Fourth of July Table Inspiration

At BHL we are all about style, design, trends, and the parties and weddings that go with them.  We are getting into the 4th of July spirit, and  wanted to share with you a fabulous table design ready for any Fourth of July party.  Bring style to your Fourth of July Table with these amazing red, white , and blue tabletop elements. A simple yet very stylish tablescape put together by a  brilliantly talented team that has us “oohing”, and “awing” at every lovely detail. The pretty florals, the gorgeous linens, and the beachy touches are what make this table so festive and fun.  It kind of has us wanting to start the celebration a bit early. Lets celebrate America’s Birthday in style with this fantastic table! Get ready to be inspired and get into the Fourth of July spirit.








Venue: Hotel Seven 4 One

Florist: Studio La Fleur

Rentals: Baker Party Rentals

Linens: GBS Linens

Photography: Christine Bentley Photography


USA Love Engagement Session from Jaime Davis Photography

This week it is all about the red, white, and blue. We are super excited because the USA team is playing in the FIFA World Cup game today! We are cheering them on loud and proud, and chanting “U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!!”. The USA team is not the only team we are cheering for today. We are applauding and cheering for this adorable and lovely couple and their amazing fourth of July inspired engagement session. What makes this session even more fabulous? The talented gal behind the lens. None other than our lovely friend and photographer, Jaime Davis of Jaime Davis Photography . Yep, she has done it again. Wowed us with her amazing photography skills. This couple is so cute and adorable. We have never met them, but we can just want to hang out with them all day. We love how they are showing off their USA love at this popular local Orange County spot. Perfect for any beach lover.  So, before cheering on your team today, take a moment to browse this fun red, white, and blue engagement session. If you were not in the spirit before, you will be after viewing the incredible images.  Enjoy, and GO TEAM USA!

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Meet Jillian and Aaron. They both love red white and blue and wanted to tie that in along with boating/beach for their engagement session. What I love is how they incorporated their daughter, Charlotte and included her in the session. What a cute girl she is! Jillian and Aaron, along with their daughter had a blast the day we went to Balboa Island and the Fun Zone. This location could not be any more perfect for this family.  From the boardwalk, to the sands of the beach, taking photos of this family was so fun!We laughed, and had such a great time! Congrats to Jillian and Aaron!

Top Five Fourth of July Staples for Your Wedding

We LOVE the Fourth of July. The BBQs, the Fireworks, the day off (whoohoo!). Overall, it’s a fantastic time that everyone enjoys. Sound familiar? It’s got the same ‘good times all around’ vibe of a wedding! Why not merge the two a little to make your wedding that much more fun?

Pack a Punch

Add this to the buffet or to tables- make your famous punch! Punch is such a great BBQ drink that brings everyone back to childhood summers. Opt for something refreshing and red (that screams Fourth of July). If you want to do something a little more elevated, do some fruit punch with some freshly sliced lime wheels in it. It’s up to you whether or not you want to spike it.

Dine Picnic Style

If you love the BBQ aspect of the Fourth of July, trade out the silky linens for more picnic-y linens. A thicker crisp linen with some red or blue stripes screams Fourth of July fun and makes the table look much more inviting. Think gingham-chic and you’re all set! Bonus points if you get a similar (if not the same) fabric as a napkin to wrap your silverware.

Grill It Up

Want to give your guests the festive flavor of the Fourth? Have an on-site grill going! Even if it’s not necessarily hot dogs and hamburgers, you can throw steaks or veggie kabobs on the grill. Grills are fun, interactive, and create a fantastic flavor profile for anything that is thrown on there. Plus that smoky scent will get all your guests excited for food!

Add a Spark

If your wedding goes into the night, pass out sparklers when the sun starts to set. Little ones are easy to obtain, have a low risk of any damages or fires, and look amazing in photos. You and your fiance have clearly had some sparks in your relationship, why not spread the love? Its basically a tiny firework you can hold in your hand, how awesome is that?

Spark Something Bigger

This is a splurge, but if you can pull it off it will be legendary. There is a trend of having fireworks incorporated into the actual wedding festivities and it ALWAYS wows. It’s a big magical explosion that makes everyone feel like a child in awe of the sky. It’s a Fourth of July staple and it’s on the top of our wedding wish list. Yes, sparklers are an awesome homage, but actual fireworks completely blow everything else away.


An Independence Day Food Extravaganza: Fourth of July Recipes

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays in the United States. Growing up in Italy, I would only see it on TV. It was when I moved to the United States that I discovered the fun, energetic and patriotic spirit of the people celebrating Independence Day. What intrigued me even more was the variety of foods available during the celebration. From pies, to pizzas, to pigs in a blanket, everything sounded too delish to be true. As we are about to celebrate the 4th of July for 2013, I thought to share with you some of my favorite recipes that will delight your palate.

On the 4th of July, start your day with a patriotic breakfast.


What better way than using the red, blue and white colors of our flag? Mix your favorite Greek yogurt with blueberries, raspberries and almonds bits. Drizzle with honey and enjoy.

