Top Three Winter Venue Ideas

Winter is a time of celebrating with family and friends, keeping warm and cuddling by the fire.  Though winter often gets a bad reputation for chilly weather, that doesn’t make it off limits for hosting a wonderful wintery wedding.  There are plenty of ways to have your dream winter wedding but here are our top three favorite ideas for choosing a winter wedding venue.

Estate and Mansion Weddings

Winter is the perfect season for an estate or mansion wedding.  Since the weather outside is cold and dark,  create a warm and inviting haven for your guests.  Candlelight is key in the wintertime.  The warm glow will softly illuminate your space giving it that romantic feel essential for a winter wedding.  An important thing to remember about winter nuptials is that your venue may already be beautifully decorated for the holidays.  Be sure to visit your decorated venue to see what you have to work with.

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Break with Convention

Since winter is not the traditional wedding season, why not choose a nontraditional venue? Instead of hosting your day at a hotel or church how about a library? Old stone libraries can provide the same gothic look as a church but in a refreshing new way.  I have also seen weddings at theaters, museums and at the zoo! Treat your guests to something new and different and share in those special memories for years to come.

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Christmas in Hawaii?

You Can't Go Wrong With A Private Beach in Hawaii for a Marriage Proposal!

Before you set out venue shopping decide how wintery you want your wedding to be.  Are we talking New England with five feet of snow or 70 degree beach weather in Hawaii?  The great thing about a wedding in the off season is off season prices!  Many vendors offer discounted prices during the winter months and venues are more likely to have a wider selection of available dates.  If you are planning to travel be careful around the holidays since fares increase closer to Christmas and New Years.

Enjoy planning a spectacular winter wedding!

Jade Arvizu

Jade Arvizu

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