest for life could definitely be felt throughout the planning process as well as on their blissful wedding day. Ashley and Matt’s kind demeanor, intelligence, humor and empathy have taught me what the saying, “beautiful on the inside and out” means. They’re the ‘perfect for each other’ couple that reminds everyone else to always celebrate the good times!


Vendor Information:

Coordinator: Christy Walters Event Planning

Photographer: Jamie Smith Photography
Videographer: Andy Mitchell Videographer
Venue: Spruce Mountain Ranch
Flowers:  Rhonda Nichols Florist
DJ: Celebrity DJ
Caterer: Cravings Catering