As lunch rolls in, you want to be able to have something easy that requires little work.  A sandwich seems a perfect solution. Call it PANINI and you have a winner! Is it finger food? Entree? No matter what, it will delight your taste buds.


You can use your imagination and make any of your favorite combinations. One of my favorite Panini assemblages is grilled bread, fresh tomatoes and basil with mozzarella. Stack of the ingredients and then place in a Panini press. If you don’t have one, just use your pan and press the Panini down with something heavy (i.e. smaller pan). However, your possibilities are infinite. Brie, pears and honey mustard is a perfect ten for a Panini.  As a side, you can serve veggies, salads, chips, kale chips, baked veggie etc.

As dinner roll in, the 4th of July screams ground meat! Specifically, burgers and meatballs. Burgers have always the spotlight, so today, we will focus on the underdogs:  Meatballs!


If you want to keep it leaner, use ground turkey. Otherwise, you can use ground beef. In a bowl, mix ground meat with your favorite seasoning. I usually use a chipotle based seasoning because of the smoked flavor. Add, one egg, a half a cup of bread crumbs (or panko or oatmeal), fresh herbs (especially sage and rosemary). Mix everything together. With your hands, form small balls and line on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil. Bake is oven for 25 minutes at 400 degrees. Serve hot or cold with your favorite sauce.

Of course we cannot forget about dessert.  This is the time to indulge. Buy your favorite desserts. The ones that you wish you could eat every day . The ones that make your eyes roll. And enjoy!

HAPPY 4th of JULY!




The All American Bride

The 4th of July is right around the corner, and with wedding season in full swing, it is no surprise that many brides are wondering how to incorporate the Independence Day festivities into their special day. However, if the idea of throwing Old Glory willy-nilly all over your wedding reception makes you want to run for the hills, don’t you worry—we will show you how to add hints of 4th flair without creating a cheesy red, white, and blue festival.

It can sometimes be difficult to walk the line between cheesy and classy when incorporating a strong theme into your reception. Picking the right location for your big day can be the first step in discovering just how far you can push your theme. For example, an outdoor reception can have more of a vintage Americana feel, while a reception in a hotel ballroom might restrict you in how far you can go with your 4th of July decorations. In other words, allow the “feel” of the venue dictate the “feel” of your theme choices. There is something “American” feeling about an outdoor wedding, whether it’s on a picturesque beach, a beautiful lakeside shore, a rustic barn, or under a tree in your own backyard.

VintageFourthofJuly (1)

The décor will be the most impactful way for you to add some 4th flair. The key is choosing a design aesthetic that is cohesive—the last thing you want is some random flags stuck onto your table and cutouts of fireworks taped onto the walls. A classic “Americana” or Southern shabby-chic vibe fits into a Norman Rockwell aesthetic that is perfect for Independence Day. Think plaid, gingham, old lace, burlap, and rustic wooden signs and crates—easy, comfortable, and effortless beauty. If you want to go with red, white, and blue, keep the colors subdued and distressed, never bright or tacky. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns when it comes to your table decorations—mismatched linens, tableware, and flatware can give it an old, antique feel. It should look like everything came out of an old vintage trunk found in your grandmother’s attic, not like you bought it at a party store. Vintage flags can serve as table markers at the reception, while wildflowers in porcelain and glass vases delicately enhance the table. Stringing paper lanterns and tea lights add a romantic and nostalgic flare.

Adjusted Drink Station

Your food choices can be a fun and creative way to add some irony and humor into your reception. This is your chance to get cheesy! “Dressed-up” comfort food is a fantastic way to keep with your theme. Bacon-wrapped dates, macaroni and cheese, barbecue, gourmet grilled cheese, sliders, popcorn, a mashed potato bar—the list goes on! Cocktail choices range from craft beer to mint juleps, and for non-alcoholic drinks, think retro favorites: Coke served in real Coke bottles, lemonade, sweet tea, root beer. Mason jars are a great way to serve your drinks, but if you are worn-out from the whole Mason jar trend, you can always mix and match old glass bottles and jars. For desserts, caramel apples, cupcakes, and traditional pies are delicious options, while a snow-cone booth is sure to add some fun and quirk to any reception. Having an outdoor reception? Make a s’mores station around a campfire!


Continue your theme before and after your wedding by having your wedding stationery reflect your Independence Day motif—mixing patterns, using vintage-inspired fonts, and keeping the colors within the subdued color palette from your reception. You can also use the same type of stationery for writing your thank you notes. Wedding favors for your guests could be confetti poppers, sparklers, vintage flags, or even canned preserves from a local farm. Finish off your night with a private fireworks show or by driving off in a classic pick up truck or vintage car.


Finally, it is important to remember why we celebrate the 4th of July, and a great way to do that is by giving back. On your wedding registry, present your guests with the option of donating to a charity of your choice. There are several fantastic organizations that benefit veterans, soldiers, and military families. On your special day, nothing speaks more towards the spirit of the American people than giving back to those who helped us secure our freedom and those who are fighting to keep it intact.