Tennessee Rustic Barn Wedding

Today we are heading to the south where the ceremony takes place on the prettiest green with an adorable couple, and where the celebration continues in a charming red barn. This wedding is after our rustic wedding loving hearts. It is all about the lovely details such as the beautiful wooden alter at the ceremony decorated with gorgeous flowers, the cute and fun paper flowers floating above heads at the reception,  and a couple who looks so good in such a quaint setting. It is weddings like this one where we really love rustic details more and more. Come on, did you see the dessert table backdrop? Oh my goodness, it is so sweet! It makes for such great photo ops, and that is why we love Elizabeth Nord Photography and her mad skills capturing this Southern wedding. Before you get your weekend started, browse through this Tennessee wedding and see what all the fuss is about. If you love rustic details as much as we do, then you will surely love this wedding.



















































From Elizabeth Nord Photography

Jessica and Ryan (from Ireland) met at a young age and their love grew ever since. Their love is evident in every photo.  It rained hard until about 2 hours before their quaint outdoor wedding began.   It made the green grass greener and created gorgeous clouds that covered the sky which provided the perfect lighting for their ceremony.  They were surrounded by their closest family and friends.  They ended the night in a friend’s barn decorated with their engagement photos, Irish clover pens, rustic decor, homemade chess pies, and more!  This East TN wedding is definitely not one to miss! The emotion and the young love at this wedding makes it one of a kind! 

A Rustic Barn Wedding from DragonFly Photography

A rustic wedding with the sweetest details. We are in love with this Southern couple and their old barn wedding. It is times like this, where we love our jobs even more. To see how couples make weddings their own with the prettiest personal touches. It makes us happy and tickled pink when brides and her gals get personal with their wardrobe. Totally in love with the cowboy boots that they show off. Super cute! We also can not get over all the amazing greenery and rustic details of this wedding. The perfect location for this gorgeous couple. Enjoy the stunning images from Dragonfly Photography.






























From Dragonfly Photography...

These two wonderful souls have been best friends since high school.   When I asked Jill if she was getting excited about her wedding this was her response, “I just can’t believe that I’m really fixing to marry my best friend from high school, the guy I use to wish I could marry every time I blew out my birthday candle for 10+ years, and most importantly a guy who is like my pawpaw. Out of my grandparents 50 yrs of marriage my pawpaw never said one negative thing to my nanny nor did I ever see one single argument out of them. Johnny and June didn’t have a thing compared to them:)  I always dreamed of a marriage like theirs and I’m fixing to have that. Like for real.  I’m just so excited and can’t believe I’m this lucky.”

These two Southerners had a vision of having a rustic barn wedding.  What better place to have this wonderful affair than the old family barn.  After months of cleaning and moving everything out of the barn, everything was set and ready for these two to commit themselves to one another in front of their closest family and friends.  It was a perfect day.

Weddings at the Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch

It is not always easy to see the long weekend go, and all the festivities, relaxation, and fun with it.  As sad as we are to see it go, we are pretty excited for the week because of all the amazing wedding details we have to share. The wedding fun is just getting started here at BHL. So, we hope to make your Tuesday morning a bit brighter with a beautiful venue we found to be pretty spectacular.  A venue which is located in the beautiful city of Carlsbad, California which offers spacious outdoor space, breathtaking ocean views, and a whole lot of gorgeous blooms. We are talking rows and rows of beautiful flowers which seem to go on forever. Sounds fabulous right? All courtesy of The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch.  A popular destination spot for tourists and even the locals.  At least once a year, you will find us immersed in the sea of blooms in total awe. Every time we turn around, and in almost all directions, we find the most extraordianary colors. A hillside full of gorgeous flowers just staring with all its beauty. Spending time at the flower fields has our hearts at full swoon mode. We like flowers. OK, we admit we LOVE flowers. So, when we discoverd that The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch offers a space for weddings, we could not be any happier. Our two loves, weddings and pretty blooms? Head over heels in love.  We think this is the perfect venue for the bride who adores gorgeous blooms and wants that rustic wedding feel.

Imagine your ceremony outside with the spectacular array of colorful flowers as the backdrop and stunning ocean views. Flowers AND the ocean? Yep, pretty amazing.  How about the reception? We think the lovely and charming barn is perfect. We are in love with the rustic and elegant feel.

The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch also offers a varitey of food options right on site. Whatever your taste buds, they offer something for everyone. Just ask!

The friendly and professional staff are standing by to make your day picture perfect! Consider The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch for your wedding event.
JONI 8 JONI 6 USE USE (4) USE (7) USE (3) USE (6) USE (8) About  The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch

The Flower Fields at Carlsbad, California, not only provides its visitors with 50 acres of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus, an additional three acres of roses, orchids, sweet pea blossoms, petunias, poinsettias and an ocean view; it sets the stage for weddings to take place in its newly built Paul Ecke Jr. Barn. March through May are the most ideal months for a wedding because the flowers are in bloom. However, The Flower Fields is open for weddings throughout the year (January – December), allowing guests the option to be wed in the season of their choice. Conveniently located in North San Diego County, The Paul Ecke Jr. Barn is nestled among a 50-acre working ranch with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, making it better than any hotel in the area. It is 3,240 square feet and can accommodate up to 200 people, offering acres of outdoor space for receptions and other wedding festivities. Parking is free and spacious, providing easy accessibility for guests; and catering options are available, giving guests the opportunity to save both time and money coordinating with outside vendors. If you’re looking to make the most important day of your life the most beautiful day as well, there’s no place more fitting to throw the bouquet than at The Flower Fields.

Country Chic Engagement Session from Happy Photos

I don’t know what I am more obsessed with. The fact that this engagement session took place in my college town, or this adorable couple who is so obviously in love, it is not even funny. After spending half my morning deciding which images to share with you all, I was instantly hooked and fell in love with their country style, and complete and utter love they share with each other. Oh, I am totally in love with the red barn too. It is so rustic and charming. Enjoy the amazing photos captured by Happy Photos.

lauren & mike engagement-25_std

lauren & mike engagement-26_std

lauren & mike engagement-23_std

lauren & mike engagement-17_std

lauren & mike engagement-28_std

lauren & mike engagement-33_std

lauren & mike engagement-34_std

lauren & mike engagement-37_std

lauren & mike engagement-35_std

lauren & mike engagement-45_std

lauren & mike engagement-49_std

lauren & mike engagement-47_std

lauren & mike engagement-62_std

lauren & mike engagement-63_std

lauren & mike engagement-72_std

lauren & mike engagement-70_std

lauren & mike engagement-127_std

lauren & mike engagement-120_std

lauren & mike engagement-116_std

lauren & mike engagement-100_std

lauren & mike engagement-108_std

lauren & mike engagement-83_std

lauren & mike engagement-94_std

lauren & mike engagement-95_std

lauren & mike engagement-96_std

lauren & mike engagement-82_std

From Happy Photos…

Lauren and Mike love their hometown of Southern Orange County, so they wanted to go rustic and country to compliment their country chic wedding theme.  The location for their engagement photos took place at the open fields and farms of University of California, Irvine. The 100 year old red barn was the perfect backdrop for this couple.  They are a fun loving couple who love the outdoors.  Lauren is a SoCal girl with a country heart! I really enjoyed the time spent with such a fabulous couple.